Bloodlord of Vaasgoth


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Mythic Rare
2012 Core Set (M12) Mythic Rare
Promo Set (000) Mythic Rare

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Bloodlord of Vaasgoth

Creature — Vampire Warrior

Bloodthirst 3 (If an opponent was dealt damage this turn, this creature enters the battlefield with three +1/+1 counters on it.)


Whenever you cast a Vampire creature spell, it gains bloodthirst 3.

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Bloodlord of Vaasgoth Discussion

Josh_Estrella on Cleanse the Bloodlines

3 weeks ago

Frank_Glascock very fair point about Bloodghast! Returning to your hand would make it more powerful in this deck, so its not as crazy in this deck as it is in others, but I still think its a strong 2 drop.

In terms of Necropolis Regent, probably. At the very least, Im positive I like it more than Bloodlord of Vaasgoth and its a much best 6 drop than Blood Tribute.

TheFateless on Cleanse the Bloodlines

4 weeks ago

Thank you guys again for the feedback Josh_Estrella,Last_Laugh,Lil_Kalki and Frank_Glascock! I didn't know Panharmonicon worked like that, I was told otherwise by some people at my card shop so I guess that'll be an easy cut. Going with what you said guys have said so far and to respond to Frank_Glascock-

  1. Cools, I'll get a Necropotence. I had Herald’s Horn as a maybe because I didn't know if it'd be better than Urza's Incubator but I see what you mean with the card draw, so I'll get one of those and make that swap. I have a Dark Prophecy at home, so I can get that sent to me with my other cards. Athreos, God of Passage is a cool card, I didn't know about that. I want to try him out sometime. What should I cut to put my Skullclamp back in? I did want to keep it, but I wasn't too sure on what to take out.

  2. I need a Shared Animosity. Purphoros, God of the Forge is like a really cool upgraded version of Impact Tremors that I didn't know about, I'll have to get him too. I wanted to try to use Impact Tremors somehow, but Purphoros, God of the Forge is way better. Also, I wasn't too much of a fan of Bloodlord of Vaasgoth either, so I could cut him for something. I wasn't sure about Anowon, the Ruin Sage. Should I have a Sorin, Solemn Visitor in place of one of the other two I am currently using? Also, I thought that Stensia Masquerade would be a better alternative to Rakish Heir. Same mana cost but it's an enchantment instead of a creature, and it can give first strike. I could be wrong though, I know we need to be having a lot of vampires. What do you think about the low cost vampires I have so far? Lil_Kalki mentioned cutting Stromkirk Noble, and you said something about Vicious Conquistador. I was going to put Pulse Tracker in but I saw Vicious Conquistador was essentially the same but it's a 1/2 instead. Maybe my Sanctum Seeker is already doing the same job but a bit better...

  3. Should I exchange the two tutors I have for the ones you mentioned, or find a way to squeeze in two more?

  4. I could see Boros Charm being good, I'll try to get one as well. You'll have to let us know how Dark Prophecy goes, I have one back in the states I can have sent to me.

  5. Ok so far this is what I'm at so far...

ADD- Necropotence,Shared Animosity,Skullclamp,Purphoros, God of the Forge. As I asked before, add Enlightened Tutor and Diabolic Intent? or swap them? Also add Reconnaissance.

CUT- Panharmonicon for sure, Anowon, the Ruin Sage?,Vicious Conquistador?, maybe Stromkirk Noble or Viscera Seer

SWAP- One of my Sorins for Sorin, Solemn Visitor?, Urza's Incubator for Herald’s Horn. and then find a way for a Boros Charm to go in.

Frank_Glascock on Cleanse the Bloodlines

4 weeks ago

TheFateless, thanks for the opportunity to further discuss Markov. I learned most of what I shared on the other Markov threads from much smarter Magic players. Last_Laugh and Josh_Estrella are the first two that come to mind.

I believe this rules interpretation for Panharmonicon is correct:

"The text of Panharmonicon is the following:

If an artifact or creature entering the battlefield causes a triggered ability of a permanent you control to trigger, that ability triggers an additional time.

Panharmonicon will not trigger for eminence from the command zone, as it isn't the triggered ability of a permanent you control."

If this is correct, Edgar Markov would need to be in the field for Panharmonicon to net the additional vampire token.

  1. This deck is going to get board wiped. You need draw. Necropotence is an autoinclude. I would switch Urza's Incubator for Herald’s Horn. I am playing Greed, Dark Prophecy, Athreos, God of Passage, and Skullclamp.

  2. I flood the board with a lot of low cost vampires and attempt to win with Mirror Entity, Edgar Markov, Shared Animosity, Coat of Arms, Purphoros, God of the Forge and to some extent Eldrazi Monument. Sorin, Solemn Visitor, Rakish Heir and Vampire Nocturnus (testing) are a few other cards that buff the 15 one and two drop vampires I am playing. It seems you are right on the edge with ten creatures that cost one or two mana. Anowon, the Ruin Sage, Butcher of Malakir, and Bloodlord of Vaasgoth are some potential cuts if you go further with the low mana cost vampires. You are playing Vicious Conquistador which is a functional reprint of Pulse Tracker.

