Skyshroud Claim


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Nemesis Common

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Skyshroud Claim


Search your library for up to two Forest cards and put them into play. Then shuffle your library.

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Skyshroud Claim Discussion

xX3uddhaXx on Sisters by Different Misters

12 hours ago

I like the deck I see what your doing lots of hydras and other goodies along with life gain and life syphon. The only advice for this deck I see is u need more Ramp. Your playing a lot of green stompy things so u need to get there quickly so u can apply pressure to your opponents. 30 Lands is risky with not enough ramp, I'd say for a 30 land base I'd say about 10-12 ramp spells/rocks, u are playing green so there are plenty of choices out there for ramp spells, some of my personal favorites include Skyshroud Claim, Nature's Lore, Kodama's Reach, and Cultivate to name a few.

Pieguy396 on OmNomNomNom

12 hours ago

I have a deck with a similar name lol

Om(nath) Nom Nom Nom Nom

Commander / EDH Pieguy396


I have a few card suggestions for you; all of these are great in my deck:

As for cuts, I'd recommend cutting Kozilek, the Great Distortion and Deceiver of Form; they're good, but as Omnath's mana-storing ability only works with Green mana, they're not good enough to warrant making 30% of your mana unstorable. I run only one -producing land (Rogue's Passage), and only because I often win with Omnath, Locus of Mana beats. For that reason, I'd cut most of your colorless lands and replace them with Forests.

I'd also cut:

Congratulations on your excellent choice of commander, by the way, I absolutely love Omnath decks.

Rzepkanut on Phelddagrif, the Support, Who Supports Everyone

2 days ago

Here's a few ideas... I run lots of ramp in every one of my decks. This deck has very little, maybe in your meta its less important to come out fast. Classics like Kodama's Reach, Cultivate, Explosive Vegetation and Skyshroud Claim work great but whatever you got is fine. Mana dorks too, Overgrown Battlement and Axebane Guardian could be good synergy ones. Trophy Mage, Drift of Phantasms & Muddle the Mixture can do useful things and/or tutor for combo pieces. Dissipation Field & Lightmine Field are great pillow fort cards. Keep Watch, Arachnogenesis, & Selfless Squire are fun combat tricks to try if you think there will be lots of creatures attacking. Edric, Spymaster of Trest & Assault Suit can help encourage others to hurt each other. Happy Gathering.

thuih on mana ramp needs help

4 days ago

Ima try to not mention anything already in your deck or already mentioned by our friend above, but forgive me if I repeat anything.

Bear Umbra (You can swing with Omnath then pump him up with your untapped lands before damage goes through. Sick stuff)

Frontier Siege (2 mana on both first and second main phase is just 4 mana every turn for our friend. Very cheap and way better than I thought it would be. Just don't pick dragons on accident, even though dragons are neat)

Gaea's Touch (Basically free)

Garruk Wildspeaker (Costs two if you use his +1 the turn he comes in)

Gauntlet of Power (doubles your opponent's lands too, so watch out! Fun for political stuff in multiplayer though)

Mana Vault (One of those cards)

Nature's Lore (Comes in untapped! This makes it free with any mana doubler or land enchantment. Also costs like 50 cents or something)

Nissa, Worldwaker (actually costs one mana if you have 4 forests, just can't play it till later obvi)

Nissa's Pilgrimage (Also Cultivate and Kodama's Reach if you want more of that jazz. Very cheap card too. No reason not to have around.)

Seedborn Muse (Even more disgusting in multiplayer)

Selvala, Heart of the Wilds (Double Omnath for (G) is pretty good)

Skyshroud Claim (Again, comes in untapped, and is a cheap card. Seriously recommend this one)

Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger (Might make everyone hate you forever, but it is pretty damn good)

Most of this is just off of my Usually Not Voltron Omnath EDH if you wanna take a look at anything for ideas, though I think our decks may have slightly different goals in mind. Happy ramping!

MrHighscore on The Hated Tokens of Ulasht

6 days ago

Thanks for all the feedback. These are really good suggestions and I'm incorporating them into the deck...


  • I'll add in all the lands you suggest. I'm taking out mountains, and I am also taking out mountains for dual producing lands to mitigate the hit on my green mana. This makes some of my ramp spells less usefull.



  • Ivy Lane Denizen is a pretty nice combo with Ulasht, but is also quite usefull with the doublers and the theme. He'll get a spot.
  • I should probably just build an Marath, Will of the Wild deck, just to compare before I purchase ;)

Change List

Cheers, and thanks again :)

dana.roach on Sigarda And Her Peeps

2 weeks ago

Urza's Incubator is almost always worse than a mana rock unless you're running 30 Eldrazi. Here set to humans it works on 25 cards in your deck, and of those 25, 13 of them have single colorless mana costs so it only generates half value. Sure, there will be times you manage to save four mana a turn, but there's going to be a ton of turns where it saves one, or is just dead . . . or you could just run a Thran Dynamo or Worn Powerstone get value out of it on 95% of your turns.

Skyshroud Claim has the same CMC as Explosive Veggies, can fetch non-basics, and they don't come into play tapped.

With commander tuck gone I'd argue Condemn is a dead card. There's just too many times you need a thing gone ASAP and can't afford to hope it attacks. It was maybe worth that for a chance to bury a commander, but with that gone it's just not gonna get the job done too many times. Swap Beast Within there. It's one of the best removal spells in the game.

Deglamer or Unravel the Aether over Revoke Existence. Tuck isn't as good as exile, but imo being instant speed offsets it.

I guess it's meta-dependant, but recently it feels like Darksteel Plate doesn't get the job done. In just the last couple years we've had Utter End, Anguished Unmaking, Declaration in Stone, Darksteel Mutation, Song of the Dryads, Imprisoned in the Moon, and Reality Shift all added into the meta as commonly played removal options that work around indestructible. Plus Path, Swords and Chaos Warp are all in nearly ever deck that can run them. I'd rather just have Swiftfoot Boots most of the time.

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