Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip


Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

RamblinMan on Will you let it Die?

4 days ago

I think the best way to do this deck is Viscera Seer and other sac engines plus stuff that that does stuff when it enters the battlefield, not when it dies. Spark Trooper is great. Blood Artist and/or Auriok Champion are also a must. Lingering Souls is my favorite card in Magic, but it doesn't really work here since the tokens can't be returned to your hand, and you want to play Athreos on turn 3. Can you find any cards that have transmute and cost 3 mana to fetch Athreos? Replace Collateral Damage with Lightning Bolt, it's too unreliable. Replace Tragic Slip with Path to Exile. Hellspark Elemental might also be good. And if you want to play 3 colors, make sure to get lots of fetches and shocks.

demonicgrizzly on Creature removal deck (no creatures!)

6 days ago

The problem with your sorcery removal is that's it's all 3 CMC or more, which is no good.

The exception being that you should switch out Mutilate with Languish. That will take care of 99 percent of threats all at once.

Also Tragic Slip is a good card to use if you already took something out with a Doom Blade. Go for the Throat is also much better than most of your sorcery speed removal. Removal is best at instant speed unless you are trying to wipe the board.

If you want to splash colors, red will give you access to one of the best removal spells, Terminate. Unconditional 2 mana removal. Red also gives you access to Lightning Bolt.

Green would give you Abrupt Decay, but decay is expensive money wise for most people. Green also gives you removal for artifacts, which is important.

You may also want to consider Extirpate or Surgical Extraction to capitalize on your removal and also get rid of other troublesome spells. And then you might want to consider Despise, Duress, or Distress...

Black control has way more than just creature removal.

Dennis14 on Dimir Illusions Aggro

6 days ago

I've some updates to the deck and have some new ideas I wanted to ask about:

Will Tragic Slip be good for this deck as compared to Disfigure ?
What about Vapor Snag ?

How is Stitched Drake as a possible 3-drop for this deck ?
It is probably reasonable to get a creature in the GY during the first couple of turns and although it's not an Illusion it seems easier to cast than Illusory Angel and harder to kill than Illusionary Servant.

Another 3-drop option I thought about is Vexing Sphinx which is a big evasive beater ahead of curve which replaces itself and can cycle unnecessary Vials and Lands.

Are these two worth including ?

gfbeach on Budget Aristocrats - Ab-cepttable Losses

1 week ago

Yeah. For my purposes it really is a toss-up with Grim Haruspex; the fourth mana for Smothering Abomination could be what kills it, but I'll have to play this deck more to figure that part out.

Ooh, good call on Tragic Slip. I forgot about that card and it'd work great with this setup. The instant speed alone makes it great, but I also love the comedy factor of this card. Pawn of Ulamog is good here too as it'd require a lot less complicated mana fixing, which is important since I'm not running fetchlands (beyond Evolving Wilds) for budgetary reasons. Thanks for the feedback!

Rediblackdragon on Ayli's Pilgrimage

1 week ago

From the looks of it, this deck seems to be from someone who isnt used to the format very much. So far, it's pretty ok for what its worth, but Id suggest moving some cards around. To be honest, I don't know if any of these suggestions are any good. I'm still in the process of brewing my Ayli deck.

-1 Agent of Masks (Too Slow)

-1 Cage of Hands (Non-Removal)

-1 Gift of Orzhova (Non-Renewable)

-1 Grave Peril (Only Non-black, only upon entering)

-1 Lightform (I just got rid of my most important combo piece for a 2/2 body. that sucks.)

-1 Death Grasp (Just not as good as Debt to the Deathless)

-1 Lingering Souls (Not really super useful, especially when used with Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim. 9 Mana for 4 life is real bad.)

-1 Plea for Guidance (Unless you're going for a sort of Enchantment subtype, I'd toss it.)

-1 Chastise (The things you really want to remove never attack)

-1 Underworld Coinsmith (Again, unless you're going with enchantments)

-1 Treasury Thrull (Too slow and fragile in my experience. There are much better cards for this)

-1 Odunos River Trawler (Not enough Enchantment Creatures. Either commit to Enchantments or toss this one)

-1 Nyx-Fleece Ram (Too slow. If you want a body, there are better ones.)

