Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Uncommon
Vintage Masters Uncommon
Premium Deck Series: Graveborn Uncommon
Archenemy Uncommon
Battle Royale Box Set Uncommon
Tempest Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost.

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Reanimate Discussion

thegigibeast on Ram Jam

20 hours ago

Well, I personnaly think all the kobolds are dead cards and are useless outside the combo. If you can't go for your combo, what is your actual win condition? I mean, in the version I described you you could always Entomb+ Reanimatea Void Winnower or Sire Of Insanity, which can be enough to win you the game sometimes...

I would also go with hatebears and the likes of Magus of the Moon, Harsh Mentorand similar creatures to get in the damage you need. I mean, it would let us deal damage to cast our commander (there is always someone open in cEDH), and they would not be dead after, being able to stop a lot of combos (like Scepter, Thrasios, Bomberman... Anything requiring activation) and slow down the game a lot. I think this would be even better and we could forget about the pingers that would now be unnecessary, because we would find our source of damage right there.

Please tell me how fast you goldfish, and also tell me what you would do outside your Kobolds plan, as I don't think this plan is worth it, including way too many dead cards in the deck.

thegigibeast on Ram Jam

22 hours ago

Ok, so you have some interesting choices here, but to better suit the deck for cEDH, I think you may want to refocus it on being a combo/reanimator deck. One of the win line would still be to kill the table through a high sotrm count using either Ancestral Statue or Cloudstone Curio + eldrazis, but I think it should not be played as a storm deck, it should be played more like a combo/reanimator. That way, if you can't combo, you will still have some relevant targets to reanimate and some nice things to do.

Also, for this combo, I have found some interesting synergies that could help you tutor it pretty easily: Demonic Consultation/Tainted Pact(For this one we would need to rework the landbase). You also need to have Eternal Scourge in your deck as one of the eldrazi. The idea is to use one of the exile tutor to get Cloudstone Curio. This way, you have a lot of chance to put Scourge in exile, and with any other eldrazi either in your hand or on the battlefield already, you can storm/win on the spot. It is even better if you have an eldrazi with an actual cast effect that can win the game (Oblivion Sowerbeing the cheapest CMC wise at 6).

For the Ancestral Statuecombo, I think Nettle Droneis really nice. It would let us kill the entire table, and the Drone is not dead outside the combo: it would ease us into casting our commander, and it would later help reducing the mana cost of creatures we want to cast by 3. Even if they are less powerful, I would consider other pingers like Thermo-Alchemist (nice things to do is tapping him -> tutor a creature which untaps him-> tap him again for a total reduction of 6, enough for the Cloudstone combo above), Shepherd of Rot, Lobber Crew. Maybe also Heartless Hidetsugu, but it costs more mana, and I never tested it.

As for the reanimator part I talked about, I think it would synergize well with the combo aspect. We already need to draw a lot, so a lot of cards would go to the graveyard, and there are a lot of wheel effects in cEDH to help refill hands (not only from us but opponents also) like Wheel of Fortune. This could be ussed to put a lot of creatures in the graveyard. You could then reanimate them, stuff like Void Winnower, Sire Of Insanity are some really good reanimation targets in rakdos. We can run spells like Animate Dead, Reanimate, Dance of the Dead, Necromancy...

Going the reanimation route would let us cheat big eldrazis for the combo to work easier, if they ever die/get countered we have easier access to them. We could also even try a Buried Alive/Entomb combo with something in the likes of Necrotic Ooze + Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Mogg Fanatic and something to give Ooze haste (like Anger in the graveyard). This could be a backup win condition that can be assembled easily by a single tutor, which is not to overlook.

Panas on padawan need help

1 day ago

It is an archetype where you put things in your graveyard through effects such as Entomb, with sole purpose of reanimating them (the namesake card being Reanimate). It is a very potent tactic that "cheats" things into play much earlier than normal.

DrkNinja on UR-Dargon!

2 days ago

Animate Dead + Worldgorger Dragon , infinite mana and etb triggers. So with a Dragonlord Atarka it's infinite damage or just "I win".

The interaction works like this; Cast Animate Dead targeting Worldgorger, Worldgorger enters play his effect triggers on the stack, response to his effect on the stack float all your mana, his ability resolves and triggers Animate Dead's ability forcing your to sack him, all your cards enter back into play untapped. Repeat that process for however long it takes to fireball someone to death or drop your hand.

Also I get why you put it in there but... Birds is a really bad card in EDH, just think how shitty it feels to draw Birds on turn 7? A better one drop for that slot is gonna be Dragonmaster Outcast, because playing him turn 7 feels great!

Last thing... I get why you are using the Ur-Dragon as your commander but I still think Scion is just strictly better because getting an Ur-Dragon for , or any other dragon for that matter, from your deck is just too good. plus you can always use cards like Dread Return, Animate Dead, or Reanimate to bring those dragons back to life later.

If you want some cool card suggestion take a look at my dragon deck;

'Dance Dragon, Dance!'

Commander / EDH* DrkNinja


P.S. Mirage Mirror>Mirror of the Forebears

Lycanion69 on Grave deck

4 days ago

I'm looking for a good general to play i a deck with cards like Reanimate and Rise of the Dark Realms

A deck with cards that let use my opponents graves so i can use creatures and other thing to help me gain advantage over the game

Is there anything like it ?

T12H on BUG Birthing Pod Toolbox Control

4 days ago


Yeah I am not saying you are wrong with your reasons he shouldn't be banned. You've actually convinced me that he is here for the long haul. I actually think cards shouldn't be banned as much...I still miss prophet... lol

I was just telling you that I think he is a little better than you think. Like when I first saw him spoiled my buddies and I thought he was going to be insane and then I played with him and he was even better than I thought.

I forgot to mention the CMC of him isn't what makes or breaks him. It's the type he is. It's a creature. The 3 big mana cards you mentioned: Tooth and Nail, Omniscience, and Diabolic Revelation are not. Razaketh can be cheated into play with effects like Elvish Piper, Reanimate, Eldritch Evolution, or Birthing Pod. Then he can protect himself by just tutoring for a counter or reanimation spell in response to removal and then you get him back for cheap and start all over.

Test him out and let me know what you think! :)

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