Nephalia Drownyard

Nephalia Drownyard


T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1UB, T: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Nephalia Drownyard Discussion

Mahna on A prison deck in Modern? 5-color Lantern Control!

5 days ago

Have you thought of Nephalia Drownyard instead of Duskmantle, House of Shadow, you pay more but mill 2 more cards

MasterTaco on Queen of the Infinite Mill

1 week ago

If I'm not mistaken all older cards that produced now produce colorless, so Sol Ring, Grand Architect, Nephalia Drownyard, etc. make colorless mana.

darren6337 on Triple Innistrad Peasant Cube

1 week ago

Possible Rare Additions

With the ideal of 13-card boosters, and accounting for bad math in the previous post, if we end up with 442 or 429 cards in the cube then it is evenly divisible by 13.

Sorted by color in WUBRGC order:

Angel of Flight Alabaster

Elite Inquisitor

Champion of the Parish

Mentor of the Meek

Dearly Departed

Geist-Honored Monk


Undead Alchemist

Back from the Brink

Rooftop Storm

Cackling Counterpart

Ludevic's Test Subject

Endless Ranks of the Dead

Skirsdag High Priest

Bloodgift Demon

Sever the Bloodline

Unbreathing Horde

Screeching Bat (uncommon but flavorful)

Instigator Gang  Flip

Charmbreaker Devils

Falkenrath Marauders

Stromkirk Noble

Curse of Stalked Prey

Heretic's Punishment

Devil's Play

Blasphemous Act

Mayor of Avabruck  Flip

Creeping Renaissance


Daybreak Ranger  Flip

Elder of Laurels

Kessig Cagebreakers

Moldgraf Monstrosity

Parallel Lives

Gutter Grime

Lambholt Elder  Flip (uncommon)

Creepy Doll

Manor Gargoyle

6 W, 5 U, 6 B, 8 R, 9 G, 2 C.

Needs a bit of balancing. There are undoubtedly a few rares in my collection I didn't include. Also could add a few duplicates of uncommons that are already in the cube.

In addition, I've collected the dual and most of the utility lands from Innistrad and Dark Ascension...

Clifftop Retreat, Hinterland Harbor, Isolated Chapel, Sulfur Falls, Woodland Cemetery, Moorland Haunt, Nephalia Drownyard, Stensia Bloodhall.

I may add Kessig Wolf Run and Gavony Township, finances permitting.

pooplol on how fast can you mill

2 weeks ago

Nephalia Drownyard is very underrated but extremely powerful. The effect seems weak, but you can hold up counterspell or killspell mana basically every turn, and then if you don't need to control the board you just mill for three, basically for free.

kamarupa on Undead Alchemillst's Army of the Undead

2 weeks ago

I like it. +1. Looks like you've got a lot of bases covered - I see utility cards that can deal with most types of threats, and I see enough 1-drops that will give you some kind of board presence T1. So props on all that.

Here are some things that might help the deck run even better:

Land. The most "basic" part of the game in many respects, but the best lands make everything run so much better. I think particularly, you're going to suffer with Dimir Aqueduct. Drowned Catacomb would be much better, albeit more than twice as pricey. Still, it's pretty functional for less than Darkslick Shores, or, oh, the stuff of dreams, Cavern of Souls, Sunken Ruins, Watery Grave, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Creeping Tar Pit. I just saw Nephalia Drownyard - that might be worth considering a 1-off. Also probably Bojuka Bog and a couple Ghost Quarter. Other not crazy expensive lands that would play faster than Dimir Aqueduct - Arcane Sanctum, Jwar Isle Refuge and Underground River.

The other thing I'd suggest is adjusting the numbers of some spells a bit. 15 of your 17 creatures are 3+ CMC, which stunts your board presence. If this were strictly Mill, you would need many creatures and would have more direct Mill spells, but since you're running a decent number of creatures, I think it's important to be able to cast 3 of them in 3 turns. You've only got four 2-drop spells, so increasing that a bit should make the deck more formidable. You might cut 1-2 Undead Warchief - you don't really need the pump (though I get why you want it) because you can make tokens and have many creatures on the board, and to cast it, you'd already have enough mana to cast most the cards in the deck, so the lower cost isn't quite as useful as it seems. Don't get me wrong - it's good, I'm just not sure the deck plays better with 3 of them. Actually, I'd suggest you consider trimming back any/all your 3+ CMC creature spells back by -1 and replacing them with lower CMC creatures.

Maybe Rotting Rats - you'd occasionally have the opportunity to discard Gravecrawler, (If you can get more Gravecrawlers I'd suggest running a full set) and you have a means of getting your Zombies back in your hand. Stromgald Crusader might also be worth considering for your sideboard. Slitherhead might also be considered as a free pump if you can discard it.

I'd cut Nemesis Mask completely. My guess is that you're thinking Diregraf Captain will kill them all, but that just seems unreliable. It also seems counter productive to Undead Alchemist. You can use that space for a lot of other very productive cards - Mainboard Duress, Negate, or Ghoulcaller's Chant - or add in some removal like Doomblade or Victim of Night or Ultimate Price.

