Seeker of Skybreak


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Seventh Edition (7ED) Common
Tempest (TMP) Common

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Seeker of Skybreak

Creature — Elf

Tap: Untap target creature.

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Seeker of Skybreak Discussion

Shyvana_ on Elves and Legndaries

1 week ago

Also, one more thing Agnolia, Seeker of Skybreak isn't legal in Modern because it's from 7th edition, Modern is only 8th edition and beyond. Then, Wellwisher isn't modern legal because it's from a commander set.

Jmax13 on Cptn. Sisay/ legend engine

1 week ago

Thank you for all the input! I do have specific reasons for each that I will try to address in order.

Channeler Initiate - will switch to devoted. All I wanted was a druid for Seton (will explain why

Karametra's Acolyte - she is certainly slow, but she also has the upside of going infinite with umbral mantle. Perhaps priests of titania might be better here for efficiency, but I wasn't certain if I had enough elves to make it worth it and reliable.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - should be cradle. Buying a cradle this week. Still don't see this as bad, just not ideal. It's an untapped mana source that can, on occasion, generate stupid big mana. Makes Satyr more worth it once I add cradle too.

Rishkar, Peema Renegade + Seton, Krosan Protector - It's not about their efficiency, it's about setons psuedo haste.

Shaman of Forgotten Ways - slow, for sure. But, I have won games where I can draw my deck but people have gotten rid of most all my combo pieces. It's a small inclusion that can pick up that extra game or two.

Talisman of Unity + Sylvan Caryatid The main combo needs at least one non-land source of green. Both of these are there to get my colors fixed. (I can later just cast seton to counteract damage from talisman)

Seeker of Skybreak - I'm getting close to on the same page as you on this. It's done okay, but I often just want to be able to do it the turn it comes down.

The key to Nazahn is that he's a tutorable way to tutor for equipment. I know he's big, dumb, and expensive. I don't stuggle to cast him when I need him. If I was only allowed one big dumb innefficient card, it would be him. He greatly transitions from paradox lines to selvala/mantle lines.

Agreed on scrying. Didn't have a crop rotate at the time. Didn't see a need for it until I got a cradle.

Yisan breaks parity with stax. I run into it a lot in my meta. He's my first tutor when I am in one of those matchups. He also rebuilds my board really well. He also allows access to my combo if I can get an umbral mantle on him. He may not be good enough, but I've had decent results with him.

Arashi is a tutorable instant speed way to kill linvala, aven mindcensor, hushwing griff, and all the flying hate bears that stop my deck

aura shards. I just can't agree that this is too much for the deck. This deck dies hard to null rod, sphere of resistance, static orb, rest in peace, leyline of sanctity, etc. Instead of packing 30 ways to kill those, this cheap inclusion will do the work of 3-4 cards in one card.

Agreed on planeswalkers. I've been testing them, don't like them. The only one I do like is Freyalise. She is slow, but she is a tutorable naturalize that also produces mana dorks. It's slow, but I plan on going futher into stax and that will make her more viable.

Reki is part of the loop with GW Selvala. He is 100% necessary to ensure that this loop can go off without a hitch. This loop is particularly good if we can't use our graveyard for the main loop.

Command beacon has already been replaced. It's decent, but not good enough

Artifact lands allow t1 sisay. a reasonable line of play is artifact land, mana crypt, mox opal, (metalcraft active), sisay.

Reliquary is a meta call. I run into Jin Gitaxiuous alot in my meta. I know it's incidental, but this land alone stops him. And I can crop rotate into it.

Scattered groves is slow. I've been looking at taking that out for a while. The cycling is occassionally good, but overall I agree.

Forest/ Plains are a judgement call due to a lot of blood moons, back to basics, etc. Need to have them to play magic. Could cut 2-3 for fetches and I think that would be fine.

K-grip, path to exile, heroic intervention - I've been told by many that k grip is too slow for competitive. I've just not found this to be true. The fact that it can't be responded to has made the extra mana worth it by far. I've not found a situation where a storm player will try to go off and not have pact of negation for similar for back up. This makes that not matter. Heroic is a cheap way to protect our whole board. For our effects it's exactly counterspell. (Same mana and just as effective). Path is one of the best removal spells in the game. I might be able to be convinced to remove it when it doesn't find a target. So far, it always has a good target.

Kamahl - This is a meta call. He is easier to tutor than living plane, and I have to have a good set up to make him work with norn. This is not a competitive choice but a choice to save face with local meta players. I know there is better, but a land destruction win through him feels earned, living plane doesn't. However, with or without him, norn is worth it. Norn stops lab man, a ton of stax and hate bears, and makes keeps some of the most popular competitive commanders from even hitting the board. It's too good against too much even without a combo.

