Nephalia Drownyard


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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Nephalia Drownyard


T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1UB, T: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Nephalia Drownyard Discussion

SouenEclipsed on Fatal Mind

4 days ago

Holy crap. That's nice. Having played a version of the modern mill deck, without a doubt you want to be playing Ensnaring Bridge in the main board and at least one Surgical Extraction for combo/burn/etc. Otherwise, Visions of Beyond > Thought Scour > Serum Visions. Your cantrips exist so that you do not run out of steam and allow you to draw into cards that will either A) Mill your opponent outright or B) Help you stall until you can. The T4 win wombo-combo mentioned above is certainly nice, especially noting that it can be done at INSTANT SPEED. Profit. Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth seems a bit bizarre in your build. If you were playing Archive Trap + Ghost Quarter , I could see it being helpful as your Ghost Quarters become Swamps, but otherwise its inclusion seems suspect. You want to fetch with your fetches to trigger Hedron Crab. Nephalia Drownyard seems too slow in the main unless you're playing Ensnaring Bridge in the main as well for a slow but inevitable alternate win-con. Hope you have as much fun playing Mill as I do!

Eilel on Phenax, God of Mill

1 week ago

Nephalia Drownyard might be nice for your mana base.

Jace, Memory Adept is perfect for your mill deck, draws cards, mills or does both.

Archive Trap is amazing against fetch lands or tutors!

Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker can mill a large amount of a deck.

Psychic Strike counterspell and small mill.

Sphinx's Tutelage is a better option i think then Grindstone cause the sphinx happens with each of your card draws. So if you draw 3 cards you can only imagine what more it can mill.

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Lazav goodies

2 weeks ago

Your deck is fairly optimized, but I do see some spots in which I think it could be improved upon.

  1. Lands: You do not need 38 lands, 36 would probably be best. Furthermore you should also have fetches in your colors (i.e. Misty Rainforest. Flooded Strand, Polluted Delta, Bloodstained Mire, Marsh Flats, and Scalding Tarn). Trim the lands such as Temple of Deceit and Temple of the False God. Ancient Tomb is a much better option than Temple of the False God. Add Riptide Laboratory as it works well with Venser, Shaper Savant. Homeward Path does not seem worth it, Shizo, Death's Storehouse allows Lazav to get in damage more easily. Nephalia Drownyard is a decent option to give you mill when you have nothing on board.

  2. Planeswalkers: Tamiyo, the Moon Sage does not really do much for the deck and can be cut. I am also not a fan of 7 cmc planeswalkers and think that you should cut either Ugin, the Spirit Dragon or Karn Liberated. I personally think Ugin, the Spirit Dragon does more for the deck as it actually puts things into the graveyard. Jace, Memory Adept and Ob Nixilis Reignited should probably be in the deck.

  3. Enchantments: I'm not a huge fan of Rhystic Study as it gives your opponent a choice, Phyrexian Arena is a much more consistent option.

  4. Creatures: You have wayyyy too many creatures that are just value and do nothing in the way of pushing forward your gameplan with Lazav. Creatures I would cut: Consuming Aberration, Dimir-doppleganger, Diluvian Primordial, Grave Titan, Phenax, God of Deception, Sheoldred, Whispering One, Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon, Wrexial, the Risen Deep, and Wurmcoil Engine. You creature base should mainly consist of cards that draw you cards, ramp you, counter spells, tutor, kill creatures, protect Lazav, lock down the game, or get back something from your graveyard. You will also most likely want a backup win-con usually in an Eldrazi titan, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre being the best candidate. As for the replacements I can suggest Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Bloodgift Demon, Solemn Simulacrum, Burnished Hart, Noxious Gearhulk, Ob Nixilis, Unshackled, Venser, Shaper Savant, and Steel Hellkite.

  5. Artifacts: Mesmeric Orb is a staple for Lazav. I'm not a huge fan of Mindcrank unless your combo-ing with it and as you said you want no combo's. Mind's Eye does not do enough for it's cmc. Lazav should probably have an card that gives him lifelink in either Batterskull or Loxodon Warhammer. Mana Vault should also be in here.

  6. Instants: Desertion is mediocre and is much better off as Mystic Confluence. Dissolve, Hinder, Stifle, and Undermine are all pretty underwhelming as 3 cmc seems to be the spot at which counterspells seem to become average. I'd suggest Forbid, Arcane Denial, Swan Song, Disallow (when it comes out), and Pact of Negation. You also really need at least one kill spell as a catch all for creatures. I would suggest the following Ashes to Ashes, Hero's Downfall, Ruinous Path, Slaughter Pact, and Snuff Out.

  7. Sorcery: I'm not really in love with any of your sorceries except for Demonic Tutor. Temporal Mastery is outclassed by Time Warp. I don't think Rite of Replication is worth it as none of your creatures are really worth copying. As for Bribery, Lazav should always be your primary focus and you should not be relying on your opponent's to win. I could see Rise of the Dark Realms sticking around as a secondary win-con in case the game goes poorly, but you should never really be in that state unless you navigated the game poorly. Traumatize only hits a single player once, Lazav wants something repeatable. Also if Eldrazi titans are big in your meta then Traumatize is pretty bad. Toxic Deluge and Dark Petition should definitely be considerations.

