Diregraf Ghoul


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed Uncommon
Innistrad Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Diregraf Ghoul

Creature — Zombie

Diregraf Ghoul enters the battlefield tapped.

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Diregraf Ghoul Discussion

Nero23 on Mill-nificent Zombies

5 days ago

Thanks for the suggestions and the upvote! :D

I agree that Gravecrawler Is much better suited than Diregraf Ghoul, but the Ghoul has a much friendlier price tag than the crawler. Aside from the fact I only have 1 Gravecrawler right now, the price is the reason i haven't used it too much....maybe someday, but not today.

I did not realize Altar of Dementia wasn't modern legal....Undercity Informer is a great card, but I'm really trying to stay tribal with Zombies, so that's not exactly going to work with my other cards. Empty the Pits is something i could definitely see using, same with Mesmeric Orb except for the whopping $10 price tag. lol

plusmental on Mill-nificent Zombies

6 days ago

I believe Gravecrawler is better suited in the Diregraf Ghoul slot.

What might be fun is the addition of Empty the Pits and Mesmeric Orb

xyr0s on Budget Zombie Sac/Discard

6 days ago

I'm not really sure about Megrim or Liliana's Caress. They are both dependent on actually being in play as your opponent discards - unlike The Rack which you can play after you've put the game in top-deck mode, and because of the constant threat of damage, discourage your opponent from playing anything.

On top of that, you play Smallpox, which puts a predictable pressure on your lands, even in a monocolored deck. It just fits so well with the deck concept...

Either you should go for zombie-aggro, or you should let Diregraf Ghoul and Butcher Ghoul stay at home.


-2 Megrim

-2 Diregraf Ghoul

-3 Butcher Ghoul

+2 Swamp

+2 Waste Not

+2 Necromancer's Stockpile

+1 Mutilate

Wholock on Pet Sematary (Mono black "aggro- control" -ish)

1 week ago

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Firebones675, I've cut the number of cards to 60 as you said.

LithiumHD, I might replace Sanitarium Skeleton with Diregraf Ghoul and Rotting Fensnake with Highborn Ghoul as soon as I can get my hands on those, and possibly sideboarding some of my answers as you said.

Have a nice day :)

LithiumHD on Pet Sematary (Mono black "aggro- control" -ish)

1 week ago

do consider the addition of a sideboard, that way you have more of a card pool available for when you have games that go bo3 or bo5 even.

most times you want to put more control/answers into your side board, so cards like Duress or Despise, that way you can fill the main board with more immediate threats like adding Diregraf Ghoul or Highborn Ghoul

other than that, the deck itself is a decently constructed casual deck using, im sure, just cards you own. looks nice

ghoul_Legion on Experimental deck

1 week ago

Some cards from modern/standard that are popular in zombie decks I might have forgotten some, but I havent played zombie in a damn while.

Cemetery Reaper

Death Baron

Lord of the Undead

Blood Scrivener

Zombie Infestation or Rotting Rats + Prized Amalgam is also a nice combo


Diregraf Captain

Undead Warchief

Diregraf Ghoul

Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip

Compelling Deterrence


Sunken Hollow

Choked Estuary

LithiumHD on Rise of the Living Dead

1 week ago

please remove the standard tag from this deck. standard is only cards from the latest 4 sets, this deck goes a lot farther back then that.

with that being said; you really want to have around 20-22 lands in your deck so adding about 10 more swamps will do the deck good.

you should also aim to hit 60 cards total in the deck. that number is standard for most formats as it provides plenty of card choices while still remaining reliable.

as far as actual cards in your deck, zombies will be zombies, try and cut some of the less impactful zombies in favor of cards that reliably come down and immediately effect the board state like Cemetery Reaper which pumps all the zombies you have down on the board.

some more zombies you can look at are:

Diregraf Colossus This guy is just amazing when youre running tribal zombies

Diregraf Ghoul is cheap and decently powerful

Geralf's Messenger another really solid zombie

Gravecrawler amazing for when you want to go aggro

some more expensive options are also availible, but for the most part those are some budget friendly options good luck and hope this helps

LithiumHD on Zombies R Fun lel

2 weeks ago

just going to go ahead and list some zombies, some of them are budget friendly some of them are... well:


Relentless Dead

Undead Warchief

Lord of the Undead

Death Baron

Gray Merchant of Asphodel

Geralf's Messenger

Diregraf Ghoul

Graf Harvest

Endless Ranks of the Dead

Nameless Inversion (technically a zombie, plus its a great card so yeah)

hope this helps!

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