Goblin Arsonist


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt Common
Magic 2013 Common
2012 Core Set Common
Rise of the Eldrazi Common

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Goblin Arsonist

Creature — Goblin Shaman

When Goblin Arsonist is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, you may have it deal 1 damage to target creature or player.

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Goblin Arsonist Discussion

sillydecks on All of the creatures pop-pop-pop...

1 week ago


It seems like Avacyn's Judgment and Abandon Reason are meant to be cast for Madness? If so, Bloodrage Brawler is awfully inconsistent here, as there's no way to be sure you'll have a hand with both Bloodrage Brawler, Avacyn's Judgment in a game, and it's even less likely you'll have the mana to cast both of them in the same turn. I'd recommend either replacing the Bloodrage Brawlers with the suggestions below, scrapping Abandon Reason, or both.

Bloodrage Brawler is an incredibly aggressive card, I'll admit. However, there are some creatures that are quite a bit more synergistic with your deck. Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Blood Bairn help your creatures die without Distended Mindbender. Perilous Myr and Goblin Arsonist are relatives of Mudbutton Torchrunner.

It seems like Distended Mindbender and Avacyn's Judgment are your sac outlets right now. Your opponent isn't going to block your Mudbutton Torchrunners if they're going to take 3 damage for it - they're just going to let the 1 go through. So, you need ways to power them yourself. Again, Nantuko Husk, Carrion Feeder, and Blood Bairn will all do that job for you, and Artillerize and Fling are cheap, sometimes even better, substitutes or alternatives.

For a budget deck, your mana base is to be expected, but it can be better. Rakdos Guildgate is a dual land, sure, but entering the battlefield tapped without anything else means it's outclassed by others. Akoum Refuge and Bloodfell Caves are gainlands in Rakdos colors. Rakdos Carnarium is a tapland that bounces one of your own lands, which can be bad or good, but helps you stay on curve the turn after, unlike the Guildgate. Temple of Malice is a scryland, which might not be so useful, but it's still better than the Guildgate by virtue of its scry. Dragonskull Summit is probably your best bet for a dual under $5/each, though, because it's not necessarily a tapland as long as you have a Swamp or Mountain.

Soul-Scar Mage and Abandon Reason are really weird cards in this deck. You have no burn spells (which might be something to consider) if you don't hit creatures with your Torchrunner or Showstopper, so I would consider either burn spells or better combat tricks. Red has much better combat tricks than Abandon Reason, like Brute Strength, a red Giant Growth.

Sorry for the wall of text; I hope it helped.

Weltbild on Shhh... d'ya hear sumthin'?

3 weeks ago

Bananaflavorednerd: I think those two are really close and I'd need to do some testing with Goblin Arsonist! I could imagine having 1 damage at hand unconditionally to be more handy than just having 1 more damage when Arsonist dies. Not sure though.

Bananaflavorednerd on Shhh... d'ya hear sumthin'?

3 weeks ago

How about Goblin Arsonist instead of Mogg Fanatic? Synergizes better with goblin grenade and can kill 2 health creatures when it's blocked by them.

HurricaneZach on Aren't Goblins Supposed To Be Red

1 month ago

I agree with Goblin Grenade. I think its a must have. Worst case scenario is sac a token for 5 damage. Best case, you get to dispatch a 1 toughness creature at the same time. I have a mono red goblin deck that uses Goblin Arsonist and Mudbutton Torchrunner in this way and it is surprisingly effective.

ticked-off-squirrel on Purphoros and Krenko (Multiplayer EDH Primer)

3 months ago

as an expert with goblins and burns I suggest the following cards and why:

Impact Tremors: it is basically a replica of Purphoros but does a tiny bit less damage. the plus side? has no devotion so has no risk of becoming a creature on accident.

Barrage of Expendables: what are you gonna do with all those goblins/dragons/whatever once you have them? swing with them and hope opponent does not block? I think not. throw them instead. is a great pair up with Goblin Arsonist

Outpost Siege: a great card no matter which option you pick for it. either exile top card and play it almost instantly or (my personal favorite) have the goblins/dragons/whatever give a parting shot as they leave.

Goblin War Drums (optional): if you insist on swinging with your goblins/dragons/whatever make them harder to block by giving them all Menace.

Foundry Street Denizen: a cheap guy at first but with enough red tokens popping out he will get big fast (if only for a turn).

Bearer of the Heavens (optional): to be used for emergency only. I am slightly hesitant to suggest him but you have a good board wipe card already so why stop at Artifacts, Creatures, and Enchantments? if you really need a field cleared just bring this guy out. sometimes he is enough to just intimidate the opponent from attacking you but if they insist on attacking you you can block with him and if he dies the entire field is gone. (except Purphoros of course) which is really helpful since the opponent cannot recover from the massive board wipe. (yes I know you wont be able to recover either but if you only got 5 lands and the opponent has like 10 the board wipe will be helpful.)

Koth of the Hammer: he is good for three reasons. 1: he can turn your Mountains into creatures for a turn so you can get cheap damage or an untapped land for later. 2: he will generate allot more red mana than Chandra can. 3: if you can get his emblem he turns your mountains into volcanos and can shoot the opponent (or a creature you don't like) for 1 per volcano.

aholder7 on LD Deck

3 months ago

General Notes:

i dont think you need blue here. milling doesnt do anything for you (even if you mill a land that doesnt change the fact that the top card of their deck could be another one). and while making things cheaper is better, if you play 3 drop land destruction (which you should play as much of as possible) then playing a 2 drop that reduces cost doesn't really make things come down faster. And the thing is unless you're casting more than one land destruction spell per turn its probably better for it to be a mana dork (a 1 drop preferably. theres no particular reason for you to use 2 drop dorks). or to replace them with mana rocks that are much harder to remove.