GL and hope this helps!

Eilel on Da Mill is real Bruh

2 weeks ago

I'm not seeing you mill your opponent quickly with this, I do have loads of suggestions since I love milling my opponents!

First off you might want to play only 60 cards so your better cards like Sphinx's Tutelage will be more consistent on the battlefield.

You don't need your mana artifacts, playing only 2 colours you pretty much never need them. The same goes for Coat with Venom, Gravepurge and Diabolic Tutor.

So here's my suggestions, for cheap cards, just see what you want to do with them:

And here are the (a bit more) expansive cards:

Excile2127 on The Dimir

2 weeks ago

First of all, the deck definitely has improved. Good job. However, it is still unfocused, as you have some fringe cards that do nothing. Just to give some examples, here are the cards that are eh:

Bane Alley Broker: Not as efficient as Think Twice/Serum Visions.

Circu, Dimir Lobotomist: One of my favorite cards... but hes not right for this deck and he is too slow.

Dinrova Horror: Way to slow and inefficient, might as well put in Recoil.

Jace's Phantasm/Wight of Precinct Six: GREAT cards, but go all in if you want to Beatdown/Mill, not Steal/Mill.

Hero's Downfall: Smother and Fatal Push are better, and Murderous Cut is the best IMO. Still, on budget not bad.

Codex Shredder: In this deck, its kinda useless. Replace with more counters/more Glimpse the Unthinkable.

And here are some cards that you need more of:

Consuming Aberration: GREAT CARD. 4-OF NEEDED.

Hedron Crab: Often better than Glimpse the Unthinkable.

Nephalia Drownyard: Great for Mill decks, REALLY GOOD. If a land can be a good card AND doesn't enter tapped, USE 4.

Glimpse the Unthinkable/Mind Funeral/Archive Trap: More mill = Better deck. You need more mill.

Counterspells: You want more. Trust me.

Targeted Discard (Despise): Great T1 play, and can help remove key threats.

Overall, focus your strategy. Don't be afraid to put 4-ofs or good cards, like 4x Glimpse the Unthinkable/Mind Funeral would 100% be worth it. Also, I recommend ~8 counterspells (Mana Leak/Remand) and ~4 targeted discard (Inquisition of Kozilek/Thoughtseize, Despise/Duress for budget) for a UB control shell. Good luck bro!

lil_cheez on Mirko Vosk, Will Breaker

3 weeks ago

Maybe Nephalia Drownyard is better than Duskmantle?

But talking about that, what do you think of Duskmantle Guildmage? He can make a loop with Mindkrank

m0x on U/B Control (Creatureless)

3 weeks ago

How about a faster win condition than Elixir of Immortality that is not a creature like Silumgar Monument:

Nephalia Drownyard

That way you dont waste any deck slots on a win condition. Id also recommend removing card disadvantage like Disperse for permanent answers.

piccin on

2 months ago

Hey AtlasXII!

Thanks a lot for the help! Yesterday I tried the deck again and noticed some synergy problems with some of the cards. Sometimes I even forget the roll with my commander and I understood that it was a major issue since for as as long as I adore pissing my folks with Stax and Pillowforting, the main focus of Phenax is mill and I think I was deviating way too much from the main focus.

I decided to check other Phenax decks to get a glimpse of what I was ignoring and decided to bring some common mechanics used inside my main idea (for example abusing the "inspired" ability to Get the best of my tap-milling from Phenax and friends.

Right now I had cut the following cards:

  • Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver > He's awesome but he lacks the synergy with the rest of the deck. Most of the time I do need my opponents graveyards to be full.

  • Graveborn Muse > I have been in love with her since this creature have been released, but once again, synergy problems... not enough zombies in the deck to enjoy her ability more.

  • Sakashima the Impostor > she's an awesome clone but her bounce is not reliable enough for her to save herself most of the time. I'm trying to avoid paying mana once the creatures are on the board.

  • Seizan, Perverter of Truth > Too heavy, not as Master of the Feast when it comes to deck synergy.

  • Stitcher Geralf > Same mana-saving problem as Sakashima, same synergy problem as Seizan.

  • Sygg, River Cutthroat > Since most of the time I'm not causing any kind of life loss (at least until mid/end game), Sygg gets itself depending on the bloodlust of my opponents and most of the time leave me dry.

  • Thought Gorger > Makes me lose a toolbox hand for a creature that I barely have the chance to use, is a little bit too straight forward. I like to have options with my cards.

  • Nephalia Drownyard > I already have the rest of the deck to make this job for me and was lacking colored mana.

  • Anvil of Bogardan > skipping discard phases was getting myself in trouble with some opponents and gave me a disadvantage.

  • Memory Erosion > Most of the time never saw the light of day/wasn't worth. Decided to add something more versatile.

  • Phyrexian Arena > Was already buying too many cards and looking too much life with this + Seizan + Bitterblossom. Decided to drop it.

...and added these in place:

I will be able to test these changes tonight but if you have any other advice for me, please go ahead, I'm all ears!

Once again thank you for your time.

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