Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and has trample.

When Rancor is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Rancor to its owner's hand.

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Rancor Discussion

hubatish on New Format Idea: Shelf

1 hour ago

Cool idea! Fun place to start is decks in Modern that didn't gain/lose too much like Splinter Twin and U/B Faeries. Those decks seem very scary in this meta.

It's also fun how everyone gets to play in the strongest Standards, where two full blocks and two core sets are available to play with. This is especially cool since Wizards like to put a few cards into core sets that really make the deck from the previous year stand out - Goblin Grenade to go with Goblin Guide, Rancor for infect, Talrand & Quirion Dryad for delver & Gitaxian Probe, slivers in 2014 & 15, and Starfield of Nyx/Shorecrasher Elemental for Theros.

Dennis14 on Selesnya Soldiers

1 day ago

I consider replacing Rancor with Dromoka's Command and Fabled Hero with Dauntless Escort, will it work better with this configuration ?

saturnosring on A Poor Man's Illness

2 days ago

Hi Panzerforge!

I think you could remove an Unearth and add another Rancor. You are already running 4 cards for returning creatures from the graveyard.

I would leave the third Unearth in the sideboard if the other player runs a lot of removals or counterspells.

crexalbo on 2015-10-05 update of Cute Life ...

2 days ago

@ChiefBell – Well, this deck doesn't have the same strategy. Just like not all decks with a playset of Lightning Bolt have to be aggro burn decks, not all decks featuring a playset of Glistener Elf have to be combo-oriented, "dump your hand on turn 2" decks. My deck has a different gameplan, both mainboard and sideboard. It doesn't make much sense to compare the two, much like it doesn't make sense to compare Grixis Twin and Grixis Control.

Now, is my strategy stronger, faster, more resillient? Well, it depends. This build is capable of that famous turn 2 kill (but not easily), however, it sacrifices speed for consistency and flexibility. Now maybe this idea works, maybe it doesn't. However, i don't fold to Spellskite (which is a huge deal), Primeval Titan, Wurmcoil Engine, Dismember, or a turn 1 blocker such as Wild Nacatl, and i like that. I can topdeck extremely well, because most of my spells serve multiple purposes – Rancor is pump, evasion, and card advantage all in one; Vines of Vastwood provides reach when desired and protection when needed; Spell Pierce can disrupt my opponent's mainboarded combo or save my little one from a Lightning Bolt. I like that a lot.

I am not saying i am better than the pro deck you listed. I won't say i'm worse either. Just different.

bah-bammmm on Primal Venom

3 days ago

oh god we have some work to do. Might of Old Krosa is dropping in price, you should get it. Phyrexian Crusader is REALLY good. i would say run playsets of creatures, and only to have 12 infect creatures. Rancor is good. and so is Groundswell

Ravock on Blue-Green Ensoul Infect Turn 4 Win

3 days ago

Rancor on Ichy is a menacing threat, especially when Ichy is enchanted

steveoowns on time to get new friends

4 days ago

I'd swap Llanowar Augur for Rancor, because unfortunately you will never be able to use the augur the turn he comes in and the slower the effect the less reliable it becomes. Not to mention Rancor is just wonderful with Ichorclaw Myr. 2-4 Cathedral of War wouldn't be a terrible idea

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