I think Tome Scour is better than Mind Sculpt. Breaking / Entering is also better. But, really, Tome Scour is where it's at. Instead of wasting 2 mana on 7 mill, spend 1 mana for 5 mill and have 1 mana left over to use to cast something else, like another Tome Scour or counter spells or removal or a creature!

Pithing Needle is fairly affordable for a sideboard against Planeswalkers.

Mxyzptlk on Dimir Mill Control

3 weeks ago

Hi! Welcome to the game! I love milling and the way it plays so much that I built a Commander deck around it. It's General Mills Cereal if you want to take a look for any ideas. I have a few suggestions for your deck as well.

  1. I completely understand building decks out of the cards that you have, so I'll try not to suggest cards that are very expensive. Feel free to follow or ignore any of my suggestions.

  2. My experience has been that decks run most smoothly if you have at least 20 lands, so I'd recommend using two of your remaining spots for that. Nephalia Drownyard can mill for you if you have extra mana (although it uses four lands to do it), or adding two more islands would be good to start and see how it goes.

  3. I like Balustrade Spy and it can be good, but it has the potential to only mill one card if the first one your opponent turns up is a land. I might use only two of it instead of counting on it since it's let me down before. Another card that I might put in for those two (or just to fill out the deck) is Siren of the Silent Song. If your opponent doesn't have flying creatures to block, you can take advantage of its Inspired ability and make them discard and mill when you get back to your untap step.

  4. Other good (inexpensive) mill cards include Psychic Strike to counter and mill at the same time, Jace's Erasure to combo with Accumulated Knowledge, and Pilfered Plans to mill and draw. There's also Hedron Crab, which is considered one of the best, but it's also a little pricey if you want more than one.

  5. I saw that you set this deck to "Standard," which is harmless. Some people get uppity about decks being properly categorized, though, especially for the competitive formats. When you edit it, just select the drop-down menu for Format and click "Casual."

Best of luck milling!

Griffin7823 on Disciple Gifts

3 weeks ago

nateblego the reason I don't use Diabolic Edict is because I want to keep the deck modern legal and the life doesn't exactly matter all that much anyway because of my Nephalia Drownyard mill plan

The_Riddlebox on I heard you like land?

1 month ago

More card draw, more removal, actual threats.

Thats pretty much how I can sum up how to improve the deck. Your tutelage is not really a wincon in my eyes as you are lacking a lot of card draw. I played against a Jeskai Tutelage deck using Starfield of Nyx as an alternate win con, and even with the silly amount of card draw he had, milling as a primary woncon is hard to achieve, even more so if it's the only win con. I think the only legit competitive mill deck that ever made top 8 in standard was Nephalia Drownyard decks back in Innistrad/RTR period and that was their secondary win con.

Don't get me wrong, im not trying to diacourage your from playing a deck you think is fun, but I am trying to get across how hard it is for mill decks to win if it isnt your dedicated plan, or if you dont have solid threats other than mill. Basically you either devote all to mill or simply use mill as disruption.

Like i said in the first sentance you need removal. Since you don't have a sideboard, how do you plan on dealing with aggressive decks that can go off turn 3? What about ramp decks who don't care about land disruption all too much? I can see you do decently against control maybe if they don't have counters in hand to stop you from blowing up their lands, but then again you don't really have any threats they need to worry about. Try cutting down on the amount of land distruction and throw in more removal, i would also highly suggest cutting down on mana dorks. Having 16 is too much even in decks that want to accelerate into threats with high cmc.

Instead of so many LD spells and manadorks you could also run card draw, which does 2 things in this deck: fuels Tutelage, and allows you to get to your other LD spells. You need answers though.

That being said this deck NEEDS a sodeboard, it is extremely fragile without it. Against aggro you need removal, against control you need Negate and Dispel or all they have to do is counter your Tutelage and win.


I hate sounding like a broken record but Tutelage with no card draw, and LD with no threats just doesn't do much.

Now I know you have the Scribe and the Siege, but they aren't enough as they are too succeptible to removal, and while instants and aorceries can get stumped by counters.....well that's it, if they don't counter it sticks. While your Siege and Scribe, first they have to stick around for a turn and second they need time to net you some real value.

Your deck essentially works like any control deck woth blue in ot: you stall out the game until you get your threats out. I feel your deck right now would be as if I built an esper deck with only counters and removal:sure i will slow my opponent down but what aboyt after?

Sorry if I come across as a negative nancy, but that's my view on the deck atm. I will admit it's a cool concept but i really feel you are better off picking between LD or Mill and just building a deck that makes better use of one of those 2 methods.

I also apologize if I didn't make any card suggestions, but I am at work so all I could do is analyze the deck real quick as I can't think of any pbvious replacements off the top ofy head.

Hope that helped a little!

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Innistrad Rare

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