Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and has trample.

When Rancor is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Rancor to its owner's hand.

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Rancor Discussion

bkobayashi on Turning Dogs into Apes for $25

10 hours ago

I would maybe consider including Zameck Guildmage in the list, possibly over Elusive Krasis. The card draw is ridiculous, and being able to take counters from your undyers so they keep on coming back is amazing. I would also consider running Rancor, over Hardened Scales as it causes you to get 2 for 1'd less, gives your guys a form of evasion, and does better on its own in many cases.

Pierre45 on $20 budget B/G infect with lands

1 day ago

Rancor is a must in infect. It gives you that trample you need at the beginning of the game, and it bounces back to your hand when your creature dies. I know it costs a little more than $2.00, but it's an amazing card for this deck type. Also, Prey's Vengeance is a better buff than Mirran Mettle, because it has rebound, and works for two turns.

Boza on Let's Go To The Zoo!

4 days ago

brainstorm + hawk is very cool. However, there are some changes to be made here.

First off, neither card is worth it. Worldly Counsel is just a bad Impulse, while Phyrexian Rager is cool, but the cantrip is not that good.

The domain aspect is the cool thing of this deck. Max it out with 2 more rioters. Replace the 2 aura gnarlids - they are nice but you only have a couple of ways to boost them. If you want to keep them you need Rancor. Actually, you need rancor nontheless. Pridemage can head the SB and you can add some more reach in its place for example or the aforementioned rancor.

bah-bammmm on Infectious Delight

6 days ago

well, in an infect deck the idea is to win turn 2 or 3. you do not want to splash black until you have fetch lands. and you also want it to be blue green, not blue green black. low budget infect decks usually have 12 creatures, so Hand of the Praetors is really bad in this deck because you usually only have 1 creature on the board, Death's Presence becomes really bad. your mana base is really bad, bud grant it you are on a budget. you only want 20 land, 25 is too much. Groundswell is a must have, and so is Rancor. replace the praetor with Ichorclaw Myr

Milester856 on EnragedAtlas

6 days ago

I just traded the nacatls away, and i am currently using the Rancor in a deck

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