Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip

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Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

Aktane on Count Von Counts' bloodsucking muppets! Ah ah ah

21 hours ago

Marsh Flats and Verdant Catacombs are not usefull in your deck you don't have any plain or forest and you are all black. I suggest that you add swamp in place of that.

Blood Artist can be very usefull here since you have a lot of sacrifice.

The use of morbid here Tragic Slip is nice. Try check out bloodthirst to.

I sugest you to side with red mana for burst damage and control.

TheSnitch on Obzedat gain/ drain

2 days ago

Thanks, HydraOoze, any suggestions for cuts? Seven cards have to go... Thinking of Tragic Slip, Ashen Rider, Sidisi, Undead Vizier, Sanguine Bond, Oath of Lieges, maybe the two 2cmc mana rocks...

BurningDownTheHouse on Death Control [super budget]

2 days ago

like i said before i originally put in Tragic Slip with the intention of killing my friends gods and other indestructible creatures he likes to play. but he never has enough devotion anymore to make them creatures so I really don't need it. been play testing with Dismember today and it really does hit basically everything it needs to. Bile Blight seems to fall a but short though only because the fatty meta around me. nothing like staring at a Siege Rhino with two Bile Blights in your hand

bassrockn on Death Control [super budget]

2 days ago

I would trade out the Tragic Slip with something like Bile Blight or Dismember because it hits harder and is worth the cost of mana/life. I have some more suggestions I could add but I'm at work at the moment. If you feel like checking out my "lights out" deck, it may give you some ideas to work with that will make this deck flow really well. Mine is a budget too but it's not far from your range. Hope it helps!

Adamantium13 on B/W Tokens

3 days ago

If a card is more effective, I don't understand the whole, "somebody else uses this card in their deck, so I don't want to use it." That sort of mindset doesn't win games. You must use what works. While it is fun to play and lose, it is more fun to play and win, especially when you are playing in a competitive environment.

Tragic Slip is a really bad removal spell. Use Dismember or Path to Exile instead.

You are using way to many creatures in your mainboard. This defeats the purpose of the tokens deck. Tokens decks render spot removal almost useless, so when you are using so many creatures, you are giving up one of the main strengths this deck offers. The only creature you are using that is worth keeping is Hero of Bladehold and she should come in out of the sideboard for game 2 after your opponent has sides out most or all of their removal.

You also need 6-7 hand disruption spells, like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek. This is important because your board doesn't really start developing until turn 3 so you must slow your opponent down so you don't fall behind.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

BurningDownTheHouse on Death Control [super budget]

5 days ago

well Tragic Slip was added because I have a lot of people around me who play gods and they can be a real pain without (-x/-x) effects. But, as it turns out, I have so much board clear that they never seem to have enough devotion to be creatures... Bad moon does look sexy... seven 2/2 death touchers? 3/4 Vampire Nighthawks? Even if I don't find a demon that's just gross. I'll tinker with that a bit.

mrweaselman on Death Control [super budget]

5 days ago

Nice deck, what about adding 2 Mardu Shadowspear or 2 Bad Moon instead of Ultimate Price or Tragic Slip.

TheArkenstone on Painted In Blood

6 days ago

I replaced the 2 Killing Waves with 2Tragic Slip, and replaced 2xDeadly Allure & 2xUndying Evil with 4xDash Hopes.

What do you think about that? :)

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