Undead Warchief


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase Rare
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Rare
Scourge Uncommon

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Undead Warchief

Creature — Zombie

Zombie spells you cast cost (1) less to cast.

Zombie creatures you control get +2/+1.

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Undead Warchief Discussion

Rzepkanut on Pump-King's Halloween Ball

11 hours ago

Great deck, I love the concept. It's like a greatest hits album of different tribal cards. +1 for using weird cards.

Undead Warchief comes to mind as a super good lord. Also maybe Riptide Replicator and Volrath's Laboratory are good here.

magicthe on Lots a mill

1 week ago

Hi Millathon

Your current build seems unfocused. Your deck is split in two ways of attacking the opponent. Your attacking your opponent library with semi-aggressive milling cards like Altar of the Brood, Memory Erosion and Jace's Phantasm. Simultanously, you want to have defensive creature so that your combo of Undead Alchemist and Alter of the Brood works.

Most of the suggestions you've gotten so far, has been expand of the mill strategy with Jace's Phantasm and Memory Erosion as most important cards of this plan. I will suggest cards, that might help you build an aggressive Zombie Milling with the combo you likely love of Undead Alchemist and Altar of the Brood

Creatures you might want: Gravecrawler Geralf's Messenger Geth, Lord of the Vault Fleshbag Marauder Diregraf Ghoul Cryptbreaker Dregscape Zombie Lifebane Zombie Relentless Dead Risen Executioner Unbreathing Horde Undead Warchief Diregraf Captain Prized Amalgam Lich Lord of Unx

For Support, you might want to look at cards like these: Cryptic Command Exhaustion Dark Confidant Remand Graf Harvest

Firebones675 on Zombie aggro

2 weeks ago

Cemetery Reaper, Undead Warchief, Diregraf Colossus, Endless Ranks of the Dead, Lord of the Undead, and Death Baron are good in decks with a lot of zombies. Might be worth considering some of them here.

PookandPie on Baby's first Zombie deck

2 weeks ago

So.... what kind of advice were you wanting? I have a fair amount of experience with Zombies for whatever it's worth (I've had a Zombie deck since I've begun playing Magic back in 2006 or so, and it's worked well enough without major overhauls since 2009). Zombies can do aggro, midrange, or even extend into combo, so I'll merely list off a grouping of cards so you can decide better in which path to go:

Grave Crawler is among your few options for 1 drop zombie that's worth anything. You have 1, but you should look into obtaining 3 more for a full set. Similarly, there's Sarcomancy and Diregraf Ghoul if you can't obtain more Gravecrawlers.

Gempalm Polluter is the best late-game two drop you could add to the deck. Yes, it's a 2 drop, you should never be casting it. Cycling it to make your opponents lose life is extremely good. Even better, you can return it to hand with things like Lord of the Undead to continue utilizing your reach on your opponents (perfect for breaking stalemates).

Lords- Lord of the Undead, mentioned above, Death Baron, Cemetery Reaper, Undead Warchief. Lord of the Undead enables shenanigans with Gempalm Polluter and Korlash, Heir to Blackblade (this lets you ramp out your lands extremely hard, making your Korlash on field gigantic and giving you plenty of mana to cast your Zombies with). Death Baron is just solid all around and is probably the best of the Zombie lords, while Cemetery Reaper isn't anywhere near as costly but is still very useful. Undead Warchief costs more than the others, but also provides twice the power buff and cheapens your other zombies- which is powerful as all hell. Zombie Master is another lord that can be included, and he's extremely powerful with Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth to make your whole Zombie army unblockable (also good for protecting your army against sweepers).

General advice: Get this down to 60 cards. Use 22-24 land, and drop a bunch of the chaff zombies.

If going for aggro, securing decent 1-2 drops is extremely important. Grave Crawler, Diregraf Ghoul, Highborn Ghoul, etc., will be the cards your opponents see and have to deal with the most. Diregraf Colossus could be fun in either the aggro or midrange ideas, and it's not too pricey, either.

If going for midrange, Undead Warchief is invaluable. A method of drawing or obtaining card advantage is also important in a midrange build- Grave Defiler and Graveborn Muse are pretty decent. Similarly, you can cantrip off of Gempalm Polluter to make people lose life while you continually draw more cards, but that requires an engine to bring it back to your hand (like Lord of the Undead). This also beats stalemate boardstates.

If you're doing a sacrifice combo kind of deck, Carrion Feeder is incredible, as is Living Death. Carrion Feeder works very well with multiples of Grave Crawler to beat a stalled game state. If you splash blue for Diregraf Captain, sac'ing and re-casting Gravecrawler can be a win condition.

Self mill isn't all that important when you could just cast Grave Defiler and put Zombies straight into your hand. Unholy Grotto is still a good card to run, same as Lord of the Undead if you want the recursion.

