Grim Lavamancer


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Archenemy: Nicol Bolas (E01) None
2012 Core Set (M12) Rare
Premium Deck Series: Fire and Lightning (PFL) Rare
Torment (TOR) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Grim Lavamancer

Creature — Human Wizard

, , Exile two cards from your graveyard: Grim Lavamancer deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

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Grim Lavamancer Discussion

TheSurgeon on Searing Flesh

3 days ago

LonelyDonkeyKong- your suggestions are good and well intended, but I have a few issues with some of the choices for the MB:
Pyromancer Ascension- while this would offer resources, it only copies the spells that are cast, and do little for the archetype of the deck as the copies don't trigger the Pingers.

Guttersnipe and Bedlam Reveler are simply too much for their effects.

Grapeshot is absolutely viable, but I have not committed to it yet, as I would like to test how long and consistent the storm chains play.

With that being said: no, the haste cards are not doing much for the deck itself, but do proc the Pingers, and offer the cantrip, which is the sole purpose of this deck, and also allow Grim Lavamancer to do his job late-game immediately for the kill. Believe me, they belong in here for one reason or another.

Young Pyromancer feels like a sideboard card as the first game should be a full-throttle speed kill, while noting weaknesses against the opposing deck.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll consider them further as the deck gets tested. I'm still waiting for cards to assemble the deck, after that, you bet I'll be tuning the numbers.

Icbrgr on Turbo Fog (Legacy)

1 week ago

I do have one more thing to point out about Ethereal Haze and that is that it doesnt specifically prevent combat damage but rather ALL damage a creature could do including ping effect from Grim Lavamancer; giving a little bit more reach with the fog spells...Im not really familiar with the Meta of Legacy... but if Storm is there Rule of Law can bolster Leyline of Sanctity as well as just negate the opponents additional draw to stop them from dumping there hands making Black Vise more effective if you go that route... Good luck I hope you find a way to make Turbofog work out for ya in Legacy... Im working with it in Modern myself with fringe success.

ZorrosRage on Burn baby burn

1 week ago

Few cards to think of since your going budget.

Soul-Scar Mage Not a bad Prowess card

The Flame of Keld I really like this card. Very underrated fills your hand when you fizzle out.

Grim Lavamancer Just a good burn card

Young Pyromancer fun card that makes you tokens

BigBoyBeau on Unique New Burn Concept, 8-Flame ...

1 week ago

Some of the mechanics of this deck different than typical Burn, Pyromancer, Storm, Goblin, or Hollow One decks. In 8-Flame you want to increase the number of damage triggers on a specific turn while you benefit from +2 damage and double damage modifiers.

I'd like to clarify the use of several cards for StopShot and anyone else who's been wondering about card choices.

Regarding Monastery Swiftspear and prowess triggers, there are actually 14 noncreature spells and an additional 20 lands that can be used as "retrace" targets of the noncreature spell Flame Jab. That means more than half the cards in the deck can trigger prowess!

Unfortunately Curse of the Pierced Heart must deal damage during the opponent’s turn when it should not or cannot be modified by either Quest for Pure Flame or The Flame of Keld, respectively. If Curse of the Pierced Heart trigger on it’s owner’s turn after the draw step, it could be a staple in this deck.

The graveyard card sources for Grim Lavamancer include the 8 self-sacrificing creatures Spark Elemental and Keldon Marauders as well as the 8 Flame enchantments, the 4 Flame Jabs (only one Flame Jab needs to remain in the graveyard for “Retrace”) and some of the 20 "Retraced" Mountain cards. The Scorched Rusalkas can sacrifice your other creatures on demand. Most of the deck and go to the graveyard and fuel the two Grim Lavamancers!

Scorched Rusalka has more good uses. It can sacrifice itself and other creatures you control after combat the same turn that Quest for Pure Flame and The Flame of Keld are increasing damage. (You can achieve as much as 6 damage for each creature sacrificed with just one Quest for Pure Flame and one The Flame of Keld modifying the damage!) Scorched Rusalka's ability can also be done at instant speed in response to removal. Scorched Rusalka helps fuel Grim Lavamancer.

Having cleared up reasons for card choices, I do appreciate your advice. Goblin Guide, Fanatical Firebrand, and Goblin Grenade are attractive options. I may try them later in a goblin variant of the 8-Flame deck!

