Nephalia Drownyard

Nephalia Drownyard

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T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1UB, T: Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

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Nephalia Drownyard Discussion

ducttapedeckbox on Mono Blue Control

1 week ago

My experience playing control mostly comes from a constructed format perspective, but I'll give my general take and you can make what you want of it.

In general, control decks want to run ~25 lands so that they can hit every land drop. They draw so many cards that this doesn't hurt the consistency of the deck. However, you're only one color so 22-24 should be fine.

In my opinion, Mind Control-effects are weak. They are dependent on what your opponent is running, so why not run your own bomb for the same cost? Most control decks I've piloted rarely run more than seven creatures, and that's a stretch. I'd cut your creatures to the ones that outright win the game as soon as they hit (given that your deck keeps the board clear- which is should). Some cards that come to mind are Wurmcoil Engine, Batterskull, and AEtherling. While the first two are not budget options, they create an unmatched power that needs to be dealt with.

Another part of control that I've found necessary is to wipe the board- if you want to stick with mono blue, Cyclonic Rift is an amazing card that puts you ahead. I might suggest going Azorius (blue white) though, gaining you access to powerful removal, board wipes, and other finishers. Wrath of God and Supreme Verdict come to mind. Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares are also great removal for the creatures that slip though. If you decide to ever break out of the budget constriction, Celestial Colonnade is one of the best finishers for blue white control as it doesn't take up a slot for removal or countermagic.

Another option is Dimir (blue black), which gives you a milling alternate win condition in Nephalia Drownyard. You could go to Esper (white blue black), but that brings an expensive land base along with it.

To summarize, cut your creatures to the ones that end games. Fill the rest of your deck with removal, countermagic, and a relatively high land count (25 for two color, 22-23 for one color). Again, these are just my suggestions as a pilot of both a mono blue Tron deck and an Azorius control deck. Feel free to check either out for ideas:

Bouncy Hooters -- Azorius control (somewhat janky)

Duct's Budget U Tron -- Mono blue control using the UrzaTron (Urza's Tower, etc.)

Megalomania on 2015-01-24 update of Lazav, Master ...

1 week ago

My deck started out a lot like this. A little bit of mill, some forced draw and discard pieces and a pinch of reanimation. I gradually streamlined towards a combo deck and eventually changing the commander toOona, Queen of the Fae. This looks pretty fun to play but a bit too slow for multiplayer.

Are you against infinite loops? If not, Mindcrank and Bloodchief Ascension deserve a slot here. I'd also get rid of the tap lands, Crypt of Agadeem, Nephalia Drownyard Deserted Temple and Thespian's Stage and go with more fetches.

Phyrexian Arena is nice but Monastery Siege and Necropotence sound like better options to me.

Consecrated Sphinx is another card you might want to consider putting in the deck as well as cards like Traumatize and Hinder (for you Tunnel Vision).

Crecker2 on Esper Mill

2 weeks ago

Mostly budget reasons.

Like you may have read in previous comments, this deck is really just gathering dust. I switched to planning an Esper Teachings deck which I'm planning on buying and constructing soon, which is much cheaper and more effective. This deck is already $350, and that's a lot more expensive than a lot of decks that are a lot more effective than this.

Unfortunately, this type of deck just isn't viable in Modern like it was in Standard with Ben Stark while cards like Tectonic Edge are around, and still being run in Modern control decks such as UWR. It's a shame, because it's a really fun deck to build and pilot.

But the fact that there's mill at all in this deck is a problem, actually. The whole point of this archetype is to free up space in your deck for counters, removal and draw spells (and other control fixings) by having 4 of your lands become your win conditions. Then, you control your opponent until you're able to deck them out at the end of their turn with quick activations of Nephalia Drownyard for 9 or 12 cards a turn. But if your lands can't be effective because there's too much removal, you have to add mill, and cut control, which entirely destroy's the foundation of this deck.

Nagsor on Grixis casual

3 weeks ago

Nephalia Drownyard has wo me a surprising amount of games and i like playing it, so it stays.
Sadly I cant play six copies of Counterspell so i cant do that.
But thanks for the advice.

Brutticus on Grixis casual

3 weeks ago

the only thing i dislike is Nephalia Drownyard and Syncopate.

Run plain old Counterspell and even an island would be better than the yard in this deck

goodair on benjibot789

3 weeks ago

This work for you?
2x Prognostic Sphinx .73
1x Chained to the Rocks 1.12
2x Ruric Thar, the Unbowed .40
1x Sidisi, Brood Tyrant 6.25
1x Figure of Destiny 1.61
2x Nephalia Drownyard .44
total : 12.12
1x Gavony Township 2.50
1x Asceticism 5.45
1x Grave Titan 3.72
total : 11.67

goodair on benjibot789

3 weeks ago

the leviathan is part of another trade, could you pick another card. Also the 2 Nephalia Drownyard are still needed

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Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Innistrad Rare

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