Rugged Prairie


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Zendikar Expeditions Mythic Rare
Eventide Rare

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Rugged Prairie


: Add to your mana pool.

, : Add , , or to your mana pool.

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Rugged Prairie Discussion

greatdevourer on All Hands on Deck

5 days ago

Let me start by saying that I think you have a great theme and you've done a great job of sticking to your theme elements.After going over your list, here's the recommendations that I think might help you.

Cards to take out (to get down to 100):
Golem Foundry is just a weak card. It is kinda nice getting a golem token for casting 3 artifacts, but I've never been happy playing that card. It always ends up feeling like a waste of board space.
Metalwork Colossus is really nice, but with all of the vehicles and other creatures, it seems kinda mana intensive and you're not really working on a sacrificing artifact theme.
Blinkmoth Urn is symetrical, meaning it helps you opponents as much as it helps you. Yes, you may have more artifacts than them, but do you really want to give your opponents free mana? And they get that free mana before you do.
Darksteel Juggernaut is a great card in a draft, or in another deck where you're primarily focused on attacking each turn. But the requirement of attacking each turn makes this card feel like it doesn't fit.
Sram's Expertise is cute, and I understand why it is in the deck but a few 1/1 tokens seems kinda weak for this deck.
Chief of the Foundry helps out the vehicles, but not the dwarves.

Those initial cuts gets you down to the 100 cards for Commander. Now to make the deck a bit stonger.
These changes might help make your deck more resilient againt various opponents. Obviously, you'll need to temper these recommendations with your collection, budget, and local metagame.

I'll start with lands. Nine (9) out, Nine (9) in.
Take out:
Spinerock Knoll, Better in a combo deck.
Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep, Not enough legends
Wind-Scarred Crag, Boros Guildgate, and Stone Quarry come into play tapped. You have too many lands that come into play tapped and it slows you down.
Drifting Meadow, Forgotten Cave, Secluded Steppe, Smoldering Crater, the cycle lands are nice in a deck with lots of graveyard recursion or when you're focused on cycling cards. But you're deck isn't set up for those things and these are just more lands that enter the battlefield tapped and slow you down.
Kabira Crossroads for it. The 2 life usually isn't enough in Commander games to make a big different.

Put in:
4 Plains
2 Mountain
Sejiri Steppe is something to consider. And the Boros Garrison makes it better.
Move the Rugged Prairie and Sacred Foundry to the mainboard from your maybe board.
Don't ignore the plain old basic lands. Even if you just use a couple of each. You never know when an opponet will play a "Every seach for a basic land" card and you're left out of the party.

I would also consider Holdout Settlement and Springleaf Drum to help take advantage of Depala, Pilot Exemplar's ability to load your hand with creatures and vehicles. Remember that you can tap a creature with summoning sickness to activate the Settlement or the Drum since you aren't activating the creature's ability.
Lightning Greaves is a tough card to consider. Yes, it is a great card. But does it really help that much? You aren't themed around equipment. I would drop in in favor of something that helps more often.

One-shot effects like Built to Last and Built to Smash are not really good in a multiplayer game.

I hope these suggestions help give you some ideas. Let me know what you think. Feel free to look over my decks and let me know what you think of the suggestions.

Daedalus19876 on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

1 month ago

Okay, let's do this! cracks knuckles I love the snarky tone of the description, btw :)

The stax elements of this deck seem strong, mostly. You're missing Winter Orb though. I would normally suggest Crackdown and Meekstone and Moat, but they interfere with Alesha :( Perhaps Smoke or Mudslide? I don't personally like Chalice of the Void in EDH, though, there's just too much variance in the mana cost of powerful cards. And since you're reanimating things anyway, might as well play Big Daddy Smokestack!

However, the land base seems...a little off. 29 mana-producing lands is REALLY really low, doubly so since you will have to pay some of your own "taxes". I know that the Karoo lands help a bit, but I still wouldn't trust this mana base without SIGNIFICANT testing. You might also find the Filterlands useful to mana fix (Rugged Prairie, Fetid Heath, Graven Cairns). I also never leave home without Reflecting Pool, City of Brass, Mana Confluence, etc. Basically, look at Lilbrudder's Leovold mana base and color-shift it XD

I'd frequently choose to run Rest in Peace over (or in addition to) Leyline of the Void. Always good to run another combo piece!

Phyrexian Arena over Underworld Connections, 1000%. The former doesn't lock down a land, which is even more important in this deck.

