Ezuri, Renegade Leader


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander Anthology (CMT) Rare
Commander 2014 (C14) Rare
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Rare

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Ezuri, Renegade Leader

Legendary Creature — Elf Warrior

: Regenerate another target Elf.

: Elf creatures you control get +3/+3 and gain trample until end of turn.

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Ezuri, Renegade Leader Discussion

HashMasta on Elf deck lel

6 hours ago

Well since you are new i can kinda understand some things now (no offense :c)

first thing above all else. you need 60 cards in a deck. not over. Otherwise you already are in bad shape. Don't worry though when i started playing I had an eldrazi standard deck back in oath of the gatewatch being released. It had i think 79 cards in it with like 30 something lands. was very bad XD. It had good cards but it just was never consistent so finally my friend sat down with me and we trimmed it down to 60 and it became much more smoother and I started winning fnm shortly after :p.

So for getting down to 60, I would suggest you cut the elvish abberation because it just wont have as much use in modern as other things. Lich's Mirror is just a terrible card. All it should say is "you have 1 more turn to play a land and die". Since it wont reset opponent at all it will just draw it out for 1 more turn and waste time. Helix Pinnacle should go as well. unless you find a way to go infinite with mana, get rid of it. Cause it will probably take more than 10 turns to actually win if your lucky and modern games usually end at about turn 9 or before. Immaculate Magistrate is a good card but it shouldn't be used in modern. If your gonna play something like elves, you want multiple explosive creatures and not 1 big creature. Engulfing Slagwurm seems like a dead card for an elf deck. It has no other synergies with your other cards and its not an elf.

Sorry If I sound a little rude I know it sucks having someone say to take a bunch of cards out but trust me it will help big time.

So now that we are back to 60 cards, lets go over another thing that new players don't catch on to usually. If you want to have a good consistent deck, you will want to have 4 of and 3 of with cards so you can get the most out of it and be confident to play with it. Unless it is a legendary card then it just depends.

I would suggest getting rid of the other Engulfing Slagwurm and Ezuri's Archers. There are not a lot of flyers in todays modern meta unless you go up against like a jeskai aggro deck or something which is not that often.

Let us also get rid of the Coat of Arms and Door of Destinies. Even though it seems like a bad idea, if you really think about it then the cards are gonna be worthless. for instance, Coat of Arms is a good card, but what if you went up against goblins? or merfolk? or humans? or slivers? or allies? See where im getting at now? and with Door of Destinies by the time you cast it you will probably have all your elves cast or at least the majority of them.

Let us also get rid of 3 of the Elvish Promenade. I say keep 1 because it could still be useful in an elf deck, just not as a 4 of cause it won't win you the game. However it is a great utility. I would cast this as late as possible without having it be a dead card so you can get the most out of it. Or possibly more ramp for Elvish Archdruid. I would also get rid of Imperious Perfect and Lys Alana Huntmaster

So in total that takes out 14 cards, now lets fill it back in. 1 more of the Elvish Archdruid is a good start, having 3 is a strong way to ramp. 1 of each Elvish Mystic Llanowar Elves. Now lets add some cards. Dwynen's Elite is probably one of the most strong elf cards so I would strongly recommend get a 4 of and get 4 of Elvish Visionary. the visionary is another strong card considering how much mana elves get its basically a free 1/1 that draws :p. Nettle Sentinel is another great card so would get 3 of those. And with all that you should have a much more consistent (and better version) of elves.

Now later on if you get the money, I would also get some expensive stuff like Cavern of Souls, Verdant Catacombs and Wooded Foothills to thin out your lands so you can draw more of spells instead of lands. I would also swap out your Naya Soulbeast and Worldspine Wurm for 2 Craterhoof Behemoth because that is just game ending in elves. Would also get rid of the 2 Genesis Wave for 2 Chord of Calling. But this is when you get the money. Would also get some creatures like Heritage Druid and Ezuri, Renegade Leader

I hope this information will help you annihilate opponents and win all the FNM matches :D. If you want to see my version of elves I will post it down below. I decided to go golgari colors instead of mono green however but the basic things I told you here is also in there so you can see how it works out.

