Seeker of Skybreak

Seeker of Skybreak

Creature — Elf

Tap: Untap target creature.

Seeker of Skybreak Discussion

Sultai_Sir on Dunno what to name this

3 weeks ago

Ah, a fellow Sidisi player! Your deck looks pretty solid. Since I assume you want to stay at the same power level and budget as your decklist, here are some suggestions:

    Underrealm Lich: An amazing card, both for the card selection and graveyard filling. He's also hard to get rid of, and ensures you don't mill yourself out of the game. He does unfortunately nonbo with Lab Maniac, though.
  • The Gitrog Monster: An absolute house in this deck. He will often draw you 3+ cards a turn, and his "downside" is actually a great boon, drawing you an extra card every turn. He also goes great with Ramunap Excavator, making his downside literally non-existant.
  • Mana dorks: I know that they aren't exactly the definition of fun, but you need them for the deck to function. You have a pretty bad curve, with your deck mainly consisting of 3, 4, and 5 drops. Personally, I prefer for my curve to consist mainly of 2 and 3 drops, unless you're on a reanimation theme. However, if you add in more ramp, this deck can become a lot more fast and consistent. Some classic mana dorks are Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, and Elves of Deep Shadow.

For posterity, here's my personal paper Sidis list: The Deck that Death Forgot. Hope this advice helps!

multimedia on Cromation ($50 Mutate Voltron)

2 months ago

Hey, nice budget version. Interesting deck, bizarre deck description.

You can put Jegantha next to Cromat in the deck list by adding the CMDR tag to Jegantha in the deck editor.

1x Jegantha, the Wellspring *CMDR*

Doing it this way clearly shows that Jegantha is the companion of your deck.

Because of Jegantha's tap ability consider adding cards that can untap a creature to get more activations?

Faeburrow Elder is a very good mana dork for five colors and is also a creature you want to untap. With Cromat in your control Elder is another Jegantha. Jodah, Archmage Eternal in combination with Jegantha makes it easier to cast spells because then generic mana costs don't matter and the mana made by Jegantha lets you cast any spell. Conflux is busted with the ramp from Jegantha tutoring for five creatures with mutate.

$40 total price is below precon total prices and the manabase here is worse then a lot of precons. With 20 Forest in the manabase you're counting on Jegantha to cast spells. I know this is low budget, but you want to at least make the manabase playable without Jegantha. For low cost the Guild Bounce lands can help the manabase and have fine interaction with lots of basic lands.

Good luck with your deck.

Profet93 on High Risk, Higher Reward

3 months ago

With regards to cuts, you can cut more than I'm recommending, but I figure I'd start it off

Seeker of Skybreak - Does nothing by itself

Skyshroud Ranger - Bad without lands

Spearbreaker Behemoth - Doesnt stop sac, exile, board wipes for your elves, etc... It's nice to give your commander indestructible, but I would rather just have Darksteel Plate

Sylvan Messenger - Eh, I just don't personally like it. Can whif, put important cards away, only hits elves. Just an eh card for me

Taunting Elf - Bad

Uktabi Wildcats - Even worse

WarpedZerghead on Kraj-Maga Tap Dancing

5 months ago

I really like the benefits from Plaxcaster Frogling, Spike Weaver and Sporeback Troll and am considering adding those functions to the deck. Viridian Joiner and Marwyn, the Nurturer are great ramping options but I am trying to get lower a turn-count to get Kraj out faster - though they are great rampers, they kick off later. You''l notice how all but 1 of my ramping creatures costs 2 mana and just 1 for less: at 3CMC Gyre Engineer brings a blue and green into play immediately. But, this does not mean theres value to test out so I'd give Marwyn a shot since she is able to get a +1/+1 counter on herself fairly easily.

The 'untap' creatures I have considered but I am trying to link full synergy into creatures that are viable Kraj components; the way I see it is the most important unction to untapping Kraj is if it can do so itself, although I can see how the 'untap creature' capability can offer additional ramp by untapping a ramper rather than Kraj using the ability otherwise. A Ramp-Ramper. From those I could add 2 of the 2 CMC ones, probably Kiora's Follower and Seeker of Skybreak because I want to rely on 0 tap artifacts in the deck

In the case of Seedborn Muse and Intruder Alarm (sick card btw), I do not feel as concerned about being able to untap my stuff each turn since Kraj can and will handle everything. I'm not sure if you've "Playtested" the deck but you'll notice that Kraj is the absolute center of the deck, he ramps and kills everything the moment he has a tap and untap course. Writing this I noticed the Murkfiend Liege in the deck and is probably something I can be flexible with to replace. The way the cards are selected for this deck is that the odds of getting the winning combo - through either luck of draw or tutor - are very high. I just added a Combo Breakdown section to the description, basically match any of the two ('Tap' and 'Untap') and go from there.

Inkmoth on Nylea, Shoot for the Stars (cEDH)

6 months ago

GrizzlyAtom: Just wanted to say that I absolutely loved the list! Safe to say you hit the nail on the head on almost all of your choices. However, I do highly recommend you make a couple of changes for the general consistency of the deck.

These won't be direct swaps to the cuts and more of a series of cards that you should highly consider as I don't want to cramp your style.

I hope this helps, I love the deck, will be keeping up with it. Final recommendation would be to use a similar categorization that I used in Yeva for your list as it helps you visualize your deck based off function and see where it is lacking.

SynergyBuild on Selvala, Explorer Returned (cEDH)

6 months ago

I thought it was for the infinite combo with Seeker of Skybreak

dingusdingo on Kethis the Hidden Druid cEDH

8 months ago

Blazenitro Basalt + Mesmeric does indeed flip the library, but there are a couple reasons I have decided to pass on it for Seeker of Skybreak instead

Basalt does have a few benefits over Seeker though

  • Harder to remove permanent type
  • No summoning sickness, you can engage the combo right away
  • No colored mana cost requirement (this has never been an issue in this deck, but still worth noting)

If you want to play this deck, you could choose to run Basalt Monolith in place of Seeker, or you could run them both. I have opted to run just one, as the two piece library flipper combo is still going to be slower and harder to assemble than Hermit Druid by himself.

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