As an additional cost to play Fling, sacrifice a creature.

Fling deals damage equal to the sacrificed creature's power to target creature or player.

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Fling Discussion

captaincarrion on Feedback wanted on kill-on-turn-one deck

17 hours ago

You wanna clog the board with some dudes, for sure. Kird Ape should fill that niche nicely. It's on color and you'll have a 2/3 turn 1 with a Stomping grounds. And my suggestion to anybody running decks dependent on pumping creatures and smashing face: Vines of Vastwood. Trust me, just run them, you'll thank me later. I'd be interested to see how Fling would work in this build,

The more I look at it, I don't think Summoning Trap is going to be doing you too many favors. Go for Shatterstorm or Creeping Corrosion to deal with affinity. Run Ancient Grudge to deal with Spellskite, because you will have to deal with Spellskite. If you got money burning a hole in you pocket, Blood Moon or Magus of the Moon would help against Eldrazi, Tron, and other greedy mana bases. Turn 1-2 Blood Moon can be back breaking against a lot of decks.

Oh, and don't run Slaughter Pact, the "lose the game" clause will probably make you do just that more often than you want.

vonfalk on Jund Cruel Aristocrats

18 hours ago


edit: I just realised Fling's effect can be replicated, by attaching Dying Wish to a sac-buff creature and then make it sacrifice itself, once pumped. Very helpful suggestion.

Toptube on Jund Cruel Aristocrats

1 day ago

Dying Wish can be used for an extra point or two of damage. or it can be a double damage bomb if you do Dying Wish + Fling. I am doing exactly that, in my deck.

Phyerest on Nivix-Soul turn three win(suggest a sideboard?)

4 days ago

Okay fixed it, I replaced Fling with Soul's Fire

Norrak72 on Scuttling Engine of Doomed fun

4 days ago

No need to apoligize for seeing things differently or not seeing everything at once. ;-)Main problem I'm having so far is running out of Fling's and Shrapnel Blast's in multiplayer.

Norrak72 on Scuttling Engine of Doomed fun

4 days ago

Hi, Thanks for taking the time to take a look at this deck. My own testing has shown that Dictate of the Twin Gods is indeed pretty useless. It just doesn't make it to the board because it's to expensive and I usually have better options to play once I do have the mana for it.On the mana ramping side I feel I have enough. The Palladium Myr and the Generator Servant give me enough extra mana to consistently put Scuttling Doom Engine on the board on turn 4 if I have him in my opening hand. In the rare situations that it doesn't I can usually make a copy of one of them to give me another 2 mana.Arcbound Ravager servers multiple purposes actually. First it's an early blocker that can grow. Second it is an extra sack engine in cases I don't have the Trading Post or one of the instances. And the most beatifull is that I can sack it wiht a Shrapnel Blast put it's counters on a Scuttling Doom Engine wich then does even more damage if I use a Fling on it.

So I'm gonna take out the last 2 dictate's and replace them with some card drawl.

N3XT on Modern Living Searblades

1 week ago

Fling screws with cascade, but mabey Soul's Fire to get past blockers while not stopping the living end combo. As an added bonus, you can keep your Ceaseless Searblades!

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