Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and has trample.

When Rancor is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Rancor to its owner's hand.

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Rancor Discussion

DarkMagician on Swarm

1 day ago

Love the deck, would like to see a Rancor or two so you can push damage through rather than seeing your fatties get chump blocked over and over.

Boza on Mono Green Pauper

1 day ago

Intersting, to say the least. I would play Scythe Tiger as the one drop of choice and blastoderm is probably too heavy for this deck, as well as scout the borders. Add in some pump instead like Rancor

chaseman on Shaman Overrun

1 day ago

What up Bepet!

Your strengths for this deck are definitely found in the early game; you can get out creatures quickly, you have excellent mana ramp via Sachi, and you can pump up those creatures to cause great damage quickly. However, the problem seems to be the mid- and end-games where it stalls due to opponents getting huge threats that either discourage you from attacking or wiping away the board. As such, there are a couple ways to go about making this deck stronger as the game progresses, and a few more in how you would like to win.

The most direct would be more removal and protection; spot removal will help enable your critters to hit home, and good protection will help them survive opponents attempts at removal and board wipes. Regardless of which direction you want to take this deck in terms of end-game, you definitely need more of these since your primary focus is combat damage.

Green removal (in no particular order):

Beast Within (essential bc it can target anything), Relic Crush, Lignify, Tranquil Grove, Primeval Light, Gleeful Sabotage, Oxidize, Krosan Grip, Whirlwind.

Most of green's removal focuses on artifacts and enchantments, so unfortunately creatures are tough for you (which is why Beast Within is essential). Alternatively, you can use Lure and cards with similar effects to ensure that most of your creatures hit home. A fun strategy is to put Lure (or something similar on a creature with deathtouch or something like Engulfing Slagwurm. This might work really well for you in ensuring that your critters hit home.

General Utility: These bros will serve multiple purposes in your deck or are just so powerful they must be considered!

Woodfall Primus - Shaman, fatty, removal...and he'll do it twice. Ridiculous. Put him in ASAP.

Duplicant - Shaman + creature removal with exile, super worth it.

Rancor - This is great because you never lose it; you should definitely replace an instant with this.

Terastodon - Those lands your opponent has sure are nice... it'd be a shame if they became...irrelephant...

Oracle of Mul Daya - Shaman, extra lands, peeking at your library... awesome. This can work really well as an addition to Sylvan Library. Between that and Mirri's Guile you always know whats coming up next.

Craterhoof Behemoth - A monster that can end games. 'nuff said.

Eternal Witness - Shaman + recursion, 100% necessary to get back your big fatty someone killed or re-use that awesome spell. You may also want to consider Restock for this very same purpose. Both of these will help your recovery.

Worldly Tutor - He's got what you need. Enemy got a lot of powerful shit? Grab Terastodon. Do you have a lot of 1/1 snakes? Grab Craterhoof Behemoth. Watch the world burn.

Tooth and Nail - Game-ender. Pricey but is the ultimate green victory card in commander.

Genesis - Put him in your graveyard and then you can bring back important creatures every turn.

Brawn - Put him in your graveyard and suddenly every creature you have is a little bit more scary.

Akroma's Memorial - Would you like all your shit to be scary as fuck? Congrats, now it is. Normally this card is too high in mana cost, but your massive amount of mana makes it worth it!

Genesis Wave - Do you have a lot of mana and good protection spell? Would you like to win next turn? Well here you go...

The lone issue with combat damage being your win condition is that you really need to make sure your creatures stick. You don't want an opponent to wipe the board and then be back to square 1...but have 3 less cards in your hand. So, you'll also need some spells that protect your creatures and some that help you recover from a big hit if you weren't able to draw some protection.

Archetype of Endurance - Protects against spot removal which is helpful, but this WILL NOT help against board wipes. Has some value since mana is never an issue for you, but isn't a cure-all.

Sylvan Safekeeper - Again, since mana isn't a problem for you this is fantastic to prevent spot removal.

Garruk, Primal Hunter - Won't be hit by board wipes and can help you recover.

Predator Ooze - Indestructible and he keeps growing, a good option. Won't be hit by board wipes.

Eldrazi Monument - Suddenly everything you have is stronger and immune to mass removal. Woo! A pretty hefty price to pay each turn, but if you have a strong board and a good way to generate a few token creatures this is perfect for you. It might require some big deck changes so you focus a little more on token generation though. Worth considering, but you would also want to put in a few snake token generators, and some cards like Garruk, Primal Hunter, Avenger of Zendikar and Master of the Wild Hunt. You should actually consider Master of the Wild Hunt on its own because it is also a shaman and can be removal as well.