I'm actually not really a fan of Nahiri, the Harbinger in EDH. Is she just there for utility, or are you planning to use her ult? If the former is true, there are better ways to get card filtering. If the latter is true, what's your finisher?

That being said, planeswalkers can generally be really good in stax decks. You might get away with including some other walkers that play more into your gameplan, possibly Sorin Markov to reset lifetotals? :)

Night's Whisper over Wild Guess: less color commitment, more card advantage.

No Necropotence? :( I guess maybe the card is too much color commitment in tri-color.

If you're going to run Mox Opal with only 18 artifacts, I'd try and include the three on-color artifact lands as well.

False Prophet seems odd here, since you have the ability to reanimate creatures with relative ease.

Personally, I'd substitute Austere Command over Merciless Eviction, though it does depend on how you plan to use the board wipe.

Land Tax does wonders to fix your mana, and recover after an Armageddon...

If you have oodles of money, Imperial Recruiter pairs well with Recruiter of the Guard.

Yes or no on Mox Diamond? Your land count is already low, but it's so good...

Swords to Plowshares over Path to Exile: you don't want to give your opponents land ramp in a stax deck, lol.

I hope that helps a bit! :) I'll leave more comments if I think of them, and happy deckbuilding!

DuTogira on Doms EDH

4 months ago

Feels like it needs Ancient Tomb, World Breaker, Rapacious One, and a fleet of filter lands like Mossfire Valley, Fire-Lit Thicket (which can produce colorless mana), and then some subset of Graven Cairns, Wooded Bastion, Cascade Bluffs, Twilight Mire, Rugged Prairie, and Flooded Grove (or all of them if dom has the money for that) again because they basically act as colorless dual lands which can turn other colorless lands into colored mana producers.
I'd cut Gruul War Chant (Eldrazi attacking with annihilator usually means they don't need menace, and you already have both Bedlam and Nylea anyway), Price of Glory (this deck is more of a face beater than land destroyer; your other eldrazi can handle land destruction if needed), Map the Wastes (you have plenty of ramp; MtW just feels like bad ramp over-extending), and then Vesuva, Wasteland, Strip Mine, Nephalia Academy, and some sub-set of basic lands to be replaced with the filter fleet (as lands which you sacrifice for land destruction in a ramp deck is a hell of a double edged sword; the eldrazi themselves can take care of necessary L-D; Forced discard also isnt a big thing in commander unless you play against a leovold player, so the academy is largely an unnecessary tech card)

soymonk on Creature Cheater

4 months ago

Some more budget nonbasic lands if you have issues with casting Kaalia on time:

MTGApprentice2016 on please help me im, in ...

4 months ago

In your deck who said this would be fair? I noticed that you're running Breya at the helm. Breya wants to combo out and I'm not seeing any way of doing so in your list. You've some obvious combo pieces such as Rings of Brighthearth but I am not seeing Basalt Monolith which when paired with the Rings makes infinite colorless mana. Nor am I seeing fun things like Grand Architect and Pili-Pala for infinite colored mana. Take a look at my deck Combo Number 5! for some examples of combo pieces to consider with Breya.

As for your deck !Blade to Hire!, Boros is a hard color to play in EDH based upon the experience of my play group. You need at least three more lands because of the lack of ramp. In terms of lands I would recommend adding Rugged Prairie, Sacred Foundry, and Hall of the Bandit Lord. You could go a little further and cut a mountain for a Flamekin Village as well. Haste is your friend after all. I'd cut Crusader of Odric, Fortress Cyclops, and Duergar Mine-Captain for the lands as they seem kind of underwhelming. Next I would cut a few of the token makers for some spells that grant you extra combat phases such as Seize the Day and perhaps some items like Savage Beating that make your low power and toughness creatures pack more of a punch (also think about having Gisela, Blade of Goldnight on the field and casting Savage Beating entwined picture it and the expressions on the faces of your that you've got that image in your head cut Deploy to the Front for Savage Beating). Other cuts that could be made are Opportunist and Goblin Legionnaire if you want to keep some of the token makers, however, you likely should cut them for more board wipes anyway.

Daedalus19876 on Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*

5 months ago

Pyruscreed: Thanks! I think this is a sweet deck too, lol - I'm proud of it. People keep telling me that Archangel Avacyn  Flip is bad in commander, hehe. I disagree.

I usually love building budget EDH decks (a few of them are on my profile). This one is something of a tricky case, though, since many of the expensive cards are relatively essential to the deck's function. Let's give it a shot, though!

