Shared Animosity


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Morningtide Rare

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Shared Animosity


Whenever a creature you control attacks, it gets +1/+0 until end of turn for each other attacking creature that shares a creature type with it.

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Shared Animosity Discussion

lagotripha on Mardu Crawler (competitive modern league)

17 hours ago

Interesting setup. K-command will help with the affinity matchup, but I'm trying to figure out where it'd fit. Personally, I'd swap the scullers for Rotting Rats, freeing up some space with the Faithless Looting self discard for more hand disruption- likely 3 rotting rats, a Nezumi Bone-Reader 2 k-command and 2 thoughtseize in the looting/sculler slots. It might not suit your meta, as you've already cut the higher cost card slots.Eidolon of the Great Revel/Nether Traitor/Shared Animosity/Topplegeist might work more solidly if you're planning on rushing your opponent down before they can react to all the disruption, but its super gimicky and loses out to exile effects.All told, it looks like a really solid attempt at that low cost Dark Confidant/discard aggro archetype, and I can't really suggest any flat upgrades. It feels like it could abuse sacrifice effects, even just to dodge path, but I'm having trouble finding a slot for Greater Gargadon. Really nice setup +1 Keep tinkering.

garrcomm on Cranky Krenko

4 days ago

Hi ay.lobo,

Thanks for the suggestions!For now, I've located an Goblin Lackey, Shared Animosity and Goblin Bombardment. I've added a few others on my wishlist but have to locate affordable way to get those, which is always a challenge ;-)

ay.lobo on Cranky Krenko

5 days ago

Hi there. Firstly, go goblins! Hmm... So much to recommend. From the top of my head:

Goblin Lackey/Warren Instigator-speeds up goblin coming into play drastically

Goblin Welder/Goblin Tinkerer- artifact hate

Mogg Infestation- doubles your goblin count

Goblin Warrens- goblins for goblins

Quest for the Goblin Lord- a cheaper anthem to boost your creatures

Shared Animosity- huge boost to combat damage

Myriad Landscape- only land I could think of at the moment for non basic land

On a sidenote, you may want to think about one of red decks greatest weakness: draw power.

Bou on EDH Lovisa's lovetaps

1 week ago

Thanks for the thoughts!

@M@sticore: I just took the Boldwyr Intimidator out because while making cowards does seem very very nice, I find him too high on the curve. he does help dealing with blockers so I might put him back in if playtests reveal I need more dodges.

@LittleBlueHero: Barrage of Boulders is already in! Not only does the art fit, the stones we throw actually disables blockers - which could turn lethal if used at the right time. Bring Low is .. not useful at all, and way too expensive for a bolt.

Goblinslide, Dragon Fodder, and Hordeling Outburst did cross my mind as I recently acquired them for my goblin deck (EDH Gigglin' Goblin Grenades!). While they don't get Lovisa buffs, they would help with Goblin Rabblemaster, Shared Animosity, and Coat of Arms.. But I don't really want this to turn into a goblin deck as well.

Will definitely be picking up some of those snow goblin tokens :).

ej133 on Green Elf Wins.

1 week ago

Yes, you're right, having a multicolored manabase is extremely punishing in these days Modern (trust me, I play Esper.).

But, my suggestions are more toward the fact that there are some cards in your list that really don't go further into swarming neither into pumping up counters, such as Omnath. And Wren's Run Packmaster... well, it doesn't really sum up anything to your gameplay, when you could spend these 4 mana to gather some actual game changing value (trample, more counters or even two 2-drop creatures with good ETB triggers).

Anyhow, keep on playing! Tribal decks are really cool! I used to play a 5-color Slivers, and now I'm into Esper Spirits. I love creatures that share a type. My wet dream is a deck that can use Coat of Arms and/or Shared Animosity to its full power.

MohenjoDaro on Aurochs Charge!

2 weeks ago

Glad you liked my deck enough to make a version yourself! As I've said, Aurochs are one of my favorite tribe because they're so powerful the more you have out.

My deck focused on using Shared Animosity to buff however many Aurochs I had out where your deck focuses on getting more out.

After doing some play testing with your deck, it gets mana screwed for me a lot (probably luck of the draw and tappedout being annoying) but it feel like you don't have the draw and it slows the deck down. As much as I want to love Descendants' Path in the deck, there just aren't enough Aurochs for it to be beneficial, it seems to do more harm than good. Once it's out you have a low chance of the next card being a Auroch and a higher chance of it being a helpful card that gets put on the bottom of the deck. I suggest adding Lifecrafter's Bestiary which would let you scry to increase the chance of the top card being an Auroch for Descendants' Path to work even better, and as an added bonus, it adds some card draw for you so you can miss less land drops.

I love the Crown of Fury being in the main deck since it means the Aurochs won't die when attacking (unless another creature has first strike).

I don't feel that you need 3 Fires of Yavimaya, 2 should be enough (sideboard 1 just in case though).

Cultivate is a nice card, but for 3 mana it slows the deck down on that turn 3 or 4. If you play Overgrowth then you can play Cultivate on turn 4 which will prep you for playing Aurochs on turn 5, but I'm not sure it's really worth it. Maybe try testing some Arbor Elfs instead of the Cultivates? They untap a forest, so a forest with an Overgrowth on it will yield 3 + 3 = 6 mana from being untapped. Otherwise it's a nice blocker so you don't need to waste your Aurochs (it also is a bigger target than the Aurochs because 6 mana is amazing and other players don't want you to have 9 mana on turn 4). If you don't want the elves in the deck then Search for Tomorrow acts as a cheaper Cultivate that you can play turn 1 and get the benefits turn 3 (this allows for you to play an Overgrowth on an untapped land so you can use 3 mana on turn 3).

Overall, nice deck, can use some tweaking as can any deck. I'm glad I could inspire you to make a deck for Aurochs, they're such sweet gentle creatures (until they stampede lol).

TheACTR on They'll Catch You On the Flip Side

2 weeks ago

I can understand the desire to run Triumph of the Hordes to end games especially with a deck that starts a little on the lower end of the power scale.

My suggestion for a card you can swap out for Urabrask the Hidden would be Heartwood Storyteller. The punisher effect is nice but feeding resources to other decks is more than likely going to benefit them way more than it does you.

Other than that, a few all stars in my deck have been Kessig Cagebreakers, Feed the Pack, and Greater Good. Aside from the fact that the three play nice together, they all individually help. Cagebreakers makes recovering from board wipes trivial, Greater Good can help with card advantage and protects from exile removal (and if a creature is dying anyways you might as well get something out of it) and lastly Feed the Pack can turn a single buffed creature into a small army that loves Shared Animosity. Aether Vial is also nice as it is a second copy of Yisan that doesn't require mana. But for the life of me I can't think of what else you might could sub out for these possible additions.

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