Yavimaya Hollow - Excellent way to keep a creature on the board from combat damage or a board wipe, and it's a land so you can re-use it over and over. It might be worth it to run Reap and Sow to be able to find it (and also take out an ooponents land as well)

Asceticism - 100% essential. With the amount of mana you can generate this will save your life! You need this. Wrap in Vigor is another essential card that will save your life.

There are also a few artifacts that could really help keep your key creatures alive, notably your commander since she's so important to your mana generation. You could run Swiftfoot Boots and/or Lightning Greaves to prevent spot removal, and Darksteel Plate to prevent practically everything.

Now, it's all well and good to suggest what should go in, but the hard part is what to take out. I would consider these guys on the weaker side and probably don't belong:

Elvish Visionary, Renowned Weaver, Oran-Rief Invoker, Jade Mage. A lot of your weaker shamans have some cool effects...but you might be finding that they don't add much utility and you'd rarely use them. Those guys are the ones to take out; sort through and really ask yourself if there abilities are really worth while. Like Bosk Banneret, is 1 mana going to make all that much of a difference in this deck? Probably not.

I would also take a close look at your instants and artifacts. Most of your instants are not going to be game-changers; and they're only helping out one creature. I think a lot of those when you really get down to the nitty gritty, are too weak to help your cause. Trample is great, but unless it's Overrun, it isn't helping you that much.

As for the artifacts, while black vise is cool, if you don't draw it in your first hand it isn't going to do much. The Tome and Mind stone are also very weak card draws... I would find a way to replace those with more powerful ones like Mind's Eye and Nissa's Revelation. I think those two will help infinitely more.

So those are my thoughts man, I know it's a lot so give it a good look-over. Most in the "general utility" section are absolute must-haves in this deck, and actually the last two card draws I just mentioned should be in there as well. Don't know why I saved those for last...oh well.

myronrocks on Macrophage Massacre

2 days ago

Yeah cool. Those top decks include Noble Hierarch, Inkmoth Nexus, and plenty of fetch lands. Adds up of course. However I did notice that Wooded Foothills and Windswept Heath seem to be dipping in price. Either of those can grab Breeding Pool, which is the only dual land you need. Any way the manabase is what to prioritize. Makes games a lot more consistent. Also fetch lands fill the graveyard quicker. Filling graveyard lets you play Become Immense very easily.

That said I think your version can still do some good work.

I think Aqueous Form is meh. I think Slip Through Space is better, but Distortion Strike could be best. The +1/+1 is important. Every bit of poison damage counts.

I do not like Giant Growth. Go 4x Might of Old Krosa of you can. 4x Vines of Vastwood. I like 4x Mutagenic Growth, personally. I do some number of Gitaxian Probe, for card draw, peeking at the opponent's hand, and filling the graveyard. I also like 3x Become Immense. And I do think you should play Rancor over Predator's Strike.

Nice work +1

YamishiTheWickedOne on Unnatural Selection

3 days ago

I'd recommend Infect.

My infect build is a little different from normal infect lists. I mainboard 1 Cathedral of War because it's typically been useful for me. And a lot of lists would have 2 Viridian Corrupter over Spellskite, though some do run skite. You'd also see some infect lists switch out Distortion Strike for 2 more mutagenic growth, or 1 or 2 Serum Visions or Rancor.

MetaphysicalxProdigy on The Western Way of War

3 days ago

Replies to comments from over a year ago - sorry if this is a surprise in your inbox!

@Tyrannosary: You're right, I didn't really discuss how to approach burn. I've since modified the deck from when you last saw it to match the MTGO version I have been using, which has had a VERY strong success rate in the competitive meta (I believe around a 60% winrate). When dealing with burn, as Xinofos mentioned, the incremental life from Knight of Meadowgrain and sideboard potential (mainly in the form of Kor Firewalker) gives you a strong edge over burn in rounds 2 and 3. Against Storm you pretty much HAVE to have a Kor Firewalker out or its GG. Rest in Peace is similarly very strong against Storm but you will ideally want some sort of lifegain before the combo starts. Against goblins and RDW, the emphasis is again on Meadowgrain/Firewalker. Against Zoo, it's a relatively even match, and it will come down to how reasonable your draws are. Also to Atony1400, I'm going to thoroughly update my deck description and formatting in about a week or so.

