Legendary Creature — Fox Cleric

: Target permanent you control gains protection from white until end of turn.

: Target spell or permanent becomes white until end of turn.

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Eight-and-a-Half-Tails Discussion

Xingact on Aurelia Wants Your Lunch Money (NEEDS HELP!)

1 day ago

I think trying to lower your average converted mana would help out a ton. Cheaper cards to consider: Mother of Runes and Eight-and-a-Half-Tails for protection, Knight of the White Orchid, Solemn Simulacrum, and Burnished Hart, and Treasonous Ogre can help ramp out threats while applying pressure. Sunforger is an absurdly good card when including enough good instants. Some good targets: Dawn Charm, Boros Charm, Price of Progress, Return to Dust, Lapse of Certainty, Orim's Thunder, Tithe, Silence, Swords to Plowshares, Wear / Tear, and if you don't like blue, Boil.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 days ago

I can't see Parallectric Feedback regularly doing more than 6 damage. I don't think that will be enough to do it. Sin Prodder would alert the opposition to my plans and resources, which would be an almost guaranteed loss. I had never considered Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, but I am not sure it gives me enough protection for the mana cost needed. I will have to think about it. Gonti's Machinations is an interesting card I had never seen. I am not sure that the swing is enough to make it worth it. Exsanguinate is a very similar card, but with a much higher potential. I am not sure why I would chose Gonti's Machinations over Exsanguinate or it's variations, aside from the small Rattlesnake effect.

Ucenna on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

3 days ago

Okay, that makes sense.

For me Stinkweed Imp is a must. My playgroup plays a lot of fliers, and Stinkweed Imp is a solid rattlesnake that I can get back whenever I want.

Dictate has served me well in my play tests. Cast it end of turn and then through everything you've got into your next turn.

Thoughts on the Eiganjo Castle, Shizo, Death's Storehouse, and Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep? I run Shinka because deathtouch + first strike is nice to have. The others might be worth considering, and Shizo can be another Key to the City.

Reflect Damage is a card I'm trying out but haven't cast yet. It's not very mana efficient, but it has more versatility than others. It makes Windstorm effects almost instakills.

I'm not running Necropotence, mostly because I don't really enjoy the card. Instead I run Sin Prodder. My deck is a bit more aggressive than yours, and I appreciate being able to sneak the extra damage in when I can.

Another card that I can't decide about is Eight-and-a-Half-Tails. It provides solid pillowforting and permanent protection abilities as well as evasion, but it's rather mana intensive. Still, it has a lot of versatility.

I've also been using Gonti's Machinations. I know it's not great, but it provides a little bit of discouragement and affords me a lot of life gain. And sometimes that 3 damage is exactly what I need to close out the game. Yesterday it won me 1 game, and would have won me another if it hadn't been O-Ringed.

Also, Parallectric Feedback?

Muglacious_NiceFaceToad on Slow Deck... Any help?

1 week ago


Boros is always difficult for card draw and ramp. I'm going to list all the ones I have been playing with some of the budget ones are really great and some of the expensive ones really are worth the cost.

Here are some of the things I have been playing with and found useful for my Angel Tribal (work in progress) deck.

Ramp; Knight of the White Orchid, Burnished Hart, Wild-Field Scarecrow, Solemn Simulacrum, Pilgrim's Eye, Myriad Landscape, Pearl Medallion, Sword of the Animist, Khalni Gem, Armillary Sphere, Land Tax, Gift of Estates, Tithe, Oath of Lieges, Sword of Feast and Famine and Crucible of Worlds(which will allow you to hit all your land drops if you have fetch lands)

Mana rocks that can be used as ramp to get your fatties out early;Sol Ring, Worn Powerstone, Gilded Lotus, Hedron Archive, Boros Signet, Coalition Relic, Thran Dynamo, Coldsteel Heart, Chrome Mox, Chromatic Lantern, Commander's Sphere, Cultivator's Caravan, Manalith, Star Compass, Doubling Cube

Card Draw;Mind's Eye, Sword of Fire and Ice, Staff of Nin, Rogue's Gloves, Sin Prodder(Absolutely try this guy), Tamiyo's Journal, Slate of Ancestry, Loreseeker's Stone.

Creatures;Sunblast Angel kills all your opponents creatures and is a nice flyer, Pristine Angel Can only be dealt damage by non-artifact colorless creatures aka eldrazi while untapped. If you give her vigilance she can't be blocked either. Color protection is Really really good. Mother of Runes you can use her color protection to counter removal spells on your creatures one per turn. Eight-and-a-Half-Tails more protection!, Blinding Angel if they can't attack you..., Angelic Skirmisher super effective for all your creatures to choose Each combat lifelink, vigilance, first strike. Giving all your creatures lifelink is definitely something. Iroas, God of Victory he's low mana cost & exceptional, Oketra the True, Steel Hellkite super utility removal. Duplicant Also exceptional removal of even indestructible things, which it seems you like with your current removal. Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs great with gisela, I see you like stuffy doll and boros reckoner how aboutCoalhauler Swine, Mogg Maniac, and Spitemare. They work Really well with damage doublers. When they pull out all the stops and attack you fora lethal 20+ damage, Selfless Squire and you get a 21+/21+ creature to attack past their tapped creatures on your turn.

If you like Deflecting Palm I'd like to recommend Ride Down, & Boros Fury-Shield. Pyrohemia is incredible with Gisela, as long as she is out and you only activate one at a time all damage is prevented to you and doubled to your opponents and their creatures. For stuffy doll and reckoner definitely enchant them with Pariah so when ever you are attacked that damage goes to your opponents instead!

