Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Uncommon

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Creature — Zombie

When Skinrender enters the battlefield, put three -1/-1 counters on target creature.

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Skinrender Discussion

LeaPlath on Withering Scarabs

6 days ago

So this deck won't do very well as it stands because you have no way to profitably interact. Your removal is a -1/-1 counter or maybe 2. That doesn't answer a lot of threats, compared to something like Fatal Push. You also have no way to interact with combo to slow them down, or speed to race them. And no resilience versus control to survive their 2-1s etc. 20 lands isn't enough either, especially given how you have no draw, fixing or anything to let you pull ahead.

I think the idea could work though for a casual FNM level. But I also think you want to be 2-3 colours. Green is the obvious pairing colour, as Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons as she synergises quite well with Nest of Scarabs to produce multiple tokens. Devoted Druid also provides some ramp, as well as allowing you to make multiple tokens. The green also gives access to Kitchen Finks, a solid card as it is 4 life, a 3/2 and a 2/1 over multiple bodies who triggers the -1/-1 synergy. Skinrender is also a solid 4 drop that triggers your various -1/-1 counter synergy, has an OK body and kills something.

For consistency, you need a way to chain creatures together or get deeper into your deck. Evolutionary Leap could be useful if you are using persist, as a way to turn various tokens into more cards. Or if you go blue for tempo type cards, Scarscale Ritual might help as a way to trigger the abilities and draw some cards, though it requires you to have creatures on board.

For removal, go out of the gimmick into Fatal Push type stuff. Depending on your colours I can advise you on that and stuff.

Red and white don't give you much for the -1/-1 stuff, besides a combo/self protection from -1/-1 counters with Vizier of Remedies. They do however give you a bunch of decent value and sideboard cards.

Kjartan on Black/Blue control/destroy

3 weeks ago

Looks dece.

I'm still against Despise and 4-of AEtherling.

There are obviously upgrades to be made, but compared to the pricerange, this seems fine.

Killing Wave is probably your worst card in the deck, atm. You don't deal much damage, so people won't have any trouble paying a lot of life, and since you already get rid of creatures quite efficiently, there will rarly be more than 1-2 creature to pay for.

I could see a world were you turn this mono black, which will give you a really consistat mana base. To do this, I would recommend you to run more creatures. Creatures that can close out the game in the mid-late game, but also further your course. Like Skinrender (Just an example). And Pack Rat as a way to rurn mediocre cards into gas.

If you wish to keep it U/B, I would recommemd you having a couple card advantage spells. (Something that draws you multiple cards.) And I would also urge you to run at least a couple of counterspells to have a chance against non-creature topdecks and combo decks. Negate should do a fine job at that.

Shliken on Mono Black Zombie Fun

3 weeks ago

Blue/Black zombies is very strong, and allows you to bring in Diregraf CaptainIt appears as though price isn't a problem, so I would definitely include Diregraf Colossus and Skinrender

sonnet666 on competitive mikaeus

1 month ago

Ok, so lets talk about main game plan before we start nitpicking particular cards.

I've never tried to build Mikaeus myself, but from what I know about combo decks there are three categories of pieces that make the deck work: 1) Creatures that can re-undie with Mike's ability; 2) Sac outlets to feed them to; and 3) Death triggers that can create a win condition.

From the looks of this deck, what you tried to do was to load up on as many of each these as you could to get the best chance of drawing into the ones you need. Here's what you have of each category:

  1. Walking Ballista, Triskelion, Crystalline Crawler, Chainbreaker, Spincrusher, Banewhip Punisher, Wingrattle Scarecrow, Tatterkite, Plague Belcher, Skinrender, Lingering Tormentor, Pith Driller, Soulstinger, Cinderhaze Wretch, and Carnifex Demon. 15 Total

  2. Altar of Dementia, Blasting Station, Phyrexian Altar, Ashnod's Altar, Viscera Seer, Yahenni, Undying Partisan, Bloodthrone Vampire, Carrion Feeder, Spawning Pit, and Tainted AEther. 10 Total

  3. Zulaport Cutthroat, Blood Artist, Altar of the Brood, Grim Haruspex. 4 Total

So, all in all, 29 of your deckslots are focused on nothing except your main win condition. That's a lot of bloat for a deck that needs to ramp at least to 6, and should be packing disruption aimed at its opponents on top of that. Considering you're in the color with the best unconditional tutoring, I think you can get away with cutting a lot of those redundant combo pieces, and right now the first category is what you have the most of. I'd say anything that doesn't reduce the need for additional pieces or generate infinite mana is worth cutting.

