Countryside Crusher

Countryside Crusher

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Creature — Giant Warrior

At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a land card, put it into your graveyard and repeat this process.

Whenever a land card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, put a +1/+1 counter on Countryside Crusher.

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Countryside Crusher Discussion

tjcole1 on 11.7% OF THE TIME, IT WORKS EVERY TIME.

1 day ago

Not sure if this has been pointed out or if im missing something but swinging for game on turn 4 only works if they dont have any blockers out since Countryside Crusher's ability wont put the Fatal Frenzy into your hand so you wont be able to give him trample till turn 5. Still a turn 5 trample creature swinging for game aint bad either, nice deck

soulwarden11 on Red speed/burn

3 weeks ago

If you're looking to drop creatures, I would sideboard the 3x Ash Zealot (and switch them in if you learn you're opp is using flashback or other gravecasting like zombies). I'd also sideboard the Mindsparker for white/blue decks. I dropped planeswalkers from mine because they were too slow (I only used Chandra to revive my Phoenix's most of the time). You've got THREE 5-drops that do almost the same exact thing; I would vote to keep the Dictate of the Twin Gods over the other two. Blazing Salvo would not work since this is supposed to be modern...and Salvo is not.

Personally, I've fallen in love with the Satyr Firedancer and Young Pyromancer, Dangerous Wager and somewhat surprisingly, Browbeat since it either makes them take 5, or you Draw 3, and I consider that a win-win for me (unless they have a life-gain deck...).

I need to update my deck on here so it's current...I'm going to try out a Countryside Crusher to help avoid flooding my board with mana.

Devonin on how does Manabond interact with ...

3 weeks ago

Manabond triggers at the beginning of your end step, and lets you put lands into play and discard the rest. Each land you put into play is going to trigger landfall, so in the case of Seer's Sundial ten instances of "you may pay , if you do, draw a card" will want to go onto the stack. They won't be able to go onto the stack until the ability from Manabond has finished resolving. So you'll put 10 lands into play, discard 0 cards, and then have 10 instances of an option to pay and if you do, draw card.

Thanks to Storm Cauldron, any time you tap 2 mana to draw a card, you're going to end up with 3 cards in your hand (Or less, depending on how much mana Gaea's Cradle is tapping for), the one you drew from the Sundial and the two lands you tapped for its cost.

The start of your end step has already passed, so you have no ability to "retrigger" Manabond.

Assuming you tapped, say, all 10 lands you put into play from Manabond, and the Gaea's Cradle to pay your for the 10 payments for the Sundial, you're going to end up with 11 lands and 10 more cards in your hand after all that has resolved.

If you've only made 1 or 0 actual land plays this turn (Lands put onto the battlefield by Manabond aren't land plays) you could play 1 or 2 of those lands as your land plays for the turn (The 1 you always get and the additional one from Storm Cauldron) leaving you with something like 19 cards in your hand, and you will have to discard down to your maximum hand size, which I will assume is still 7.

bdb20 on Bad Moon Rising

1 month ago


That was mainly just for Countryside Crusher to have better odds of getting one. Plus with Army Ants burning lands, and my creatures either needing mana for regenerate or to boost their power, I figured it might be appropriate. I don't remember how many lands my first take on this had, but as I playtested it, I kept bogging myself down with regenerate and Army Ants. I'll see what I can do, because that is a lot though.

Asher18 on Themes/Gimmicks

1 month ago

no. an idea that trumps all is Countryside Crusher. That or Storm Crow. not even kidding on the former

shinobigarth on Banning Battle of Wits

1 month ago

sure it can be beaten like any deck, but the point is, you won't have just this and Islands, you'll have something like this deck here, counters and stuff to slow your opponent down. stuff to slow down aggro or what have you and then lay it down turn 5, and then barring the fairly unlikely chance of them having enchantment destruction between your turn 5 and 6 (if they are even packing any of that since this is not modern), you just auto win. in any other format its not a big deal since you have to draw it, but when you can just play the exact card needed to auto win as soon as you have the mana, and your opponent can't stop it unless they happen to be running something that can get rid of it, yeah its just not fun to play against.

Countryside Crusher isn't that bad since he can be killed or dealt with much easier and in every color. Battle of Wits is like, not playing blue? not running green or white enchantment hate (i.e. black or red)?? too bad, you lose!!! yeah, its just pretty dumb. if noble really ends up taking off, i just hope i don't see more than a couple of these decks, which granted i probably won't but...

twospires on 11.7% OF THE TIME, IT WORKS EVERY TIME.

1 month ago

I just playtested. Started with Countryside Crusher in my opening hand. Turn 3 I drew Fatal Frenzy. Then I played the Crusher and decked myself the next turn.

So that's a thing.

themlsna on Dug too deep (help wanted)

1 month ago

For a land destruction deck, you aren't doing much to upset your opponent's mana base. Pillage, Seismic Spike, Ruination (depending on what lands you see often), Molten Rain, and Wildfire are all good options.
Instead of reworking the deck to include those, I think a couple Bazaar Traders would be good. You have ways around Aggressive Mining, your opponent probably doesn't. Throw this their way, and they're boned.
It seems this deck would have lots of problems against decks that ran even a few creatures that had flying or were 3/3 or bigger. I don't see many options to get rid of threats. If your opponent no longer has to tap land to play anything, and you can't stop their attackers, what are your options? Right now, relying on Ankh of Mishra and Zo-Zu doesn't leave you in control of how much damage your opponent takes, or even if they take damage at all. Countryside Crusher, Detritivore, Dwarven Driller, Dwarven Blastminer, Goblin Razerunners, Invader Parasite, Keldon Firebombers, Shivan Wumpus are all creatures that either destroy lands, or benefit from destroyed lands.
Hope you find some of these suggestions useful. Good luck!

Power / Toughness 3/3
Color(s) Red
Cost 1RR
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 1.19
Avg. cube pick 11.05


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Morningtide Rare

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