Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Hour of Devastation (HOU) Common
2012 Core Set (M12) Common

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T: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Manalith Discussion

Treehugger003 on Akiri, Equipment Slinger

4 days ago

I would remove: Myth Realized-its slow and it really doesn't boost your existing creatures so to make full use you will have to equip to it. If you like the effect Scroll of the Masters is an artifact version that I think works better in this deck, Cathar's Shield-It just doesn't do enough for you, Servo Exhibition-its a one time use and servo's don't fly. I think you might be better off and might want to keep something similar if you can find it in an instant but as a sorcery its just not worth its place,Blade Splicer and Master Splicer-its just a creature. You are really trying to kill with a voltron strategy and you should be able to do that with akiri., Frogmite-just another creature. Granted it comes in for free but its only a 2/2, Leonin Elder-1 life per artifact isn't great. Especially if you are getting lifelink off creatures/equipment. Myr Mindservant I didn't see where you were running top of deck manipulation like Sensei's Divining Top so I dont' think you need it. Thraben Inspector-its a one drop that will get you a card. Not sure its really what you want. If you are looking for a one drop creature that might work well try Mother of Runes.Militant Inquisitor if you get to the point where you want him you've probably already lost the game. The other thing is you can cut down on the equipment but equipment choices are really about personal preference.

One more thing. Please switch out Manalith for Commander's Sphere or Boros Cluestone they tap for the same mana but you can sacrafice them for card draw if you really need it.

Remember its your deck and many of the choices should be based on who you play with.


powerbottom on Advertise your MODERN deck!

4 days ago

This is one of my first decks ive made with "unique" mechanics. Its artifact// and made of only cards which I own, so any suggestions should be very budget. I fell in love with a Pentavus + Prototype Portal combo and used things like Clock of Omens, Manalith and a bunch of draw cards to feed this mana hungry combo token deck.

There are plenty of semi-infinite combos, such as being able to double your land every turn with Clock of Omens + Darksteel Citadel + Prototype Portal but I need help smoothing out the gameplay.

Although the effects are quite powerfull, I don't think it really beats out a cheap Selesnya token deck at the moment. I need help finding (budget) ways to give my artifacts extra abilities like first strike or indestructible.

Prototype Pentavus

Modern* powerbottom


Rogue_Toaster on Oath to the World Soul

5 days ago

I'd recommend Coalition Relic as a replacement for Manalith. Maybe even Pyramid of the Pantheon if you're going with a proliferate subtheme.

foehn on The Whole Kitten Kaboodle

6 days ago

Definite Cuts:- Collective Blessing- Oath of Ajani- Zendikar Resurgent- Ajani's Presence- Celestial Flare- Soul's Grace- Impeccable Timing

Potential Cuts:- Fireshrieker- Darksteel Ingot- Manalith- Evolution Charm

Any ramp that's in Potential Cuts is with the thinking that you can find more efficient ramp spells in Green. And I'm not certain how to value equipment yet, so I'm looking at the ones that seem weakest.

Potential Includes:- Eternal Witness- Sun Titan- Stoneforge Mystic- Birds of Paradise- Bloom Tender- Sakura-Tribe Elder- Farseek- Rampant Growth- Cultivate- Llanowar Elves- Elvish Mystic- Fyndhorn Elves- Path to Exile- Swords to Plowshares- Tooth and Nail- Chromatic Lantern- Selesnya Signet

ramuzzini on Why the long face?

1 week ago

Great deck idea but you're thinking about it all wrong if you are looking for speed. You are playing standard so you can play two colors with basic lands and be faster than you are now. Play 3x Oketra's Monument, because you don't need Manalith in a 2 color deck. Oketra's Monument will speed up your heavy hitters and improve your token strategy. Best of luck!

my_gizmo on Ixalan Midrange Ramp

1 week ago


My original list had no blue and ran 4x Manalith and 3x Rishkar's Expertise in place of Nissa, Steward of Elements and Chart A Course. The Expertise was my only source of card draw but was too clunky and relied on me having a creature on the board, which wasn't always the case.

I admit that adding blue put a strain on my mana base but I couldn't resist using Nissa, Steward of Elements. She is just too good in this deck. For one, she helps me dig into my deck to find what I need. More often than not she comes in with enough loyalty to immediately ultimate and win the game or turn the tide.

The 20 lands aren't usually a problem as I have 16 non-land cards that produce/fetch land for me.

Eshmasesh on the infect god

1 week ago

May I recommend switching Manalith for Commander's Sphere? Not only can you still tap for your Commander's colors, but you can also sac it to draw a card if you really need to. Also Crumbling Ashes is absolutely excellent in your deck when you rely on your opponent's creatures with -1/-1 counters dying. Warstorm Surge along with your infect creatures will deal infect damage because their damage is always infect damage!

goalicious on Hapatra, comin' atcha!

2 weeks ago


You could add Blooming Marsh and Overgrown Tomb to your mana base.

In my modern deck Snakes&Bugs I also use Devoted Druid and Contagion Clasp to create counters.Apart from this you could consider Khalni Hydra since you can cast it very cheap once Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons get's goingAnd Grind / Dust can be usefull. The Dust part can be cast with Channeler Initiate or Manalith and will probably a surprise for the other players.

I'm not sure if this changes make sense, since I haven't had a lot of oportunities to play commander.But maybe there is something in there for you.

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