Blood Seeker


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Common
Zendikar Common

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Blood Seeker

Creature — Vampire Shaman

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield under an opponent's control, you may have that player lose 1 life.

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Blood Seeker Discussion

aaronmcd16 on B/G Token Sac Deck

1 month ago

I'm a returning casual player that hasn't played in 4-5 years, so some cards were fillers until I could find better replacements. I've built this deck irl and so far have won 9 out of 10 casual games against a couple of friend's decks. Taste of Blood just sort of went with the theme of opponent lose 1, I gain 1, and its only one swamp. The way this deck has played for me so far is I usually get Blood Seeker or Zulaport Cutthroat in my opening hand, so I can start chipping away at opponents life total early on. The Birds of Paradise has helped me in times of being lopsided on mana with only Forests. So far I've yet to win with my original theme of sac'ing things myself with Hazardous Conditions, instead, I've ended every game with lethal damage attacking across the board.

Demo102 on "I am become Death..."

2 months ago

Hunted Horror Creates a huge beefy dude, the creature tokens shouldn't be too much of a problem, as their deaths also make the opponent lose life, brume could be used to have a ready fog if they were to swing. Blood Seeker Could also be a nice addition, to go along with the spawning of enemy tokens, and another alternative to a blood artist, perhaps can be cut for the 3 soul wardens.

ticked-off-squirrel on Cheese it, It's the CoPs!

2 months ago

just put 2 of each CoP and 3 SC in the side. it takes care of it. but a little warning for you. when facing a black deck watch out for "bleeding" cards. that CoP black wont protect you from Stab Wound, Blood Seeker and such since it is not damage and therefore cannot prevent it.

squirlfood on You Hate Me? And my Kambal's Soup?

3 months ago

You could always add Ankh of Mishra, and Polluted Bonds To also penalize land drops then Blood Seeker, and Suture Priest to penalize them for creatures. That way If they drop anything they suffer.

Imp_Storm on Illness in the Orchard

3 months ago

Starting from the top:

aholder7 Infernal Tutor is used to pull more orchards but i also pull more copies of Blood artist. That is the primary use for the tutor. the more copies if blood artist i get to the field the more dangerous it is for the opponent to board wipe. Secondary use is to pull a card that i need when i have no hand, which happens allot strangely enough. Now Bout the other suggestions you had. Why i chose Blood Seeker over Suture Priest and why im running Sylvan Scrying and not more Serum Visions purely comes down to mana base. The current mana base supports more black than white and more green than blue. That is the simple answer. I will test out a different mana base on a private copy of the deck that i have and see if a re-balance can be worked out to make these subtle changes.

CharonSquared Ill be honest i think i was testing Murder Investigation out for play ability the last time i was working on the deck. But it is a dead card so > Changed M.I. to Path to Exile

Lifa Virulent Plague is necessary to the build. Without Plague or Illness in the ranks, this deck will not work. the ability is too key of a component to not increase my odds of having it. Path to Exile has been added in lue of Murder Investigation. Murmuring Bosk is a strange card to be sure to have in the build. The main reason i chose this over your suggested 2 is that Bosk can be fetched as needed. If i were to sub it out id go for a copy of Temple Garden for the same reason. Both lands you suggested are good cards, just not as a one of. My mana base is shifting a bit from the looks of it so im not going to rule either of them out yet.

To all: Thanks for the suggestions ill look into the changes.

aholder7 on Illness in the Orchard

3 months ago

i've had a deck like this actually called Salt Sisters, but the list on here isn't the completely updated one. but from my testing i can say that Virulent Plague should just be switched to more Ghostly Prisons. Suture Priest is also a great card for this deck. its a better Blood Seeker. Surgical Extraction is a sideboard card unless you have a lot of graveyard decks in your meta. Infernal Tutor seems like an odd choice for the deck and i'd be curious to hear what you mainly use it for (i imagine it's to pull extra copies of orchards). i don't think Sylvan Scrying is what you want in this deck. youre essentially wasting a slot and tempo by including this. the deck doesn't need the orchard to win, and it doesn't want to waste time casting spells to grab it. you'd probably be better off with another Serum Visions

dbub on Vampires!

4 months ago

Mark of the Vampire, Blade of the Bloodchief, Mirri the Cursed, Falkenrath Marauders, Mephidross Vampire (too expensive for the effect, not running non-vampire, already have too many +1/+1 counter dumps) and (especially) Chosen of Markov  Flip. Overall, seems like there are maybe 5-10 too many creatures, with quite a few high curve ones that kinda just do nothing.

Urge to Feed is not strong enough in edh, I think. -3/-3 doesn't kill enough things that I would care about.C0Need Chaos Warp to deal with Enchantments. Remember my red/black deck a couple weeks ago? Chaos Warp is the only thing that can deal with stuff like Humility which halts your deck completely.

Not sure if you need as many +1/+1 counter generating vampires to spread over your team, since many do nothing without a big boardstate (same with Vampiric Fury, which is a dead draw when you only have one or two creatures on board). At least the curve is low (could be lower, still).

This is a deck that is pretty weak to boardwipes but desperately needs one or two. It is somewhat resilient to wipes due to a lower curve, but I don't see any recursion on board. Most of the combo-y and synergistic vampires are magnets for removal, so having a way to give them another chance will be a strong play and is on theme with vampires (Gotta do specific things to kill them, so they keep coming back).

You don't have enough removal or discard to set Bloodchief Ascension off, and you don't run Mindcrank to make it a win-con combo, so I would cut it.

Hammerheim is a really cool land.

I also like the Indulgent Aristocrat. If you do add some recursion, I would only consider adding maybe one more sac engine with him and Kalitas, and that is Ashnod's Altar, simply because it can ramp you extremely fast and let's you get value out of weaker vampires that don't help much in the late game. They can contribute to a big Exsanguinate or some other bombs you need to cast.

I think Voldaren Pariah  Flip is pretty good for a big drop flavor-win that actually impacts the board unlike a couple of the above cards. Since you are in tribal, Urza's Incubator is surprisingly absent.

Quietus Spike is something I see in a lot of lists for vampires. Seems good and on theme.

Maybe Door of Destinies? Gives you room to cut some of the +1/+1 generators.

No Rakdos Signet? Not really much ramp in general, but at least run that, surely?

Dreadbore is too good to not include, especially without the off-theme Hero's Downfall. Ruinous Path looks like there is a Vampire on the art.

Blood Seeker is amazing vampire tech. It prevents opponents from making infinite tokens, recasting creatures infinitely (read, Palinchron and Triskelion), and gradually makes the opponent suffer for playing their cards. It is a two drop, also. Brutal against most decks, including competitive ones.

Bloodghast is pretty good for a do nothing type of creature that is hard to get rid of. I probably would only consider him for Contamination, but some of your sac engines might like him. I doubt you should put him in, but just throwing that name out there.

Asylum Visitor seems great if you do expand to a discard theme. I wonder how often it is a dead draw without the discard, though. Might still be good.

Stromkirk Occultist is the boss. Get that card.

Viscera Seer is also a Vampire. I still need one of those, myself.

Skeletal Vampire is great since you already run big mana like Cabal Coffers. Really silly abilities.

Rakdos Charm prevents infinite token deaths, destroys artifacts, and is anti-gy tech.

Obelisk of Urd is interesting.

Okay, I am done typing.

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