Giltspire Avenger

Giltspire Avenger

Creature — Human Soldier

Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

Tap: Destroy target creature that dealt damage to you this turn.

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Set Rarity
Conflux (CON) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Giltspire Avenger Discussion

jesmister on Bant Exalted

4 months ago

Add +2 Sublime Archangel Since she is insane. -1 Giltspire Avenger or Ardent Plea As cascading into path to exile, blossoming defense, or rancor with no creatures out is bad, or -1/2 Sigiled Paladin As he just seems very weak and you wont always have double white turn 2 with Cathedral of War , Breeding Pool , or basic island/forest draws? Also, Finest Hour (or Battlegrace Angel If you want a creature?) Looks very strong even though its 5 mana maybe replace one Rafiq of the Many with it or something?

Ayish on Bant Enchantments

11 months ago

Not sure if you're still looking for some help but I saw a comment from you asking for recommendations on this deck. If you're still going with the idea of Voltron I'd personally cut cards like Cold-Eyed Selkie , Dreampod Druid , Giltspire Avenger , Nylea's Colossus , Qasali Pridemage , and Whitewater Naiads . Everything but the Druid and Colossus don't have synergy/good enough synergy with enchantments in my opinion and could be replaced with stronger enchantments or auras. Other creatures that I think could go are Kestia, the Cultivator and Kitsune Mystic . Kestia because with a voltron gameplan you aren't going to be going wide and you even have cards that make it so you only want to attack with one creature so 6 mana to Bestow just for +4/+4 and one cards a turn isn't worth it in my opinion. The Mystic while nice probably won't do much since you want just about everything on Tuvasa so moving auras around doesn't help you out.

For non-creature spells the board-wipes, Phyrexian Rebirth and Winds of Rath could be replaced with spot removal or counterspells but I'd say this is personal preference. Last cut I'd say would be Aura Shards because while it is a good card if you take the recommendations to cut down on creatures you probably won't trigger it very often so a strong aura or other enchantment will do more for you.

Other than that all I can say is you might want to try out Open the Vaults for if you get milled or Tuvasa dies while a ton of auras are on her. I also want to make it clear this is my opinion and I'm not some competitive Tuvasa player. These were just my ideas of how to make the deck into more of a voltron deck like the comment I saw said the deck was.

Spirits on

1 year ago

In your maybeboard I like:

Giltspire Avenger Exalted and can deter attackers, but 3 colors and $1+ makes sense to be a cut.

I would make room for Battlegrace Angel, has exalted and gives your Exalted Attacker lifelink. $0.56!

Cathedral of War was the land I was thinking about Friday, but it's $1.50! Can't include.

Sovereigns of Lost Alara is very powerful, tutors the exact aura you need for any situation, and probably makes them unblockable or lifelink in the process. With every strike it becomes lethal. $5 hard to account for but might be a way.

Rhox Charger is exalted and he has built in Trample, 3/3 Exalted for CMC4 isn't too bad for $0.25.

Stoic Angel would be an auto-include for me, especially with all of your guys making creatures come into play tapped. Swing with your Vigilance (Flying) Angel alone, and avoid any type of counter-strike from opponents. No going to find a better card for $0.50.

Grunn, the Lonely King is another option, he's CMC6 for 5/5 no Trample, but when he attacks, Stack his triggered ability, and then layer on all the Exalted, after the exalted get added, he doubles himself. If you have the kicker 3 a 10/10 for 9 is still ok. Needs a Rancor but he's pretty reasonable, especially with all the built in evasion effects.

Suprised you don't have Knotvine Paladin, he gets +1 from the Exalted ability, and stacks a second +1 for each "untapped" creature, which they all are, so doubles the Exalted when he attacks, another good finisher like Grunn, the Lonely King when evasion is available.

Cold-Eyed Selkie can draw some cards, since your not using blue much you don't have as much draw, since he's still works. Also if you can Exalted and Islandwalk someone, can repopulate your hand.

Swords to Plowshares is the best removal in Budget for $1.

Open the Armory is another Swiftfoot Boots, very important.

Farseek is good, can pull that Island for you.

