Tragic Slip


Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

luisserpa on My Graveyard Is A Railway Station

10 hours ago

It looks pretty good, those are some good results, but I think you can get it better.

I understand you, they do are but they were slowing you down.

As for the cards to take I can give you some idea, but it's only my opinion, the final decision is yours:- 1 Desecration Elemental because it can causes you to sacrifice a creature that you don't want to go to the cemetery.

  • 2 Drainpipe Vermin , it's a good card, but for a discard deck, and you're looking for a sacrificial deck, so I think it wouldn't do much

  • 2 Perilous Myr , they really don't help a lot

  • 1 Bridge from Below , it can be good, except it needs to be in the cemetery, and it's effect is canceled when an opponent's creature dies.

  • 1 Demonic Appetite , the same thing as Elemental

  • 3 Tragic Slip , I'm not a big fan of this card and honestly I let choose this, I don't think it helps a lot, but it's your call.

  • 4 Festering Goblin , this makes your deck with 60 cards, and after the other, this would be the one that I would take.

Hope I gave some help, it really improved a lot and try to test with this changes and see the outcome.

YamishiTheWickedOne on Vamp Vamp Concede

2 days ago

Doom Blade ? Geth's Verdict ? Dismember ? Tragic Slip ? I like all of these over Ultimate Price.

recklesspong on Blood Transfusion (creatureless control)

2 days ago

Great feedback, razvaniorga, thanks! I have been back and forth on Consuming Vapors vs Tribute to Hunger and in the end I decided with all the other removal the 3 drop was more versatile. I'm still torn though. There's lots of mana in this deck, but there's also so much to do with it. I feel like I get into situations a lot where I have four mana and I'm facing two Genesis Hydra and two Elvish Mystic and I'm holding a Tribute and a Tragic Slip . Having one Consuming Vapors instead wouldn't really help me that turn, although having a Vapors and a Slip and another swamp the following turn certainly would. I agree the value is worth the extra CMC, even if it hampers its versatility a bit. I might pick some up and try it out.

Damnation is definitely a card I'd like in this deck, but dropping $200 for a playset would keep me up at night.

I feel like I'm getting enough card draw out of Sign in Blood but I also feel like I'm drawing it out of luck every time I see it. More would be better, and I've been thinking about adding a couple more Signs, but your suggestions are a great idea. I wouldn't necessarily want to draw every single turn (since we're working toward flipping Chalice of Life  Flip ) so Underworld Connections might be a good addition, even though I lose the mana the land produces to gain the card draw. I've usually got more mana than I know what to do with by the mid game.

Dash Hopes is really just part of this other "dilemma control" idea that came out of this deck. It really started with Killing Wave and how much fun it is to play that card when it doesn't really matter which choice your opponent makes. The whole idea is that it's really only a dilemma for them, because you've got a next step either way. Them taking the counter with Dash Hopes is actually exactly what we'd want I think, but if they didn't it would still be exactly what we'd want because they'd take 5 damage and then we'd hit them with a Doom Blade or something. Anyway, it's a bit of a separate deck and I'm still collecting cards and putting together the strategy for it. Stay tuned!

And yes, the control match up. My friend group is very control-poor. Lots of midrange and token decks, but that's going to change I'm sure. The sideboard for this deck is very half-assed, mostly comprised of cards I'm waffling on. I'd love some suggestions from people. Off the top of my head I feel like the thing to do is construct a transformational sideboard that adds uB sources and swaps a lot of the creature removal out for hard counters, Cancel , Mana Leak , etc. Doing the same thing in BW gives me access to life gain but maybe not enough in the way of countermagic, which is clearly this deck's mode.

Something I've been working on in standard (the very unimaginatively-named Mardu Tempo Warriors) is the idea of triple casting burn spells using Howl of the Horde , and that might work really well here in a sideboard strategy that transformed the deck into a BR burn/control hybrid. Add a couple Howls, and then Lightning Bolt , Devil's Play , etc.

Anyway great suggestions. I really appreciate it.

Seraphicate on All them Zombies

5 days ago

First off, there's no point in running a deck with 1-of's of most cards, you'll likely never draw them later on. 4 counterspells in a deck is what I'd call half-assing it, specially since only 2 of them are general counters. The other 2 specifically counter creatures, and non-creatures. If you're going to use counterspells as control, you should either go all the way, or at least some better form of counter; not a 4/60 chance of possibly countering something an opponent throws down.

If you' can't quite afford those cards mentioned above, I suggest you try something like Rooftop Storm , allowing you free-cast for any zombie creatures.Decent creatures would probably be something along the lines of Geralf's Messenger and Diregraf Ghoul , both are good value creatures. Endless Ranks of the Dead works well as token-production, as long as you have zombies on the field.

