Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+0 and has trample.

When Rancor is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, return Rancor to its owner's hand.

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Rancor Discussion

Jack-Frost on Mono Green Hydra

1 day ago

Lets start with this.

Recommended Remove:

Courser of Kruphix- Honestly it's not really worth while in this deck

Genesis Hydra- You are running hydras so you very likely won't be able to play them through this method and it doesn't have any other good effects once it hits the field

Hydra Broodmaster- Far too expensive

Voyaging Satyr- I'd replace this with two more Sylvan Caryatid. I know you are running this for Nykthos, but sylvan is a bit tougher to kill and keeps your ramp up. Alternatively, you could replace it with Elvish Archdruid or another elf as they often have a lot of ramp.

Unravel the Aether- I'd swap this for naturalize at the very least.

Recommended Addition:


Hardened Scales

Llanowar Reborn

Scavenging Ooze- Sideboard

Forced Adaptation


Wasteland Viper- Slow your opponent down a bit early game until your counters and hydras really get underway

Maybe Addition:

Khalni Hydra

Gyre Sage- This is up to you, but if you can add or shift counters it'll be great

Privileged Position

Sheltering Word

Savage Summoning


I'll be honest, budget and mono colored decks were never my strong-suit, but these should be a start. My recommendation is to also look through the non-budget hydra decks on Tappedout and either take some of their cards or ideas, or even better post a comment or request for their help on their deck. They know them best and should be able to help you out.

deltacobra on Infect Rushdown

2 days ago

Also with Ichorclaw Myr in your deck I would def find room for Rancor such a great pairing use to run it as well before I switched to UG infect. But don't know what you would cut you have this geared with alot of pump spells which is what u want for infect. If anything I'd prob cut the preys if it were me.

kerryunite on No Friends by Turn 3 (Modern Redux)

2 days ago

I agree you want some basics, and also that white doesn't seem super important here. but being a naya player myself (albeit a bigger coco zoo list) I know how good nacatl is. As for the land, you really only want a few shocks of each colour max and the rest basics, it's the fetches you want playsets of.

Still, have you thought about Burning-Tree Emissary? drop it turn two, play a couple pump spells for free and it'll likely gain haste. Burning-Tree Emissary -> Rancor -> Hammerhand = ouch.

Clockwurk on Infection for Days

4 days ago

I disagree with 326. Groundswell is better than Might of Old Krosa, since you can play it in response to them taking damage. Full playset of Mutagenic Growth For sure. Slip Through Space is better than Distortion Strike, as the card draw is important. Wait. Misty Rainforest is only $60 now? Maybe more Rancors? Also Apostle's Blessing is very good so more of those.

demonicgrizzly on Lost in the Turbo-Foggy Woods

5 days ago

Dungrove Elder seems like it might be a better wincon. Then you can shut out targeted removal and don't need to reply on the enchantment.

It costs three mana instead of one, but it's Hexproof and can attack without paying for it. Attach Rancor to it for extra lolz

Dorotheus on 2016-02-04 update of Engorged Weenies

5 days ago

That was one of the things I was going to mention next, just testing the waters to see if you were trying to really evolve the deck or were more playing a budget deck. I REALLY like the inclusion of Angelic Overseer as like a finisher, even with my next suggestion, I like it.

I think you should just play more of an ally deck. Abzan Falconer turn into 2 Kabira Evangel. 3-4 Hardened Scales is fine, but things like Collected Company and possibly even AEther Vial are very, very pinnacle into performance. Savage Summoning and Scout's Warning for budget purposes. I see no point to Harmonize or Rancor, except just for budget purposes as well.

Faith's Shield is good and mostly underrated.

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