I'd cut all of the following:

For more tutors, draw, and ramp. (That would also lower your curve to where Ad Nauseam is viable.) Leave Banewhip Punisher, Chainbreaker, and Spincrusher since they're the cheapest, and Banewhip Punisher is semi-decent removal.

I also recommend Skullclamp in terms of draw, as it goes very well with the reccruing creatures and sac outlets. You could also consider a bit of a reanimator strategy to get your combo pieces, since black can tutor to the graveyard.

mvas on Enter, The Meren-nator

2 months ago

Hey there. Your deck looks interesting. I played a Meren deck myself for a very long time. I have some questions and general suggestions based on my experiencie playing in my local EDH league, which is quite competitive. Hope they help :) :

-Why did you include Protean Hulk, listed as a finisher, but haven't added the rest of the combo (Phyrexian Delver, Walking Ballista)? By itself, Hulk isn't such a great card.

-If you intend to make this deck more competitive and consistent, I'd highly recommend cutting cards that don't impact the board the turn they come in. I'm thinking Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos. Smokestack can be too slow as well. In my experiencie these cards can be somewhat winmore; you already have lots of removal so most of the time you don't really need to add more sacrifice effects. Speaking of removal, you have to add Shriekmaw and Ravenous Chupacabra, they are bombs in a Meren deck.

-If you can, make room for Elvish Mystic. It helps with Contamination, and mana accelerations is just allways good to have. Adding Dryad Arbor and Green Sun's Zenith wouldn't hurt either.

-I'd cut back on the amount of highly costed bombs (5 or more CMC), and focus more on efficient creatures with enter the battlefield or sac effects that you can abuse. Reclamation Sage, Manglehorn, Skinrender come to mind. Also, Caustic Caterpillar.

-Add some more card draw/card advantage if possible. Meren can be really strong but is easily disrupted; you need more engine cards to keep the deck going if Meren is killed too many times. They are expensive, but if possible try and add Sylvan Library, Survival of the Fittest and Oracle of Mul Daya. Tireless Tracker, Nissa, Vastwood Seer  Flip, Courser of Kruphix and Smuggler's Copter are other really powerful and cheap cards that generate lots of advantage.

-Having some wraths effects in the deck can be useful too. You can rebuild from a boarwipe much faster than your opponents; exploit that. Toxic Deluge and Damnation are the best.

-Other useful tutors to consider, and which help increase the deck's consistency are Diabolic Intent and Eldritch Evolution, which synergize with your game plan. They can help you find the right card for each situation.

-Mindslicer can win you the game all on it's own.

-Finally, Sadistic Hypnotist is awesome.

Meren is great (she was my first commander and really got me hooked with the format), so I wish you have great success with her!

BabyK on Golgari Sacrifice (MtG Casual)

2 months ago

Skinrender costs one less than the banshee and the effect doesn't end with the turn. It might be worth looking into. I mention tragic slip as a way to take out bigger threats with indestructible. Grave Pact and Phyrexian Obliterator are also decent, but pricey monetarily. Culling the Weak can give a sacrifice and acceleration.The land additions, it anything, would help you keep tempo without losing a turn. And a playset would only cost around $2.

StonedJesus on Black Sabbath

2 months ago

I've always wanted to see this combo work, and I stumbled across this deck when I briefly named my deck (now Aggresive Prison Sex) Black Sabbath. One of the best bands in the history of metal, by the way. Now I'm assuming that this is budget so I'm going to keep these suggestions frugal. Instead of Convolute put Mana Leak or Counterspell, although it seems that Blue isn't a necessary color in here. I'd recommend taking it out completely and putting in more black removal, like Dismember, Geth's Verdict, Grasp of Darkness, Fatal Push, Gatekeeper of Malakir, Fleshbag Marauder, and Walk the Plank. I personally don't think that Priest of the Blood Rite is necessary, it might just hurt you after they kill the demon. Grave Titan, Vampire Nighthawk, Gifted Aetherborn, Phyrexian Obliterator, Skinrender, Gray Merchant of Asphodel, and such. I'm just naming good cards you should consider now, Hymn to Tourach, Torment of Hailfire, Sinkhole, Geralf's Messenger, Dread Wanderer, Diregraf Ghoul, and MOST IMPORTANTLY Dark Ritual. I just think a deck called Black Sabbath should be mono-black. Sorry if I rambled, I just want this deck to kick ass. No deck named after an amazing band should have to lose even once. Good luck


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