Merrow Commerce


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Lorwyn (LRW) Uncommon

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Merrow Commerce

Tribal Enchantment — Merfolk

At the beginning of your end step, untap all Merfolk you control.

Merrow Commerce Discussion

momikulski on Merfolk commander

2 months ago

So a lot of what you’re doing is solid, there is a pretty great synergy level here, and no real problematic cards though there are some cards that are less than optimal.

For example Ichor Wellspring spring and the Guild Globe . Being in blue means there are just better options for drawing. Card draw can come from Cold-Eyed Selkie , Tatyova, Benthic Druid , Seafloor Oracle or Fallowsage who has synergies with your commander, also Prime Speaker Zegana who is just super good with +1+1. There are also spells which are just super good in blue like Ponder

You also have some room to improve your synergies with +1+1 and proliferate. Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter for example while not a merfolk is just great for the deck.

And there are some amazing lords (creatures that give all of a creature type +1/+1) in the merfolk tribe Like Merrow Reejerey and Merfolk Sovereign which are the inexpensive ones that you aren't already using.

A card that goes super well with your commander is Merrow Commerce .

Tutoring (searching for a specific merfolk from your deck) can increase consistency substantially so Seahunter despite the price tag is incredible, cheaper versions include Tidal Courier and Merrow Harbinger

Ramp is important and there are a couple cards that are used in most green decks, like Cultivate and Kodama's Reach . There is also a handful of cards that speed you up as well like Stonybrook Banneret , and I might consider some artifact acceleration like Simic Signet or Commander's Sphere

Shaper of Nature is a solid mana dump (a card that lets you spend excess mana at will

I'd use Vanquisher's Banner over Glass of the Guildpact , because you’re only really running a handful of multi-colored creatures. But it is a bit more expensive

Beast Within is super strong removal cause it’s in green and blue which don’t have great answers for problem creatures

On the wish list is Hardened Scales cause its so good with +1 +1 and proliferate

As for lands there are a couple of lands that help you and are reasonably priced Simic Growth Chamber , Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , Lumbering Falls , and Oran-Rief, the Vastwood .

foxboy93 on Ultimate Tribal Lords

3 months ago


Due to the legend rule, you do not have a chance to gain priority before you have to sacrifice the new one, meaning you cannot draw your deck, bounce everything ect. You'd have to have a Mirror Gallery type effect.

A fun consideration, could be Riptide Shapeshifter . At its worst, it might get you something you need. At its best? Name "giant" to get your Galecaster Colossus . Or name Slivers to cheat it directly into play for either flying or unblockable. Hell, you wanna get "real" cute, name "Pirate" and get Timestream Navigator . At its worst, it is a Wizard that gets you Wizard activations. At its best? You get an extra turn once in a while.

I feel like you made the right call, in focusing more so on "Wizards" and "Merfolks", cause I had that issue of "here are all of the lords...what do I focus on" type of things. I do feel like Mind Over Matter is really only there for the combo potential and nothing else. Perhaps a Paradox Engine would be more "value", since you can chain into other spells or have it be a "cheaper" Mind Over Matter, since with Azami out, cast a spell, tap to draw more and have more mana, rinse and repeat. Another change I'd consider, is to remove the Slivers and go with Archetype of Imagination and Deepchannel Mentor I can see WHY you include Slivers (make them all Slivers with the Hivestone, then make the team unblockable). The only issue I see, is basically its a 2 card combo for evasion. Yes its cheaper to cast those two spells than it is to cast the ones I mentioned, but it also means not having to worry about getting your Slivers or tutoring for them, and it means that you can be closer with your two tribes. Another fun card I want to see, is Dragon's Hoard . Cast your commander or any of the changelings to give yourself another small form of card draw. Merrow Commerce might also be nice, letting you attack in and then untapping the team. Not to mention Arcane Adaptation naming Merfolk untaps your entire team at EOT. Other combos is the Sage of Fables/Metallic Mimic with Glen Elendra Archmage . Not only is it another counter effect, but with something like a sac outlet you can ensure you get infinite death triggers (Phyrexian/Ashnod's Altar, Altar of Dementia ect are all good examples).

I do have to ask; How is Unesh in the deck? Without allot of changelings and not allot of static changes to creature types, similar to Arcane Adaptation, it means that you might get two? Maybe three triggers from it? I am also curious what you USUALLY name with Arcane Adaptation. Do you cane Wizards for the "flexibility" of the "tap an untapped wizard:" type of effects? Or more so the Merfolk for more pumps and evasion?

MonkeySit on Merfolk Deck

5 months ago

I would probably take out the Reliquary Tower as you don't have any card draw except for Chart a Course . I would also maybe take out Vedalken Orrery because you don't have much interaction with the battlefield at instant speed other than buffing counters on Merfolk. I feel like maybe you could reserve that spot for either other instants - maybe some more control like Negate , a bounce card, a tap permanent card, or something of the sorts. I would consider putting in Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca 100% because of your inclusion of Merrow Commerce and will make your Merfolk unbelievably strong and annoying. If you did, you could consider the Reliquary Tower but i think it would be overkill and would just be used better to replace cards as opposed to having an abundance of them. I would also consider going further down the "can't be blocked" theme. Herald of Secret Streams is a shining example and Sleep is sort of another way of achieving it. Mist-Cloaked Herald is a great early game threat and so is River Sneak and will get absolutely huge if left unchecked.

Anyway, that's just my friendly suggestions based on my limited knowledge but hope I maybe have helped in some way :)

xEpy0n on

6 months ago

What I added into mine was Throne of the God-Pharaoh . You can deal damage to each opponent equal to the tapped creatures, AND untap them after with Merrow Commerce or any of your other end step untappers.

rbar2255 on Merfolk Mentor's Modern Magic Counterspell

6 months ago

I'd also take out a Merrow Commerce for an Island because you want to be running at least 20 lands in a control shell and you don't really need the second copy

mdow9998 on Kumena Tap +1

6 months ago

mrdehring thank you for the suggestions. Merrow Commerce and Lullmage Mentor are on my buy list. Didn't know about Drowner of Secrets , thank you for the heads up. I will add both Drowner of Secrets and Kindred Discovery to my buy list. THank you.

mrdehring on Kumena Tap +1

6 months ago

Merrow Commerce might help you reuse some of the tapping effects.

Drowner of Secrets and Lullmage Mentor lets you abuse the idea of tapping merfolk for reasons.

Kindred Discovery might also be good if you don't draw enough cards with your commander.

kurtyazu on Sushi Time!

6 months ago

Hi Kjartan

The thing is that I almost always play Song of Freyalise for the last ability, which, along with Herald of Secret Streams , usually gives me the final blow. That is its main reason for being there.

I think that I'd better give up Merrow Commerce and Seafloor Oracle for two Silvergill Adept and another Song of Freyalise , what would you think about that?

Thank you anyway!

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Merrow Commerce occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%