Leatherback Baloth

Leatherback Baloth

Creature — Beast

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Leatherback Baloth Discussion

Devotion2GG on Mono Green Stompy 2019

2 months ago

How the fuck do you plan on playing 9 total copies of Leatherback Baloth

CheeseE on Curving My Way to Saturday

7 months ago

hungry000: Alright I have to hand it to you, your arguments are convincing. Along with what you said, I realized that against another fast deck I would sometimes actually get blockers choice and could trade my non- Pelt Collector creatures as a result. So I'll drop the last Leatherback Baloth and go 4x Pelt Collector 2x Experiment One . Still very hesitant to lower to 2-drop count- those provide a huge percentage of my devotion. Also the second Pelt Collector / Experiment One in a game is much worse than the first, and god forbid a third. We need to make sure those guys evolve at least twice.

So are you still suggesting running 4x Pelt Collector and 4x Experiment One ? If any less, we still need to decide which is better (even if they fulfill the same role).

CheeseE on Curving My Way to Saturday

7 months ago

OK although it may seem strange, I actually do think Experiment One is better than Pelt Collector (although it's super close). Here is my reasoning:

While regeneration is a tangible upside, I don't think getting a +1/+1 counter when another creature dies is as great as it seems. The main times it matters is against a creature heavy deck, or "destroy" removal like burn. In the former case, when you attack into their creatures they will just block the Pelt Collector before or at the same time as your other creatures. Similarly, in the latter they will simply target Pelt Collector with removal before your slower threats. The only time I can really see it being relevant is late-game, and it is already a poor topdeck at that point. Also with one Leatherback Baloth still in the list, Experiment One can benefit from 5 toughness, while Pelt Collector can't.

CheeseE on Curving My Way to Saturday

7 months ago

hungry000: Wow thanks, don't know how I missed that one. It's really similar to Experiment One , which do you think is better? This deck gets crushed by Supreme Verdict , however Experiment One can counter it. On the other hand, Pelt Collector every once in a while will get a +1/+1 counter that Experiment One wouldn't have. I don't think the trample matters that much in a deck with 4 copies of Rancor and combat tricks. So which is it?

I do think I'll trim at least one Leatherback Baloth , but I'm wary about going above 5 Experiment One / Pelt Collector s since they are really bad topdecks late game and also don't evolve each other if you draw multiple. I think Barkhide Troll s shouldn't be taken out- they're also synergistic with Avatar of the Resolute and are just really solid at any point in the game.

Why is Pelt Collector synergistic with Strangleroot Geist ? I understand it's really sweet if it dies and exercises its undying, but it's honestly less likely to die in the first place for that reason (and since it only has 2 power).

hungry000 on Curving My Way to Saturday

7 months ago

Pelt Collector is good enough to at least replace the Leatherback Baloth s, I'd say 1-2 Barkhide Troll s as well. It has synergies with both Avatar of the Resolute and Strangleroot Geist , it's 1 cmc, and can grow as big as (or even bigger than) Baloth. It's definitely worth playing even if it means having fewer mana symbols.

RedmundR2 on Devoted to the Wave

8 months ago

I'd like to see a bit more devotion creatures if we are running Nykthos, and can reduce the number of high cost bombs like Genesis Wave to have more consistent threats early. We also might want to consider card draw. I recommend Steel Leaf Champion , Leatherback Baloth , Kalonian Tusker , Wistful Selkie .

Eskimobaby on Mono-Green Stompy

9 months ago

eerie343 I am far from an expert with the deck, but I provided below how I would side board in some common modern matchups. Please let me know if there are any specific matchups you would like my opinion for.

Tron - IN:1x Beast Within , 2x Nature's Claim . OUT:3x Aspect of Hydra Reasoning: This should not be a good matchup for you, once tron is online, they will start picking off your creatures, or wipe the board. Beast within can take tron offline by hitting a land, and nature’s claim will slow down their early game. You want threats, and aspect is not any good if your creatures aren't sticking around.

Bridgevine - IN: 3x Surgical Extraction , 1x Ratchet Bomb , 2x Grafdigger's Cage . OUT:2x Hexdrinker , 1x Leatherback Baloth , 3x Vines of Vastwood Reasoning: much like the rest of modern decks, this is a bad matchup(hopefully not for much longer).. you bring in the pieces that interact with the GY, Ratchet can take care of a bunch of zombies. Hexdrinker and leatherback are slow, and since they don’t target your stuff much, vines can be trimmed.

U/W Control – Shuffle in all 15 sideboard cards then take them all out (fake the act of sideboarding) Reasoning: This matchup is as good as it gets for you, and I currently have nothing in the SB for the matchup. Shapers' Sanctuary could be considered.

Snowmen1 on Big slappy

9 months ago

Hey this looks really solid for a stompy deck, you may want to consider Dryad Militant in the main or side, it it a pretty good body and just so happens to shut off some value that some decks try to play, though I can see an argument to simply not include it. Also you may want to play some creature removal, I think there is always going to be like 1 threat that just outclasses your creatures or has some crippling ability, even though you are playing green. Try Dismember . Also with all of the forests you are playing, you should play Dungrove Elder . Assuming you play only forests during a game, it gets to the same power as a Leatherback Baloth by the time either would get a chance to attack, only the elder has has hexproof, and it grows. Additionally, I am not a big fan of Shapers' Sanctuary , It's nice to get down on turn one, but drawing it late game sucks. If you notice, all of your creatures are below 3 mana, so I would say try Collected Company , which is good, especially if you end up playing more creatures that have hate built into them in the deck and sideboard. Aside from that, structure is good, plan is good, and its a solid list. Good luck on the deck!

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