Countryside Crusher

Countryside Crusher

Creature — Giant Warrior

At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top card of your library. If it's a land card, put it into your graveyard and repeat this process.

Whenever a land card is put into your graveyard from anywhere, put a +1/+1 counter on Countryside Crusher.

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Countryside Crusher Discussion

WillowtheCouncil on The World's Cheapest EDH Deck

4 days ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Countryside Crusher doesn't give you a choice. You are forced to mill the land. Since the rest of the deck is lands, you'll self mill in exchange for a huge bonus to P/T.

In other words you have to win the turn after you play Crusher

HoboTSH on Alesha, the Natural Warrior (ONLY $50!)

3 weeks ago

brother1: Mardu Hateblade is a drop that gets value by becoming a deathtouched blocker for . The plan with him is to have him defend after I tap out to attack with the rest of my creatures. He discourages the opponent from attacking with their commanders or large creatures. Mardu Hordechief is better IMHO with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death's ability as he can get a new token whenever I play him. Plus I cannot reanimate Mardu Strike Leader. This also is the reason Dutiful Attendant is in the deck. On his own he is weak but he allows me to pull creatures from the graveyard that Alesha, Who Smiles at Death can't especially since he is a valid target for Alesha himself. Aven Skirmisher is sideboard to deal with flyers or huge walls like Wall of Frost because those decks can give me ahard time if I can't draw my burn. I'll look into Mogg War Marshal but tokens are a bonus in this deck, not a focus. Especially if they aren't warrior tokens. Goblin Wardriver will also get a look but he just looks like a situational Chief of the Edge in this deck. Countryside Crusher and Lifebane Zombie are good cards but their 3 power makes them less attractive in this deck because they cannot be grabbed by Alesha, Who Smiles at Death. Thanks for the input and nothing personal but with this deck I am going for synergy with Alesha, Who Smiles at Death and the warrior tribal.

Heavystorm274: Good call lol. They are functionally the same but I know Oblivion Ring can actually end up permanently exiling the creature if you use it right. I will throw it in once I get my hands on one!

NotaNetDeck: Thanks for the input! I did not know about that combo. While I don't like cards and combos like that, I may sideboard it just in case someone is being an asshat.

brother1 on Alesha, the Natural Warrior (ONLY $50!)

3 weeks ago

Your noncreature spells look pretty good, but I can see a few better options as far as the creatures are concerned. Mardu Hateblade, Mardu Hordechief, Aven Skirmisher and Dutiful Attendant seem a bit weak to me. Mardu Strike Leader is an excellent addition to a warrior deck; Mogg War Marshal is another great way to make tokens. I'd also look into Countryside Crusher, Goblin Bushwhacker, Goblin Wardriver, and maybe Lifebane Zombie for the sideboard. Probably not room in the decklist for all of these but I wanted to throw some suggestions out there.

Programmer_112 on Yes, I did go 8-0 with 48 lands at FNM. See how...

1 month ago

Rancor is actually pretty awful with Countryside Crusher. At least with Fatal Frenzy, you can give your dude trample after they declare blockers. Rancor doesn't really do anything useful, and the power boost is negligible.

sonnet666 on Yes, I did go 8-0 with 48 lands at FNM. See how...

1 month ago

Marenkai: But Fling still fails against Leyline of Sanctity and Countryside Crusher doesn't have trample and can wind up milling you out if it sticks around too long. How do you win if their board isn't clear?

Marenkai on Yes, I did go 8-0 with 48 lands at FNM. See how...

1 month ago

Having great results with my new SB tech: 4 Countryside Crusher + 3 Fling

They'll probably side-in Enchantment hate and Leyline of Sanctity to shutdown your combo, so this tech is perfect: you come from a creatureless MB and go G2 with a Creature kill.

So G1 surprises the oponent, G2 Still surprises the oponent and if there's a G3 it confuses the oponent for his own SB-tech ! Hilarious to see ! xD

formayor on (Competitive) Volcanic Loam

1 month ago

+1. Most aggressive Molten Vortex build I've seen so far. I like it. A couple notes - though your sideboard looks like it will do a good job of dealing with some difficult matchups (Affinity, Tron), it seems a little too redundant on artifact hate, especially for a deck with a lot of draw power. I think you could bring in some more flexibility with an extra Abrupt Decay and/or Maelstrom Pulse, and maybe a lifegain gag. I've playtested a similar build quite a bit, and one problem I've run into is that Liliana of the Veil can nearly match this type of deck's attrition abilities on her own, while Jund/Junk is far more likely to find a game-breaking Tarmogoyf or something off the top - hence I recommend the extra removal for her/other planeswalkers. I've also found that this type of deck often needs a little lifegain against Burn, and occasionally in long games against Control, etc.. I realize lifegain isn't something you want to necessarily be doing with a deck this aggressive, but it's something to chew on as you test. Syphon Life might do. You could also replace a couple Destructive Revelry or Ancient Grudge with Nature's Claim. It serves about the same purpose when you really need it, but you can also kill your own enchantments for the lifegain in a pinch, which I don't think is that nuts as you have 6 Vortex/Assault, plus the Countryside Crusher as another finisher. Good luck.

Power / Toughness 3/3
Color(s) Red
Cost 1RR
Converted cost 3


Format Legality
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Morningtide Rare

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