As an additional cost to play Fling, sacrifice a creature.

Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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Fling Discussion

Trtl on Omnath, Locus of Anti-Wrath of God

24 minutes ago

maybe add a few board wipes of your own? (Blasphemous Act, Chain Reaction etc.) maybe the super-Fling known as Soulblast?

Omeros on Why does this deck suck?! ...

22 hours ago

Yeah, you don't want to go for the random discard. Faithless Looting is "good" as a looting effect while Desperate Ravings is not. Of course, ravings isn't even in your color identity but that type of loot isn't worth the risk.

Now that I'm thinking about it, since you want to Fling creatures all the time I highly recommend adding Skullclamp to your deck. Equip them, fling, profit. Mind's Eye is another way to get extra draws in.

zretrareo27 on Why does this deck suck?! ...

1 day ago

EDH Brion Stoutarm R/W, Fury and Wrath

This is my first EDH deck, and I am struggling with getting the premise to work.

Brion Stoutarm to Fling your opponents creatures with cards like Harness by Force, and if you're lucky - use Bazaar Trader to keep them! See the acquireboard for cards that will go in place of others.Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. That being said, I will probably not be able to afford the more expensive cards Land Tax, Weathered Wayfarer etc. that are not already in this deck. If you like it, up vote!

Any ideas on why my consistency is so terrible? On the deck description it details what the cards do. The deck seems slow as well. How can I produce reliable red and white of either mana with out playing the 'comes into play tapped' lands?

Thanks in advance!

Paperweight48 on Rakdos aggro

1 day ago

If you really want to profit off of Fling, consider Taste for Mayhem or Deviant Glee as one drops. Both would become 2 additional points of damage later in the game. I'm actually running a similar deck to this based around them. Hellbent is a nice feature, especially since R/B aggro typically lends itself to emptying out one's hand.

MikeNovak on To build a fire

3 days ago

ManaTitheGuy For Mono-Red, the only thing I can think of is playing cards like Battle Hymn to keep casting more of the creatures. Maybe even a Manamorphose to cycle into another Elemental? Some form of draw definitely would help.

For Elemental Tribal, I think there's a UR combo deck out there using the new manland (name has slipped my mind) as well as the Elemental that gets +1/+1 every time you activate an ability of an Elemental. Could do that + Fling

Grimmalt on Fling that thing!

6 days ago

you can remove some of your gates and replace Fling with Rite of Consumption even though its sorc speed vs instant, and Blistergrub could be swapped out for Perilous Myr its 1 less and can target creatures. If you are trying to stick to black devo then use Undying Evil on grey merchant for combos.

DreamWalkerMusic on Cruel Controller

6 days ago

Great suggestions man thank you! I was actually looking for a card just like Thoughtseize. More hand control.... also thinking the Duress go away for Inquisition of Kozilek? Lightning Bolt or Blightning either one will finish the game. I'm going for the inevitable factor with Master of Cruelties or Phyrexian Crusader. Neither really win the game by themselves but with all the control and Anger of the Gods, it doesn't really matter how long the game goes on. I was thinking about some Apostle's Blessing and maybe like Fling but I don't really think either is good enough to take something else out. Puts me too much in a single fragile combo type position. Dreadbore seems like probably a better sideboard card than Doom Blade... or maybe just sideboard 3 of each...? I really like that Slaughter Games idea... where would you put it though? Also isn't there a black card in Shadows that does the same thing or am I thinking of something else?

beetleborgs on I am Fire, I am Death

1 week ago

miracleHat Your'e right with the land choice. I think Blackcleave Cliffs is the best choice for this deck. Also I really love the idea of Flame Slash. I have realized that I used bolt rarely to do damage and instead use it for getting rid of creatures so that there are no blockers. Also the combo with the master and bolt can be easily changed to a Fling or Rite of Consumption. Considering I'll have at least 3 lands by the time master attacks, the difference between bolt and fling is very minimal. I like the suggestion! Thanks!

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