Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip

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Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

Enshi on Vampiric Rapehouse [Overhauled]

10 hours ago

How's Tragic Slip? I think it might be somewhat viable in place of dismember and murderous cut seeing as it can also deal with indestructible. I kind of feel like the morbid can be easily achieved with how the deck runs.

kameenook on Winter Is Coming

21 hours ago

Someone called Tragic Slip a win more, but it is no such thing by any definition of the word. Having the -13/-13 morbid is more useful in situations where you are losing than in situations where you are winning. I don't think X/2s are common enough in modern to warrant the inclusion of Disfigure over Tragic Slip. I imagine modern as a format full of X/1s,and X/5s. Tragic Slip kills mana dorks easily, and the morbid will occur often enough for the -13/-13 to be relevant.

perseus1718 on Zombos (Help Wanted)

2 days ago

Just allowing my self to see the cards:

Soul of Innistrad's activated Ability is way too much mana for what it does, replace it with Grave Titan, it is way more reliable and can win games on its own.

Blood Scrivener has potential, If you plan on using zombies you will want a Cemetery Reaper, Geralf's Messenger could be useful, Adaptive Automaton could do some work, Phantasmal Image is useful in copying your Diregraf Captain or Cemetery Reaper if you use it and is totally hilarious with Geralf's Messenger (you get to pick a new creature for it to copy when it dies, except it now has a +1/+1 counter on it), Lich Lord of Unx is great for tribal zombies. If your curve gets really clumped around a few creatures you should consider AEther Vial. For removal you should use a combination of about 6 Smother, Doom Blade, and Go for the Throat. Counterspells are not very good in modern, you might want to use Cryptic Command instead of Perplex, however Perplex is interesting.

You should definitely remove Rooftop Storm, Grim Return, Sudden Spoiling[, Tragic Slip, Zombie Apocalypse, Vedalken Ghoul, and Nested Ghoul.

You should probably cut back on the Rooftop Storm as it costs too much mana for its effect.

Also as far as lands go, don't use Dreadship Reef, Drowned Catacomb is a good mana-fixer, I would also recommend Creeping Tar Pit as it can kill planeswalkers really well.

If you want to hear my reasoning on any of these suggestions just ask me.

IHeartJesus666 on Golgari Growth

2 days ago

I would take out 4x Vulturous Zombie, and replace them with 4x Tragic Slip.

Spazik008 on Winter Is Coming

3 days ago

Disfigure is more reliable. I have a lot of heavy firepower and unconventional removal already. Things I need to kill with extreme prejudice include Goblin Guide, Lord of Atlantis, Monastery Mentor, and Goblin Electromancer. Stuff that really helps them and is really important to make dead. I've already got a full stack of Victim of Night so the -13/-13 off Tragic Slip just feels like what they refer to as "win more". It's cute but in real life the boring thing actually does more.

AslanCross on Imperonsator of the Vast

4 days ago

Is there any particular reason you are sticking to these tribes if you lack the commander that enables them? Only 12 out of your 26 creatures are actually of the tribes you want to feature. You might be just better off running an aggro deck with Aurelia (humans/angels), or a full reanimator with Vish Kal (vampires).

Mardu actually has some of the best removal in the game, so I'd suggest the following:Terminate, Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Utter End, Dismember, Tragic Slip, Dreadbore, Silence the Believers.

Other angels worth featuring: Gisela, Blade of Goldnight, Angel of Despair, Magister of Worth, Angel of the Dire Hour

For reanimation: Living Death, Faith's Reward

Siegeerson on Winter Is Coming

5 days ago

have you thought of Tragic Slip instead of your other removal?

VampireNighthawk999 on Winter Is Coming

6 days ago

Nice deck! Maybe replace Disfigure with Tragic Slip? I could see why you would want either, though.

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