Fire / Ice

Fire / Ice



Deals 2 damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures, players and/or planeswalkers.


Tap target permanent.

Draw a card.

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Fire / Ice Discussion

ClockworkSwordfish on Sword of Life and Limb

2 days ago

So what if Life and Limb is already a card? Fire / Ice and Feast or Famine both predate the swords by many years.

Boza on Gattison

8 months ago

Now that I got your attention and awesome suggestions for the previous deck, I would like to direct your attention to my pet pauper project, the Erratic Explosion deck:

Erratic victory

I think after the latest masters expansion making Fire / Ice common, it brought a lot to the deck. I think I have optimized it as much as I could, but I think you will see something I have missed.

achilles777 on Eye of the Storm

1 year ago

I would say maybe cutting Electrolyze , Fire / Ice , Fortune's Favor , Geistblast & Reverberate . Liliana of the Dark Realms seems out of place to be honest. I am not sure what you're budget is but you may also want to consider running Cyclonic Rift , Sensei's Divining Top and a not so expensive but better filter card Frantic Search . The has been a lot of discussion with the Bolas's Citadel + Sensei's Divining Top combo.

heckproof on On the Horizon

1 year ago

Shardless Agent would be cool because Simic is underplayed in Modern. Also cool would be Fire / Ice , and Dack Fayden is long overdue to be in Modern.

And while it’s really my own sick fantasy, I think it’d be dope if we got Grindstone . The Painter's Servant deck seems really weak in Legacy. Would a version without Pyroblast still be too good for Modern? Maybe

Dracoson on Izzet tuned enough?

1 year ago

Let me preface this by saying I've been playing Blitz for the last few years, and I love playing it. Having said that, I have several notes on this, so bear with me.

First things first, where's the combo? Temur Battle Rage is the soul of this deck, and it isn't present at all. That's where the deck gets its ability to finish out of nowhere. Pair it with either Mutagenic Growth or even Titan's Strength and boom. Growth tends to be preferred because you can cast it with no mana open, but either is acceptable.

Needs more creatures. I'm not talking a lot more, because you still want a certain spell density, but generally speaking, some combination of Delver of Secrets  Flip and/or Elusive Spellfist s are in the list, otherwise you just fold to incidental removal. I like 4x Delver, 4x Fiend, 4x Cypclops, but you should definitely have 3-5 more creatures.

Card selection. I understand shying away from Preordain if you're trying to keep to a budget, but Ponder and at least one other card selection spell is a must. I don't care for Brainstorm but anyway you slice it, you want several of these type of spells. Typically it's 8-12 with Gush on top, but this deck NEEDS to look at a lot of cards to get to the ones it needs for the situation, and targeted cantrips just don't cut it.

Mana base. I see two problems here. First is straight up number. You're running 16, when 18 is a more realistic number. Those first two-three land drops are essential. The secend issue is the number that come in tapped. There is a certain value in playing cards like Evolving Wilds , Terramorphic Expanse , and/or Ash Barrens when you are playing Brainstorm , but you don't need to pack duals on top of it. I wouldn't play more than 6, and then I would want 2-3 of those to be Ash Barrens . 4 is probably a better number. Use the duals if you move away from Brainstorm, and the "fetches' if you don't.

Don't forget protection. Apostle's Blessing is the go to, but you need some way of keeping your creature alive on your big turn. Dispel can also do that. Gitaxian Probe is also helpful to make sure the coast is clear before you commit.

Now, as for Fire / Ice , the card is fine, and there are a few flex spots to include it as a 1-3 of. When I tested it, it seemed underwhelming. It's a utility tempo card, and this deck plays more of a combo deck with a tempo back up plan.

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