Mind Control

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

You control enchanted creature.

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Mind Control Discussion

awesome1000988 on Mono Blue Draw

3 hours ago

One thing: Control Magic > Mind Control

Check out my deck please, need to tune it. Homebrewed, also mono-blue, sphinxes with the new commander from Hour of Devastation. http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/unesh-sphinx-tribal-control/

Thanks, and good luck with your deck!

BlueScope on Act of Teason return to ...

3 days ago

It returns to the control of the player with the most recent control-changing effect in place, or it's owner if there isn't any. There is actually no technical difference between auras like Mind Control and other control-changing effects, as the aura's effect doesn't "overwrite" anything (or otherwise, you wouldn't be able to steal it with Act of Treason in the first place). The only difference is that the control-changing effect doesn't last until end of turn, but only as long as the aura remains attached.

To give an example:

  • player B casts Bribery, pulling any random creature from player A's deck. This control-changing effect lasts indefinitely.
  • on player C's turn, they cast Mind Control on that creature, taking control over it. Bribery's control-changing effect is still in place, but overwritten by the more recent Mind Control effect.
  • on player D's turn, they cast Act of Treason on the same creature. Again, both previous control-changing effects are in place, yet Act is the most recent, so it takes precedence. In the cleanup step, control of the creature returns to player C (who's Mind Control is now the most recent active control-changing effect).
  • On player A's turn, they activate Homeward Path's second ability, creating a control-changing effect for all creatures, which also lasts indefinitely and is most recent, so even though Mind Control remains attached, it doesn't do a whole lot at this point.

sges on Act of Teason return to ...

3 days ago

When Act of Treason or similarly worded cards effect ends at end of turn does the creature return to its owners or previous controllers control? This comes into play if a card was stolen permanently earlier in the game and you target it with Act of Treason. This does not effect creatures with enchantments like Mind Control or Hypnotic Siren as clearly the controller of the enchantment would regain control.

Rhyno52 on Can Dragonlord Silumgar be used ...

6 days ago

so for example your opponent is controlling a creature from you. You cast Dragonlord Silumgar its yours again as long its on the battlefield, if it will leave, the controller from Mind Control is getting that creature back. The last played card will overwrite the one before. You can also see the other question with those 'enchantments that gain control' it was a similar question.

Masteryorke on Can Dragonlord Silumgar be used ...

6 days ago

Neotrup so the enchantment wouldn't conflict with Dragonlord Silumgar despite the fact that my opponent still controls Mind Control also if i were to use Nicol Bolas's -2 I'd just permanently gain control?

Neotrup on Can Dragonlord Silumgar be used ...

6 days ago

Dragonlord Silumgar's ability can target any creature or planeswalker, so it would let you regain control of such a creature. Note that the ability also has a limited duration, if you lose control of Dragonlord Silumgar or it dies, and Mind Control is still on the battlefield, control of the creature will go back to the controller of Mind Control.

Masteryorke on Can Dragonlord Silumgar be used ...

6 days ago

In a recent game, a friend took control of a creature via Mind Control. I then played Dragonlord Silumgar could I regain control of that creature?

TheRedGoat on Mono Blue "What is he doing?"

2 weeks ago

Nice update. I would still offer some strict upgrade for some cards though.

Clone can come out for Stunt Double or even the new Vizier of Many Faces.

Mind Control can be replaced by Corrupted Conscience if you're okay with being "that guy".

Also maybe Consecrated Sphinx is a better option that Aeon Chronicler? or even Mind's Eye?

Also how hwas testing out Silent Arbiter gone? Does it often get removed or does it stick to the field?

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