Anyway sorry for the novel. I'm sure I gave you too much but hey it's better than too little eh?

Gadianten on Divine Machinations (Cleric Tribal)

1 week ago

Thank you for the input NV_1980 for your input. Your observation about Eight-and-a-Half-Tails cost is accurate and his casting cost can be a hamper at times as I want to cast my creatures rapidly, although I have been tempted to add him for spot removal denial and ensuring evasion of blockers for end game plays and card draw using my commander. Previously, if I am honest his lack of the human sub type has generally kept him out of the deck but I guess all I really need are the combo pieces to be human so I will see if I can find a spot for him.

Frontline Medic has been in and out of the deck several times; it was cut last time for lower CMC clerics to help speed up the deck for powering up the main combo, oddly enough I have found that X spells are not what get you in my meta or even generally inconvenience you. I have toyed with putting him back in and if I do I will probably replace one of the more expensive token generators with him.

There is only one reason Kambal, Consul of Allocation has not found a spot in the deck and that is his lack of the cleric sub type. It makes me very sad that some of the best Orzhov creatures are not clerics as he would be primed to be a star in the deck otherwise; as it stands he is not a cleric and does not support the main combo or interact with the tribe like most of my non cleric creatures do.

Thank you again for the input and suggestions.

NV_1980 on Divine Machinations (Cleric Tribal)

1 week ago

Fun; I've never seen a Cleric-tribal before. Have you not included Eight-and-a-Half-Tails because her ability is relatively expensive (compared to the ability of say Mother of Runes? And no Kambal, Consul of Allocation in a cleric deck? He's sooo strong! Frontline Medic could fit into this deck as well, especially since Ravos can return it to your hand after you've countered a spell with it.

DanteBeleren on Kaalia of the Vast, EDH

3 weeks ago

The way Amulet of Vigor works with Kaalia is as follows: Kaalia puts a creature into the field tapped and attacking off her attack trigger. No matter what happens, they will not get "When this creature attacks" triggers. The Amulet simply untaps them, but they are still attacking. In other words they have "vigilance" for that combat phase in a way.

Mardu in general will always have problems with blue control and because Kaalia is treated as a Voltron general she will attract hate. That's why in my build I have more protection (Mother of Runes/Eight-and-a-Half-Tails) for Kaalia, plenty of mana access to outrace control or stax decks, and a more rounded total CMC in the event Kaalia can't remain in play I can still play my creatures (also Sneak Attack is a great alt cheat and swing ability).

I've been tweaking with my build since her release and am still trying different things out. Prime example for me is Boltwing Marauder as I'm not 100% sold on him yet, but he's being doing ok so far. The more you play with her and feel her interactions the better sense of what style of Kaalia you build.

For a few more tips I'd suggest the following:

  • Cut Admonition Angel. I love the card, but she's too slow for your colors to have a big impact.
  • Cut Iroas, God of Victory for a Maze of Ith or (not my favorite but it works...) Reconnaissance. The Maze can offer protection against attacks and both offer an escape for Kaalia to trigger but "not" attack.
  • Maralen of the Mornsong is a risky card. She can let you grab whatever, but also enables your opponent's to grab their combos. I know she has synergy with Ob Nixilis too, but still...
  • Reya Dawnbringer/Sheoldred, Whispering One are amazing cards, especially since you can cheat Reya in... BUT, they are slow. As I'm sure you're quickly discovering, they get blown up or targeted fast before they can trigger. Instead I'd recommend Necromancy and/or Dance of the Dead as they can grab anything from anywhere, they're cheap costing, and provide immediate effects.
  • I know you just cut him, but you should consider giving Rakdos, Lord of Riots another shot since he's easy to cast if you don't cheat him in and if you keep the high CMC creatures, he helps alot with casting them for near nothing.

To be clear though, these are purely my suggestions and should be taken with a grain of salt as should anyone's. This is your deck and if you want or hate certain cards, by all means, do what you must. I saw you looked at my list as well, and if you haven't looked at the description it gives the reasoning for most/all the cards if you need further info. Anyway, again good luck and enjoy!

Pal00ka on Medomai Master Rewind

1 month ago

Hi! I'd be happy to look again. You can reach me like you did or just update/comment on here (linking my name will definitely let me know) and I'll be notified :)

Add 1 more land at least, Hall of the Bandit Lord for haste would be great since you want swing early and fast. I avoided investing in lands initially but honestly it's the best way to make a deck run well aka have fun with it (especially multicolor decks). It's more fun to buy spells that do something, but it's the truth. Your choice ultimately though.

They may not be "flashy" but add 8-10 artifact ramp spells. Sol Ring, Azorius Signet, Commander's Sphere, and co. are invaluable for helping your deck not only run well but let you get ahead on mana. Medomai costs a lot and will be killed. Ramp ensures board wipes and targeted removal don't ruin your plans.

Voltron is difficult because all of your plans hinge on 1 card. I would consider adding a few creatures who will be great Plan Bs to put your voltron equip on in case she is killed repeatedly. Sygg, River Guide, Eight-and-a-Half-Tails, Tromokratis are other common voltron commanders in your colors.

Thassa, God of the Sea is good to soothe out your draws and offer cheap unblockable. Speaking of draws you still need more card draw, Rhystic Study is always solid though you gotta pay attention to its triggers. You have a lot of auras so Sram, Senior Edificer will be awesome.

Voltron can leave you vulnerable so pillow fort cards can be helpful. Ghostly Prison, Propaganda, Sphere of Safety, etc. get the job done nicely.

Sorry for the book :P It's looking better but a deck is never finished as I've found. Do an update and I'll check it out again :)

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