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Nephalia Drownyard


{T}: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1{U}{B}, {T}: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Nephalia Drownyard Discussion

TheDevicer on Winning with Black & Blue

3 days ago

Well, a standard way to go about it would be to make a list around Dimir Cutpurse . Even connecting a hit with him once nets you really nice card advantage. Good counterspells like Countersquall , Perplex , Rune Snag , Spell Snare , etc. Ways to make him unblockable...

I guess you could also run a flat control deck where you aim to win with nothing but Nephalia Drownyard or something. Both decks are grindy and slow. These aren't anywhere near tournament level. Dimir is just a bit weak.

Nightstlkr on Dimir Mill

2 weeks ago

someone forgot Archive Trap .. Nephalia Drownyard can also be placed in here but you are somewhat mana intesnive so not sure how many would work. also Death's Approach is more of a sideboard card since it can be a dead card in many matchups

Raishen717 on 2014-08-07 update of It's Simple...We ...

2 weeks ago

jaredscottwilson Well the mana base was a work in progress. I had been meaning to sit down and streamline it. Mostly it was a result of other people's suggestions. I agree mostly with your mana base recommendation, with the exception of the Nephalia Drownyard . It taps for colorless, which could cause problems when all of the mill spells are rather specific on colors. In my opinion Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is still a much better option. It taps for blue, and has the possibility to trigger the crabs multiple times in case of not hitting a land drop. Other than that I'd like to thank you for taking the time to actually recommend a whole new mana base, and for such a well written and descriptive comment!

corythackston on 2014-08-07 update of It's Simple...We ...

2 weeks ago

This looks really cool! Have you considered a single Nephalia Drownyard to add some reach to the deck?

NorthernRaven on Milling the Modern Meta

3 weeks ago

No. I don't think people understand what this deck wants to do.

Nephalia Drownyard works well with Mesmeric Orb . I don't care if I get milled. It doesn't matter. Unless my opponent plays mill. But they don't.

Yea, Snapcaster Mage and Glimpse the Unthinkable is good together. But... Then you have milled the opponent 20 cards turn.... 4. Maybe 28 cards. But you have been getting hit by a Tarmogoyf two times! And you are down at 8 life. Turn 5 you are dead.

My deck wants to play Hedron Crab turn 1. Counter their Tarmogoyf turn 2. Play Mesmeric Orb turn 3, and then just counter whatever they play.

I don't need any combos. I don't need to be creature based. Have you even playtested my deck? (Sorry, if this sounds a little harsh) :D

I'm playing B/U control, with mill as win con :D

EddCrawley on Milling the Modern Meta

3 weeks ago

I don't think the Nephalia Drownyard works well with Mesmeric Orb as you are going to Mill them for 3 but mill yourself for 4 next turn.

As for the Glimpse the Unthinkable vs Lightning Bolt , one gets rid of 1/6 of their deck, and the other get rid of less than 1/6 of their life. the bolt could get rid of 1 creature, but Glimpse could get rid of 5-6 depending on what deck you are up against.

Paired up with Isochron Scepter , or flash backed with Snapcaster Mage Glimpse is Awesome, second only to Archive Trap (After Ghost Quarter has made them search for a land.)

Two card Win-con Duskmantle Guildmage + Mindcrank + plus any damage / mill or spell cast by them= Instawin.

Nemesis of Reason is also quite good, after Consuming Aberration

Invisible Stalker + Trepanation Blade + Tainted Strike = 1 hit kill ( as long as you mill 8 off Blade.)

Mill is never going to be a tier 1 deck as it is generally too slow, unless you are playing against a grindy midrange deck, it will be over before you get your defenses up.

Your options would be to go either;

Creature based, Hedron Crab , with Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds as these are budget Fetch lands, along with Deprive to recur your Islands.

Or control based with Mill Spells, and Board Wipes, and Counters.

Just my Thoughts.

vampirelazarus on Mill, is this viable?

3 weeks ago

Along with control routes, Nephalia Drownyard is very good. I think if you can afford fetch lands, running the three colors of esper, is your best bet, for Thoughtseize , drownyard, and path. Along with decent removal and counterspells available in black and blue.

Going esper also allows you to open up to additional wincons, in the form of Creeping Tar Pit and Celestial Colonnade , while giving you access to Sphinx's Revelation and board wipes. Price

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$0.25 $0.52 $2.1 $2.26
Converted cost 0
Avg. draft pick 4.51
Avg. cube pick 13.09


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare