Gempalm Polluter


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Legions Common

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Gempalm Polluter

Creature — Zombie

Cycling 2B (2B, Discard this card: Draw a card.)

When you cycle Gempalm Polluter, you may have target player lose 1 life for each Zombie on the battlefield.

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Gempalm Polluter Discussion

LithiumHD on Undead Strike

4 days ago

i feel like your decks a little confused at the moment about whether it wants to attack or not. are you trying to have some good zombie aggro or are you trying to just hold down the fort and drain life with Gempalm Polluter and Shepherd of Rot

dlamars on Life is Milling Me

3 weeks ago


Hey, thanks for the compliment. I'm not super familiar with duel commander since I always play with 3 to 4 people so I'm not really sure how to help. I know Sol Ring and Entomb are banned, you could also potentially lose Leyline of the Void and Mist of Stagnation since it's more for controlling 3 other players. Losing Tendrils of Agony might be OK too since there is Bitter Ordeal to fill the same role for one less. I'd consider adding more counter magic such as Disallow, maybe some removal such as Hero's Downfall, a couple more zombies like Gempalm Polluter and some transmute such as Dimir Machinations since it most likely won't be countered and the 3 cmc spot has a lot of combo pieces.

I hope that helps, sorry again for not knowing much about 1v1 these days.

TrevaTheCleva on Gisa - brain eaters.

1 month ago

Metallic Mimic pairs well with Adaptive Automaton

Ascendant Evincar seems too expensive but not terriblesame with Dread Slaver

Helldozer is slow, but if he comes online he seems legit. you'll probably need to test him out in your meta.

Lightning Greaves>Swiftfoot Bootsif you can afford em.Graf Harvest>Cover of Darkness

Scourge of Nel Toth is just too expensive for my taste, but hey he is a flyin' Zombie..I could see it getting cut in favor of a more efficient card.

Diabolic Tutormy least favorite tutor, should be replaced by a more efficient one, like Vampiric TutorDemonic TutorBeseech the QueenRune-Scarred Demonor any other one. There are probably 8 more I can't think of right now. BtQ being one of the budget option.

Forced Marchseems like there are better board wipe options, especially since this pretty much guaranties killing all Z's. Toxic DelugeDamnationLife's FinalePlague Wind

Jet Medallion> Mind Stoneor another rando rock

remove Smother for kill with life gain like Consuming Vapors.

good valueVictimizeGempalm PolluterWithered Wretch

Auto ins;Cabal CoffersCemetery ReaperLord of the UndeadCryptbreakerFleshbag Marauderthere are same dude with different names tooCorpse HarvesterZombie Master

You have a lot of life loss but I am not seeing life gain, consider cards like Whip of ErebosExquisite Bloodor any other cards that have lifelink tacked on them.

that should give you some options to trade for. I would also check out the other Gisa lists on EDHREC for ideas, she is a very popular commander. Have Fun :)

Ghenni on Zombies Test

2 months ago

Forgot to mention you can combo Gempalm Polluter with Unholy Grotto or Lord of the Undead

Ghenni on Zombies Test

2 months ago

Good start, Zombie is my favorite tribe :)

1) Legacy + Zombies = Gempalm Polluter. Best card, easy win. If you go with Gempalm, make sure to switch to a Token kind of Deck (with Endless Ranks of the Dead, Diregraf Colossus, etc.)

2) Is there any particular reason to be using Undead Warchief? Your zombies are not that expensive, except for Grave Titan.

DamnTheInnocent on Sidisi's unliving hordes

2 months ago

Cards like Gempalm Polluter and Lich Lord of Unx can be great win-cons in a zombie deck. Also, Vengeful Dead is very useful against board wipes. In fact, you can use him with your own board wipe to deal a lot of damage. I use them in my own Sidisi deck and they are brutal.

dlamars on Advertise your COMMANDER deck!

2 months ago

Hey looking for feedback and suggestions on my new Dimir zombie deck, it's mostly combo but with a few interesting control elements. I based it of an old 60 card deck I had using Mist of Stagnation and Withered Wretch to control while winning via repeatable Gempalm Polluter. I'd love to hear thoughts on this kind of interaction in Edh. Keep in mind the lands are on a budget so not optimal.

Life is Milling Me

Commander / EDH dlamars


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