Hamletback Goliath


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Conspiracy: Take the Crown Rare
Commander 2015 Rare
Magic 2013 Rare
Lorwyn Rare
Promo Set None

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Hamletback Goliath

Creature — Giant Warrior

Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, you may put X +1/+1 counters on Hamletback Goliath, where X is that creature's power.

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Hamletback Goliath Discussion

headrunner on Mayael EDH needs help

3 weeks ago

That is the hard part. Personally, I'd cut Defense of the Heart, Sprouting Vines, and Hamletback Goliath.

It is fairly easy to get 3+ creatures in EDH, especially since you don't have many ways to control that. Sprouting Vines is very cool, but it really only deck-thins, not ramps, and you don't have many low cost spells. Hamletback Goliath is nice, but is pretty much guaranteed to eat a Doom Blade.I'm not sure how much you need the Charms and some of the creature that deal damage on etb. Also, if need be, you could cut a land or two.

Karns_Pyromancer on Mayael SMASH! (Help Needed Again)

1 month ago

I don't see any giants... ;)

Have you considered Brion Stoutarm or Hamletback Goliath?

Daedalus19876 on Kari Zev, Raider of the Sky

1 month ago

After your revisions this deck looks pretty awesome, not gonna lie. You definitely get my +1. I like the hybrid voltron/theft thing you've got going on here. A few small questions/adjustments though:

1) Needs a Swiftfoot Boots. An amazing piece of protection that still lets you equip swords. Also, Champion's Helm. I would cut Sword of War and Peace for it probably: I find that card to be somewhat meh.

2) Harmless Offering and Bazaar Trader let you permanently keep something you've "borrowed". Sounds like the most pirate-y thing possible.

3) Needs a Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker for both general utility and also to combo with Zealous Conscripts.

4) Depends on meta obv, but I generally prefer Extraplanar Lens over Caged Sun. Or play both! :)

5) In mono-red, I never leave home without Gamble ;)

6) You might get some value out of Mana Flare. It lets your opponents play better things, which you then steal and beat them to death with.

7) I'm not really a fan of Chandra, Torch of Defiance or Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded in commander. I get that Tibalt's ult is on theme, but honestly I just find them more trouble than they're worth.

8) Mana Geyser. Mana Geyser. MANA GEYSER

9) Akroma, Angel of Fury, Archetype of Aggression, Ash Zealot, Hamletback Goliath, Homura, Human Ascendant, Monastery Swiftspear, Paragon of Fierce Defiance, and Pia Nalaar seem like your weakest creatures.

Again, though, looks awesome! :) I'd love to test my Yahenni against this sometime for the flavor lolz.

brokendwarf on Outside help for changes to ...

2 months ago

I'm at the point where making changes to my deck is difficult, even if it's just one card. The one card in question is Combustible Gearhulk: I want to add it, but I'm drawing a blank for cuts.

Gearhulk, in this deck at least, is much more threatening on the second mill option due to the high CMC of most of the fatties. And there is the chance my opponent could take a ton of damage and end up milling Kozilek or Ulamog so I get my graveyard back as well.

For cuts, how I evaluate my creature lineup: every fatty needs to do something, whether it's removal or immediate threat. So I've long since cut what I call "vanilla fatties": creatures that are just big and don't do anything immediately or give me an advantage, e.g., Hamletback Goliath, Worldspine Wurm. So following my evaluation, what I should cut for Combustible Gearhulk should be Godsire: An 8/8 that makes 8/8 vanilla tokens. On it's own, Godsire can make a formidable army if left unchecked, especially with Seedborn Muse, so I'm on the fence about it.

I'm interested to hear what other people think.

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BalorOneEye on Tana and Reyhan

3 months ago

I've been trying this as well. You can see it here.

Your list looks good to me, but there is always room for improvement.

So If you allow me to make some suggestions.

  1. Stonehoof Chieftain I don't think this is as good as it seems. I would replace it with a card that just wins the game. Craterhoof Behemoth would be the best, but Overrun, Triumph of the Hordes and Beastmaster Ascension are great too.

  2. Hull Breach is a great card. But Artifact Mutation synergy with the deck is just too good to pass up. Maybe just run both. Vandalblast is also a consideration.

  3. Hamletback Goliath doesn't even have trample. It's just a big do nothing dude. Rubblehulk on of the best 'oops I win with commander damage' cards that can really surprise an opponent. Also generate lot's of tokens. Avenger of Zendikar is one of the best token makers out there.

  4. Scarland Thrinax Cool combo interaction. But probably hard to pull of. Goblin Bombardment does a lot more work for a friendlier casting cost.

  5. Noosegraf Mob just another expensive do nothing card. Champion of Lambholt is half the CMC and makes all your dudes unblockable. Mikaeus, the Unhallowed would be great but isn't very budget friendly.

  6. Grave Betrayal You really need to cut your CMC down. Psychotrope Thallid is a card draw engine.

some other cards that I would run;

  1. Utopia Mycon is a budget Phyrexian Altar, Life and Limb is a tricky card but turns all your saprolings into mana Citanul Hierophants is also an underrated card that is great in this deck and even better with the next cards;

  2. haste enablers: Fires of Yavimaya, Swiftfoot Boots, Lightning Greaves and Anger.

  3. Counter shenanigans: Murderous Redcap goes infinite with a sac outlet and Mazirek. Hardened Scales is very strong in this deck. Devoted Druid is another great mana maker.

  4. Slightly more expensive stuff: Awakening Zone is getting more expensive. But a 100% worth it. Green Sun's Zenith isn't very expensive at the moment, and just a staple.

AuSIN on R/G Panharmonicon (HELP NEEDED)

3 months ago


I like the idea to add Avenger of Zendikar and Hamletback Goliath... Thought-Knot is in there for removal... any ideas on what would be a better option?

jd314122 on R/G Panharmonicon (HELP NEEDED)

3 months ago

I would recommend either not running Thought-Knot Seer or putting a few Wastes in the deck. I would also recommend for you to run Hamletback Goliath. And if not, run Avenger of Zendikar.

Erastaroth_The_Duchess_of_Hell on Attack on Titan

3 months ago

PS I used to run a playset of Hamletback Goliath & Elemental Mastery if you can get the mastery on the Goliath and attack with all the tokens it makes it gets out of control really quick if they don't have an way to deal with him. I would try to drop the elemental mastery on him and then a Favor of the Mighty right afterwards so they had a hard time doing anything about it. I also ran Guttural Response in case they tried to counter anything.

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