  3. Enlightened Tutor and Diabolic Intent are good tutors you are not playing.

  4. I play as many board wipe protection cards as I can. Boros Charm has been good. Dark Prophecy, Eldrazi Monument and Scapegoat are a few I am testing.

  5. Necropotence, Shared Animosity, Skullclamp, Enlightened Tutor, Diabolic Intent, and Purphoros, God of the Forge are automatic inclusions.

Josh_Estrella on The First Lord of Innistrad

4 weeks ago


Out: Blood Tribute & Bloodlord of Vaasgoth

In: Vanquisher's Banner & Necropolis Regent

Reasoning: I think my reasoning for keeping Blood Tribute in the deck for so long is because it is a pet card of mine. Fantastic card in the right situation, and although it has saved me a couple times recently, I don't think the 6 mana is worth the slot. Alternatively, a card like Necropolis Regent pumps out constant value each turn it stays alive - and, it actively supports my goals. RIP, Blood Tribute and its amazing new art.

Bloodlord of Vaasgoth could return. But for now, the card draw and buff from Vanquisher's Banner makes more sense to me.

Josh_Estrella on The First Lord of Innistrad

4 weeks ago

Frank_Glascock I think that is a good call, Shadow Alley Denizen has performed great for me. Consistently giving evasion is fantastic, and turn one 2 vamps is perfect for this deck.

Bloodlord of Vaasgothhas been slow, probably too slow. Keeping him in for now but he his close to the block. I originally cut Necropolis Regent very early on, but if Bloodlord of Vaasgoth continues to not pay off, I may swap them. Normally I would not cut a card and replace it with a higher CMC, but Necropolis Regent is worth testing as even one could turn could make it worth it.

New Blood I cannot say enough good things about this card. If you are running tribal vamps, it is almost an auto-include. It 1.) Acts as removal, getting rid of a problem. 2.) Gives you another vamp. 3.) Gives you a potential bonkers vamp lord. I took The Locust God with this and the results were amazing.

I have not been able to use Kindred Charge yet, but the way my board-state gets I know it will be worth it, it is a good finisher. I'll update when I use it.

Blood Tribute part of me thinks I have this in my deck still because the art is amazing. In terms of fitting the going wide/tall tribal aggro theme, this card does not support it at all. For now, I'm keeping it because it has helped me survive. I usually get aggro towards me quick as my deck tends to be faster than others, and the lifegain from this card helps - plus, dropping someone to half life does make aggro easier. But it is on the edge.

Dark Impostor has done surprisingly well. For a 3 drop, there is not much risk putting her in. Even if you get to remove one creature with her its worth in my opinion.

I agree with your mana rock changes, I'm starting to make the same changes.

Yes, Cathars' Crusade has been too slow, sadly. In theory, this card is bonkers with Edgar. I will probably be dropping it so I can add in Phyrexian Reclamation. Might give it a couple more chances, but probably will cut.

Coat of Arms- I want it to be in my deck so bad. But, for me, it is far too risky. I encounter a decent amount of tribal, including elves which get far crazier than my vamps do.

Frank_Glascock on The First Lord of Innistrad

1 month ago

Thanks for getting back to me.

I cut Bloodline Necromancer for Shadow Alley Denizen.

How Is Bloodlord of Vaasgoth, New Blood, Blood Tribute, Kindred Charge, and Dark Impostor performing? I am playing 34 creatures and could cut Pawn of Ulamog.

I cut all my mana artifacts for low cost fast mana. Chrome Mox, Mox Diamond, Mana Crypt and Sol Ring are in the deck. I have a fully optimized mana base so I did not need the color fixing of the signets or talismans.

I am playing Coat of Arms in the place of Cathars' Crusade. Is Cathar's Crusade on the chopping block? It seems too slow.

Josh_Estrella on The First Lord of Innistrad

1 month ago

Frank_Glascock Dark Impostor was on my original chopping board for this deck. But surprisingly she has been over-performing. Three mana for a 2/2 and a 1/1 isn't great, but its not the worst. But I've actually gotten a lot of use out of her exile. It's nice to have a repeatable removal on the board. Whenever I've played her, I've gotten it off to remove a big threat at least once. (After doing it once someone usually removes her)

Bloodghast is just fantastic. Two mana for a 2/1 and a 1/1 is great and even better combined with Skullclamp he is stupid good. Sac, draw two cards, play again, get another 1/1.

Blind Obedience didn't think I had a reason to keep this in the deck at first. However, this card was the biggest surprise for me. 1) The fact that it slows opponents artifacts is invaluable. That helped so much in a few pods. 2.) Creatures entering tapped is amazing for aggro. 3.) The lifegain that comes with it is an added bonus that helps.

Bloodlord of Vaasgoth Love this card, but out of all the ones you mentioned he has done the least. I think he still could be good, but his effect has been just too slow. I'm keeping him in for now, but at such a high CMC he could potentially be dropped.

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