Lich Lord of Unx


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn Rare

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Lich Lord of Unx

Creature — Zombie Wizard

U,B, Tap: Put a 1/1 blue and black Zombie Wizard creature token onto the battlefield.

2U,2B: Target player loses X life and puts the top X cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard, where X is the number of Zombies you control.

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Lich Lord of Unx Discussion

DamnTheInnocent on Sidisi's unliving hordes

1 week ago

Cards like Gempalm Polluter and Lich Lord of Unx can be great win-cons in a zombie deck. Also, Vengeful Dead is very useful against board wipes. In fact, you can use him with your own board wipe to deal a lot of damage. I use them in my own Sidisi deck and they are brutal.

magicthe on Lots a mill

1 week ago

Hi Millathon

Your current build seems unfocused. Your deck is split in two ways of attacking the opponent. Your attacking your opponent library with semi-aggressive milling cards like Altar of the Brood, Memory Erosion and Jace's Phantasm. Simultanously, you want to have defensive creature so that your combo of Undead Alchemist and Alter of the Brood works.

Most of the suggestions you've gotten so far, has been expand of the mill strategy with Jace's Phantasm and Memory Erosion as most important cards of this plan. I will suggest cards, that might help you build an aggressive Zombie Milling with the combo you likely love of Undead Alchemist and Altar of the Brood

Creatures you might want: Gravecrawler Geralf's Messenger Geth, Lord of the Vault Fleshbag Marauder Diregraf Ghoul Cryptbreaker Dregscape Zombie Lifebane Zombie Relentless Dead Risen Executioner Unbreathing Horde Undead Warchief Diregraf Captain Prized Amalgam Lich Lord of Unx

For Support, you might want to look at cards like these: Cryptic Command Exhaustion Dark Confidant Remand Graf Harvest

CommissarKaz on Zombie Horde

1 week ago

Hey Supahpikmin, I edited my deck to take your suggestions and some from another person helping me with this. Specifically, I:

I think that's everything, anyway. Any suggestions for the updated deck?

Supahpikmin on Zombie Horde

1 week ago

So Here's a few suggestions for you, though the numbers probably won't add up:

What you should take out

  • Cruel Revival is a very costly kill spell, even if it does return zombies, there are other means of killing creatures and getting more zombies. Drop 2.

  • Reap the Seagraf Not the best since it's 3 mana for one zombie, and 5 for one more. I'd drop them all.

  • Zombie Infestation is just kinda bad. Your draw power is not strong enough to use this too often. Drop them all.
  • Undead Alchemist is a weird one. It lets you gain more and more zombies, however, once it's out, you shift gears from damage to mill. If it works for you, it works, but if you really need to drop something, it's this.
  • Abattoir Ghoul hits on turn 5, meaning it's likely that another deck will have a way to handle it by then, be it a kill spell or strong blocker. I'd drop them both.

What you should add:

  • Call to the Grave is, in my opinion, better than Cruel Revival because it kills an enemy creature every turn, and, unless you become board wiped, it will stay on the battlefield forever. Add 2
  • Cemetery Reaper is a little costlier, but is almost a straight upgrade to Reap the Seagraf because it also counts towards the number of zombies that you have.
  • Cemetery Recruitment gives you draw power and return power for two mana, or Ghoulcaller's Chant returns two zombies. Add 4 in any combination.
  • Drunau Corpse Trawler will give you a blue creature to work with, and can boost your other zombies. Add 2.
  • Endless Ranks of the Dead is an AMAZING card. Add 2 more.
  • Havengul Runebinder Although not a zombie, this guy seriously boosts what you have, at the cost of returning zombies. Add whatever you feel is appropriate
  • Lich Lord of Unx is another pricy card, but it can be a win-condition for you if you play your cards right. If you can, add 4.
  • Shamble Back gives you some life and a zombie. pretty nice. Add two or so.
  • Grixis Grimblade is a turn 2 zombie that uses blue. You may not get much benefit from its ability, but early game is really important.
  • Headless Skaab removes a creature from your graveyard, but it's a very strong blue zombie, which is good for color balance.

So that's all I got. Remember though, that this is your deck, so any and all changes are totally up to you. I have some other advice for general magic, seeing as you're a new player.

  • You want as many cards of yours to work with each other as possible, especially in a zombie deck
  • When thinking about what cards you have in your deck, think about the mana cost of the card and its abilities. For example, would you rather bring out another creature, draw some cards, or use an artifact's ability.
  • Think about your "God Hand." If you could rig your deck to have the perfect hand and perfect order of cards drawn, how strong would you be? If you would be tough to beat, great! If not, find the flaws and fix them.

darkjeti on Gisa & Geralf's Bogus Journey

3 weeks ago

Pretty good list. I run a very similar deck that is combo/tokens.

Here are my recommendations and reasons:

Anything not a zombie is already sketchy so Tree of Perdition is good but not very consistent if it gets milled out.

Lich Lord of Unx is kinda meh. Abilities are underwhelming and end up being a waste of mana.