Midrange wants Cabal Coffers and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. Aggro maybe just wants Nykthos.

Gray Merchant of Asphodel is fun in black-heavy decks, is a zombie, and is probably better than each other 5cmc+ zombie in this deck.

Hope this comment wasn't too long and you find something you like in it. Just remember: Keep yourself limited to 60 cards to maximize the consistency of your deck, and try to play with more 4 ofs and 3 ofs than 1x card slots.

lithium142 on I wish that the meta was brains [[Primer]]

3 weeks ago

AEther Vial indisputably would make this deck faster, and more resilient to control. If you can plump up the cash, you wont regret it (and on a financial standpoint, you could wait and hope for a reprint in the upcoming modern masters set. if it does, you get it way cheaper, if it doesn't, then buy it after and i promise you, you can sell it later to get 100% of your money back, and probably even turn a profit. that card only seems to go up in value. just be smart about selling it before it gets reprinted in an MM set

if you are to splash green, i dont think Lotleth Troll and Putrid Leech is what you're after. Abrupt Decay would instantly replace a lot of your current removal (and as it is, i think you should be running 3 Dismember instead of Victim of Night. but you'd want things to make you more aggressive, not slower. that said, I dont think you need anything more than Collected Company and Abrupt Decay from your green splash. if you wanted to get away from zombies a little, then you could add Strangleroot Geist, but i dont think youd get value from anything else.

Last, I think you should lower your curve a little and lose the Undead Warchiefs and Gray Merchant of Asphodels and add 4 Diregraf Ghouls. I also think losing 2 Death Barons and adding 2 Phyrexian Crusaders in the mainboard would make your board presence a lot scarier.

Snap157 on Zombie token

3 weeks ago

Okay, let's get you a kick ass deck

So because it's a zombie deck, I would make it tribal and take out Thraben Foulbloods, Sanitarium Skeleton, Dukhara Scavenger, Mindwrack Demon and Corpse Hauler. They don't get benefits of zombie lords and can be replaced to make your deck run smoother.

Lucky for Zombies, there are some boss zombie lords that will make your walkers into a nightmare to deal with. Diregraf Captain, Undead Warchief, Mikaeus, the Unhallowed, Cemetery Reaper, Gravecrawler, Liliana, the Last Hope, Lord of the Undead, and maybe Relentless Dead are all thorns in your opponent's side.

You've got a lot of commons/uncommon creatures that cost 5+ mana that aren't really doing you too much good. Lamplighter of Selhoff, Ghoulsteed, and Gravedigger can all be replaced with a cheaper Ghoulcaller's Chant, Raise Dead or Disentomb.

For your lands, things are looking pretty good. Dual lands can be insainly expensive, and that's your choice to spend what you want, but I would replace Submerged Boneyard with Jwar Isle Refuge because who doesn't like gaining life? Also, I would get rid of Blighted Cataract, because 6 mana for 2 cards is probably better off being replaced with something that doesn't use your entire turn.

For enchantments, I think Aspect of Gorgon is better replaced with Ring of Xathrid. Grave Betrayal would work great with some more removal, and Call to the Grave has become super. I would replace Lunar Force with Counterspell or Dissolve- Better to choose what you want to go through rather than have it be random.

For sorceries- lookin' good. From Under the Floorboards is great and also my personal favorite of Army of the Damned is funny to watch.

Artifacts- In commander, there are some artifacts that are staples, such as Sol Ring, Crawlspace, and Jet Medallion.

I would also add a Tome Scour in so you can mill yourself and work with your commander.

I know if feels like I'm building a deck for you and completely remodeling but I think that with these changes, you can really pull off some great gameplay at the EDH table. Good luck!


1 month ago

If your goal is to be mono black zombie tribal I would suggest dropping some of the non zombie creatures and add buffs like Cemetery Reaper and Undead Warchief, etc. There are several like this that your deck could benefit from. Also Overseer of the Damned is a token generator as you destroy your opponents creatures. In the event of a board wipe in multiplayer it can change the tide of battle because it still triggers as it dies.

I don't understand your choice of using Bile Blight unless your using it to remove tokens because commander is singleton format I would use Ruinous Path or Tragic Slip as a replacement. In mono black you almost have to have Bad Moon and Black Sun's Zenith.

I hope this helps and I wish you luck with your deck.

Rightrib on Zombies

1 month ago

@Freezingfist I like the suggestions. I would love to be able to buy a couple Death Baron but my wife would kill me if she learned the cost per card. Undead Warchief and Geralf's Messenger seem like really solid additions. What would you suggest to take out to them in? Maybe From Under the Floorboards and Moan of the Unhallowed I'm not completely sold on them yet.

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