Thalia - This is the first hint of seeing where I'm trying to transition to more stax. She keeps infinite creature combos from killing me on the turn they happen. You can create all the kiki triggers you want, they can't attack this turn. Doesn't stop porphoros, but the card can't be expected to stop everything. It also taxes really greedy mana bases that run all 10 fetches.

Avacyn - I have a hard on for this card. Plain and simple. I love this card, I can play it in this deck, and it works. This is another one that I should probably get rid of if I want to be as fast as possible, but I can't yet. She also becomes a ton better if I go the route of stax.

Overall: I will definitely look at priests of titania, steelshapers gift, crop rotation, arbor elf, and all the lands. The lands are the last place I have left to really dig into with this deck.

Elves_are_cool on ...Around Elves ...Watch Yourselves!

2 weeks ago

Mike1229 I have always liked Seeker of Skybreak, I will consider what to rotate out for her. As for Fauna Shaman she is another card I have often considered, but I would probably rotate in Survival of the Fittest before adding her. Caller of the Claw is a good card to be sure, but I am not using her simply due to the theme of the deck (Elves only). I am very interested in Earthcraft, I will consider how to fit it in. Slate of Ancestry is a great artifact in a deck like this, but I feel as though I am in a good place with card draw right now. Umbral Mantle is a pretty neat card, though I am not sure I will find a way to squeeze it in. Thank you for all these suggestions, I really appreciate them.

Mike1229 on ...Around Elves ...Watch Yourselves!

2 weeks ago

Ezuri has been one of my favorite generals since his printing. I'd recommend Seeker of Skybreak and Fauna Shaman, both very versatile. Caller of the Claw can help you salvage some board presence after the popular EDH boardwipe against elves as well. Earthcraft, Slate of Ancestry and Umbral Mantle are always good in elves


my current build is pretty petal to the metal at the moment, feel free to use for inspiration. Ezuri Elves EDH

Homelessguy on Grouphug/Mill Selvala

2 weeks ago

Illusionist's Bracers equipped 2 Seeker of Skybreak give you infinite parlays with your commander using skybreakers ability to untap both it and your commander.

this becomes win condition if you have something like Words of Worship in your deck.

Children of Korlis it's nice addition to keep you in the game also works well with Aetherflux Reservoir letting you take out another opponent it'll let you take out two more itf you have Rhox Faithmender getting you back double the life lost.


3 weeks ago

Let me share a thought about how you could improve the overall deck strength and consistancy.

In a competitive meta Sisay will be hunted and hated. The fact that Sisay works as an enabler in your deck gives her a big target. People can severely shut you down or set you back when they get the opportunity to 'deal' with her. It is vital that Sisay is out on the battlefield as soon as possible; outpacing your opponents before they can play their targeted removal or (boardwide) disruption. With Sisay you have access to the most powerfull ramp pieces available in Magic. Make serious use of these pieces to gain the best possible advantage in your games. All relevant ramp pieces should function in each opening hand. I counted 3 dedicated ramp cards so far. If you really want to go competitive, you need to up this count seriously.

Some ramp cards that could be selected:

Also be aware that when you have Paradox Engine out on the battlefield, that your mana dorks and rocks untap as well, giving you so much more tempo to finish the game before others can manage to do so.

If you really wish to go more competitive, then this is a nessesary step to get your deck to the next level. Whatever other options I could be mentioning, this is where I should start.

I have won tourneys with my build, which I can say is competitive. You can see it here if you are looking for more reference.

Good luck and tag my name when you have more questions.


NV_1980 on A Band of Legends

1 month ago


Here's my feedback:

  1. This deck needs more ramp to increase its speed. You want Sisay start her tutoring business asap, right? So, add spells like Nature's Lore, Rampant Growth or Farseek to tutor for lands (you do not need 40 lands btw, 37 is more than enough for a two-color deck (including utility lands)). Even more important, try to get permanents on the field that allow you to play more lands per turn (like Burgeoning, Exploration or Oracle of Mul Daya). Last but not least, there are many good creatures that provide some extra mana. For some, you can even use Sisay to tutor (example: Selvala, Heart of the Wilds).

  2. Add some protection for Sisay, as she is bound to be targeted by removal spells. Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots are just about mandatory in this deck. Other options are Asceticism or even Privileged Position.

  3. Add ways to untap Sisay. That way she can tutor more times per turn (or doing other players' turns). I like Seeker of Skybreak and Instill Energy. A more powerful card to do this too, would be Seedborn Muse.

Hope any of this helps.

Azdranax on Does Illusionist's Bracers work with ...

1 month ago

For example, let's say you have Seeker of Skybreak equipped with Illusionist's Bracers, and Mangara of Corondor available to tap. This combo would allow you to go infinite with Mangara's ability, by putting an instance of the removal ability on the stack, then tapping the Seeker to untap Mangara, then himself with the copy. Allow the untap abilities to resolve, then add another instance of the removal ability to the stack before the previous instance resolves...rinse and repeat until all opponent permanents are targeted.

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