Creature — Human Wizard

Tap: Draw a card.

Archivist Discussion

Tata on Jund 5 Star Restaurant

3 months ago

The 3-drop slot looks overloaded, and in my opinion you have too many 5 and 6 drops.

I would cut a few of the weaker cards of the deck to make room for some 2cmc cards like Nature's Lore , Fauna Shaman , Farseek , etc. The weaker cards strike me as Archivist , Thieving Magpie , Tatyova, Benthic Druid , and Precognitive Perception .

I think you can also make room for Birds of Paradise - at least by cutting Avacyn's Pilgrim .

For such a creature-heavy deck, I am surprised you are not playing Selfless Spirit or Dauntless Escort .

Have you considered Heliod's Pilgrim to access your control magic package?

pesmerga87 on Into the Storm with Jhoira - cEDH Historic Combo

9 months ago

Here are a couple cards I'm surprised to not at least see in the maybe board.

Archivist with a Paradox Engine loop seems like a worth while redundant effect for your commander. Worst case, Its just a quicker way to find the wincon while in the loop. But best case it gets around something like Nevermore locking out your commander as your draw engine.

Also, I'm noticing Aphetto Alchemist in your maybe board, but no Illusionist's Bracers Which together with any rock make infinite mana. Maybe too janky, but surprised to see one without the other.

schrom on Greater Storm [Ramos, Dragon Engine Combo]

1 year ago

What do you think playing Archivist or another creature to tap and draw if you are already playing Paradox Engine & Jeskai Ascendancy?

Kjartan on Full clip o' thopters

1 year ago

Okay, I get it... Hmmm.

This combo needs 4 cards to go infinite, and 5 cards to win instantly. Out of all of these cards, Whirler Virtuoso is the only one that is somewhat good on its own.

On top of the combo itself being pretty clunky, you've got a lot of clunky support cards. Fabricate doesn't really accomplish anything. It techically does, but you use 3 mana and a card, to get another card. If can play that card right away, or it causes you to win the turn after or something, Fabricate might have been pretty useful, but if that't not the case, it's very close to being, pay three mana, do nothing.

Archivist is weird here. Not only is it also very clunky, but it also doesn't do much with Panharmonicon or Decoction Module.

Mechanized Production - Does do something for you, it's just slow and clunky.

I don't think 20 lands is enough with a curve like this.

If you want it to be competitive, I suggest you find another, more simple combo, one that needs fewer pieces, which is probably the optimal choice, or you keep where you're heading and you streamline the crap out of this list.

You drop all the X-Spells, you drop KCI, you drop, Blasting Station, Archivist,Mechanized Production and Fabricate.

And then you focus on getting cards that work along side your combo pieces. Decoction Module will always be trash, you can't run from that, but it'll be included as a necessay evil in order to get the combo online.

You could play Mind Stone to speed up things, and get a draw in the lategame. You could play Trinket Mage, which supports Panharmonicon. Out of Trinket, you could then include a couple silver bullet cards like Pithing Needle to take care of planeswalker when you need to, Altar of the Brood to make your combo win on the spot, Brittle Effigy as searchable removal, Walking Ballista as a your late game and Relic of Progenitus as anti grave.

Glint-Nest Crane, and Thirst for Knowledge becomes really good, once you have enough artifacts.

Then Serum Visions and Mishra's Bauble helps out with consistancy, then Lightning Bolt keeps you alive.

ClockworkSwordfish on Myr Ascendancy

2 years ago

Hey, pretty funky. You might like something like Lumengrid Augur (or even just Archivist?) as a way to ensure you draw enough cards when you want to go off.

Akujiki on I'm Bringing Sexy Back unblockable infect

2 years ago

I'm thought of these as cuttable material Archivist, Caller of the Claw, Experimental Aviator, Gudul Lurker, Owl Familiar, Wild Beastmaster, Forgotten Ancient. Thought it might be not for you

Arby_Q on It’s a Bird Wizard

2 years ago

Birthing Pod is obscene with Derevi. Her abilities allow for 2, or even 3 activations in a single turn. Tradewind Rider, Archivist, Arcanis the Omnipotent, and Roon of the Hidden Realm are also excellent, because you can stack multiple triggers on them, and then respond to each trigger with their ability.

Madcookie on Jhoira gonna get your ass beat, mang!

2 years ago

Hi, mate. Looks like you need help with the deck and I have some spare time so lets get to it.Firstly I think you have too many creatures, some of which don't have good synergy with the deck idea, mainly Flameblast Dragon, Jhoira's Timebug, Mercurial Chemister, Rift Elemental, Shivan Sand-Mage, Timebender. Some of those remove time counters but are just weak overall.I also don't like the wall cycle, the tempo gain from blocking a big creature is negligible in a multiplayer format and your wall still dies, I'd replace those too for say a Propaganda. Archivist can be replaced with Arcanis the Omnipotent same mana from jhoira, 2 more cards.

As for the spells Clockspinning, Fury Charm, Mana Leak and Timecrafting don't go enough to warrant a place in the deck and i think you should try to replace them with some kind of draw spells or counterspells without unless they play etc. Think Counterspell or Cancel

About the land base: Faerie Conclave, Looming Spires Soaring Seacliff are simply basic taplands that will slow you down immensely. Magosi, the Waterveil Shimmering Grotto Thespian's Stage don't do enough either. If you are solid on keeping Magosi, the Waterveil you need to add something to proliferate in order to get free counters instead of keep skipping turns. maybe Contagion Engine but it won't remove counters from suspended cards so its pretty much only for this 1 card.

For spot removal you can add Chaos Warp or maybe a Pongify for something especially nasty. Otherwise counter spells should be fine if someone targets you, and you should have the mana open anyway since you dont need to cast anything on your turn.

You can also add maybe 1-2 cards to protect jhoira from removal cost wise they go Swiftfoot Boots<Whispersilk Cloak<Lightning Greaves<Darksteel Plate

Lastly I'd put Drift of Phantasms just for the transmute ability to get Paradox Haze. Its one of my favorite cards and in your deck it will work wonders. Hope my advices will be of use to you and if you have any other questions feel free to ask. Cheers :)

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