Leatherback Baloth


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Worldwake (WWK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Leatherback Baloth

Creature — Beast

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Leatherback Baloth Discussion

ValueBear on Mono green stompy

1 week ago

Update time!

Pelt Collector is awesome. It has unseated Experiment One as the best one drop available. So to accommodate this change I have removed Elvish Mystic and 2 experiments in favor of the full playset of pelt collector (pelty). The fact that pelty triggers off of creatures dying makes him a much better top deck, as you can play him pre combat and if any creature trades lil pelty will grow. In addition the trample clause is icing on the cake. It facilitates more aspect of hydra blowouts.

The second change is removing Leatherback Baloth in favor of 2 Groundbreaker. This change is for several reasons. 1, I really just want to try the card, it is explosive and helps win out of nowhere. Fits my play style perfectly. 2, with Pelt Collector becoming a 4 of, groundbreaker will always trigger it, almost 100% of the time it will trigger pelty twice. 3, it allows for the curve of T1 pelty, T2 geist, T3 steel leaf, T4 groundbreaker + aspect. That is just the dream! If anyone has any experience with these cards please share them! I am keen to learn as much as possible!!

Boza on How Do You Determine the ...

1 month ago

The mana cost or the P/T are not the end goal when creating a creature. You do not sit down to create a creature and think "Ok, I want a creature that has 9 power and toughness and mana cost of GGG" the answer is not necessarily Steel Leaf Champion. It could be Leatherback Baloth.

A creature is not a mana cost and stat line, it is there to fill a role. For example, Steel Leaf Champion is part of the cycle of triple symbol creatures, so its mana cost is set. The P/T will depend on what role it should fill, in this case being an undercosted threat that works very well versus token strategies.

So, matching the P/T and manacost is not the end goal of design. It is something that happens more natural as there are expectations and guidelines such as lifetotals or available counterplay and removal that go into a creatures's p/t statting.

For example, if I told you how much should the card with this text and mana cost be:

Random Dude
Creature - Common

This spell can only be cast using mana from basic lands.

How much should it's P/T be?

How about this one:

Another dude
Creature - Rare

When ~ attacks, all creatures that are attacking get first strike and deathtouch until end of turn.


What should the mana cost be?

Give me your guesses and I will tell you the answers in the next post.

Liliana420 on Mono-Green Stompy

1 month ago

even a basic forest is better than Sapseep Forest. modern is too fast for lands that enter tapped, 2 mana for 1 life isn't worth it, and green stompy in particular should always have something else to spend that mana on. honestly, every noncreature in your current list except Rancor should be cut. 5 mana is too expensive for green stompy, and the deck doesn't need card draw. the biggest reason green stompy is even good, is Aspect of Hydra. so you need more creatures that increase devotion, like Strangleroot Geist and Leatherback Baloth. you can cut the Carnage Tyrant to make room. you'll almost never have the mana for it, even with your mana dorks. one last thing, you can save a TON of money by swapping the Noble Hierarch for Elvish Mystic or Arbor Elf. with the deck being mono green, using Noble Hierarch is basically saying "i'm fine paying $80 for 1 extra power if a creature attacks alone". that alone is crazy, especially in a deck where creatures should almost never attack alone.

Sarkhan420 on Guilds of Ravnica: Spoilers and ...

1 month ago

DemonDragonJ: the "rule" that "a creatures power and toughness cant exceed its mana cost without a drawback" has never existed. so technically, it never changed. if anything, the rule has been the opposite. a p/t equal to the mana cost of a creature is a good start. a p/t below the mana cost is generally bad without a really good effect attached to it. you also have to remember that big creatures is green's main thing. see Leatherback Baloth.

RyH110 on Mono Green Stompy

1 month ago

Myriiad - Leatherback Baloth is a good fit for this deck and actually used to be used in my mono green stompy deck (as well as basically everyone's). This changed with the release of Steel Leaf Champion, which is better for an aggressive deck such as this one because it has an increase in power while still surviving Lightning Bolt, and evasion against cards like Lingering Souls. I occasionally see lists that run several Leatherback Baloth as well as a full play-set of Steel Leaf Champion to have more three drops.

Myriiad on Mono Green Stompy

1 month ago

Leatherback Baloth?

Seems to fit well, not sure what you would swap for it though. Fills the same line as tusker only boasts 1/2 more for only 1 Mana.

edengstrom1 on Mono Green Stompy

2 months ago

fireschnot777 Thanks for the advice!

I think you might be right about the Leatherback Baloth over the Dungroves. They very rarely are more that 4/4s and can hurt my devotion. I will give them a try, and might move the Dungroves to my Sideboard.

I have, however, had some success with the Treetop Village so far. They are good against control after getting hit with a Wrath of God.

So far MGS has been really fun to play!

RedmundR2 on Ramp-Tastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

2 months ago

nice, my favorite archetype: mono-g ramp! First off, you need to shore up the ramp side of this deck.

Two cards, 4 words: Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl. The most powerful ramp combo in modern.

Next consider 3x of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. Play some more devotion style creatures that smash face like Leatherback Baloth to help get it pumping quickly.

Add some Thragtusks to help with burn, it also fairs well against most removal too.

Craterhoof Behemoth is your best finisher. Consider big booty spells like Genesis Wave and Chord of Calling for when you get to massive amounts of mana.

Personally I would trim alot of the fat your deck has, for example Parallel Lives isnt as useful as stuff like Heroic Intervention for a deck that wants to play alot of creatures in a format with plentiful amounts of board wipes. I'd also cut stuff like Garruk's Horde that doesn't really hold alot of value in modern.

Lastly, I would add Garruk Wildspeaker because the card works amazing with your Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl and is just a solid card all around. 3/3s on command is also amazing.

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