Get a copy of Phyrexian Altar asap. It has great interaction with Gravecrawler and other dudes who love seeing things die.

Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet is great sideboard tech vs other graveyard decks but it doesn't cast from the grave. It needs to be out for a while and watch you kill things to really yield any kind of value. By then, somebody is usually placing combo pieces or casting eldrazi titans.

I ran Risen Executioner for his anthem effect but otherwise he kinda sucks so I replaced with Rhystic Study

Patriarch's Bidding seems very meta dependent. Bringing back a bunch of zombies is great, but giving somebody even one big flier seems kind of a steep price. If you had more zombie based infinite combos then this might be worth it. Otherwise, its very situational and I'd stick with something that generates more value 99% of the time like Mystic Remora

My first build on this commander was very similar but I found myself running low on cards. Dump a few of the creatures I mentioned and toss in card draw to help get you into the good stuff. I don't have a decklist up atm, but here are the interactions that I usually win with:

Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar + Diregraf Captain == win

Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar + Bitter Ordeal == exile opponents libraries

Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar + Dictate of Erebos / Grave Pact keeps the board clear

Gravecrawler + Phyrexian Altar + Mikaeus, the Unhallowed == Infinite Mana. Infinite mana means casting your commander and sacrificing over and over to dump your library into the yard to gain access to all zombies. Havengul Lich will let you cast non-zombie creatures that you may need for utility/combo.

TehGameChanger on Nekusar: The Final Countdown

4 weeks ago

I've had Rooftop Storm, Phenax, God of Deception, Grimgrin, Corpse-Born, Gravecrawler, Diregraf Captain, Undead Alchemist to multiple combo opportunities, Clone as a secondary Jace's Archivist. Kederekt Parasite, Jace's Erasure to help weed opponents down, Cemetery Reaper, and Lich Lord of Unx. I'm going to put Undead Alchemist in, not sure what to swap out for it. Maybe Panharmonicon, Prosperity or Vision Skeins. Rooftop Storm is a big must as it'll remove the commander tax all together from Nekusar, the Mindrazer.

Aondail on Dawn of the Dead

1 month ago

love this deck right off the bat - though there are a few cards im just not sold on Diabolic Revalation being one of them - id just rather play something like Diabolic Intent

Boneknitter could be something to consider for this deck - to save some of your less expendable Zombies but i can understand why it wouldnt make the cut.

Some consideration could also be given to Empty the Pits

I always like to have a way to kill people without having to attack as sometimes its just not possible - Gempalm Polluter can let you do that. As can Lich Lord of Unx and Vengeful Dead

This deck also seems to lack a tonne of ways to draw cards - might i suggest some more draw effects - Grave Defiler might be one to consider since you have 34 Zombie Creatures in your deck for her to hit, i would expect you to draw around 2 cards almost every time you cast her.

I like the fact you haven't overloaded on planeswalkers - but Liliana, Heretical Healer  Flip should likely be in your 99 somewhere as she can make a Zombie and her Ult can do some kind of silly things.

Necromancer's Stockpile is also a pretty good card for this deck - as i feel it can set up some pretty fun plays with Rise of the Dark Realms, Zombie Apocalypse, and Gisa and Geralf. Quest for the Gravelord could also be a kind of an ok play - though it could also be slightly underwhelming.

Risen Executioner could also find a spot in this deck as it is a Zombie Lord (though a little underwhelming) and with a few of the self graveyard control mechanics you have you can keep his cost to be semi-reasonable.

Zombie Trailblazer could be another option for this deck as a way to give Grimgrin unblockable for the commander damage kill.

A few of the cards i felt were kind of underwhelming - Diregraf Ghoul (vanilla 2/2's for 1 are saddening late game), Liliana's Elite (is pretty meh early game), Liliana Vess (i think you can just do better with Heretical Healer), Appetite for Brains (a really random 1 of effect), Buried Ruin (really you only want to combo this with Grimoire), and Secrets of the Dead (outside of a couple interactions this card will be a dead card a large chunk of time)

bosny on The Rotunder the Better

1 month ago


Command Tower and Temple of the False God Would be good.

I am not a huge fan of Betrayal unless you have ways of tapping their creatures, and even then.. I prefer Rhystic Study or Mystic Remora.

I don't see enough life gain cards to justify Sanguine Bond, nor any reason to hold onto Wall of Kelp. I also think Lich Lord of Unx is underpowered without many zombies. Drift of Phantasms lets you tutor a bunch of good stuff or offers you a rotund tush.

Why no Nighthowler Consuming Aberration Mortivore ?

Archivist is pricey, Jace's Archivist helps you mill opponents, mess up their carefully curated hands and refurbishes your hand. Why did you take out Phyrexian Arena?

Reins of Power could be fun?

It could use more land - you want to start with 45 land and remove one for every mana rock or mana dork, a peu pres.

Also your mana curve is a bit low. Lots of 3 drops. I'd trade some less flavourful defenders for big silly creatures Oblivion Sower Sire of Stagnation?

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