-1 Grim Guardian (See: Odunos River Trawler)

-1 Ghost Council of Orzhova (Almost strictly worse version of Obzedat, Ghost Council

-1 Felidar Sovereign (Just not a fun way to win. I'd suggest talking to your play group before playing any deck with a non-fun card like this)

-1 Fate Unraveler (Just makes people dislike your side of the board. I'd say remove unless you have someone who constantly draws out their deck.)

-1 Drana's Emissary (Slow, makes people dislike you)

-1 Cliffhaven Vampire (Just annoying. There are better cards for this)

-1 Blood-Cursed Knight (Not reliable unless you commit more fully towards those enchatments)

-1 Ajani's Chosen (See: Blood-Cursed Knight)

-1 Crystal Chimes (Commit to enchantments or toss)

+1 Athreos, God of Passage (Recursion+Ayli)

+1 Archangel of Thune (Youre already gaining life, may as well buff on top of it)

+1 Ashen Rider (A bit mana hungry, but the removal is excellent)

+1 Bloodgift Demon (Dont burn out)

+1 Solemn Simulacrum (chump blocker, ramp, and card draw. Recur it to get bonus effects!)

+1 Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite (gets rid of most of their strength, makes your 2/2 zombies into 4/4 behemoths)

+1Ghoulcaller Gisa (Tons of value: chump block, double life gain from Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim, or even swing in. Very easy to get 12 or more of these on the board in a turn or two.)

+1Grand Abolisher (Suggested against enemy decks with counters. Not really super required)

+1Grave Titan (More tokens is always good)

+1Gray Merchant of Asphodel (Maybe not good in your deck, but if you can drop this with devotion 6 in 4 player, you get like 24 life. Finisher when combo-ed with Sanguine Bond or other cards with similar effects)

+1Grim Haruspex (Helps towards enchantments and provides tons of card draw with Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim or other sac outlets.)

+1Mikaeus, the Unhallowed (Recursion of all non-Humans. Combos with Retribution of the Ancients and other similar effects)

+1Pontiff of Blight (With all of these tokens, Extort can easily go off like 5 times, triggering Archangel of Thune a bunch)

+1Rhox Faithmender/Boon Reflection/Alhammarret's Archive (Doubles gained life fairly straight-forward)

+1Twilight Drover (Gets scary with some of this other stuff on the board)

+1Swords to Plowshares (Staple White removal. really good)

+1Tragic Slip (great black removal. gets around indestructible rather well)

+1Opal Palace (real nice for commander. gets to buff your frail little Ayli, even after she dies a few times)

+1Black Market (very easy to get 20+ black mana on each of your MP1s with a good token deck)

+1True Conviction (Pretty good. Works with that enchantment thing youre doing)

+1Ashnod's Altar/Phyrexian Altar (sac outlets with mana output. pretty good.)

+1Day of Judgment (for when youre behind and you need to get rid of the other guys stuff. You'll probably want a few other cards that'll do this)

Panzerforge on 2016-02-13 update of Spawning Pool ...

2 weeks ago

I missed the connection, DragonFaceEater, that's hilarious! I never actually intended the deck to play like a pool party, it was just me being wacky as I wrote the description.

That being said, you're 100% right that Tragic Slip is completely appropriate and a much better choice for an unfortunate event at a pool party.

I still might playtest running Tragic Slip instead of Outnumber, though having the cost of Outnumber matches up with how many Mountains I'm running. (due to Emrakul's Hatcher, Spawning Breath, and Brood Birthing all being , I am much more likely to use Growth Spasm to tutor up a Mountain.)

Thanks again for your interest in this deck, it's playing out really well so far in testing, and you've helped out a lot!

DragonFaceEater on 2016-02-13 update of Spawning Pool ...

2 weeks ago

Well, just saying, with Tragic Slip, under WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? and Party Favors, instead of "It will really help you Outnumber your guests!" you could do "And make sure your guests aren't running on the side of the pool, they might have a Tragic Slip!" Personally it makes a lot more sense in the Party Favors, but by just card art, Outnumber is better. Though I do think from a flavor standpoint, Outnumber is better, Just pointing out a small fact that might help! Another reason I wrote this comment is because I found some lands that could really help your deck!Tranquil Thicket, Forgotten Cave, and Barren Moor can all help your deck because it doesn't really need a lot of mana. If you draw it and you already have a bunch of lands, you can just cycle it and draw a new card!

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