As an additional cost to play Fling, sacrifice a creature.

Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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Fling Discussion

Danglidesh on that`s mine

11 hours ago


DrAlvio on Giving weapons to the plains

3 days ago

ghostdesigns If you are playing white too you can side Oblivion Ring, Demystify or Dispeller's Capsule to remove enchantments. Without white you could play Fling and throw a creature before it is removed or put some Apostle's Blessing in the list because it is always a good solution against targeting removals. In the red arsenal remember you still have Pyroblast

disasterarea42 on The Middle Finger

6 days ago

I don't really feel the goblins are doing enough to earn their keep. I would drop the token makers.

Jeering Instigator gives you a fairly easy Act of Treason with a body, Fling is a really good easy to get way smack your opponent in the face with their own dudes. If they go for a board wipe, sac everything to bloodflow connoisseur and Fling it at them. If you want to get really cheeky, Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded's ult grabs all their stuff.

You could go Tibalt ult, sac everything to Connoisseuur, fling, Liliana Vess ult, do it again, all with 5 lands on the field. Kitchen table dream.

gnarlicide on Convince me to play your ...

1 week ago

ducttapedeckbox, I works better in Ad Nauseam as an alt wincon.

Draw your deck, play Death's Shadow (which will be undeniably huge at this point and cast Fling. go smoke.

RedUndead40 on Devour EDH

1 week ago

I have a Thromok EDH deck and he is really great. I've played this deck a lot and it's pretty consistent. You can get a lot of ideas here-

Thromk is Stronk

You'd think that just seeing him in the command zone makes people target you, but I've only had that happen a handful of times. The key is to have alternate win cons - ways to win with just your tokens, instant speed game enders like Fling for when people try to remove Thromok, etc.

Anyway, good luck! Thromok is a really great and fun commander. Just remember to run Chandra's Ignition! Best win con in the deck.

Fayton on Chasm Skulker

1 week ago

Brainstorm and Ponder are banned in modern and you have 28 lands, making your mana base unbalanced. Try Serum Visions in replacement. I like the idea of Fling. Vapor Snag or Cyclonic Rift might pretty good here as well. Your not playing much devotion so Master of the Waves becomes a bit redundant. It might be good to put some counters (Mana Leak, Dissolve ect..) in there and maybe Blue Sun's Zenith or Mind Spring. Good Deck though.

felucius on Rakdos Fling [Help Wanted!]

2 weeks ago

I play a similar interation of the deck, so here some feedback:

Consider Kolaghan's Command to smooth out your curve and helps you get you Generator Servant back. Because thats the main issue I see with this deck. If you don't draw your Servant, you have a severe tempo issue. Maybe work in a creature 3 drop, just to establish some board presence. Vampire Nighthawk has proven super effective at holding down the fort until the heavy hitters arrive.

You could drop an Abyssal Persecutor or two for these. Unfortunatly that guy seemed to be too unreliable with 7 removals for him. Maybe 10 solves the problem.

Here my attempt at a Fling deck - http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/flying-circus-v5/

Groover01 on Can I sacrifice a Creature ...

2 weeks ago

Could I cast Fling and then proceed to Sacrifice it with Phyrexian Altar? Or any combination of 2 Sacrifices.

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