StopShot on Unique New Burn Concept, 8-Flame ...

1 week ago

Hmmm, given noncreature spells don't even make up a quarter of your deck I doubt you are getting much advantage using Monastery Swiftspear's prowess ability. I'd recommend cutting it for Goblin Guide or Fanatical Firebrand.

Impact Tremors is only really good if you're spamming tokens or using something like Norin the Wary. Once in top-deck mode you'll only be playing one creature for turn if you're not drawing lands or non-creature spells. I would run Curse of the Pierced Heart over it, because it's much more consistent and deals damage practically the turn it comes into play.

Grim Lavamancer is only really good if you find it easy filling up your graveyard. Most burn decks run a bunch of burn spells and fetch-lands to fill up the yard so that they always have fuel to burn. Yours lacks this and you definitely don't want to exile a flame jab if you can help it. There are some discard effects, but I don't think it would sustain a lavamancer for enough turns that you'd want it to. Maybe consider Flameblade Adept, but more discard effects would probably be preferable for it too.

Scorched Rusalka is kind of dinky. I understand sacking the Marauders and Elemental for value does seem good, but for 1 damage doesn't feel like that good of a deal. I think Hellspark Elemental would end up dealing far more damage for you.

I think if you were to running Goblin Guide and Fanatical Firebrand with your Goblin Fireslinger and maybe cut out two mountains for 2 Mutavaults you could probably justify running Goblin Grenade which would probably help give your deck more of an edge.

BigBoyBeau on 8-Flame

1 week ago

The same concerns came up when testing began on this idea. They are valid concerns lagotripha. It is difficult and counterintuitive to let go of the classic burn staples. Could the retrace effect of Flame Jab make up for the higher damage of Lightning Bolt? The simple answer is yes. These "ping damage" cards improve the deck.

The ping abilities of Goblin Fireslinger, Scorched Rusalka, Grim Lavamancer, Impact Tremors, Viashino Pyromancer, Keldon Marauders and Flame Jab multiply exceptionally well with both The Flame of Keld and Quest for Pure Flame. This is because they get tokens faster for Quest for Pure Flame and they create more instances of damage for The Flame of Keld to add to.

If all this sounds unbelievable, please playtest the deck a few times. Usually lethal damage occurs between turns 4-6. The math allows about 10-100 damage dealt!

Remember that The Flame of Keld adds 2 damage to each source for one turn; and Quest for Pure Flame doubles each source of damage. Multiple copies of Quest for Pure Flame have a compounding effect.

BraxTune on Mission Control U/R

2 weeks ago

I played around alot with the idea of building a Blue Moon deck or a Storm deck but in the end I wanted to take my own route and create something a little obscure and a little unpredictable. I toyed with artifacts, manlands, and enchantments. but nothing really gave me enough actual control over the game. I wanted something more pure and something focused. Something that made losing some of the available synergies actually work in my favor. Manamorphose was always floating around the back of my head for this build but finding a place where I would risk having a direct effect in a draw kinda took away from the allure. The Draw & Go become less important as my deck evolved. The same feelings are kind of in place now for Faithless Looting. An incredible card for sure and my older shell ran 3x.

Guttersnipe admittedly has always been a more questionable part of my build. There have been many games won from his presence and many games lost to his borderline prohibitive CMC. I like the idea of Bedlam Reveler I almost forgot that card even existed! haha. I will probably give that card some time to shine in my test plays.

Grim Lavamancer is a much easier choice for a deck like mine. The only question in my mind is: How many to run? lol. Just... disgusting utility that card. I have won many games on its back. I have never lost a game because of its presence, for sure. If you can't give him ammo, you are probably playing too conservatively or you have already lost and you just don't know it. In that way, having one on the board is a good gauge of how your game is going.

vomitpile on Mission Control U/R

2 weeks ago This is the list I've been getting cards for, it's super similar, just some number differences and the creatures. Manamorphose is another strong card you might consider, it can help with Cryptic Command or Mission Briefing mana and acts as "free" triggers for the creatures, lots of synergy and lets you shave on the more situational cards for the side. I'm not running Grim Lavamancer because I'm going to try a fetchless landbase, similar to what storm has been doing for a while but with Field of Ruin to either hit flipped Search for Azcanta  Flips (lots of UW at the store I got to most often) or Tron lands/Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and dedicating less sideboard to those matchups.

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