Mentor of the Meek

Creature — Human Soldier

Whenever another creature with a power of 2 or less enters the battlefield under your control, you may pay . If you do, draw a card.

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Mentor of the Meek Discussion

Neotrup on How much life does Trostani, ...

21 hours ago

There's no choice. The creature enters as a 2/2, because the +1/+1 is always applying. If you had Honor of the Pure and Mentor of the Meek on the battlefield and played a 2/2 white creature, Mentor of the Meek would not trigger at all because the creature enters as a 3/3. Also, to answer the initial question more accurately, if the 1/1 creature you play is white, you gain 2 life, otherwise you only gain 1 life, as Honor of the Pure only increases the toughness of white creatures.

rhystictutor on Ghave, Guru of Spores

1 day ago

I also noticed you're lacking in card draw which usually wins games in EDH: Phyrexian Arena, Sylvan Library, Ambition's Cost/Ancient Craving, Armorcraft Judge/Inspiring Call, Shamanic Revelation/Collective Unconscious, Elemental Bond, Mentor of the Meek, Syphon Mind, Dark Prophecy, Carnage Altar/Phyrexian Vault, Harvester of Souls, Promise of Power, Decree of Pain (so good), Infernal Offering... this would be a decent pool to pick out of. I personally try to run as much draw as possible. IMO, you'd want to run atleast 6 draw cards on a curve. On top of more draw spells, you could also go the Land Tax + Scroll Rack route. It depends on how much ya have to spend on cards :P

Baconfish on Neverending Landfall

2 days ago

Haha, I actually thought of Path to Exile in the very beginning when I made this deck because of the ability to use it on my own creatures.

But yes, it's definitely better in most situations, but I really don't want to play with a sideboard in my decks. I don't play tournaments with them, and having cards specifically to counter my friends when playing just seems like a bit much. Hence I went with the Angelic Purge... it's also cheap.

Lotus Cobra was also a serious competitior to Sylvan Caryatid when I made the deck, but I had the Sylvan Caryatids and the Lotus Cobra was expensive as heck. It would still be a lovely upgrade though.

I literally just added the Elvish Pipers over Dramatic Entrance as they could be used on Sylvan Caryatid, Mentor of the Meek, Emeria Angel and Avenger of Zendikar. Sure, it's not a lot of value on the others, but it makes it easier to play them, and it can be done at instant speed which is nice.Mentor of the Meek is new as well and took the place of one of the Congregation at Dawn, but hasn't really been tested yet. I'd say that it seems like he has so much card draw that there's no need for Congregation at Dawn anymore, and in that case I'd like to swap the two Congregation at Dawn for Nissa, Voice of Zendikar.

The deck is a bit land heavy, so maybe, just maybe, it would be possible to sneak a few of them out and stuff in some Intangible Virtue instead.

Copperus on I will PUMP YOU UP!

4 days ago

Top Ditches: (no order)

Ajani Goldmane-Focus on the Elspeths

Shrine of Loyal Legions-takes too long to go anywhere

Mogg Infestation-Just feels weak

World at War-Don't overdo the combat tricks

Mentor of the Meek-Checked the oracle text. If you have a static +X/+X effect mentor won't trigger

Promise of Bunrei

Thalia's Lancers-Good not great and you aren't playing Legendary.deck

Urabrask the Hidden-Again good not great

Angel of Serenity-You have Reya and Sun Titan to do this

White Sun's Zenith-On the boarder about this one. It is good and maybe even great but can be iffy.

greyninja on Which has more support in ...

5 days ago

What are some of the draw-card and consistency pieces in the deck? "Staples" that help keep you chugging into the late game? I built Aurelia, the Warleader for my fiance from her mono-w 60 card deck; and that's my challenge I'm finding.

In boros there aren't many draw options. Mentor of the Meek can be pretty darn good if you're dumping out weenies. If the deck is doing a good job of pumping those weenies; you might be better off with Stonehewer Giant. Just trying to think on flavor and with utility. Maybe do Stonehewer Giant regardless haha it's so good

Who's the commander?

Agrus Kos, Wojek Veteran
Akiri, Line-Slinger
Anax and Cymede
Kalemne, Disciple of Iroas
Tajic, Blade of the Legion
Brion Stoutarm
Jor Kadeen, the Prevailer

Out of these seven: I'd do Jor Kadeen if you're running a lot of mana rocks, Agrus Kos fits your theme for soldiers, Tajic if you're going for commander damage, or Brion for maximum hilarity. Obviously it can be whoever but these are what I found that sync

TheDuggernaught on Allies - As a unit we stand and united we fall!

5 days ago

@Redace878 both of those allies are terrible though... if red is splashed, it's for Akoum Battlesinger, Firemantle Mage, and Reckless Bushwhacker.

@ehuez I would consider maybe cutting a Talus Paladin or two as they can be clunky if you don't hit a Harabaz Druid as you only have 20 lands. I would then consider adding Return to the Ranks, Mirror Entity (a favorite of mine), Metallic Mimic, or maybe Condemn as a budget Path to Exile. Captain's Claws might also be the correct call. I have also had success with Mentor of the Meek, but I don't think that it's the correct card for this deck.

Epochalyptik on Does Mentor of the Meek ...

6 days ago

Mentor of the Meek's ability triggers for each creature that enters the battlefield. For each of those 7 creatures, you can choose to pay or not.

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