Chromatic Sphere


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Mirrodin (MRD) Common
Invasion (INV) Uncommon

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Chromatic Sphere


{{1}}, Tap, Sacrifice Chromatic Sphere: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Draw a card.

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Chromatic Sphere Discussion

Kogarashi on KCI Combo Graveyard and Resolution ...

1 week ago

In the process of casting a spell or activating an ability, mana abilities (like KCI) are activated before costs are actually paid. In order to have everything in the graveyard at the time all the Trawler and Retriever triggers would go on the stack, things must be sacked to KCI when mana abilities can be activated during the process of activating Spellbomb's ability.

This means you have to sacrifice things to KCI before you actually sacrifice the Spellbomb. If you sacrifice Trawler to KCI, then it's no longer on the battlefield to see you actually sacrifice Spellbomb, and you miss that trigger.

This is why most iterations of the KCI combo I can find online don't use Pyrite Spellbomb, but rather an artifact like Chromatic Sphere that will also produce mana, because instead of sacrificing Scrap Trawler, they sacrifice Krark-Clan Ironworks to itself during the activation of mana abilities (and that must be done after all the other sacrifices to KCI are done, or KCI isn't there anymore for you to sac other things to it). This of course makes the total mana required to recast your artifacts 7, not 6.

So the process would look like this:

  1. State that you're activating Pyrite Spellbomb or, in the example I found, Chromatic Sphere. Put the ability on the stack.

  2. Choose targets as necessary (specifically for the Spellbomb).

  3. Game checks that the ability can be legally activated.

  4. The ability's controller determines the total cost of the ability (in the case of Spellbomb, and sacrificing it if you want the damage, and sacrificing it if you want the card draw).

  5. Since the activation includes mana, this is when you activate mana abilities to pay for it. There's no rule against gaining more mana than you need, as long as you have the sources for it. So this is where you tap Mox Opal, then sacrifice it, Myr Retriever, and either Scrap Trawler or KCI to KCI's ability to produce mana, giving you a current total of 7 mana. Trawler and Retriever will trigger at this point (three for Trawler, one for Retriever), but their abilities won't actually go on the stack until a player would receive priority again. All the named artifacts are in the graveyard at this point, though, in the order in which you sacrificed them, which is why Trawler/KCI must be sacrificed last.

  6. Now you pay the cost for Spellbomb's ability. This is the point at which it is sacrificed. If you sacrificed Scrap Trawler for mana, it's not on the battlefield anymore to "see" the Spellbomb be sacrificed, so you won't get that fourth Trawler trigger.

  7. Now that the ability is properly activated and paid for, priority is passed, so all those triggers will go on the stack and their targets will be chosen. This is why they had to be triggered at that specific point; at any other time, they would go on the stack before all the targets you want to hit are in the graveyard, so your return sequencing wouldn't work. You've got four artifacts, but the Trawler triggers are restricted to "lesser converted mana cost," so the trigger from sacrificing Mox Opal doesn't count because it can't get anything back. If you sacrificed KCI instead of Trawler, you'll have a fourth Trawler trigger, so you would use the three usable Trawler triggers to get back Retriever, Spellbomb, and Mox, and the Retriever trigger to get back KCI. If you Sacrificed Trawler instead, you only have two usable Trawler triggers, so something's stuck in the graveyard.

So obviously you'd want to sacrifice KCI instead of Trawler. The problem here is that you produce a total of 7 mana, one of which you spend to pay Spellbomb's cost. That leaves you with 6 mana to pay the following costs once everything's in your hand: 4 for KCI, 2 for Retriever, and 1 for Spellbomb. You're missing a mana. This is why people usually use Chromatic Sphere instead, because it produces a mana as well as card draw.

I'm not entirely sure if there's a different doable combo using Spellbomb instead, but it doesn't slot neatly into the KCI combo outlined above.

2040364 on Spray and Pray

3 weeks ago

Thank you so much for the help JKRice. I've actually not really looked at this deck in a while, and definitely see some improvements I can make.

Your advice on the mana base is very appreciated, and I can definitely afford on improving it over a period of time, but I will probably upgrade it on here all at once. I am thinking using four of the on-color fetches, as well as the fast lands and shock lands.

As for tutors, I plan on cutting Diabolic Tutor for obvious reasons, and will probably drop to two copies of Beseech the Queen. I think faithless looting does a very good job here, and I could consider adding a Liliana of the Veil to the mainboard instead of either a Fatal Push or Lightning Bolt, and likely a Chromatic Sphere as well. I have tested a Bitter Ordeal in the mainboard, and it did not feel extraordinarily important, as few decks in my meta run anything that would make me feel like Grapeshot is not the better choice here.

As for the sideboard, Damnation is very expensive, and while I own one, I think that a more budget option like Languish could work better for duplicate copies, at least until I can afford more. I will probably run Fulminator Mage over a few copies of Crumble to Dust, and might eventually look in to a few copies of Engineered Explosives.

Once again, many thanks, I really appreciate it.

MrCuddlefish on Leonin Squire Esper Shenanigans

1 month ago

So if you intend to win through using Disciple of the Vault I would reccomend more artifacts that sacrifice themselves, like Terrarion and Chromatic Sphere and you can add in Leonin Elder in order to protect yourself.

