Endless Ranks of the Dead


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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Endless Ranks of the Dead


At the beginning of your upkeep, put X 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens onto the battlefield, where X is half the number of Zombies you control, rounded down.

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Endless Ranks of the Dead Discussion

Nightdragon779 on The More the Better - Scarab God Creature Control

1 day ago


Thanks for visiting and the suggestions! Shot your deck an up vote.

For Sensei's Divining Top, you are right. My first play test with the original version of this deck was against a Breya deck that used it to completely destroy me, so I put it in because it was a good card.

Rhystic Study I will run, it is a very good draw engine.

Necropotence however, I will not, and if you are, I recommend you take it out. Necropotence's drawback is that whenever you discard a card, you exile it. I play a lot of discard on myself to eternalize powerful creatures, so I don't think Necropotence would work to my benefit even if it is one of the best black draw spells.

I've never heard of Dread Summons, but it looks like a nice replacement for the Endless Ranks of the Dead I recently swapped out.

However, I don't like Dark Salvation as much cuz my deck's main focus isn't zombies. For yours it can be removal for B. For mine, it's much slower bc most of my zombies are the 4/4s.

Attrition I love. I do not love, however, that I can only kill nonblack creatures. I'll give it a try because it is a nice sac outlet and removal is always welcome.

Phyrexian Reclamation seems relatively pointless because bouncing creatures from my gy to my hand doesn't do too much if I'm already gonna eternalize them.

i24 on Legends never Die

1 day ago

Army of the Damned and Endless Ranks of the Dead also.

There are too many options...

Nightdragon779 on The More the Better - Scarab God Creature Control

2 days ago

Shad0wRaz0r By half zombies I meant the theme of the deck. I only actually play 7 zombie creatures, and they play supporting roles. I don't think Rooftop Storm actually does that much. My main zombie generators are Endless Ranks of the Dead, Ghoulcaller Gisa, and The Scarab God himself. These three fuel his first ability as well as Lich Lord of Unx's second ability.

Badass on The Scarab God Zombie Tribal

3 days ago

Cool deck. Have you considered Endless Ranks of the Dead?

orionwoodking on Zombie Commander Deck

1 week ago

Thanks for the advice. I agree with you, many of those cards are very good while still budget friendly, but I've never been a fan of losing too much life without much choice. Fleshbag Marauder is always fun though and I really like Obelisk of Urd! I'll definitely consider putting them in.

I have to admit I disagree with you about Planar Bridge. Being commander I don't rely on the card but if it does come out, the ability to put search for cards like Death Baron, Endless Ranks of the Dead or Coat of Arms and put them straight onto the battlefield is incredibly useful and has definitely won me a few games. I agree that Chalice of Life  Flip is out of place and I should probably take it out but it's always nice to sit there and gain a tiny bit of life here and there, and seeing your opponent's face on the odd time it combo's with Trespasser's Curse makes it worth it to me.

KarnAgGolem on Gisa and Geralf, Corpses Everywhere!

2 weeks ago

wbrannan98 Endless Ranks of the Dead used to be in the deck. I love the card, I do. But the issue is that with my meta, the card either never resolves or I am kept off my zombies so as to not trigger a benefit. So this enchantment never really did its job. It got the point that it became dreadful to draw into. So I replaced it. shrugs

Brannan on Gisa and Geralf, Corpses Everywhere!

2 weeks ago

Any reason why Endless Ranks of the Dead isn't in here?

demon_vayu on casual zombie deck

3 weeks ago

With the zombie vibe you have, with a budget in mind I would add Endless Ranks of the Dead to increase your undead army.

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