Skullbriar, the Walking Grave


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Pauper Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
MTG: Commander (CMD) Rare

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Skullbriar, the Walking Grave

Legendary Creature — Zombie Elemental


Whenever Skullbriar, the Walking Grave deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

Counters remain on Skullbriar as it moves to any zone other than a player's hand or library.

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Skullbriar, the Walking Grave Discussion

Blo on Regarding Skullbriar and -1 counters

4 days ago

All kinds of counters will stick on Skullbriar, the Walking Grave, not just his own +1/+1 counters, so yeah, it will be a 0/0 creature, which indeed basically renders it unplayable.
It can't be buffed by ETB trigger effects, since state based actions will be checked before any trigger resolves. Static effects, such as Always Watching or Creakwood Liege, will be applied and it will survive as a 2/2 creature, with a -1/-1 counter on it.

Otherwise you could let it go to the graveyard and put it in your hand with some sort of Cadaver Imp effect.

Rhadamanthus on Regarding Skullbriar and -1 counters

4 days ago

You can use double square brackets around a card's name to link it. It's the easiest way to make sure everyone understands what's going on in your question: Skullbriar, the Walking Grave, Scar

It's going to be tricky to get Skullbriar onto the board in your example. With the way the timing rules for SBAs and triggered abilities work, SBAs are checked and executed right before triggered abilities would even be put onto the stack. You need either a static +/+ effect (Gaea's Anthem, etc.) or an "enters with additional +1/+1 counters" effect (Savage Summoning, etc.).

Regoober on The counters stack up...

3 weeks ago

Sweet deck! It's a great start to a great partner deck. If I were you, I'd focus on swinging lethal with Ishai primary and Alpha Strike Secondary. Instead of Abzan Battle Priest, perhaps Winding Constrictor for more counters for your buck. Trample is good, too: Bramblewood Paragon is my Favorite and it gets you an extra counter on Reyhan as he comes in, too. Warden of the First Tree can be a good place to sink extra mana on weak turns and it can do some crazy damage late game if you've got the time to grow it. Skullbriar, the Walking Grave is a good addition if you start having more B/W/G recursion (because when it dies, you place counters with Reyhan AND it keeps them in the yard). One combo I use is Archangel of Thune + Spike Feeder (infinite +1/+1 on all your creatures and infinite life).

One Final note for any 3+ color deck: You're gonna have days where fixing is a nightmare. I'd Suggest Fellwar Stone and Coalition Relic at the minimum and Farseek,Cultivate, and maybe even Explosive Vegetation if you can find slots.

Have fun and watch out for Spike Cannibals and Thief of Bloods and the ultimately scary Solemnity.

Ulrich48 on Trampling Skullbriar

1 month ago

@Themysteriousone Well I fell stupid... Completely forget that your commander had to be a legendary * facepalm * . Thanks for the heads up before I tried playing a real game with it and looking very stupid.

Skullbriar, the Walking Grave definitely works with the trample theme. I think I'll grab one of him but still keep Vraska the Unseen in the deck. Time to research some cards with counter synergy.

Themysteriousone on Trampling Skullbriar

1 month ago

Hate to break it to you, but you can't use Vraska as a commander. Only certain types of planeswalkers can be used, and will say at the bottom that it can be used as a commander.

Might I recommend Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons or Nath of the Gilt-Leaf if you want to do a token type deck. Even Skullbriar, the Walking Grave if you want a aggro type deck.

SkullOfPoison on Meren Graveyard Fun

1 month ago

Just for the fun of it maybe Skullbriar, the Walking Grave?

iAzire on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

Skullbriar, the Walking Grave is Tier 4. I'm not positive but I think there could be some potential there. He has Haste, he is 2 CMC, and Counters stay on him through zones.

He does have to battle Bounce effects, but Library effects are almost a non issue now that you can't shuffle Commanders. I haven't seen an Oblation in a long time.

I think with ways to boost Counters, like Proliferate, or just adding direct Counters he could do some work. Evasion should be possible, with the likes of Zombie Master and Filth comboed with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth.

I'm not sure, just saw it on the list as Tier 4 and was wondering if we could make it better than that.

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