As an additional cost to play Fling, sacrifice a creature.

Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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PancakesOnSalsa on Animated Explosives - Modern :SUGGESTIONS NEEDED:

4 days ago

Thanks for your input ticked-off-squirrel. :-)

The reason I'm running black is mostly for the cards Heartless Summoning , Boggart Harbinger and Spontaneous Combustion for removal. Although I like Heartless Summoning in the deck to combo with Perilous Myr , Myr Retriever and to kill Goblin Arsonist , I see what your saying about taking out Black.

For the suggestions, I could see Fling and Curse of the Pierced Heart doing work in this deck; but, I'd rather not put Pitchburn Devils in here because it's a bit to costy for my taste. For Shrapnel Blast , the reason I have it in here is if I just need to get in a extra 5 damage to finish the opponent, its not something that I will rely too heavily on...

ticked-off-squirrel on Animated Explosives - Modern :SUGGESTIONS NEEDED:

4 days ago

well, i can see this deck is about turning creatures into live explosives so here is my idea: i like the Goblin Grenade s so keep those. but i suggest trimming the black out and put in a couple of Fling s and perhaps 3 or 4 pitchburn devils. and if oyu really want to be a dick, put in a Curse of Pierce Heart to slowly hurt them. and if oyu want to keep Shrapnel Blast then add more artifacts so you have more ammo to use just in case your only artifact doesnt get destroyed. but other than that i think this is pretty good.

Subject134127 on Bye Demigod....HEY Demigod

4 days ago

Liking the deck, maybe try out Stinkweed Imp since I saw dredge being mentioned. Budget flying deathtouch, and when you lose it you get your graveyard engine. Problem is that it doesn't exactly deal a lot of player damage. Otherwise, Golgari Thug could be an interesting way to put one of the demigods in your graveyard on your library like a tutor. Of course the opponent will see it coming from miles away. Dakmor Salvage is good if you accidentally throw away too many lands but often probably too slow :/

Abyssal Persecutor is nice too but so much more expensive and you don't really have a lot of ways to get rid of it when your opponent is in kill range. You'd also have to get cards like Fling and generally it'd require some more changes to make it work.

Liking the deck so far though, +1!

Could you maybe give me feedback on my deck?:

Sting Operation // Soul Insect Tokens Playtest

Modern* Subject134127


Unlife on fight cards

5 days ago

I'm building a new edh deck and I'm looking for cards similar to Soul's Fire , Pit Fight , Prey Upon or even Fling . I'm trying to find cards that let my creatures beat upon my opponents or my opponents creatures.

TwistedMoonlight on Kresh EDH (work in progress)

1 week ago

okay this is going to be a long list, I've been helping a friend work on a kresh deck for quite some time so I'm pretty familiar with Kresh,despite never playing him myself.


1x Sakura-Tribe Elder

1x Scavenging Ooze

1x Sheoldred, Whispering One

1x Spitebellows

1x Force of Savagery

1x Jugan, the Rising Star

1x Kokusho, the Evening Star

1x Archetype of Aggression

1x Avatar of Woe

1x Burnished Hart

1x Butcher of Malakir

All of these creatures interact with kresh in one way or another.


1x Beast Within Kills almost anything

1x Fling Win con if an alpha strike fails

1x Hero's Downfall Kills planeswalkers, or creatures


1x Dictate of Erebos A flash Butcher of Malakir

1x Fervor Haste on kresh is a great

1x Runes of the Deus Trample and DS is stupid good with Kresh


1x Reanimate Get whatever you want back

1x Rite of Consumption another Fling with added lifegain


1x Darksteel Plate Keeps kresh around

1x Demonmail Hauberk Equip to pump kresh with a sac outlet

1x Mage Slayer Another win-con with kresh

1x Oblivion Stone Cheaper boardwipe that can keep kresh on board

1x Whispersilk Cloak Win-con. Kresh unblockable wins games

Hope this helps.

cakesmasher on 2014-10-21 update of Kresh (Unorthodox)

1 week ago

I will second the removal of Fling

Shyuuga on 2014-10-21 update of Kresh (Unorthodox)

1 week ago

That's hard to say, a lot of the cards are good, what I would do, get rid of Fling , Jarad is basically a better version of that, which you can keep casting, and instead of hitting one creature or player with Fling, just hit all of your opponents with Jarad's ability, its just a great combo with Kresh to have Jarad, because litterally, in one turn you could end the game just by drawing Jarad at any given time and having Kresh on the field, especially if you plan to be aggressive with him. Jarad would add to your devotion for 2 of your gods too, if you had thought about activating them as creatures, always good back up.

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