Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
2011 Core Set (M11) Common
Future Sight (FUT) Common

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Scry 4, then draw two cards. (To scry 4, look at the top four cards of your library, then put any number of them on the bottom of your library and the rest on top in any order.)

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Foresee Discussion

hoardofnotions on Cheaper King

1 day ago

Hey! I really like the idea of this deck, looks fun.

Could adding some bounce lands be worth it? They are ramp and card advantage in one card. maybe over transguild promenade and rupture spires? I don't think I would run more than 3-4 in case they start clogging up your opening hand.

You're running a lot of indestrucable effects, maybe add some card draw as well? Like Read the Bones, Rhystic Study, Dismantling Blow, Distant Melody, Foresee, Hieroglyphic Illumination or Into the Roil

izzet chronarch + displace and another creature with an ETB effect is a great combo, maybe add Archaeomancer to have another "combo" piece?

Force_of_Willb on Hazoret's Dream Halls

1 week ago


1) Lower Grapeshot to 1-2x as you don't want it in your opening hand and only want to see it comboing out

2) Simian Spirit Guide is better than Desperate Ritual or Pyretic Ritual as it can be used on turn 1 and still nets 1 mana like the other spells. I understand if the guide is not a budget choice. Its still all about getting double blue to cast dream halls. maybe High Tide might be better....?

3) Not to keen on Saprazzan Skerry or Sandstone Needle, how has your experience been with them?

4) Improve Card Draw - 1st you need draw to find the dream halls, then there's a high chance for stalling as most your card draw doesn't net any card advantage after paying the discard cost. reconsider draw cards that net 1-2 cards after replace itself and discarding to cast: keeping budget in mind because ancestral recall/visions would be good.

Jace's Ingenuity, Tidings, Careful Consideration, Opportunity, Concentrate, Mystic Confluence, Overflowing Insight

Foresee, Ugin's Insight - cycle away lands to ensure what you draw is good

or more wheel effects like Reforge the Soul or Wheel of Fate. Personally I think commit//memory could work as you can pitch Commit to cast something and then cast Memory from the grave.

5) Lastly, maybe add 1x Enter the Infinite, Omniscience or Swarm Intelligence for after you get a dream halls to ensure you don't stall

CynicalCzech on Izzet Talrand? Yes, it is!

2 weeks ago

I like the idea of Dissolve, I think I will do that change. I like the idea of Dissipate and Void Shatter because of their ability to exile cards from the opponent's deck, but I may just leave one of those in my Sideboard.

I was considering Foresee when I was drafting this, but I am not too keen on the cost. However, I may go for that in lieu of Augur of Bolas. While Augur lets me have that one sorcery, throwing the rest of (potentially useful) cards to the bottom of the deck can be annoying. Scry at least lets me choose. Jace's Sanctum is cool, but doesn't combo with Talrand well, and I am not sure what to cut for that.

Valengeta on Izzet Talrand? Yes, it is!

2 weeks ago

Really cool idea! A budget yet competent version of the real thing. I have a few suggestions, such as swaping Dissipate with Dissolve because it gives you scry, which improves the chances of you drawing Talrand, Sky Summoner, maybe Foresee for the same reason, and you have the Goblin Electromancer to reduce the mana cost, or a Jace's Sanctum. You get the idea, I think scry would benefit this deck a lot. Magma Jet is also a strong option. Other than that I'll check your deck further and then post again with more opinions. +1!

Mint0055 on Oh Ramos, how charming you are

3 weeks ago

I think a deck with all the charms in it is an awesome idea. Ramos is an amazing commander as well.

Naturalize seems redundant as you have a bunch of charms to get rid of artifacts and enchantments.

Maelstrom Archangel is good but underwhelming as you have very few cards with CMC 6 or higher.

Harmonize is great for decks that don't have blue. However, you do have blue. so I recommend you take advantage of that and run some of the amazing blue card draw spells since you will have tons of mana. There are a bunch of budget options as well. These include but are not limited to: Foresee, Rush of Knowledge, Intellectual Offering (mostly for all the signets getting to untap), Treasure Cruise, plenty of others as well.

Dark Ritual seems very weak in this deck. Your running 5 colors for one so three black doesn't help a lot. Plus with Ramos, you will generate a lot of mana if you replace it with something that has more colors.

The deck seems to be lacking ways to abuse Ramos' ability or to even win for that matter. Door to Nothingness is perfect for Ramos, but if it's your only (or at least MAIN) way of winning then you should add in whatever tutors you can afford to make sure you get it. Having that much mana available means you should consider adding in some big beaters and high costing spells. Insurrection, Exsanguinate, Time Stretch, Army of the Damned, and any of the big Eldrazi are some of my favorite high-cost cards to play.

overall a very cool deck with a ton of answers to your opponents but seems left with very little in terms of winning. I would recommend adding higher CMC cards that have brutal or game-winning effects, then use Ramos, Maelstrom Archangel or even all your mana rocks to cast them fast.

Aragon_Neotrix on Retreat to Oboro

3 months ago

Tolaria West ? Also since you get mana quickly you should put a decent Drawspell in here like Divination or Foresee

Ditryglove on

4 months ago

Omen is better. Soothsaying is better. Flash of Insight is mostly better.

Contingency Plan and Taigam's Scheming are better.

More expensive options are Foresee and Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar, both of which let you control your draw but also replace themselves.

Improving draw quality isn't a factor in EDH because it's a singleton format, so your draws will be mostly random anyway.

Personal Tutor and Mystical Tutor also give you better consistency, but they actually get what you want rather than just looking.

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