Brightstone Ritual


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Common

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Brightstone Ritual


Add (Red) to your mana pool for each Goblin in play.

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Brightstone Ritual Discussion

Odysseus_97 on Krenko´s Army

1 week ago

jordybear2002: I have played with Fireball before and it did work when i had the setup for it, but there was a lot of times where the setup just wasnt there yet and it was a dead card/draw. I might include it once again once i have tested some more with some of the other cards i aquired.

Brightstone Ritual: Never saw this card, but this will definetly be a card i will look for now, as it could easily become a part of the deck. The sad thing is that once you have that many goblins, you don't really need that card. I think something like a Treasonous Ogre would be more useful as you can balance the mana you need more efficiently over multiple turns.

jordybear2002 on Krenko´s Army

1 week ago

A Brightstone Ritual and a Fireball together would work well if you're late game and need a quick escape from a creature or you have enough to kill your opponent. But you could use your mana to hit different targets.

Gotreck on The Fire Burns Forever | Mono Red Goblins

2 weeks ago

If you want to make a goblin tribal deck you should include Ogre Battledriver-Door of Destinies- Herald’s Horn .

Also there are a lot of sorcerys that generate goblins like: Krenko's Command - Dragon Fodder - Empty the Warrens - Mogg Alarm - Kuldotha Rebirth - Hordeling Outburst - Goblin Rally. Why not duplicate all the goblins with Mogg Infestation to deal a lot of damage with purphoros and explode on mana with Brightstone Ritual.

Fluffpocalypse on Purphy's Blasta Boys

2 weeks ago

Overall the deck looks like it has a really nice balance between strength and fun. Nice job! Some things I would change around a bit have to do with getting a little closer to the constant burn theme of Purphoros, as well as some options for utility:


Rather than Splinter Twin, Id say either a Sulfuric Vortex or a Leyline of Punishment would likely help to give a little more problem-solving capability to the deck. Sure burn damage is awesome on its own, but I cant tell you how many times Ive played against a dang Oloro that got to near 90 health within 10 turns without anyone able to answer their shenanigans. Even a single Sphinx of the Steel Wind can make another player really hard to pin down if left to their own devices for long enough. These enchantments ideally answer the overarching threat of overhealing - especially Leyline of Punishment, since it makes your damage (and other players damage) unpreventable.


I would think that maybe you could swap your Zealous Conscripts for a Thopter Assembly. I know that Zealous Conscripts is pretty good threat mitigation, but I would say that a Thopter Assembly would be a card that really provides a vast array of utility to your currrent kit. It acts like a token-generating Norin the Wary, and it makes five tokens all at once. Counting the creature itself, that amounts to 12 damage to everyone if the tokens are allowed to land...and the awesome thing is you can keep repeating this process over and over again! Even once the tokens are there, you now have five 1/1s to work with - perfect sac material for Goblin Bombardment or Ashnod's Altar...10 colorless mana or five pings can get you a surprisingly long way.


I dont know if this is just my personal preference talking or if for this build it really is viable, but as a rule of thumb for myself, I usually like running 36 - 38 lands. I would think taking out the Fire Diamond and Brightstone Ritual in favor of two more Mountains would be good, although probably not at all necessary.

All in all its a cool looking deck. I love red to bits so I couldnt help but comment - Purphoros, God of the Forge is like, one of my favorite cards ever. Good luck with tuning and playing the deck!

cdkime on Cranky Krenko

1 month ago

I am a fan of Brightstone Ritual and Skirk Prospector in Goblin decks. Both provide fairly significant mana ramp. Skirk Prospector also goes infinite with Krenko, Aggravated Assault, and 3 other goblins in play (tap Krenko to generate 5 1/1 goblins, sacrifice them to Prospector to activate Aggravated Assualt, which untaps Krenko, etc.)

Goblin Grenade is a great removal spell, providing significant damage to target creature or player for very little investment.

cdkime on Suicide Goblin Squad

1 month ago

Skirk Prospector, Brightstone Ritual, and Disintegrate are solid additions. Prospector allows you to kill off your Goblin Arsonist, triggering their damage and providing mana to replace them. A turn with Brightstone Ritual, followed by sacrificing your damage dealing goblins, followed by Disintegrate would likely end the game.

Jhudthestud on Pauper Goblin Synergy Burn

1 month ago

This deck is really simple. Terrarion and Ichor Wellspring to Draw Cards. Lightning Axe and Flame Slash to kill any size creatures early to mid-game. Drop a ton of Goblins with Dragon Fodder, Krenko's Command, and Kuldotha Rebirth. Once Goblins are out, Brightstone Ritual gets a ton of manna to fuel your Fireball for board wipes or damage to the face. Goblin Lookout pumps your goblins for a big swing, while in the same turn, Goblin War Strike does 1 player damage for each goblin you control. This deck usually wins on turn 4.

thegigibeast on Zada, Hedron Grinder - Storm

1 month ago

Sorry for double post, and I may sound annoying, but I am in the process of building myself a Zada list and just found out that Reiteratecould combo with Brightstone Ritual, Inner Fireor Battle Hymnif they generate enough mana and could also be used as a counter-counter spell. Have you tested it already? Is it too cute?

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