Just elfing around

Modern* HashMasta


Amyas on Ezuri leader of the woodelves

9 hours ago

Hexbringer0 Awesome alt art on that Ezuri, Renegade Leader! I have been debaiting Paradox Engine and Cloudstone Curio for a long time.

I never thought of using Illusionist's Bracers in this deck! I use it in a few others. I guess I was hung up on it not doubling mana dorks. But adding two pumps for the price of one or regenerating two elves with Ezuri, Renegade Leader sounds really good! Cards like Argothian Elder and Arbor Elf don't count as mana abilities but are still mana ramp right?

ChaosClaws on Ezuri, Renegade Leader

6 days ago

FiendishElf, I tend to not use Dwynen just since she doesn't provide a way for me to win the game. While elves as a tribe are really gross and rampy, they're usually all 2/2's or at most, 4/4's. There's not a lot of elf lords and you can't rely on Coat of Arms, so you need a consistent win-con. Ezuri, Renegade Leader Provides as many overruns as you want as well as protection. Regenerate goes a long way, especially since once you dump your hand you have extra mana for it. Once any elf deck pops off, you end up with a ridiculous amount of mana. In this deck, I use this mana to overrun, on average, 3 times, giving my entire field +9/+9 and trample. Even with 4 elves, that can end the game. Dwynen is a great card, but reach and a few life wont win the game as often as regeneration and overruns. Craterhoof Behemoth is actually a pretty good inclusion, I'll try to make room for him as well as the two Dominaria elves.Nettle Sentinel definitely seems to have it's perks, but at most it's only going to give me a couple extra mana, and that's only if I have cards that let him tap for mana. If you're trying to go with an infinite mana combo, there's much better options, like sticking an Umbral Mantle on anything that taps for at least 4 mana. Thanks for the insight, though!

Elves_are_cool on ...Around Elves ...Watch Yourselves!

1 week ago

Hexbringer0 in regards to Maze of Ith I actually had in a previous version of this deck, though I was unaware of the combo with Argothian Elder. After looking into it I am going to add Maze of Ith back into the deck as it is a win condition with Ezuri, Renegade Leader or can play out a hand of Elves with Yeva, Nature's Herald. Thank you very much for the suggestion.

xyr0s on Elves And Spells

1 week ago

this deck will be run over by any and all budget'ish modern deck. Way too many spells, and too many of them at high cost. Early Harvest? Won't be needed much, since you ramp on creatures, not on lands. Explore is a good card, if you have a bunch of lands... but you don't. You have 20. Spending turn 2 on paying 2 mana to play a land is not really a great idea - actually it's a terrible idea. It draws a card? Sure it does. But so does Elvish Visionary, which you haven't found space for. Cultivator of Blades is a 5 mana card in a deck that shouldn't go higher than 3 mana. And there's 4 of them. 1, at most, and that's because it becomes a SURPRIIIISEE!!! Wincon! Joraga Treespeaker is mostly a 3 mana Elvish Mystic - and that's only after you've spent time levelling it up. Isn't it better to just get the 1-mana dork, and avoid all the difficulties of upgrading.

I think the "mainstream" elves decks all use Heritage Druid, Nettle Sentinel, and Collected Company (all of them as 4-ofs) to get their creatures on the table fast. Elvish Archdruid and Ezuri, Renegade Leader provide the beatsticks to close the game. I also think there's a reason they all do so - it might just be the skeleton that allows elves to be a deck at all (a bit like 12 lords and aether vial is for merfolk).

buckeyetron on If control never developed as ...

1 week ago

Catalog9000 if your opponent dumps all their mana into Ezuri, Renegade Leader and you Unlicensed Disintegration the Ezuri, the Ezuri's ability still resolves.

Catalog9000 on If control never developed as ...

1 week ago

It really depends on what kind of control you are talking about here.

control is a lot different from control.

Control that uses red and / or black would probably still be a thing. Killing creatures with low-cost spells so you can free up for attacking is a legit strategy that works extremely well. That's why I always run a playset of Dreadbore and Terminate in my Rakdos decks.

