Creatures you control get +3/+3 and gain trample until end of turn.

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Overrun Discussion

MegaMatt13 on 1st EDH Deck, Makeshift Merfolk

4 days ago

welcome to the format :)

as you're just getting started, I would suggest picking up some staples that could be put into later decks. They would all be great here:

Lightning Greaves Swiftfoot Boots Sakura-Tribe Elder Cultivate Kodama's Reach Beast Within Overrun Counterspell Tishana, Voice of Thunder Simic Signet Urban Evolution Shamanic Revelation AEtherize Evacuation

Hope these help! Also, you have multiple copies of some nonbasic lands. Only basic lands can have more than one copy :)

hungry000 on Selesnya token aggro memes

4 days ago

? Wooded Bastion can make WW, so as long as you have one other white source it should allow you to cast Spectral Procession turn 3. For example if you had a Forest, Wooded Bastion, and a Plains you would be able to cast it despite the fact that you played a non-white land before turn 3. (Use forest to pay for Wooded Bastion, make WW, tap plains for W and then you have WWW)

Triplicate Spirits isn't too slow if you use it right. Its power lies in how you can cast it on a turn where you usually wouldn't be able to cast more spells. For example, if you played Spectral Procession t2 with a mana dork then played Raise the Alarm (or another spell that can make at least 2 tokens) t3, you'd have 6 creatures so you could play it for free on the same turn, a total of (at least) 5 tokens that turn for a 2 mana investment. Then turn 4 you could Overrun (or even just Intangible Virtue) for more than lethal. Ideally you'd want to cast it on the same turn you make a bunch of tokens, so you'd be tapping ones that are summoning sick. That said, you still shouldn't play too many copies since it's dead without any creatures on board, 2-3 is best.

I don't really have a particular opinion on Gideon and Nissa, besides the fact that they're good in tokens decks. If you prefer to play them, go for it. I'd play more Nissa than Gideon just because she costs less, though the GG in here mana cost might make Gideon a better choice. Probably in place of Midnight Haunting.

OurSunkenQueen on Good Game Ghalta

5 days ago

Overgrowth is one of the most reliable ramp cards in my experience, so I'd suggest adding one. I also agree with Torekai92, Growing Rites of Itlimoc is a great ramp card too, I play it myself.

Maybe think about a Worldspine Wurm, although it might ruin the flavor, with Ghalta being overshadowed by a wurm.

Lastly, Driven / Despair and Overrun are worth thinking about.

All in all, sexy stuff. I like ramp and I like dinos, so this deck get's a +1 from me.

hungry000 on Selesnya token aggro memes

1 week ago

Seems pretty solid. One thing I'd consider is droping a few Overrun since it's a dead card if you draw it early and it isn't absolutely necessary to win. In its place you could play Triplicate Spirits or possibly Promise of Bunrei as a way to recover from boardwipes.

jihnen14880 on Ghalta's Big Boys

1 week ago

i dont see a lot of decent power cards, so i dont know if your keeping within a budget or not. i also dont totally know what cards you might want to take out to make this work but as a legacy player having seen some insane cards:

Overrun instead of Overwhelm overwhelm is too expensive its a slightly expensive card but - Elvish Piper, Predator Ooze, Pattern of Rebirth, Bane of Progress, Genesis Wave

try this for certain better creatures. i use this to find cards that are alike or better than what i need.

DrkNinja on Elven Magic

1 week ago

Wirewood Symbiote is a must in an elf deck as it is suedo hexproof. Also Coat Of Arms I think works against you in this deck, sure it's good for you but it's also good for the enemy. If you are playing cEDH then that means there will be a Krenko deck and all your doing is helping them.

Cut Doubling Season & Mana Reflection, you don't need them honestly because with Elvish Archdruid, 3 other elves and Staff of Domination/Paradox Engine you have infinite mana. With 5 other elves you can draw out your deck, and have infinite life. As far as doubling season goes you don't need to make double tokens you are gonna put like 6 elves out give them Ezuri-run (Ezuri's Overrun) 3 times or so and win. Go wide doesn't often work in cEDH.

Elvish Guidance is basically another Archdruid, highly recommended.

Also lack of haste will be the death of you so I'd suggest Concordant Crossroads and only play it once you are ready to go in.

If you want to take a look at my cEDH Elf deck, Elven Fury, feel free too. There are a lot of cards in there you don't have and they do things that you might need your deck to do. +1

JoeNathan37 on Elferino tribal fun

2 weeks ago

You may want some other finishers to add on to Overwhelming Stampede, as having more than one is a good idea. I’d recommend Overrun and especially Craterhoof Behemoth (which is kind of expensive but absolutely worth it). Door of Destinies may be worth dropping; from my experience with an Edgar Markov swarm deck it’s too slow and it needs gas after you play it, plus it’s a terrible draw late game. It’s great if you can get it early on in the game but there are better cards. Coat of Arms can be risky depending on what decks you play against, but usually it will help you more than your opponents. If that’s not the case most of the time take it out, it’s just hurting you.

Beastmaster Ascension can also make your creatures really big really fast.

Sol Ring is pretty much an auto-include in most if not all EDH decks so you might want one here.

Nissa Revane may also be worth dropping, especially since you don’t have a Nissa's Chosen (which is a good choice) so one of her abilities does nothing. She just doesn’t do enough to be worth running outside of her ultimate, but in my experience in EDH planeswalkers rarely get enough loyalty counters to ult and they aren’t worth running for that ability alone.

Yeva, Nature's Herald is a fantastically strong card in this deck, I would definitely recommend putting her in here.

Steel Leaf Champion is also pretty great; since your deck is mono green the triple green mana cost isn’t a problem and it’s a very strong 3 drop.

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip (and Gaea's Cradle if you can afford it) is a very strong card here. It can produce incredible amounts of mana and should be worth running. Also, Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is a land I plan to run in my own elf deck when I finally upgrade the mana base (mine is very similar to yours at the moment, eventually I plan to overhaul it but I haven’t yet) since it’s very powerful in a mono colored deck.

Shamanic Revelation is a strictly better version of Collective Unconscious, but you may want to run them both because card draw is nice.

These are some thoughts I had based on my experience with my own Ezuri, Renegade Leader deck. There are plenty of other great elf tribal cards out there I didn’t mention and that I’m not even aware of, but these are just some recommendations on cards I know to be good from experience. This is my deck if you’re interested, you could find some more stuff you want there: Go Not to the Elves (Ezuri elf tribal).

TheStraydog on Fungus Fracas

2 weeks ago

Deathspore Thallid to snipe indestructable or unreachable creatures.

Ivy Lane Denizen+Mycoloth is a token generation marvel as long as you can protect both.

Bloodbriar, under right circumstances, is a kill or die threat.

Predator Ooze is a general MVP, if you can get it deathtouch and Lure it will grow bigger and bigger until it is a living catasptrophe.

Avenger of Zendikar is an all-round beast that also benefits Bloodbriar.

Sprout Swarm is a great token generator.

Overrun is an alternate wincon.

These are all the ones i can find from the top of my head.

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