Cereal_Killer on Green Budget friendly Tron

1 month ago

I'd definitely add 2 more copies of Ancient Stirrings, and bring up to 4 Expedition Map

Then, why don't you add Chromatic Sphere and Chromatic Star? It gives you green mana and also lets you draw a card. A cheap alternative could be Prophetic Prism. To make space for theese cards I'd cut Elvish Mystic, Elvish Rejuvenator and Llanowar Elves

Some very budget creatures could fit this deck are Endless One or Bane of Bala Ged, but I also really like Sundering Titan and Artisan of Kozilek

DragonKing90 on

1 month ago

i really don't think the tron lands are gonna get the hondens out any quicker than just normal ramp. at best, you're 5cmc honden's are a turn 3 play IF you still have a Chromatic Star/Chromatic Sphere in play. and if you're only running 1 sphere, your chances of that are greatly reduced. so you're basically looking at not really playing anything impactful until turn 4. and at 1 Honden per turn from turn 4 onward, with no interaction, your opponent will just murder you.

Advisorofdark on Jhoira, Turn 0 Combo Captain

1 month ago

Looks like you better get a Mox Amber for this deck now! I will also suggest you add in Chromatic Sphere and Chromatic Star since they can be used to get you an additional draw and filter mana if you really need it, they definitely have more utility than the other 1 cmc cards you have here. Helm of Awakening is 2 cmc but it's the cheapest colorless cost reduction card that will make all of your 1 cmc cards cost 0, which is totally worth it.

Wizardhat91 on Harmless Offering Combo

2 months ago

Through the Breach seems sub-optimal here. Maybe to stick out a Steel Golem for instant blocking, but that's the only card you'd do that with. If you want to splice it onto Desperate Ritual, you need six mana to start, since you have to pay the splice cost when you cast the ritual rather than after it resolves. Through the Breach does help you get Dralnu, Lich Lord out there, but if you're paying five for it you might as well put Chromatic Sphere/Star in that spot since it serves the dual purpose that Manamorphose does. In general I think that a lot of carefully chosen removal, sweepers and draw spells would better suit the offering combo than mana acceleration.

Dralnu's jank payoff seems meager with lightning bolt. Suppose he's your offering and your opponent doesn't play Duress, Inquisition of Kozilek or Hymn to Tourach. Three timely land drops, exile SSG, cast Desperate Ritual, Manamorphose and Dralnu. Don't want to block with him. If he doesn't get bolted while under your control, turn 4 mountain, resolve Harmless Offering and then Lightning Bolt. Opponent sacrifices Dralnu and two of their smallest losses, one of which could have been Black Cat. The transaction cost you five cards, but cost the opponent only two cards or Spirit tokens. Path to Exile in response to your lightning bolt in that scenario would just suck. I would add Shivan Meteor if I was intent on harmlessly offering the Lich Lord.

Criticism always sounds so negative so I want to add that there's a lot I like about the deck too. I'll hand it to you for trying out a tricky style, I'm starting on a similar one.

lagotripha on Deathtouch Galore

2 months ago

First strike/deathtouch is a great style for beginners- with the lifelinkers in there too it should do well in the current aggro meta.

I'll cover a few basics, and explain how this informs my reccomendations for cards. Competitive Modern is a turn 4 format- this means that games start ending at turn 4, and most 'game deciding' moments happen turns 2-6. This means that the most important spells are all cast on very little mana, and tend to have <3 cmc.

As it stands, your curve isn't too bad. You're sitting around cmc3- but most of that is in creatures. Specifically, creatures that want to fight creatures, and some which gain life to try and stop you getting killed by a swarm of lighting bolts. They don't do things the moment they are played, like most 3 drops have to.

Casting a Duress (or its big brother Inquisition of Kozilek) turn one makes games a lot simpler. Playing a 1 drop that trades with Tarmogoyf is amazing, be it Despise or Gnarlwood Dryad.

The equpment are clunky and kinda awkward. They don't protect your creatures very well, and take 4ish mana to turn on. I'd take a look at artifacts that either give your creatures some resiliency for that cost, or provide card advantage. When you spend four mana, you need it to make an impact right away, because you are usually delaying yourself to cast it.

Second, sideboard. A lot of the decks you will see don't really care about their creatures, be it KCI combo, Scapeshift or tron. If you include Duress and artifact hate (Deglamer or whatever), and some graveyard disruption (Tormod's Crypt if you can find nothing else, but Ravenous Trap and Nihil Spellbomb are there), it'll go well.

My recs

Deadly Allure over Lure- its harder to disrupt and faster to use.

Run a single Whip of Erebos in place of a longbow. More creatures getting used and more lifelink is good. It doesn't stack, but that isn't a huge issue.

Something like Ghirapur Orrery, Phyrexian Arena or similar instead of Viridian Longbow- you're going to get more payoff drawing cards than sniping creatures (most of the time). If your opponent is drawing more cards than you and killing your creatures, drawing an equipment is rough. Viridian Claw is the most playable, but without Puresteel Paladin type shenanigans, equipment need to be a smaller part of the list.

If you insist on big equipment then something like Lashwrithe Grappling Hook or Helm of the Host will soak up all your mana, but provide a bigger impact.

For the smaller equipments- you aren't going to be reccuring them with glissa unless you sacrifice them. You can run some Salvage Slasher and Salvage Titan or something, but artifacts which sac themselves like Executioner's Capsule or Chromatic Sphere are the thing to go to there. Fountain of Renewal is worth a look- card advantage and anti-burn in one spell is ok. Mind Stone is a similar candidate.

If you want to use Vengeful Pharaoh, include a discard outlet. The premium options are all over the site, but in this list something like Call the Bloodline will work- trading lands and dead cards for blockers and life is decent. It might also be worth looking at Molten-Tail Masticore- trading dead creatures for finishing a game is usually ok.

All told- your list is remarkably good, and will get a lot of laughs in casual play. The rest is seeing all the options out there and having fun tinkering to overcome your local meta to make it competitive.

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