What's your price limit? I would say that you could cut all of the cards above $20 immediately. The most important of those are Sword of Fire and Ice and Scroll Rack, but the deck functioned fine before I originally got my hands on my copies. I would then also cut Land Tax (since it's lost its synergy with Scroll Rack). This immediately reduces the price by about ~$300 - we've already halved the price.

Several of the cards in here are foily, or promos of some kind. That somewhat artificially inflates the price of the deck. In particular, I would still include Sword of Feast and Famine and Swords to Plowshares, but use non-foil versions. That should cut the price by another $40.

Of the $5-$20 category, most aren't strictly necessary. You could probably cut Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Command Beacon, Hero of Bladehold, Land Tax (as mentioned earlier), Mana Vault, Monastery Mentor, Path to Exile (use Oblation instead), and Rugged Prairie.

You might get away without Serra Ascendant (I didn't have it in the first draft), but I'd strongly recommend against removing it (he's freaking sweet and probably should be banned). If you do cut him, though, you can probably remove Recruiter of the Guard and maybe Ranger of Eos (Ranger can also grab other utility creatures, though, so I might keep her in).

You could move the mana base to mostly basics. If you did, you might as well add in Ruination if you're okay with MLD.

In terms of things to add back into all of these now-open spaces, I'd recommend Grafted Exoskeleton, Grafted Wargear, Overblaze, Quest for Pure Flame, Leonin Abunas, Mask of Avacyn, Duelist's Heritage, Blood Mist, Scythe of the Wretched, and some self-sacrificing creatures to taste. I've also had people suggest Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, which I could definitely see. Most of these have been in some version of the deck and performed admirably.

Overall, these changes should probably cut down the deck from the $700 range to maybe $200. I'm sure you could cut it further with a little thought :)

Thank you again for your comment! I'm glad you liked the deck, and you're welcome to leave a +1 :) I'm trying to push this to +200 upvotes haha. Happy deckbuilding, and feel free to ask if you have any further questions!

Krogania on Partner

5 months ago

22 basics? Nah.

First Priority: You are playing commander, aka add Command Tower. Another solid include with such squishy generals would be Opal Palace.
Actual first priority though is Arcane Lighthouse. Too many of your spells say 'target' not to include it. Molten Slagheap is another good option. Bojuka Bog is always a solid choice. 62.79% of your mana symbols are black. Include Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. Spinerock Knoll would be easy for you to activate with Vial Smasher. I am still not sure where I am at in regards to Ash Barrens, but here I am recommending it to you.

You didn't include things like: Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Scalding Tarn, Verdant Catacombs, Windswept Heath, or Wooded Foothills, all of which can fetch any of your 6 duals early, and can thin out a basic late if you already have all your duals.

Additional Lands which produce two of your colors: Foreboding Ruins, Smoldering Marsh, Tainted Field, Tainted Peak, Fetid Heath, Graven Cairns, Rugged Prairie, Shadowblood Ridge.

Also, just a heads up if you want to play this deck, I will play Mogis. Adjust accordingly. Also, speaking of him, I would consider adding Mogis, God of Slaughter to the deck. Kinda fits... Also, for other non land cards, I will fully admit that although I looked at all 98 cards, I didn't really sens a strong deck concept besides: Play Vial Smasher, drop creatures with EtB effects to deal damage, get the EtB, and end up with a creature, then later bring that creature back with Ravos. Regardless, you could check these out: Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Zealous Conscripts, Terminate is basically a better Hero's Demise since you should have the red, Sneak Attack gets you cheap EtBs and you don't care about the sac with Ravos out, unfortunately the Vial damage would occur before you could hit his down, but Sorin Markov might be fun (but probably too slow), Karn Liberated because Karn (though do recall your boardwipe will kill your PWs too), Gideon Jura because you have a bunch of big creatures to defend with, Wheel of Fortune because you have no other card draw and it's good early and really good late, Insurrection because it is arguably better and more game ending than your current two 8 CMC sorceries, Entomb because you can cast it in response to the Ravos proc, Grave Upheaval because its like Beacon of Unrest but they gain haste and the card has landcycling if you really need, Life's Finale because boardwipe + synergy with Ghastly Conscription and Rise of the Dark Realms and your single target creature to battlefield spells.

Apparently it maxes out at 16 suggestions, but the cards are all linked so this should be a good start if you want to change anything.

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