The way your 4-counterspells is going, I'd think Call to the Grave and 1 more Tragic Slip would work better as control in place of those cards. Necromancer's Stockpile could work as a late-game filter, so you can dig for bigger zombies while throwing the small ones. Consider Zombie Apocalypse as something to finish opponents with everything you've thrown into the grave, while clearing their field. Possibly more Think Twice as card-draw if you can't possibly use that mana on anything else

Well, that's my budget suggestion to you, all cards I suggested are modern-legal, but if you want casual/anything beyond modern, Dark Ritual is known to make black decks run faster.

mdunham on Team Edward

1 week ago

i agree with taking out Geth's Verdict Tragic Slip is pretty sweet

luman87 on Vampire Tribal

1 week ago

Lou's Reccomendations:

Mana fixing: slower but more versatile

Remove Lavaclaw Reaches

Remove Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep

Remove Shizo, Death's Storehouse

Remove Swamp x7

Remove Markov Blademaster

Remove Havengul Vampire

Remove Falkenrath Marauders

Remove Braid of Fire (Read the gatherer on this)

Remove Black Market (5 Mana? Not worth it)

Add Burnished Hart

Add Crypt Ghast

Add Tainted Peak

Add Evolving Wilds

Add Terramorphic Expanse

Add Grixis Panorama

Add Jund Panorama

Add Bloodstained Mire

Add Rocky Tar Pit

Add Bloodfell Caves

Add Urborg Volcano

Add Tresserhorn Sinks

Add Command Tower

Add Vivid Crag

Add Vivid Marsh

Life Gain

Remove Whispersilk Cloak (only useful for selfish creatures)

Remove Sudden Spoiling (too situational)

Remove Dreadbore (use creature removal)

Remove Liliana Vess (card draw is nice but there is better stuff)

Add Blood Tribute

Add Bloodchief Ascension

Add Whip of Erebos

Add Trading Post

For Olivia

Remove Terminate (use creature removal)

Remove Tragic Slip (use creature removal)

Add Illusionist's Bracers (double trigger)

Add Sword of Kaldra (like deathtouch)


Remove Mutilate (use creature removal)

Remove painful quandry (don't give your opponents choices)

Remove Door of Destinies (its too slow)

Remove Rakish Heir (I like this but there is better stuff)

Remove Caged Sun (too little too late)

Remove Mirri the Cursed (selfish)

Remove Phyrexian Reclamation (meh)

Remove Oversold Cemetery (meh)

Remove Reanimate (meh)

Add Vein Drinker (removal)

Add Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief (removal)

Add Dark Impostor (removal)

Add Butcher of Malakir (removal)

Add Anowon, the Ruin Sage (removal)

Add Guul Draz Assassin (removal)

Add Blood Artist (lifegain)

Add Malakir Bloodwitch (lifegain)

Add Captivating Vampire (creature steal)

Cakner on Red black control (suggestions wanted)

1 week ago

Oh boy, i actually have a lot of ideas, ive been thinking of how to make a Black Red control deck for a while. The only big problem i have, is I'm completely sure what your wincon is. If you spash colors thats not a problem, but more on that in a bit.

So first thing, Most control decks need a few thing from their cards to operate well, Card advantage and utility/versatility/value/what ever you wanna to call it. Basicly your cards have to be able to cover a good variety of threats easily, maintain card advantage (Or forcing your opponent into card disadvantage cuz black discard) and not being dead at various points in the game... or do as much of this as possible. Normally card abilities like flashback, overload, or just kicker/strive do well in control decks as you can cast them for their initial cost early, but the extra costs you can spend can help you get value later on. Take Silence the Believers for example. It exiles creatures, which gets around regeneration and indestructibility, and also exiles Auras, which could be usefull you never know. But it can also target multiple creatures so late game, if your staling out and you draw this while full of lands, its can take out three creatures. Oh also im going to recommend this as one of, a silver bullet of sorts.

For the most part, i feel like your cards cover all apsects of creatures, planeswalkers and control really well. But what can it do against Artifacts and enchantments... The only two i can think of are Vandalblast and All Is Dust . Obviously your goal is to get it out of their hand with discard, but what are you going to do against a top deck? But i don't know your local/friends meta, so what ever.

Then addressing your creatures/win con I'm going to say replace Hypnotic Specter with Young Pyromancer . Hypnotic is cool and all, but i feel like its a bit of a win more card, As were young pyro can get a lot of value from your spells, They can be used as chump blockers for days while you deal with other threats, or they can swarm and you can become the aggressor rather quickly.

For you win con, probably want something more sticky and controling... but i dont know of anything like that in Red and Black, So if you were me, i would Cut all 4 of Demigod of Revenge and put in 2 Keranos, God of Storms , then that leaves you with 2 more slots to work with. Otherwise Liliana Vess Is a solid win con for black control.

You can probably also cut 2 lands as your curve is low and you dont have fetches to thin your land.

Other misc suggestions might be:Damnation -- Board wipe

Flame Slash -- cheap and efficient

Wrecking Ball -- Why not?

For the sideboard you could add things like Pyroclasm or Anger of the Gods for aggro decks. And Tragic Slip is just another monster kill spell.

jsansoldo on Zombie see zombie do

1 week ago

Endless Ranks of the Dead is crap. It looks nice, but it not. I tryed to use it, and it never truly do what you want it to. Its slow and clunky.

Get yourself 4x Tragic Slip . Its a full on cost 1 removal, and can allow Geralfs Messager to come back from the deck one more time if need be (also, x4 Geralfs dude!).

Onether AWESOME removal to have is Geth's Verdict . Targer player sacrifice can never be over estimated.

You self made combo will be complete with 4x Blood Artist and a single Killing Wave maindeck to pull with Beseech. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.07 $0.2 $1.0 $1.23

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.05 TIX 0.11 TIX
Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 2.08
Avg. cube pick 7.73


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Conspiracy Common
Dark Ascension Common

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