@ tain: The Immortal Servitude suggestion isn't a bad one. With my newly modified list, however, there are fewer knights in the 2cmc slot and I don't think it would be as relevant as it would be for 3 drop knights - although that is realistically asking for too much mana in most games. I've always been intrigued by Return to the Ranks to pick up some Student of Warfares and other 2 drops in a late game, but the sorcery speed is a little rough. I may yet give it a try, though!

@ car: Thanks for your comment - i've played a few pure human decks on MTGO's "Tournament Practice" mode (so I am assuming these are competent human tribal decks), and usually I don't have a problem with them. Dealing with a bunch of first strikers ganging up on a single large attacker and hitting first is crushing for them. Against B/W tokens decks, which usually use a lot of humans (and name "Human" via Cavern of Souls) can be challenging, but as long as I draw Knight of Meadowgrain and/or Leonin Skyhunter I can usually disrupt their tempo, turtle, and then overpower them.

@ Trupianom and IZZETannoying: I actually just left a rather large post of this topic on Nensou's Knight Tribal page. My belief with Gideon AoZ is that he is a little too slow and situational. The +0 for a knight token is some great value, but he doesn't bring himself any closer to using his ult while doing it. To use his ult right away is to suicide himself, and his +1 right away doesn't do anything (but does set him up to the Path'd). When he does swing as a 5/5 indestructible on turn 5, your opponent has had a turn to get ready for him and he will probably be chumped by a waiting token. I would probably prefer to have dorks get him out on T3 so that he has more impact on T4, but even then I would probably prefer Elpseth's +3/+3 and flying on a doublestriker instead. WITH that being said, however, I have yet to try him out in a real match. He may function well as a glorified Heliod, God of the Sun, although as a planeswalker he is unfortunately always open to being attacked directly on your opponents turn. I won't rule him out yet until he's had a chance to prove himself.

@ ninjaclevs13: Thanks for the comment! If I were to splash green, I would want to add more than just CoCo - probably also Knight of the Reliquary, Qasali Pridemage, Wilt-Leaf Liege, Rancor, etc. This would fundamentally change the essence of the deck, and the midrange power offered by Light from Within and Hero of Bladehold wouldn't have the same kind of support. If you're interested in seeing a knights deck like this, Nabbydian (from the MTG Salvation forums) runs a Knights Primer page and has a very well-tuned GW list. I made a copy of it here for playtesting purposes: Modern Knights - Selesnya. In the event that I did ONLY splash CoCo, it would be competing with my other 4 drop slots (likely Hero of Bladehold) and could probably work. My only issue, however, is personally not owning any fetchlands. Exclusively using 4 Temple Garden and 4 Sunpetal Grove may not be enough. The SB options may be a justifying factor: having access to Choke, Dromoka's Command, etc. would be very useful. I'll have to give it a try sometime!

DH_Cell on We are Slivers, We are Legion (Pauper)

3 days ago

Hey Boza! Im not an expert on pauper because I usually play modern, but I disagree, modern is mono removal hahaha.

Virulent Sliver is sometimes really good, sometimes weak. The good side is that poisonous stacks, but maybe I can try 2x Commune with Nature, 1x Plated Sliver and 1x Sidewinder Sliver on their place.

Travel Preparations seems to be nice, but I still prefer Sigil Blessing because it is instant and can close out some matches.

Armadillo Cloak is a very good card, but it is 3cmc and, as u said, there are lots of removal on pauper. So my creature would eat a removal and Im going to lose 2 cards, this way I still prefer Rancor

Sigil Blessing is way better than Thrill of the Hunt.

SB is tricky. Everytime Im goin to play on my LGS, there is a different meta. I think u re right, the 2 Hive Stirrings should be MB and the 2 Curse of Chains should be SB.

Standard Bearer is nice against bogles and stompy, but the additional removal is great against affinity and infect. Maybe 2/2 is the correct nunmber (because after they cast all spells on the bogle the bearer will do nothing). Tangle is a very strong card, stronger than Prismatic Strands I think. And I wont remove the 4-of Journey/curse/dawn charm, they are really nice techs to have on board and already saved me a lot of times.

Thank you for ur comments! :)

SwaggyMcSwagglepants on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

3 days ago

Yes, but that requires a serious nut draw. I think 3x Rancor, 1x Slippery Bogle, 1x Daybreak Coronet, and 2x Land on the play will do the trick.

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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