Gatekeeper of Malakir


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt (DDK) Uncommon
Zendikar (ZEN) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Uncommon

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Gatekeeper of Malakir

Creature — Vampire Warrior

Kicker B (You may pay an additional B as you cast this spell.)

When Gatekeeper of Malakir enters the battlefield, if it was kicked, target player sacrifices a creature.

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Gatekeeper of Malakir Discussion

Hflacka on Advertise your MODERN deck!

5 days ago

dmpsy I'd recommend Gatekeeper of Malakir and Korlash, Heir to Blackblade for better disruption and a sweet top end.

Here's my U/B Emergevoke deck. I want to know how I can improve it, both by changing numbers of cards and the cards themselves. Also looking for thoughts on the disruption package, and suggestions about Opt vs. Serum Visions vs. Sleight of Hand. Thanks!

Mandalorian on Delusional Agony

2 weeks ago

No problem AwesomeDoofus! Glad my suggestions could be of some help!

It's true that more efficient CMCs will often lead to higher prices i.e. Liliana's Caress vs Raider's Wake. Though, if your LGS (local game store) is selling Liliana's Caress for 8$, that is truly egregious. You can find them here for 2-3$ a card here TCG Player and I suggest buying other cards on that website since they have very competitive pricing.

My opinion of Consume the Meek is not very high considering that you can wipe the whole board for the same mana cost in cards like Crux of Fate. Pestilence Demon is also pretty meh to me because it is terribly expensive unless you are running some kind of reanimation deck with cards like Entomb and Animate Dead OR ramp spells like Dark Ritual, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, and Cabal Ritual. If Tempt with Immortality is already a very medium card in your deck, then I would shy away from adding other medium cards to the deck like Crypt Incursion just to make the other medium cards better. It's simply better to not have the initial medium card in the deck to begin with. The other cards I'm not so big on as well, especially when you consider that you wanted to add more discard to the deck. These other cards would make that hard to do.

Unfortunately the best discard effects are pretty expensive because they see play across multiple formats. These include-

Liliana of the Veil


Inquisition of Kozilek

Collective Brutality

-to name a few

The other problem with discard spells is that they lose their potency late into the game because people will simply be drawing and playing their only card and have nothing to discard. This is why cards like The Rack and Black Vise are so good. These cards create tension within your opponent and gives value to your discard spells late into the game. Your opponent will not want to play anything so that they can keep cards in hand to not take damage from the artifacts, this means your discard spells will actually be worthwhile late into the game creating a lose-lose situation for the opponent because they will take damage from the artifacts if they play what they draw, but if they don't play what they draw you may just make them discard it anyway and how can they win if they are not playing the cards they draw? A deck that looks to enable this strategy on a budget for 1vs1 (so no Liliana of the Veil or Thoughtseize) might look like this-

4x Raven's Crime

4x Inquisition of Kozilek

4x Smallpox

2x Pox

4x Hymn to Tourach

4x Dark Ritual (this card enables you to do very powerful things early in the game such as play Hymn, and Inquisition on turn 1)

2x Dismember

4x Innocent Blood

1x Waste Not

4x The Rack

4x Black Vise

19x Swamp

4x Mishra's Factory

Two things to notice here, 1 there are no creatures. This means cards like Innocent Blood, Pox, and Smallpox do not affect us in that way, only our opponent. Our main win condition here are the Rack and Vise, so no need for creatures. The Mishra's Factorys are just a plan B. This also makes a lot of our opponents cards, like removal spells, very bad against us limiting the amount of impactful cards they can play against us. The second, is you'll notice there are a lot of 4ofs. Rather than having 1 of this and 2 of that, having multiple copies of 1 card increases the percentage that we actually draw it or have it in our opening hand. What this means is that our deck is much more efficient because the chances and percentages of us drawing the cards we need are as high as they can be. This is an important aspect of deck building to keep in mind.

Now, that last deck was a true discard deck. If you want to play creatures though and want to be swinging for damage in Mono then I would suggest a Devotion deck which exploits the power of cards like Gray Merchant of Asphodel by trying to get as many symbols on the battlefield as possible. A Devotion deck with budget in mind (so no Phyrexian Obliterator) for 1vs1 might look like this-

4x Guul Draz Assassin

4x Doom Blade

4x Brain Maggot

4x Gifted Aetherborn

3x Gatekeeper of Malakir

4x Phyrexian Arena

4x Geralf's Messenger

4x Desecration Demon

4x Gray Merchant of Asphodel

2x Abhorrent Overlord

23x Swamp

Now these two decks I put here are just simple examples of different directions to go, obviously if you do a mix of both of them, then you will inevitably dilute the strategy of one another but that's certainly okay if that's what you want to do. It's kind of where I would put the deck as it stands now. You have some discard, you have some creatures, some of it synergizes with the rest, but as a whole it is not as focused as the decks above. All of this is to answer your last paragraph when you ask, "What is worth keeping?" Well, that's a tough question because we first have to ask, "What is it we are trying to do?" Once you answer this, you can then eliminate the cards that don't help in those areas and add more copies of the ones that do. Now, I don't want to push you one way or the other, I simply want to provide the options so that you know what possibilities are out there.

I hope this was not terribly overwhelming, and you are right, this is what I enjoy doing on this site so its no trouble to me! So if you have more questions please feel free to ask!

Firevulcan on Licia Lifeblood

2 weeks ago

I would recommend Switchint out the Tithe Drinker for a Gatekeeper of Malakir or maybe a Bloodghast

Mandalorian on Orzhov Athreos Warriors

3 weeks ago

As an agro deck you should be careful about what kinds of lands and early plays you put into your deck. Playing a card like Despise means you're not playing a 1CMC creature which could take you off an aggressive path. Same goes for Scoured Barrens, since you want to play a 1CMC creature a lot more than you want to gain 1 life on turn one. Fairly cheap upgrades to the mana to ensure you are playing untapped lands are cards like Concealed Courtyard and Caves of Koilos.

Solemn Offering is a sideboard card at best and should not be in the mainboard.

Chief of the Scale is too defensive, Hateblade, Hordechief, Skullhunter, Pain Seer, Herald, and Hordemate are all fairly mediocre and certainly not worth putting you over the 60 card minimum and decreasing your efficiency.

Subtracting the Despise, Offering, and cards mentioned above leaves room for about 25-30 or so slots that can be used to help make the deck more aggressive and cohesive. Cards like-

Arashin Foremost

Battle Brawler

Blood-Chin Rager

Brutal Hordechief

Dragon Hunter

Gatekeeper of Malakir

Glory-Bound Initiate

Herald of Dromoka

Mardu Woe-Reaper

Mardu Shadowspear

Ruthless Cullblade

Secure the Wastes

As far as the removal goes, Bile Blight is fine but should be upgraded to Path to Exile or Fatal Push when you can

Izu_Korasu on Vampiric Flood

3 weeks ago

ive never been a fan of storage lands, maybe Rocky Tar Pit as an additional on-color fetchland?

also Cabal Coffers seems borderline unplayable without Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth (maybe instead of Vault of Whispers)

also Rakish Heir, Indulgent Aristocrat and Mephidross Vampire seem like solid counter lords for the deck, while Gatekeeper of Malakir and Viscera Seer seem like reasonable utility (also Skullclamp)

xyr0s on Black Merchant of Devotion (suggestions wanted)

3 weeks ago

Aether Vial is... Aether Vial. It's only worth playing if you play 4, and it's masively better if your creatures have the same casting cost. It's a horrible topdeck later in the game, and you most likely never get to use it for anything if you draw it turn 3 or later. Also, it doesn't cast creatures, so you don't get to use kicker on your Gatekeeper of Malakir. Besides, neither of your artifacts add any devotion. And speaking as someone who has played a lot of vials (I've played a lot of merfolk), it's too slow if you are on the play against affinity, even when you play it turn 1.

I could imagine that your 4 Dismember is a problem against fast aggro decks - you have to remove their creatures as fast as possible, but won't be able to pay in mana until turn 3 - so essentially, a removed creature still gets to hit you for 2 or 4 life (maybe not what an affinity-player would want from an Arcbound Ravager, but much better than nothing). Maybe if you played more Fatal Push? Also, Collective Brutality is pretty good against fast aggro.

Cafelattis on vampires NEED HELP!!!

3 weeks ago

If you are trying to make this competitive and if you have the money Bloodghast is right on the money, just sack it and get counters with aristocrat and then return it. I also think that Vampire Nighthawk is better than Gifted Aetherborn just because of the flying, which is so important in comp. Cut down Bishop's Soldier and add Gatekeeper of Malakir, such a better card. One of the thing you need to think about is the competitive advantage that this tride has over other tribes. One such advantage is Vampire Nocturnus, he is a must in this deck, he is so incredibly powerful. And with him comes the other part, maybe consider making this a mono black competitive deck, and by doing so you can add Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx to get some devotion. The Sorins are nice but competitive is usually very fast so you wont really have a chance of utilizing him. Also, cut down of Drana, four of her seems a bit excessive. Maybe add or upgrade some for your removal package, Dismember, Fatal Push and even Victim of Night might work in this deck. I hope this helps and good luck.

Subject134127 on Budget Devo Blackerinoes

4 weeks ago

A bit too expensive and I don't use colorless mana a lot in a devotion deck. Already have Gatekeeper of Malakir and Desecration Demon that cause opponents to sacrifice :)

The biggest threats to this deck are removal, or wincons based on enchantments or artifacts. Ratchet bomb is included in the SB for that, but it's still a big weakness. I'm planning to change the sideboard so that there are more discard effects as a way to remove them before they're played!

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