Diregraf Ghoul


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Uncommon
Innistrad Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Diregraf Ghoul

Creature — Zombie

Diregraf Ghoul enters the battlefield tapped.

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Diregraf Ghoul Discussion

casmiel on Zombie Horde

2 days ago

Your mana curve is pretty uncomfortable without AEther Vial. You have so many 3-drops and almost no 2-drops to play on your second turn. That makes mana pretty inefficient. Relentless Dead and Cryptbreaker would really help your curve, so you always have something to do with your mana. Cryptbreaker is just gas in general, card draw, mana sink, tokens, it does it all. Super cheap to revive with Relentless Dead is also a big plus. Dread Wanderer is also arguably superior to Diregraf Ghoul. You should also consider Dark Salvation, it is more reliable than Geth's Verdict. The Verdict is more of a sideboard card against decks that run a lot of Hexproof creatures and auras, Salvation is usually the more flexible choice.

As for cards that you remove in place of those (besides the Ghoul), Grimgrin, the Lich Lord and Mikaeus are pretty high on the list. For such a big mana investment you usually want immediate benefits, and those don't really live up to their high cost. It would be beneficial if you had more creatures to play with your mana early on and close out the game that way.

APPLE01DOJ on Zombie

6 days ago

Fairly sure Carnophage is illegal in modern. Sangrophage or Diregraf Ghoul could be replacements.

PickleNutz on Budget Zombies!

1 month ago

I might try Gravecrawler out in place of Diregraf Ghoul. It will just add 9.00 dollars to the deck.

Loco-Motive on In the Company of Zombies

1 month ago

So after about a careful year of continual tweaks and trials, this deck is firming itself up quite well. With the newer Zombies we've received from both Shadows Over Innistrad and Amonkhet, I feel this deck got a bit stronger, more resilient.

Notably, I've completely replaced Diregraf Ghoul, which was always a great play on Turn 1, with the new Dread Wanderer. It carries the same power I'm looking for with some additional resiliency built it! I've also included a playset of Lord of the Accursed as an additional Lord to pump up the team.

I've dropped all creatures with CMC 4 or greater to better synergize with Collected Company. I've also reduced the land count from 23 down to 22 as a result. Thanks to bold44 for the land makeover. Adding in two basic forests for the first time to guard against Bad Moon and reducing the Mutavaults down to 2 and the Cavern of Souls down to 3. Bold44, you suggested I go down to 2 Cavern of Souls, but I tell ya, it's really great to get one early against a control player.

tempest, I saw that you linked up this deck to your Tribal Library that you created, and I appreciate the inclusion! Thanks for the mention there as well as the suggestions you were throwing in!

There are some cards in the Maybeboard that I think are worth considering, and cards that other members here have suggested. I do think they are great suggestions, but for the life of me, I'm finding it just too difficult to see where they fit in and, more importantly, what comes out to make room for them. Help is always appreciated.

I have outstanding questions! Of note:

Lotleth Troll and Plague Belcher both seem like quality includes, but I just don't know what comes out for them, if anything.

Another big question is what's better: Thoughtseize or Inquisition of Kozilek in the sideboard. What's better? Not getting pinged for life but grabbing anything you want out of their hand, or saving the life but putting a restriction on what you can take?

Lastly...Grave Pact. Too cutesy? Way too awesome in this deck not to have?

SpiritoftheSands on Zombie Mill

1 month ago

instead of Diregraf Ghoul in side board, check out Dread Wanderer

TheSurgeon on Dead: Legion Elite

1 month ago

BobTheStrong- Lord of the Accursed is 3, and doesn't do much for my strategy. I could give all of my zombies menace by playing Graf Harvest for 1.

Dread Wanderer is meh. For 1 it should come in untapped, otherwise I could use Diregraf Ghoul. The reanimation isn't "casting", so it wouldn't combo well with Diregraf Colossus, and if I have 3 mana, I could cast something more useful like Geralf's Messenger, or Liliana, the Last Hope.

The deck is faster than the list presents. Playtest, and see if you don't like it. Thanks for the input!

Matticus65 on Zomblore!

1 month ago

Filipp_bor, Tragic Slip looks like a good cheap inclusion. Fatal Push, I agree I should invest in. Lord of the Undead would be good. I do have a play set of Diregraf Ghoul but, I took it out. I could cut out 2 Endless Ranks of the Dead, I just like having 4 in there.

Loco-Motive on In the Company of Zombies

1 month ago

erikvoxover, I've opted at this time to take out the three Diregraf Ghoul and throw in three of the new Dread Wanderer. Thus far in testing, it's been working out great. The identical 2 power is fine and the extra utility it comes with is great.

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