Sigil of Valor is the exalted equipment because it doubles the Exalted effects!.

Behemoth Sledge is another (slightly worse) Loxodon Warhammer.

Simic Signet/Azorius Signet might be good for getting the as well.

Sigil of the Nayan Gods not bad, because if it useless, it has Cycling.

I'll continue further review later, off the top of my head,

Reciprocate generally bad, once it's hit your life it's too late, someone (situational) it will be good, but most creatures you NEED to remove aren't attacking, and if they are, the specifically have to attack you, and you have to choose to let them hit your life. Condemn is better because it can attack anyone, and doesn't have to connect to your life specifically.

Skarrg Goliath is too high CMC to be useful, and his bloodlust is also too high CMC.

More to come later, I used to have a Daxos of Meletis deck, so I have some ideas, but I utilized the quite a bit more. Fun Selesnya build. +1.

Attack_of_Mogis on Ramos - Budget Commander

1 year ago

This is fantastic. I'm so happy you made this. I also have some suggestions for good 3+ color spells:

and finally, Urza, Academy Headmaster. :)

You have a great deck here. I'll probably make some minor changes and pick it up for myself.

babushkasara on Rafiq

1 year ago

Some suggestions:

jessniem on Tapdancing

1 year ago

Indeed some great tap creatures. I think I should consider some of them, since I have quite a lot of 5-6 CMC spells.

I like cards like Intrepid Hero, Mother of Runes and Giltspire Avenger.

What cards are your all stars in this deck?

GrizzL on Rafiq of the Many

1 year ago

Thanks kamelyan for your comment and suggestions.

So first things first. As i said in the description, I actually have played most of the cards you mentioned/suggested. At the very beginning, when I made the deck, I actually ran all the swords and couple of other equipments, such as Loxodon Warhammer. I also had pretty much all of the multicolor enchantments from the cycle, where Shield of the Oversoul is from. Problem only was, that if rafiq got removed, or I drew mix of swords with protections and multicolor enchants, I couldn't use use both of them, since they countered eachother. So eventually I decided to run very specific equipment package, only to support voltron, not to power it up. Also equipments are re-equipable (WOW) compared to kinda one-time-use auras.

Then for the creatures and other cards. I've, again, played all of them. I just found, that with voltron-deck Battlegrace Angel is irrelevant, because lifegain and +1/+1 are too significant buffs, since you want always be ahead on board and thus you will most of the time stay ahead in life aswell (yes, there is Baneslayer Angel in the deck, but that is from pure flavor reasons :D). What comes to the other exalted cards you mentioned, again, I found that you want to be ahead on board and Cathedral of War is just too slow (it produces colorless mana AND becomes into play tapped). Same with Giltspire Avenger, just too slow and interactive. You always want to be the aggressor. Play cards like Trygon Predator or Rhystic Study for 3 mana for instant effects on board and enemy gameplay, be proactive

And to the last card. Shadow Rift is actually pretty sweet surprise effect. It also cantrips, which is huge. It still is only one time use AND still blockable. If you compare it to already 2 existing cards in my deck, Thassa, God of the Sea and Rogue's Passage, which both are effects that carry over multiple turns and Thassa kinda cantrips every turn with scry and has a possibility to be a creature, I just dont see any reason to play less effective unblockable-effects, than already existing ones.

Oh, and considering your suggestions, what cards i should be replacing? I'd like to hear you comment and thoughts about that (you know, i cant have more than 100 cards in CDMR-deck).

But anyways, thanks for your comment. I'll check your deck out just in a moment.

kamelyan on Rafiq of the Many

1 year ago

Since you're not Voltroning with Artifacts or Auras, Eladamri's Call seems to be your best inclusion.

I think Shield of the Oversoul and Hammer of Nazahn would be nice; but since you're running a creature-heavy deck, maybe you'd like Battlegrace Angel, Giltspire Avenger, or Cathedral of War.

Shadow Rift is a fun, surprise card for when you can do lethal commander damage but you're opponent has a chump blocker.

Won't you check out mine?

Rafiq, c'est Chic

Commander / EDH kamelyan


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