Moonring Island


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadowmoor Uncommon

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Moonring Island

Land — Island

(Tap: Add (Blue) to your mana pool.)

Moonring Island enters the battlefield tapped.

(Blue), Tap: Look at the top card of target player's library. Play this ability only if you control two or more blue permanents.

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Moonring Island Discussion

LeaPlath on baral counter spells

3 weeks ago

Erayo is not legal in commander for obvious reasons. Given how your goal is to play a lot of spells, the lack of cards that reward you for casting spells seems a bit amiss.

Metalurgic summonin and Talrand, Sky Summoner vomit out tokens like no ones business with this many spells, and Metal can also provide advantage.

Drake Haven supports Baral and stuff too.

Adding in Coral Atol, Cyclelands and similar would improve the mana base for sure. As would land destruction effects. I am also quite a fan of the Halimar Depths and Moonring Island for value and infomation. Having creature lands would help with more threats and Maze of Ith can be used politically. You can also include ramp lands such as Thawing Glaciers and Terrain Generator.

dryadson on A Horrible Dream

1 month ago

Threw in two Moonring Islands for flavour. They come in tapped, but until that starts causing me problems I'll leave them. They also have a utility purpose that I might use occasionally.

Upyron on Wizards in Control

2 months ago

just a simple question why u use only basic lad ? why u not use a potential card like Moonring Island and other kind of support land card ?

Nero64 on

7 months ago

yungjigga, I mean...chaos is literally the only way to describe this thing you've made.With the constant resorting of your deck strategy is kind of gamble at best but sometimes theseare the most fun types of decks to play. I love the Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind essential win condition.I really think your mana base is lacking though. With such a crazy deck why not go a lil more ham with yourlands? A Grixis Panorama will even out any mana bubbles, and there's no real reason not to carry a Scalding Tarn into battle. Temple of Epiphany Seems like an easy addition and maybe a Desolate Lighthouseto have even more control over shifting through cards. Also, with such an instant speed deck it might be the perfectopportunity to try out Magosi, the Waterveil, Moonring Island, or Nivix, Aerie of the Firemind.

Moving off lands for a quick about a pair of Pyromancer's Goggles? A Curious Homunculus  Flip might also provevaluable...

I hope I didn't ramble on too long. Hope the deck works!

tesla323 on Tinkering Around

8 months ago

You've got some of my favorite artifact creatures in here! You're missing Platinum Emperion though. Also, for lands, I really like the extra ability of Moonring Island.

Calliber on U/B Mana base advice.

8 months ago

Raging_Squiggle: Thanks for the link.

Wizno: Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth would really fix that swamp mana for me, I'll see about obtaining one. I'm actually going to keep my 2 bounce lands, they are slower mana growth but they give me the ability to re-use (should the set-up allow) my scry land, Halimar, Skyline Cascade, and Mortuary Mire should I get the chance. Life-lands or Basics will get the boot. Though I'm hesitant to get rid of too many basics.

Thoughts on Urborg, Bad River, Magosi, the Waterveil, Moonring Island, Soldevi Excavations, and Shizo, Death's Storehouse?

paxton46 on Who needs Prophet?

1 year ago

I'm getting breeding pool and I have Moonring Island.

Question do you have any more suggestions for fetch targets?

Karns_Pyromancer on Thoughts for Cube

1 year ago

These are cards in considering for an unpowered Cube. I enjoy owning the cards I put in, so if I don't pull it or trade for it, chances are in not getting it. Anyway, what do you guys think of these?

Cho-Arrim Alchemist

Soulfire Grand Master

Spirit Cairn

Moonring Island

Oath of Jace


Notorious Assassin

Necrotic Ooze


Bloodhall Ooze

Dreampod Druid

Jolrael, Empress of Beasts


Pride of the Clouds

Also, what's your take on Seer's Lantern versus Darksteel Pendant?