Cloudgoat Ranger


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Uncommon
Lorwyn Uncommon

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Cloudgoat Ranger

Creature — Giant Warrior

When Cloudgoat Ranger enters the battlefield, put three 1/1 white Kithkin Soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield.

Tap three untapped Kithkin you control: Cloudgoat Ranger gets +2/+0 and gains flying until end of turn.

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Cloudgoat Ranger Discussion

NearlyHollow on Command the Legion

4 months ago

I would add these for a token strategy, Sun Titan, Cloudgoat Ranger, Captain of the Watch, Urabrask the Hidden,Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, Martial Coup, Frontline Medic, Victory's Herald, Mobilization, True Conviction, and Akroma's Memorial.

Looks like you could use some spot removal and sweeping effects too Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Return to Dust, Chaos Warp, Wrath of God, and Blasphemous Act.

A big problem with Boros decks is they run out of gas quick, so it's important to run all of the best ramp/card draw available. I suggest Burnished Hart, Knight of the White Orchid,Kor Cartographer, Land Tax, Tithe, Sword of the Animist, Reforge the Soul, Wheel of Fortune, Faithless Looting and, Sensei's Divining Top. Looks like you have mana rocks covered pretty well, but I personally really like Gilded Lotus.

In my opinion every Boros deck should run Sunforger. It gives you great utility.

Lands I would add are Kor Haven, Windbrisk Heights, Emeria, The Sky Ruin, Temple of the False God, and the cycle lands for more card draw.

My last suggestion is to change your commander to Iroas, God of Victory. He seems like the better general to go with on a token strategy. He is harder to remove, likes to go wide and doesn't cost as much as Aurelia. When Aurelia hits the table more often than not you will become the target at the table. Hope my suggestions are helpful. You have a good start!

Recover819 on pd ghazi-glare

5 months ago

Cloudgoat Ranger is my favorite here. I would cut some ramp and create more token generators that match your theme like:

Springjack Shepherd

Cathars' Crusade

Intangible Virtue

Gather the Townsfolk

and some bouncers like:



Queritz on Tribal: Kithkin

6 months ago


Thank you for your detailed comment! :)

I think Cloudgoat Ranger is to slow for my deck. I do run 3 coppies of Militia's Pride. I looked at Ballyrush Banneret but it would only affect Kinsbaile Borderguard and Militia's Pride since all the other cards dont have collerless mana.

Thistledown Liege and Zealous Guardian look realy fun to play thanks for pointing them out.

I replaced Dismember with Journey to Nowhere.

total_euphoria on Tribal: Kithkin

6 months ago

Cloudgoat Ranger could work for you as would Militia's Pride, Ballyrush Banneret, Thistledown Liege and Zealous Guardian. As kithkin are generally low costing I'd be tempted to go creature heavy (around 24-26) and swarm your opponent. That way you could remove Ranger of Eos which isn't tribal. I also believe whilst 24 lands is a solid number you could afford to lose 1. I run 23 in my soldier/angel deck and seem to get on fine even though the mana curve is significantly higher. Finally, if you really want to run removal, there are much better cards than Dismember. Try Journey to Nowhere or Pacifism for more control.

ihmnp on Athreos, God of Passage EDH

7 months ago

Athreos, God of Passage is a really cool commander! I would suggest some recursion in Unburial Rites and Karmic Guide/Reveillark! A Cloudgoat Ranger may also be a good creature to return as well since it puts blockers on the ground!

ps. thanks for upvoting my deck Mono-Black Standard Value!

GeminiSpartanX on ChrisH

10 months ago

From the list of maybes that I gave you, I have: Cloudgoat Ranger, Incinerate, Into the Roil, Kor Sanctifiers, and Manic Vandal.

I could probably round up a few more of them if I asked my buddies, but I guess we'll just figure out where we stand first then I'll see if I need to add some cards to adjust the price more.

kingfrankzappa on Archangel Avacyn (Boros Reanimator/ETB Value)

10 months ago

Rasmusmv I'm interested to hear your reasoning behind Siege-Gang Commander having better synergy than Cloudgoat Ranger? I would agree if Cloudgoat's tokens were just Kithkin, but because they are soldiers too they gain the benefit from Captain of the Watch and are able to be sacrificed to activate Knight-Captain of Eos's fog ability. Not to mention that he can become a 5/3 flying beater or blocker if needed in a pinch. Siege-Gang's upsides as I see it is that he provides 4 bodies for Krenko, Mob Boss and that unlike Cloudgoat, he triggers Mentor of the Meek's ability by himself.

Pia and Kiran Nalaar will come in for Thopter Engineer, though their position is probationary for now as they are neither Sun Titan nor Kiki-Jiki targets.

Warstorm Surge was in my original build but 6CMC is too much for it's effect. Often I was paying more for a weaker Purphoros and was never that pleased when I drew it.

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