As an additional cost to play Fling, sacrifice a creature.

Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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Fling Discussion

Rylet16 on Elemental Fury

3 days ago

The thing about Vengevine is that I'm trying to keep it mono red for cost purposes and I feel that it being a 4 drop green is too low. It would require Smokebraider otherwise it would just be a dead draw. I like Ball Lightning but I feel that Fling would work better here. I'm highly considering side boarding it, but i'm concerned because all it would take is a single spell that would prevent it from resolving.

m4ver1k on Modern Masters of the Rabble

3 days ago

Looking much better buddy. One quick note that I'll apologize for, I know I posted Fling, but I actually meant Goblin Grenade, which will help you wrap up games much faster.

m4ver1k on Modern Masters of the Rabble

4 days ago

I'm going to be brutally honest buddy, this deck is going to be way too slow to be competitive. That said, goblins can still be insanely fun. Your primary issues are your high curve and low land count. The result of these two things are a slow aggro, which gives control/midrange strategies time to accumulate their needed boardstate and then simply play a boardwipe and begin their rampage.

I'd recommend a few things that can make your own deck absolutely obnoxious.

Firstly, abuse the fact that you're playing mono red by replacing all your Purphuros with Blood Moon. This will affect the vast majority of decks in modern.

Nextly, drop your Caterwauling Boggart and just mainboard 3x Goblin King instead. Now your opponents likely have mountains, and your Goblins can trot all over their face, as well as lowering your curve a tad.

Drop 2x Bloodmark Mentor and 2x Foundry Street Denizen to add 4x Lightning Bolt and it'll help clear out early creatures and allow you to keep some tricks up your sleeve.

Now, drop 1x Coat of Arms, and all three Obelisk of Urd. Obelisk of Urd is bad in an aggro deck because you should be tapping your creatures to swing, not to play spells. Coat of Arms is good, but you have more than one on the field, it probably would have been better to draw a creature. While it does technically make your creatures massive, it slows down your aggro enough that it may be your undoing. Plus they're dead in your hand if you don't have the land to cast them in the first place. So, replace those 4 with Goblin Guide so you have some super early aggro.

Lastly, trade Quest for the Goblin Lord out for just Mountains to address your curve issues and this should overall great increase the speed of the deck while attempting to hose control/midrange strategies. Unfortunately with these changes I still don't think it would be competitive in modern. I think you'd have to play RDW in modern for mono red competitive, and even that has issues.

For your sideboard I'd probably go like this:

revwildo on Help developing R/W steal, sacrifice ...

6 days ago

If you're planning to go with white, Cloudshift is a must have. What's better than stealing their best creature and then Flinging it at them? Stealing it and not having to give it back at end of turn, that's what. It also works well with Warmonger's suggestions of Akroan Conscriptor and any of the creatures with an ETB steal effect. Restoration Angel can also serve in this role in the late game. I personally like Culling Dais as a sac outlet because it fits your curve perfectly as a 2 drop and the creature sac ability doesn't require mana to activate so you can start stealing creatures on turn 3, and as long as you keep one mana up to activate it in response to removal, the second ability refills your hand for more shenanigans. If you're playing casual, legacy, or vintage, you can't go wrong with Ashnod's Altar. If you decide to go with a build that includes the creatures with ETB effects like Zealous Conscripts and Conquering Manticore, try to get a copy of Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. Because nothing helps you make friends like an infinite combo that lets you kill all your opponents immediately if it isn't countered. Have fun!

Slatoncs89 on Help developing R/W steal, sacrifice ...

1 week ago

Hello. I'm trying to build a new deck for multiplayer but am having trouble searching for any good reference material. I want something that allows me to steal other people's creatures and deal direct damage to them. So far, I'm thinking Red/White but I'm not opposed to adding another color if needed. Here are some of the cards I'm thinking of including...

4x Brion Stoutarm

4x Fling

Act of Treason

Adarkar Valkyrie

Warstorm Surge

Magewright's Stone

maybe Aggravated Assault

I have a lot of dual lands and fetch lands and so I'll run some of those. But I think I need some sort of land ramp in order to get some of these high cost creatures out quicker.

I know that's not much to go off of.. it's a pretty new idea for me and a branch from what I normally play. Thanks for the advice!

JakeHarlow on Discard, life gain, and sacing. needing ideas plz.

1 week ago

First of all, you need to cut to 60 cards, without exception. Pick your favorite ones and go with those.

For your theme, which is R/B sacrificing, consider this combo.

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Viscera Seer, and Murderous Redcap.

That combo leads you to infinite damage if it's not interrupted.

I also think a sub-theme of taking control of opponents' creatures could be really cool. Take them cards like Olivia Voldaren or generic things like Act of Treason or Harness by Force, then swing with them, and Fling them at the enemy. You can also sacrifice them to Viscera Seer or use Tymaret, the Murder King to sacrifice them. This could be a cool tactic to use on your buddies, especially if you're playing casual.

Headers13 on I Sacrifice Your Creatures For Breakfast

1 week ago

I use Fling in my mono red version of this deck, Control, Attack, Sac, Repeat, but I found it relies heavily on your opponents creatures being big enough to make it worth it.

The library control, instant destruction and card draw from sacrifice options in this deck provide a much more comprehensive response to opponents decks than the all out damage in my mono red deck.

Thanks for the +1.

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