Leatherback Baloth


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake Uncommon
Promo Set Uncommon

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Leatherback Baloth

Creature — Beast

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Leatherback Baloth Discussion

solarPULSAR on Budget Beginner Teaching Decks (#1 Green)

1 hour ago

I like this alot, plus you can use Leatherback Baloth in here too which is a great easy to use mono-g card

xyr0s on Stomping the ground

2 days ago

No, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx doesn't fit particularly well with this deck. Demonstration:

turn 1: land, Experiment One

turn 2: land Kalonian Tusker, opponent: Lightning Bolt/Fatal Push/ at Kalonian Tusker

turn 3: Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx... not worth activating. can't play Leatherback Baloth, trouble playing most 1 drop + 2 drops.

Is it maybe better later on? Perhaps... but this is not really a deck that goes for a lategame with a huge threat, as far as I can tell. While it might yield a pile of mana in turn 5 or so, it's not really that interesting, when all you have in hand by turn 5 is a Vines of Vastwood for which you need 2 mana.

horatio13 on Green Power

3 days ago

Welcome back to Magic!

Advice:You have too many different cards, if you take out all of your 1 of's and put in play sets your deck will play much smoother and be way better.
In my opinion, put in 4 ambush viper and 4 elvish visionary. Try and get some Strangleroot Geist and Leatherback Baloth, Treetop Village is good too. If you suddenly find yourself with a couple hundred dollars and don't know what to do with it a playset of Tarmagoyf would be great.

check out the Stompy Primer, it's the competitive version of this deck: http://www.mtgsalvation.com/forums/the-game/modern/developing-competitive-modern/556919-stompy

H0L0cr0nHunter16 on fear of the forest

1 week ago

If you're goin for devotion Khalni Hydra, Leatherback Baloth, Cloudthresher, and Primalcrux may be helpful.

solarPULSAR on Best Commander Designs

1 week ago

Im a big fan of lower CMC mono color commanders. Baral, Chief of Compliance and Rhonas the Indomitable have wonderful synergy with mono-u or mono-g decks. Rhonas seems similar to Anax and Cymede in that he can buff your team, not as good (expensive Rancor on a stick). Plus you can just drop a Leatherback Baloth or any other green creature like it to allow Rhonas to attack. Baral is an amazing commander due to his card draw synergy with mono-u.

solarPULSAR on There's Always a Bigger Fish (Green and Blue Ramp)

2 weeks ago

So from what I can see your ramp cards are as follows:

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx x1

Wall of Roots x3

Llanowar Elves x 4

Personally I think just 8 cards that can ramp you up quickly is too few in a deck relying on getting big creatures out. Cards like Cultivate or Utopia Sprawl or Arbor Elf are faster ways to ramp. I think Vine Trellis or Sylvan Caryatid are better than Wall of Roots for ramp.

Otherwise, you have alot of cards that require double or Which can be dangerous with a deck that doesnt have dual color lands like Simic Guildgate. For instance it will be hard to play Leatherback Baloth on turn 3 or 4 if you only have islands in play considering it needs 3. Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a great card but if your deck isnt mono-blue or mono-green I dont think itll ever hit as big as it could with one color.

TBH I think you should consider dropping if you wanna play a big stompy ramp deck but if this is what you like I wont stop ya :)

Other cards to consider in any ramp deck with green:


Gatecreeper Vine

Axebane Guardian

Overgrown Battlement

PickleNutz on Stomping the ground

2 weeks ago

Glissa, the Traitor is also an option if you go the Golgari route. She is a solid defender that can take out any creature and keep on going. Deathtouch and Firststrike are brutal, and she cost around $2.50. She could replace Leatherback Baloth. People are hesitant to even block her, so she almost guarantees you'll deal 3 damage or more if she is buffed and you decide to attack with her. She also pairs well with Ratchet Bomb, which can give you a board wipe against decks with a lot of similar low cost cards.

Chicken_Monk_32 on $20 Stompy

2 weeks ago

First of all I'd like to say stompy is an awesome modern, although it isn't teir one and is pretty cheap you'll kill a lot of people with this deck (I played it on MTGO for about a year). I think for the sideboard you could start with affinity hate, you could try Nature's Claim or Creeping Corrosion to start. For graveyard hate you'll get a lot of options, but the ones I like for your deck are Relic of Progenitus or Grafdigger's Cage. Each of these has their own ups and downs though, so be aware of those benefits and issues. Dismember or some other form of removal from the sideboard will give you more game against decks that have a quicker clock, or have a creature combo. You're deck also probably wants some number of Leatherback Baloth to give you a bit more late game. Finally, I think ,if your budget allows, it adding in a couple of Scavenging Oozes would help the deck out a lot, and make the Avatar of the Resolute better.

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