Shepherd of Rot


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase (HOP) Common
Onslaught (ONS) Common

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Shepherd of Rot

Creature — Zombie Cleric

Tap: Each player loses 1 life for each Zombie on the battlefield.

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Shepherd of Rot Discussion

hungry000 on Suicide is occasionally the answer

1 month ago

Hm, maybe. As for Smolder Initiate, I don't think it's worth playing any creatures that aren't zombies in the deck, and I'm pretty sure its ability is too slow to make up for the drop in consistency in the Shepherd of Rot/Gempalm Polluter gameplan. thx for commenting tho.

zachi on Gisa and Geralf zombies edh

1 month ago

I think with zombies, there really arent really "Big hitters" but more so board swarm. your big guys will be your Diregraf Colossus and Unbreathing Horde where gisa will love that just to make a huge amount of zombies. I personally feel that the skabbs were poorly designed. If your meta is very creature heavy Noxious Ghoul might be worth looking into. Undead Alchemist can help get your board bigger while milling your appointments. Soulless One can, and probably will, turn into a huge hitter mid to late game. Shepherd of Rot might be worth looking into as well if you have a more control meta.

hungry000 on Suicide is occasionally the answer

2 months ago

Actually, I included Wail of the Nim over something like Dry Spell because of the regenerate part... there are a lot of 1/1's, so I thought it would be kind of detrimental to kill them off like that, and maintaining a big board state is necessary for Gempalm Polluter and Shepherd of Rot to be as effective as possible. But idk, I'll try it.

multimedia on Friend's zombie deck

2 months ago

Hey, this deck is 70 cards if you're playing a nonCommander format even casual limit the deck to 60 cards. No matter what kind of causal deck you're making there's a big benefit to sticking to this rule, there's a reason that 60 cards is the "magic number" of cards for a deck in Magic.

Consider 4x Sign in Blood and 4x Dark Ritual? This combination can give you a big advantage, you can potentially cast these two cards and a Zombie or two in one turn. Ritual can give you some explosive turns. I see a lot of one and two drop Zombies here and getting more into play faster is the game plan. If you're opponent isn't playing much draw then Sign can put you pretty far ahead in a game, card is good.

To make 60x cards consider cutting:

  • 2x Mortician Beetle
  • 2x Tattered Mummy
  • 2x Gnawing Zombie
  • 2x Cemetery Recruitment
  • 2x Sylvok Lifestaff: move to sideboard?

Don't think you need to worry about having any creature removal spells main deck. Since you're playing a sideboard I think you can put all creature removal spells in the sideboard. The game plan is the use your mana to get Zombies into play you don't really have time to leave mana up for removal. Using mana for Sign is not playing Zombies, but it's using mana to hopefully draw into more of them to play.

In games two and three you'll have a better idea of what kind of creature removal you'll want if any. Might be better off playing main deck Duress to protect Shepherd of Rot from removal before you play it.

I like the interaction between Gempalm Polluter and Ghoulcaller's Chant this lets you cycle Gempalm really at any time in the game drawing a card and hopefully doing some damage, but not worry too much about doing a ton of damage with a single Gempalm because you can get it back with Chant and repeat.

If I was to suggest a core for this deck using cards that are already here it would be:

  • 4x Carrion Feeder
  • 4x Shepherd of Rot
  • 4x Sultai Emissary
  • 3x Gempalm Polluter

  • 4x Dark Ritual
  • 4x Sign in Blood
  • 3-4x Ghoulcaller's Chant

Support for core:

  • 3x Festering Mummy
  • 3x Shambling Goblin
  • 2x Gray Merchant of Asphodel
  • 1x Diregraf Colossus
  • 1x Infernal Caretaker

Good luck with your deck.

jpermar on The Downward Spiral

3 months ago

A few more improvements:

darklord1135 on Bring Out Yer Dead!!!

4 months ago

Maybe Blood Artist/Zulaport Cutthroat to combo with the Phyrexian Altar+Gravecrawler Combo. Also so you don't die to some of your life-loss spells: Exquisite Blood. It is broken with Shepherd of Rot

clayperce on 2 Questions - Help with ...

4 months ago

Regarding Planeswalkers:

Non-combat damage to a player can be redirected to one of their Planeswalkers. However, loss of life is not damage, so the effect of neither Gempalm Polluter nor Shepherd of Rot can be redirected.

The official rulings are ...

  • 118.2. Damage dealt to a player normally causes that player to lose that much life.
  • 306.7. If noncombat damage would be dealt to a player by a source controlled by an opponent, that opponent may have that source deal that damage to a planeswalker the first player controls instead.
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