As an additional cost to play Fling, sacrifice a creature.

Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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Fling Discussion

adanlaj on Who Owns What Now?

2 hours ago

Gotcha, this deck looks awesome! it looks like a lot of fun to play. One last thing that I forgot, you might look at Fling.

I have a deck similar, and I might try to run some of the cards similar to what you have, but its red and black. I just started playing it and found that it was really handy for direct damage, or damage in general, with the bonus of being great removal.

fieldhockeystudent on Waste Not, Want Not

16 hours ago

Nice one - +1! I love any deck that includes Fling or Undying Evil - I cant imagine anyone expecting those cards when coming face to face against this for the first time.

If youre already going with a more aggressive strategy, Id consider Bloodsoaked Champion over Rakdos Cackler. If youre going to be attacking most turns anyway, its makes up some form of card advantage to know you can keep bringing back a creature from your graveyard. Goblin Arsonist or Mogg Fanatic might be good cards to have in the 1-drop spot as well, maybe over Typhoid Rats and Sylvok Lifestaff. They work on theme and can help police your opponents small creatures in the first few turns.

As for curve-toppers, I definitely think a one or two-of Falkenrath Aristocrat is worth including. Definitely more reliable than Demonlord of Ashmouth, and it having haste + flying + indestructible means you can frequently get some damage out of it as soon as it hits the board.

Panzerforge on Atog's Trinkets (Pauper Affinity)

2 days ago


I face a deck similar to this one often; it's a winner for sure.

Have you tried playing a few Vines of Vastwood? It can do a lot for this deck, like protect your Atog, stop your opponent from targeting their own creatures, or give a valuable +4/+4 if you find your Fling is just short of destroying your opponent.

Fun deck!


1 week ago

USE FLING. You will need more cards to kill with Fling than you will with Fatal Frenzy, but you can use Fling the turn after you draw it. If you get Fatal Frenzy too soon, you lose, whereas you can just use Fling the next turn before you mill yourself.

RyProv on The One Shot Wonder

1 week ago

Chandra's Ignition is hilarious with Kresh. Fire Covenant is an alternate Phyrexian Purge. Soul's Fire or Essence Harvest are alternatives to Fling that let you keep commander man. +1 for using the better picture unlike this silly one -> Kresh the Bloodbraided.

JuninhoDarkSide on Blistering wrath of the rumbling mob

1 week ago

I really love grull stuff, but this is soooo heavy. I mean, you average CMC is 3.16, so you need to come up with a lot of mana until anything cool happens. I'd suggest some Voyaging Satyr and/or Arbor Elf to speed you up, and lower the curve. Also, something more aggressive like Lightning Bolt and or Fling (trust me, this crap is game changing), would also help you to do more early game damage.

tchau204 on My goyf is bigger than yours

2 weeks ago

Consider Atog as an alternative win condition? You can use this with Fling or Soul's Fire

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