But control that uses white and / or blue wants to sit back, stop your spells from being played, return shit to it's owner's hand, and make you recast it so you burn through your resources more.

Rakdos Control is more akin to bringing a shotgun to a knife fight, whereas Azorius Control is more like taking the primer out of the shells and sporting a Riot shield.

If you're asking how the game would be different if Rakdos Control never developed, the answer would most likely be that players would keep trying to out-pace each other to get the most creatures out. You'd see Ramp and Aggro really take off as players tried to play their entire library faster. Probably a lot of Instant pump spells, and probably recursion tricks.

If you're asking how it'd be different if Azorius never developed, you'd see players less hesitant about casting their spells. There'd be more carelessness in the game as it doesn't matter if you screwed up something - there's little to no repercussion. Players would probably go as big and as nasty as they could get. Tempo and Zoo would be outrageous as nobody would see a reason to hold back.

Since both are a thing, we see players flexing different strategies, trying to find a balance between playing fast versus playing smart.

That's just my opinion, though. But you can even see this throughout Magic's history.

Take Elves, for example. Hardcore Elf players didn't go up against tons of mass removal in the early days. You played without concern. Without regret. You played as fast as possible.

Now? Elf decks still exist, but there is more caution. Which elves, what abilities, and which tricks are you going to be using?

I once played an Elf deck who brought out as many guys as he could by T9 (3v3 match) and tapped into as much mana as possible, dumping it all into Ezuri, Renegade Leader for some massive potential.

I tapped three lands and dropped an Unlicensed Disintegration. He completely stopped everything and had to read my card several times before ending his turn in frustration because I killed Ezuri before his abilities resolved. (Protip: That's why you play slow and wait to see if your opponent Instant-drops you. Then you add on the rest in response.)

I swung full force. Felhide Petrifier, 2x Rageblood Shaman, Neheb, the Worthy, 2x Kragma Warcaller and won. You may be wondering, if it was a 3v3, how did I win? I'm open for the other guy??

Whip of Erebos.

(That's 58 or so damage, btw + the 3 from Unlic. Dis.)

So, how would Magic have evolved if control wasn't a thing? We'd see a lot more "Elf" decks, where you go big and wide and fast without concern. Players wouldn't hold back, or plan a strategy. You'd still have asshole players who try to combo for the biggest bang for their bucks (Tribal would still be a thing; And yes I am that asshole player ;3) but you'd see a lot more Zoo as the dominate archetype.

TLDR; No control = No worries. Play big or go home.

Duke.Fleed on Green/Black Elves

2 weeks ago

This is a great start to your own take on modern elfs. If I can make a few suggestions, I think this deck can become very competitive.

1st: one thing you want to focus on in modern is having very impactful turns 1 and 2. To enable this, you should consider playing less 3 drops and more 1 and 2 drops. A few cards I would recommend is: Elvish Mystic (more copies of llanowar elfs is always good), Heritage Druid+Nettle Sentinel (means butt tons of mana very quickly), and Dwynen's Elite (gives you multiple elves at once).

2nd: a big problem that people have when they have too much mana is that they alread cast all their cards in hand and need to draw more. Especially in green, drawing cards is hard. Here are a couple good draw spells for elfs: Elvish Visionary (is an elf for your elf synergies, draws you a card too), and Lead the Stampede is one of the best ways to refill your hand in a creature heavy deck.

3rd: end game closers are important. Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger is definitely a way to close the game. However, 10 mana is pretty hefty, even for an elf deck. Here are some suggestions, maybe not to replace ulamog, but maybe to go along side: Ezuri, Renegade Leader is the most popular way to win the game in elfs because if you have tons of mana you get tons of damage (also he can be found with Collected Company), Craterhoof Behemoth is a very fun way to win (the more creatures you have, the more you win), Hornet Queen though it doesnt just win you the game, it is able to make it very hard for your opponent to attack you and puts you in a very good position to win.

I hope you found this helpful and I know you'll enjoy the modern format. If you want to fine more cool decks, check out my tapped out page or my podcast: mtgcoldbrew.buzzsprout.com

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