Now lets look at green. what does green give you that red does not have.

mana dorks. good beat sticks. and enchantment hate. if you have green in the deck, make sure you are getting all the benefit you can from it. if you're not then you may as well play mono red (possible, i made a mono red land destruction deck a while ago just to prove you could).

1 ofs are inconsistent. if you put a card in your deck you need to understand how often you want to see it. if you put 4 in, you are generally saying you want to see it every game and in general as much as possible. as a 3 of, you are saying you do not need to see it every game, but you still want to see it most games or its great to have but doesn't do as well in multiples. 2 of means you dont want to see it in most games or you really don't want to see it in multiples. 1 ofs are usually used as 5 ofs or as tool box cards. what i mean is that if i really want to play as many Terminates as i can i will play 4, but i may still want more so i play Dreadbore which is worse, but is basically my 5th Terminate. A tool box card is mostly for decks that can search for cards with things like Chord of Calling or Trinket Mage etc that can search the entire deck for the 1 of that you put in there for just this case. your deck doesn't search so right now most of your 1 ofs are inconsistent. for example why would i play 1 Lightning Bolt, 1 Shock, 1 Harnessed Lightning and 1 Lightning Strike, when i can just play 4 Lightning Bolt.

so lets walk through the deck piece by piece.


Baral, Chief of Compliance: not a bad card, but you don't play very many counters (1) and as i mentioned above it's not much better than Arbor Elf in this deck. especially since most of your instants can't actually benefit from his effect.

Goblin Arsonist: I assume that this card is in here to help protect you early game by disuading enemies from attacking. This card isn't that great at that, and most 1 drops in red really wont be. rather than try and but down a turn 1 wall, you may want to focus on making yourself quicker. so something like Arbor Elf or something similiar might benefit you more.

Minister of Inquiries: as i mentioned above this card does not furthur your goals. the best part about this card is that it gives you energy for something useful like Aether Hub but if you drop blue, then you don't need Aether Hub.

Servant of the Conduit: there are enough 1 drop mana dorks that you don't need to play this 2 drop mana dork. especially since it has limited uses.

Thragtusk: this is actually a really solid card. it gives you a good body with some life so that it has imediate impact, which is important for a 5 drop in modern. the fact that it also has residual value even when removed is what really makes this card great. my only worry is that with 22 lands you might run into problems casting it, but if you add any number of mana dorks this problem should resolve itself.

World Breaker: too expensive. you play 22 lands and this card is 7 mana. even with mana dorks this is too much risk for not enough reward.


Appetite for the Unnatural: try Natural State instead.

Lightning Bolt: probably one of the best red cards printed.

Negate: you don't need blue. even if you do stay blue, either put in more counters or take this one out. you don't want just 1 counter.

Shock: you may want something like Pyroclasm to clear the board of several small units.


Creeping Mold: i'd rather just have another Structural Distortion over this, but if you are seeing lots of enchantments and artifact, then this card is ok.

Crumble to Dust: this is actually one of the better 4 drop land destruction spells, as it can destroy land on their field and some in their deck making them less likely to draw more. (this is different than milling which may or may not alter the ration of lands to non-lands in the deck)

Reclaiming Vines: see reclaiming mold. also see Roiling Terrain.

Stone Rain: Bread of the deck. does exactly what you want to do.

Molten Rain: bread, meet butter.

Structural Distortion: mini Roiling Terrain most of the time, but it does let you exile land which can get the occasional Darksteel Citadel. if you end up putting Roiling Terrain in the deck, you may want to replace this with Poison the Well.

n(not in your deck currently) Boom: this card is fantastic. but usually only if you play it alongside fetches (Wooded Foothills) or Darksteel Citadel. otherwise its just ok.


Aether Hub: if you switch to a 2 color deck you can take this out.

Blighted Cataract: regardless of if you stick with blue or not you should take this out.

Botanical Sanctum: obciously if you drop blue you drop this.

Cinder Glade: you actually will probably want to drop this regardless of what you do to your deck. you are on a tight clock. you cannot afford not to have your mana when you need it, and unless you always have 2 basics on the field when you play it, then it's too dangerous to play. you'd rather hurt yourself with something like Karplusan Forest.

Forest: basics are cool.

Game Trail gets better once you drop blue. also gets better if you add any number of Stomping Ground.

Island: this card makes people concede in legacy.

Mountain: glory be to red and all the pain it will cause.

Spirebluff Canal: you drop this if you frop blue.

Ghost Quarter is also an option. it doesn't put them a land down, but once you get enough land that you don't need all of it, you can effectively sac this one to make your opponent downgrade one of their lands or just to remove one from your opponents deck to make it less likely for them to draw more. also works well with Boom.

if you couldn't tell i really think you should drop blue.

hopefully this is somewhat helpful to you. as a tip you should probably add a budget tag since you are looking to keep this under $150.

best of luck with your deck.

HurricaneZach on no money BURN

3 months ago

Collateral Damage seems like it would synergize well with Myr Servitor and even Spark Elemental if it's T2 or later. I also like Goblin Arsonist as an inexpensive way to get some damage in.

Phantatsy on Rakdos Goblin Sac

4 months ago

I thought about Goblin Arsonist, but to be honest I don't know what he'd replace. Knucklebone Witch is the only creature that's not important. I just like the ability have having 1-2 creatures that just keep getting stronger. Plus it's a 1-drop that attracts removal which gives Krenko, Mob Boss a better chance at surviving a turn or two.

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