Chromatic Sphere


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin Common
Invasion Uncommon

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Chromatic Sphere


1, Tap, Sacrifice Chromatic Sphere: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Draw a card.

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Chromatic Sphere Discussion

colton815 on

1 week ago

Chickens_are_awesome i think you miss the point of this deck. the ramp is the urza lands. Llanowar Elves doesnt do enough on its own to cast cards with cmc 7, but with the urza lands, i can have 7 mana and be casting a Karn Liberated on turn 3. the mana "ramp" in this deck are the cards that help me search the lands. those are Sylvan Scrying, and Expedition Map. Ancient Stirrings also lets me add lands to my hand, while Chromatic Star and Chromatic Sphere help me draw them. thats 20 cards just dedicated to getting my urza lands.

Myr_Mythic on Kiss Myr Ass (8 Total Lands)

2 weeks ago

Chromatic Sphere can provide simultaneous color fixing and card draw, and and only costs 1. I'd definitely be adding those alongside Ancient Den to make it less painful to splash white.

Postmortal_Pop on Cantrips and Baubles Challenge

1 month ago

Airtight Tappedout, it's been a while since we had a good challenge so let's make some Cantrips and Baubles!

For anyone who isn't familiar with these terms, Cantrips are spells that cost one mana, do something, and draw a card. Like Peek Bandage, etc.

Baubles on the other hand are cheap artifacts that you have to sacrifice to use the ability Chromatic Sphere, Necrogen Spellbomb, etc.

So let's see what we can make!

KurtySpice on EZI Nest

1 month ago

I would consider Reality Smasher as a must include in this deck over Oblivion Sower. It is a must answer card because of its size, it works with your discard theme, and it is easily playable with eldarzi temples and tron.

I would also think about using tron a little bit more efficiently by using Expedition Map/Sylvan Scrying to find the pieces you need for it.

Ancient Stirrings helps you find useful creatures, artifacts and your enchantments, as well as helping you pull pieces for tron.

Consider Chromatic Star and Chromatic Sphere for your coloured mana. Your deck doesn't have too many coloured mana requirements and it helps you trigger fatal push and turn on Emrakul faster.

I hope that helps and I'm sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, school took up my time.

Gravemind111 on Eldrazi Flash

1 month ago

add Chromatic Star and Chromatic Sphere for mana fixing your Burnt Offering and extra card draw.

also removal can take the form of Fatal Push since you'll have things flying off the field.

Void Winnower literally turns off decks, and will buy you precious time to get this fat bird off the ground.Walking Ballista can come in super buff, and then you can use it to slap peoples shit with all the extra counters you were able to put on it. Also just go for a Deathrender setup, you get 2 creatures at the price of one with burnt.

also consider Isochron Scepter and attaching a burnt to it to be able to use it constantly.

Crow_Of_The_Void on Legacy "Budget" Doomsday Control

1 month ago

So far, the main piles i have are Top- Thought Scour, Laboratory Maniac, Darkblast, Unearth, Pick a card -Bottom with 2 Draw cards in hand or 1 with Top on the field all you would need is UBB or UUBB(or Pact) to be safer.

If I were to swap in Deep Analysis, the pile would look more like Top- Thought Scour, Laboratory Maniac, Deep Analysis, Unearth, Pick a card -Bottom, With Gitaxian Probe would cost 1UUB 5hp, not the best pile but an option.

And for Ideas Unbound, I personally feel that going Lotus Petal over Top is the best choice to use, Petal in the pile itself(Though Lion's Eye Diamond is best), along side LED is really the only good way to just hard cast Lab Man, Top- Ideas Unbound, Lotus Petal, Gitaxian Probe, Laboratory Maniac, Gitaxian Probe -Bottom, UUU and 4HP gets you there, less HP if depending on lands or what you have on field and hand. What you could also do is add in a single Chromatic Sphere to replace one of the 5 to have a safer win through priority.

Sorry this is the best I could manage, apart from the various possibilities of what is in hand and on the field, and Doom piles are still a work in progress for me, its getting "late" for me and piles are hard on a major budget XD (Formatting posts are hard)

Crow_Of_The_Void on Legacy "Budget" Doomsday Control

1 month ago

Thank you, I am very new to legacy only playing my friends Death & Taxes deck and very much enjoy Doomsday as a card. In regards to Sunken Hollow over Underground River, I do see where you are going with that, especially if the game goes longer than I would like it to go. I have been looking around at other decks and piles and have seen uses of Lotus Petal or Chromatic Sphere to keep hold of priority, as well as using Ideas Unbound but unsure if that is only good in using with Lion's Eye Diamond piles. Deep Analysis is another one I thought about using throwing it into my grave shouldn't be that hard using Mental Note though Thought Scour should be a "better choice" being slightly more flexible.

Firebones675 on

1 month ago

i'd personally stick to green black tron varrient that has some green, even if it's only off of a couple 4x Llanowar Wastes. Four copies Ancient Stirrings go a long way for the deck to function. They can find both the missing tron piece and your game winning finisher. Sylvan Scrying is also great.

I'd cut down on the number of big eldrazi you have, and add atleast 2-3 Chromatic Star. A lot of tron lists run 4 of both that and Chromatic Sphere to reliably cast their scrying and stirrings as without tron activated, you might struggle to cast your spells.

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