Nephalia Drownyard

Nephalia Drownyard

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T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1UB, T: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Nephalia Drownyard Discussion

pryoplasm on Grease the Tiny Mill with Blood

1 day ago

Nephalia Drownyard was considered as a maybe, but Duskmantle, House of Shadow is too slow, and not enough mill for tying up 2 mana and at least one land.

Teideim on Grease the Tiny Mill with Blood

1 day ago

Speaking of land, why not have Nephalia Drownyard and/or Duskmantle, House of Shadow in the deck? Late game they're just a lot of value.

Figag on Join Me and Together We Shall Win

1 day ago

I like the idea of the cheap man lands. I don't think I need Nephalia Drownyard because I like colored mana and don't need that much mill.

My only problem with Shocks and Fetches is the life loss. I find that Darkslick Shores and Drowned Catacomb come in untapped almost all the time so I don't think I need fetches or shocks. Lands that make me lose life usually just set me up for storm and aggro decks to be an easy kill. I know I don't have to pay the life for Watery Grave, but then it's just a Dimir Guildgate which is not run for obvious reasons.

If I had them I would definitely run them, but I don't think they're necessary for my deck.

darkcivilian on Join Me and Together We Shall Win

1 day ago

To find out how many lands you need, you first need to know your mana curve. So basically figure out every other card you really want to run first. I would say though, based on this list, you want 23-24 land. I understand your have budgetary concerns, however trust me that your mana base is probably the most important thing to purchase, because good mana will find it's way into multiple decks.

Some of the more useful yet inexpensive land you should include are Faerie Conclave and maybe Spawning Pool, though Creeping Tar Pit is the best option, but about $10/ea. Man-Lands give you something else to do with your mana if you aren't drawing into what you need, or if you need an emergency block. At this point, I would replace the Dreadship Reef, storage counter lands are really only good for EDH.

*(Nephalia Drownyard is a good, inexpensive utility land for milling, and since you steal things from the grave...)

If and when you can, get a play set of Watery Grave, the sooner the better. They're only about $10 each now, they will go up. Give it 12 months and they will be back around $14-15 each, and they will keep climbing. It's also a great time to pick up fetch lands like Polluted Delta, even if you can only get one at a time, do so.

-Logician on Legitimate abilities?

4 days ago

Every time that I've made a cycle of legendary mono-colored lands representing civilizations, which has been three times, I've always ended up regretting it. Unless you have a really badass design in mind... If they're not good enough, no deck will play them, and if they are good enough, every deck will play one of them in their color. It's kind of like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in Standard. If you're playing a deck with black in it, you almost always just include an urborg just because. If you ever considered just making utility lands like the Innistrad block's cylce of Gavony Township, Kessig Wolf Run, Stensia Bloodhall, Nephalia Drownyard, Moorland Haunt, Alchemist's Refuge, Desolate Lighthouse, Slayers' Stronghold, Grim Backwoods, and Vault of the Archangel, then I feel like that's a much better use of your rare land slots. Deck builders usually put more thought into whether or not to put in one of those utility lands than whether or not to put in an urborg, and that fact alone makes me feel like they're a better choice.

I could be completely wrong though, depending on the design you have in mind for your legendary civilizations. Maybe I'm ranting for no reason because your civilizations are actually utility lands themselves like Pendelhaven. XD

I guess my main point is just to try and avoid something like Urborg.

square711 on blue/black mill deck

1 week ago

You don't want Dimir Aqueducts. Maybe one to get more value out of Hedron Crab, but that's all. Bounce lands are generally awful.

Cut the Nephalia Drownyards too. to mill for 3 is terrible unless you're in topdeck mode really late in the game - and if that happens, you're going to lose anyway.

Consuming Aberration and Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker cost too much mana and have no place in Modern, where there are many, MANY 1 and 2 mana spells that can kill them instantly.

Artful Dodge is useless, as is Fabricate. Your sideboard absolutely needs something like Leyline of the Void in case you run into an Elixir of Immortality or a graveyard-recycling Eldrazi like Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

Finally, if it's within your budget, get some Snapcaster Mages and/or Isochron Scepters, so you can keep casting Glimpse the Unthinkable over and over again.

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Avg. draft pick 2.54
Avg. cube pick 13.46


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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