Captivating Vampire


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) Rare
2011 Core Set (M11) Rare

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Captivating Vampire

Creature — Vampire

Other Vampire creatures you control get +1/+1.

Tap five untapped Vampires you control: Gain control of target creature. It becomes a Vampire in addition to its other types.

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Captivating Vampire Discussion

Jpinkman on BR vampires

6 days ago

i suggest Vicious Conquistador , Guul Draz Vampire as aggro creatures too. if u need another lord, to maybe reduce the Nocturnus slots too there' s Captivating Vampire . Sanctum Seeker could be a nice option too.

hkhssweiss on Bloodbath

1 month ago

Hey TheErebos!

Alright so cards off the top of my head to definitely keep for the vampires.

Now moving on to the card types, for anthem/doubling/synergy token effects:

Now going for the interaction suite:

Now for card draw engines:

No good deck is left without tutors as well:

So far those cards are to be considered, sort through the cards and we can refine them to a playable deck list. Add in 36 lands to start, I feel that eventually we can cut it down to 34-35 since Markov will run a low curve. The basic lands should be good along with the basic multicolor mana base like Command Tower, Reflecting Pool, Mana Confluence, Exotic Orchard, City of Brass, the shock lands (Godless Shrine, Blood Crypt, Sacred Foundry), and also the painlands for now (Battlefield Forge, Caves of Koilos, Sulfurous Springs).

Let me know when you update it!

ZendikariWol on "Tribal" Tribal

1 month ago

This is... pretty fantastic. May need more Dromoka, the Eternal (easily the second most devastating Dragonlord, in my opinion) and possibly Utvara Hellkite, Heirloom Blade, and absolutely Drogskol Captain, maybe Stromkirk Captain. Urza's Incubator, Obelisk of Urd, maybe Captivating Vampire, Battletide Alchemist, a Banneret (ie Bosk Banneret), Knight Exemplar, Gilt-Leaf Archdruid (which may not seem that great but at very least it's an additional Kindred Discovery), the mercenaries (ie Cateran Brute, Moggcatcher, Rathi Assassin) Pheres-Band Warchief, the harbingers (ie Flamekin Harbinger, Treefolk Harbinger).

jakethewhale007 on Markov Vampires

1 month ago

Yeah, hitting 10 permanents is very easy to do in Edgar Markov. I'm sure Radiant Destiny would serve you better than Intangible Virtue if you are looking for that kind of effect. Depending on how high-powered you are trying to build your deck, this is probably a card I wouldn't run, but if your deck is performing well at your meta's power level, then I'm sure you'll find it better than Intangible Virtue 99% of the time.

You make an excellent point about Dark Prophecy. You normally wouldn't want to drop it on turn 3 anyway, it's better to play once you have a few vampires in play already. Hopefully by then, you've been able to achieve 3 black mana available. Necropotence is a fantastic card as well, and you should definitely include it if your budget permits.

To answer your question, yes; single-use draw can be worth it, as long as you are running the efficient single-use spells. Sign in Blood and Night's Whisper don't seem very flashy, but 2 mana to draw 2 is very efficient. You are paying one mana per card drawn. These cards are useful early game if you need to draw out of a bad hand or search for land drops, and they are decent in the mid-late game because they only cost 2 mana. Chances are, you'll still have enough mana left over to cast the cards you just drew off of them. The fact that they are only 2 mana means you can more easily fit them into your curve without losing too much tempo. Painful Truths you should 100% run without question in my humble opinion. 3 mana to draw 3 is so good. Phyrexian Arena is very good, but let's imagine you topdeck it mid-game. You play it, and it does absolutely nothing. Then, it draws you a single card during your next turn. If you had spent that 3 mana on painful truths instead, you would have instantly drawn 3 cards and possibly developed your boardstate further on that same turn. It takes Phyrexian Arena 3 entire turns AFTER you play it to break even with Painful Truths. It only starts to provide more card draw than Painful Truths after 4 turns, and 4 turns is a very long time in EDH, even in more casual groups. I don't use this example to suggest cutting the arena, my only point is do not underestimate how good Painful Truths is. Read the Bones is good for similar reasons. Although it only draws you 2 cards, the fact that it lets you scry 2 cards first makes up for it. It effectively lets you see up to the top 4 cards of your deck, which again, is too efficient for the mana cost to not run. The scry helps smooth your draw, and if you are digging for removal for a threat, being able to scry 2 and then draw 2 more is very good to find answers.

Midnight Reaper can be a very good card, but probably not in this deck. There are better card draw options. Personally, I disagree with Coding that the draw trigger on Bloodtracker is not optional. Even if you have to discard down to hand size because of drawing too much, that's still worth it most of the time, because drawing cards is that powerful. I only wish that they gave bloodtracker lifelink, that would make the card perfect. Or lowered its cmc to 3. The biggest argument against running it is the 4 cmc. But when you keep in mind that it is literally Greed on a flying 2/2 body that only gets bigger, it still seems worth it to me to run. But I can understand running other cards in place of him.

I like the ramp you are running, but I think you should include a touch more. Where is your Sol Ring?? That card is so OP haha and there's no reason to not run it unless your playgroup housebanned it. I also personally wouldn't run Commander's Sphere as it costs 3 mana but only taps for 1. I would recommend some of the following rocks: Talisman of Dominance, Sol Ring, Fellwar Stone, Coldsteel Heart. I personally run 9 sources of ramp in my Edgar deck, 7 of which comes from mana rocks, and 2 temporary ramp spells, Dark Ritual and Culling the Weak. However, I would not suggest running the 1 shot mana rituals in your list. I would definitely up your ramp count from 5 though. Ramp isn't exciting, I know, but it will secretly make your deck more consistent and help speed up your deck, so I'd give it a shot and see how it feels with a couple more rocks thrown in.

I also thought I'd recommend some of the vampires that I run that you might find interesting: Yahenni, Undying Partisan and Falkenrath Aristocrat can give themselves indestructible. Mirror Entity is technically a vampire and will trigger Edgar, and gives you a way to dump your mana into a huge buff for your board. Captivating Vampire is OP.

I'll wrap up by suggesting Diabolic Intent. It does cost a few bucks, but you can easily sacrifice a vampire token for a 2 mana tutor, which is very strong. I didn't initially intend to ramble quite so much, but hopefully this inspires you haha. I just love Edgar Markov and it is one of my favorite EDH decks. I could suggest some cards that jump out at me to cut from your list, but I understand that some of them may be your pet cards, or cards that you just like running because they align with your playstyle, and/or fit well in your local meta.

hejtmane on Quest: The lost soldier

1 month ago

I will agree about @Mj3913 Edgar Markov that deck and get powerful my son runs Edgar Markov vampire deck lots of fun cool vampires to use as while like Olivia Voldaren & Captivating Vampire are just some examples

Zur the Enchanter Also have a guy we play with that runs him as a commander on one of his decks and this one can also get quite fun and lots off options and you can change it up all the time by shuffling in and out enchantments as your mood goes or if you get different enchantments or decks you play against change.

amicdeep on Esper Ninja Vampires

1 month ago

i like the idea. the deck dose 2 things really well, drains life and keeps your opponents on the back foot. the other thing i need to be good at but is currently stuggerling with is evasion, as without solid evasion, tempo style control your going to struggle to utilise the ninjas to there best. some suggestions, a mix of vampire lords, general lord effects, some ninja staples
Reveillark Baleful Strix Stormscape Familiar Whispersilk Cloak Thief of Sanity Vampire Cutthroat Twilight Prophet Bident of Thassa Thassa, God of the Sea Patron of the Vein Yahenni, Undying Partisan Anowon, the Ruin Sage Captivating Vampire Blade of the Bloodchief Lazav, the Multifarious Drana, Liberator of Malakir Dictate of Heliod Sanctum Seeker Door of Destinies Whip of Erebos Always Watching Radiant Destiny

and not to forget the vampire planeswalker that makes flying vampires ;)

Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Sorin, Solemn Visitor Sorin, Grim Nemesis

there are of course lots of addinal more fantastic cards that would work well with this theme but these are some of the better budget options

[email protected]_only on A Sliver Deck With No Slivers?!!

2 months ago

Minor alteration you might enjoy - Horde of Notions for a general - you can't tutor out cards from play, but it lets you run any changling for , and cast them from graveyard as well.

another odd option is Reaper King for destruction of permanents

odd "lords" that might fit well -

Admiral Beckett Brass and or Captivating Vampire - Steal their stuff!

Bramblewood Paragon & the their tribal parallels - give a static bonus even after the card leaves

Death Baron - pairs well with first / double strike. kill stuff dead. good alternitive to Zombie Master

Drogskol Captain - another lord of the unreal, effectively. plus it steroids

Scion of Oona - see above, but shroud. can't target it, but has flash

Field Marshal and / or Stromkirk Captain - pairs well with deathtouch

Seshiro the Anointed - big buffs + card draw = win

Midnight Entourage - Gives a mini Phyrexian Arena effect when one dies

Myr Galvanizer - untapping is amazing. do stuff more!

Pheres-Band Warchief - because tribal centaurs are apparently a thing

Timber Protector & Crested Sunmare - because indistructable is amazing

Unnatural Selection - because more messing with stuff is more better

AEther Shockwave & Whelming Wave - lockout effects

Crux of Fate - because it is now viable in a non-dragon tribal

Goblin Chieftain - an alternitive to goblin king - not a fan of landwalk, personally. to circumstantial

Iron_eye2 on Sneaky Vamp Infect

2 months ago

I would turn to thing like Grafted Exoskeleton, becuse you do not have enough infect. Also, more small creatures like Vampire Cutthroat, Pulse Tracker, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Vicious Conquistador, etc. You can aso add more lords, like Stromkirk Condemned, Indulgent Aristocrat, Captivating Vampire, etc. But overall, cool tribal idea, man.

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