Skyshroud Claim


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Nemesis (NMS) Common

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Skyshroud Claim


Search your library for up to two Forest cards and put them into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Skyshroud Claim Discussion

BSP on i have no clue what im doing dragons

7 hours ago

Tyrannical Fury!!!

That's my casual build of Karrthus. My mana base isn't too expensive but works pretty well. I highly suggest you run at least 37 lands.

Recommended additions: Wood Elves, Cultivate, Dragon Tempest, Scourge of Valkas

Cards I recommended you take out:

Grave Upheaval -> take this out and up your land count

Crucible of Fire -> this isn't a bad card but I think anthem's are better when you make 3+ bodies per turn that will benefit from said anthem. You have to pump dragons out 1 by 1, making this card to slow imo.

Diabolic Revelation - 6 mana to tutor 1 card? If you can't get Demonic Tutor, run Increasing Ambition over this.

Mogis, God of Slaughter - Mogis doesn't help your dragons and will, at most, be a slight nuisance to your opponents. This could be something like Skyshroud Claim which would help you get your dragons out faster.

Cryptolith Rite - similar to the crucible, I don't think you'll be churning out bodies enough to make this card worth it. How about Farseek instead?

I'll add more thoughts later, got work to do now.

RijtBart on Behold the Might of Dragons (Ur-Dragon EDH)

16 hours ago

Very nice deck. Similar build as mine with a few other cards. I suggest Gem of Becoming instead of Skyshroud Claim as it helps a bit more with the colour fixing

blockytea on 5 Color Ascendancy

2 days ago

Looks sweet! I'm a big fan of five-color and Ramos in general, and I've actually been wanting to make a prowess deck for a while. One note, thoughsince you're only running one of each basic land, cards like Cultivate or Skyshroud Claim could theoretically become redundant. I think Chromatic Lantern is also a must-have in any five-color deck, as if you're lucky enough to get that out early, you take away the the biggest disadvantage of five-color and can really start to boogie. Though like I said, this is a rough draftI'm sure you'd have caught these at a second glance.

Also, Stormchaser Mage is fuckin' SIIIIIIIIIICK

Bxbx on Extreme Dinosaurs Gishath EDH

2 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions, Newtypezx!

I like both of them.

Hour of Promise lets me search for Strip Mine and Tectonic Edge which is something that I always appreciate in my metagame. But for simple ramping it costs 1 mana more than Skyshroud Claim or Hunting Wilds.

Mirari's Wake ramps really big the turn after you play it and also increases the trigger of Gishath, Sun's Avatar.

The problem is that there's already much ramp in this deck and that, in my opinion, those 5 mana spells compete with other really good ramp spells in the 4 mana slot (Garruk Wildspeaker, Oracle of Mul Daya). Maybe Explosive Vegetation gets cut for one of your suggestions. I might also cut one of the hymn-like effects (Cathars' Crusade, Coat of Arms) for Mirari's Wake as a kind of compromise.

These options are all close together and I will have to do a lot of playtesting until I find the optimal ramp package.

TheDragonking564 on HELP ME PLZ

1 week ago

I have a The Ur-Dragon deck myself, and I've built dragons a number of times, so I hope I can help, as well as expand on what othermax gave you.

Ramp:All the examples that were given before were very good choices, but I would also recommend Nature's Lore and Skyshroud Claim, as these can search for non-basic Forests, such as the Shocks and so on, right from the get go! I would also highly recommend getting a Chromatic Lantern to help with mana fixing! The Lantern is insanely useful and needed for anything more then 2 colours, of which Karrthus definitely falls under. Zendikar Resurgent is another great example of mana ramp, though it's more late game, and it also allows you to draw cards from casting creatures. Also look into Shaman of Forgotten Ways as mana ramp and an extra win con, Selvala, Heart of the Wilds for tons of ramp, and Solemn Simulacrum.

Land Base:Absolutely, you desperately need some more lands! Because of the CMC of dragons and alot of the creatures you are using, you will want anywhere from 37-39 lands! You may have some issues with the deck since, as many have said already, your mana base is very very slow. Fetches, whether you get the fast fetches or the slow fetches, you need some of those. You should also get some of the Shocks and Checks, since those will absolutely speed your game up a ton!

Card Draw/Advantage:othermax gave some amazing suggestions there, so I won't really go in depth here. Since you are playing some big creatures, look into Rishkar's Expertise and Soul's Majesty, both very good draw spells for a deck with bigger creatures. Another couple of cards to start churning things out would be Lurking Predators and Selvala's Stampede, though many aren't a fan of the Stampede since it gives your opponents choices, but this card has never failed to help me kill at least 1 person.

Removal:This may depend on your meta, but many of the choices given by othermax are very good, though I'm unsure if you want to do a Dragon tribal deck or not, but another choice you are gonna want to look into would be Chaos Warp and Vandalblast, both very good and strong removal spells. For board wipes, you seem like you are good to an extent, but maybe look into Toxic Deluge, Life's Finale and Decree of Pain.

Creatures:You do have an interesting creature base, though I am rather unsure about the Lord of the Void being there, but that is on you. If you are wanting to build more Dragon Tribal based, here are some good ones for you: Scourge of Kher Ridges (Has built in board wipes for fliers and non-fliers), Knollspine Dragon (Discard your hand and draw a bunch of cards), Balefire Dragon (insanely powerful dragon that can wipe an opponent's board, Steel Hellkite (artifact dragon that can remove permanents), Scourge of the Throne (extra combat step if attacking person with most health), Hellkite Tyrant (if you have artifact decks, this can legitimately win you the game), Scourge of Valkas (Will throw damage around based on number of dragons each time a dragon enters the battlefield (Dragon Tempest does this, but also gives fliers haste)), Kolaghan, the Storm's Fury (pumps attacking creatures +1/+0 for each attacking dragon), Taurean Mauler (low casting cost creature that grows based on spells cast by opponents) and Dragonlord Atarka (can take out Planeswalkers and other things). Some other utility creatures are Xenagos, God of Revels (pump single creature, and gives haste) and Nylea, God of the Hunt (gives all creatures trample).

LeaPlath on i have no clue what im doing dragons

1 week ago

So for a start I don't think you have enough mana/sources of ramp to support your top end. A good rule of thumb IMO is 45 ramp/mana. Mana rocks that do two things, such as Mind Stone and Hedron Archive are good for example, as is the better fixing of cards like Skyshroud Claim.

Parallel Lives and Second Harvest aren't so hot with only 5-6 cards who care about tokens, and Doubling Season is questionable cause while it effects 15 or so cards I don't consider it that amazing at what it does.

What are you really aiming to do? Are you wanting to just keep powering out dragons, turn after turn or drop 1-2, wait for removal, 1-2 wait for removal because that defo changes the flow/play of the deck?

Overwhelming suggests more of the first type of strat, but isn't really good enough to justify it in my opinion.

Steelspike on HELP ME PLZ

1 week ago


If you uploaded the decklist to your profile and linked here it would make it much easier to help.

That being said, your mana base is, for lack of a better word, terrifying.

Shock lands, check lands, show lands and fast lands are a fairly budget way to boost the speed of the early game.

The guildgates are some of the WORST fixing in commander. ETB tapped, and don't give even the minimal lifegain.

Also, without being able to view this in a decklist, I can only assume that your average CMC is ridiculously high.

Awakening Zone and From Beyond are good ramp. Skyshroud Claim and Crop Rotation are pretty budget ramp that can be used to get a dual forest, or any land, respectively.

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