AEther Adept


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Jace vs Vraska (DDM) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common
2011 Core Set (M11) Common

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AEther Adept

Creature — Human Wizard

When AEther Adept enters the battlefield, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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AEther Adept Discussion

italow on Inalla 2.0

1 week ago

For sure Flameshadow Conjuring is in my want list and I'll be getting asap. I was running Minion Reflector but it was very slow for my purposes.

For copies I was looking for Kindred Charge and Cackling Counterpart too, but these ones you said aren't bad at all.

Thinking about some bouncies too, like AEther Adept, Sedraxis Alchemist and Separatist Voidmage. With copying I realize they can be veeeery annoying.

Thx for help!

FrigidOfficial on Inalla's Tap Studio (EDH Adaptive Combo)

1 month ago
  1. Write-up of the 1v1 is on my newest update that I just posted.

  2. I believe what you're saying is correct. The lock is similar to how the Wanderwine Prophets loop works.

  3. Panharmonicon is sort of slow but has incredible synergy with some of our tutor wizards. Trinket Mage and Trophy Mage each grab four artifacts for just one more mana than their casting cost. Augur of Bolas and AEther Adept let us tear through sixteen and eight cards, respectively. Though we may not get something every time with Augur, being able to sift through sixteen cards for 2U is pretty incredible. I think it's worth if you don't mind the deck being a bit less efficient.

  4. I would suggest running By Force over Vandalblast if you're using Vandalblast. In a faster meta, it's more efficient to run the former in my opinion. If you wish to replace Panharmonicon, I would suggest Izzet Charm. I've always been a fan of modal spells.

Frank_Glascock on Inalla's Tap Studio (EDH Adaptive Combo)

1 month ago
  1. How did the 1v1 game go last night? I would caution you to not over analyze the 1v1 performance of the deck. I crushed an above average Kess, Dissident Mage deck yesterday with a Markov deck in 1v1. I designed the Markov deck to be multiplayer where it is average or slightly below average. 1v1 it is above average to possibly good.

  2. Can you make sure I have this right? Mistbind Clique + Phyrexian Altar/Ashnod's Altar require 4U on your intial cast when you get priority following opponent's upkeep. After this, the token can be sacrificed to either altar to provide the one mana needed to pay for Inalla's trigger. This is done at the end step to keep the token till next turn and on opponent's upkeep to tap their lands.

  3. Does Panharmonicon belong in my list? We have three combo creatures of which maybe Bloodline Necromancer would be used outside of combo. Docent of Perfection  Flip, Archaeomancer,Augur of Bolas, AEther Adept, Sea Gate Oracle, Trophy Mage, Venser, Shaper Savant, Snapcaster Mage and Trinket Mage use Panharmonicon. I removed Anathemancer.

Panharmonicon could be replaced by Reality Shift, Negate, Izzet Charm, By Force/Rakdos Signet (both on Laboratory Maniac's list), or Arcane Denial. I am playing Into the Roil to deal with Enchantments. I could possibly cut a land with the addition of Rakdos Signet as the deck would have eleven mana producing artifacts. This would keep Panharmonicon in the list.

Zakading on Hi, Inalla Mays here!

1 month ago

The Turnabout addition seems decent enough to seriously consider. Having one extra combo tends to always be good stuff, indeed, and it's not as blatantly obvious as the Mistbind Clique, bloodline necromancer and Wanderwine Prophets combos before the game even started. I've had Thalakos Deceiver on my mind for a while as well. Might give it a try, though I do worry that the difference between 1 and 2 toughness might be relevant in my playgroup. Definitely something that needs field testing to properly judge.

Herald’s Horn , while definitely a generally good, value generating card, doesn't seem TOO important right now. Might swap one in in place of Stonybrook Banneret, since they both do essentially the same thing, but Horn has another upside and is harder to remove. Did want to somehow squeeze in a Sundial of the Infinite, but cutting stuff is getting increasingly difficult without cutting a bit into the super value cards. The Alchemist is in a similar vein, as it's essentially sometimes a better AEther Adept, but has a prerequisite to it and still fills the same niche as pseudo-removal.

multimedia on Inalla Wizards

1 month ago

Hey, my advice is to cut 5x Islands and add in there place cost artifacts. Izzet Signet, Dimir Signet, Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Dominance and Talisman of Indulgence. The Avg. CMC 4.2 is very high these artifacts will help to be able to play your Wizards and eminence them as well as your other spells.

Using themes of mind control, counterspell and unsummon(bounce) effects are very good with Wizards, great directions to use for your deck.

There's a few budget Wizards that do these things for you to consider:


Mind Control


Good luck with your deck.

Podkomorka on Jori En, Diving on a Budget

2 months ago

Hello again! I'm on mobile currently so my help might be minimal for now.

I do not like Forbid. It's way too much of a disadvantage.

I think you can cut back on a lot of instants by adding this mini combo. Run Archaeomancer/Mnemonic Wall/Scrivener and Ghostly Flicker/Displace in order to get cast triggers repeatedly. You then can even run a mini ETB package with creatures such as AEther Adept, Mulldrifter, Ingot Chewer, and Faultgrinder.

Also you can use Vedalken AEthermage to grab Talrand, Sky Summoner.

Maybe that could be a direction to take.

BrandonJamesCAC on

2 months ago

It's like using Mist Raven over AEther Adept

TheSurgeon on Mono Blue Millitude

2 months ago

You need a solid mill base before you add any control.
4x Shriekhorn- You can use this right away,Or wait to use it with Fraying Sanity for better results.
4x Mind Sculpt
4x Tome Scour
3x Archive Trap + 3x Ghost Quarter
3x Fraying Sanity

Then you add your control cards. The counters and bounces you've chosen, have better alternatives. I suggest 4x Unsummon. It's more aggro brother, Vapor Snag's lifeloss ability doesn't do you much good for this deck. And I would cut down to 2x Winds of Rebuke.

Remands in place of Cancels, it buys the necessary time, and replaces itself.

Take out the AEther Adepts. Also, Vedalken Entrancer and Jace's Sanctum- these are too expensive. Put in another Jace's Phantasm and Thought Scour, and get your hands on 4x Hedron Crab.

Start there, I think you'll find this will speed up the deck a helluvalot.


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