Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip


Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

wisegreenbean on Recycling Initiative with Meren

1 day ago

Fleshbag Marauder is just as excellent as Merciless Executioner, and you should absolutely run both.

Beast Within is the best spot removal you can run, so you probably should. Tragic Slip is another cheap, efficient option that gets around indestructible.

Speaking of removal, you likely want some field sweeps, which you can recover from quite nicely, while your opponents will have a harder time. All Is Dust and Decree of Pain are nice. Damnation is just about the best available, so it is correspondingly expensive.

Evolutionary Leap, Greater Good, and Birthing Pod are insane sac outlets.

Avenger of Zendikar, Woodfall Primus, and Sheoldred, Whispering One are some fatties that can win you games. I'm also pretty partial to Creakwood Liege.

Mogis_Mtg on Bitter Controllkens

2 days ago

I strongly recommend Butcher of the Horde because it can trigger Tragic Slip easily, gain you life you lost from Bitterblossom and is a good beater in general.

fartzilla on 2015-11-22 update of BBW Big ...

4 days ago

obviously Bloodsoaked Champion or anything with undying / reanimation effects would be great in this type of deck. I tried to make this deck as cheap, and fast as possible. Demonlord of Ashmouth is a cheaper($) replacement for Demon of Death's Gate, although slower. Tragic Slip would be brutal in this deck with all the death touch, and sacrificing. Here's my original deck if you're interested. phyrexian obliterates all

fiction_toast on DUSK

5 days ago

Tragic Slip could be good here

wisegreenbean on Meren, the cheeky grave robber

1 week ago

Fleshbag Marauder has a friend named Merciless Executioner. In my experience, the former is an absolute house in Meren, so maybe you want both?

Viridian Zealot has a friend named Caustic Caterpillar. I would argue that the bug is even better for Meren, as she can reanimate it to field right away.

Also, a brief question on the topic of removal...have you considered Beast Within or Tragic Slip? Instant speed removal can be pretty darn important if someone starts comboing off in an unfortunate way.

mathemagic314 on Dirt Cheap (Budget Black Devo)

1 week ago

Oooo Dismember might be a sweet addition to this deck, I'll keep my eye out for it. I might also get some more Ulcerate and Tragic Slip in here. And Kingofsouls, while Mogis's Marauder has won me some games while I was against the ropes, I've noticed lately that my deck is so based on destruction of non-black creatures kinds of makes him obsolete. By the time I have my bigger creatures out on the field, I've usually already cleared the other side. I'm definitely going to keep him in there, but mostly as a last resort.

GriffinRider on 2015-11-18 update of Aristocrats Dressed ...

1 week ago

Hey there. Love the deck dude.

I have a few suggestions. Primarily, I think you're running too many land; when you're playing a single colour and your highest mana cost is 3, it's really not necessary to play 23. It clogs up your draws and you always end up getting land instead of what you need. I'd drop it down to 21-22 levels, or even 20 if you're game. The other option is to keep the same amount of land, but add a few Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, as it wouldn't then have such a detrimental effect on your efficiency.

Secondly, I really like the idea of a Nantuko Husk, but if you're looking for something that does a little better, and doesn't jam the 3-drop spot on the curve, try Bloodthrone Vampire. Not a zombie, where Nantuko Husk, which might bother you. I personally wouldn't worry about it, however, when you have enough zombies to make it work anyway.

Altar's Reap is brilliant, and I would recommend running 2-3 of them.

I feel like this deck would benefit from more removal spells, to make them a reliable draw. The first thing I'd look to is Tragic Slip.

Having 4 Blood Artist and 4 Zulaport Cutthroat seems a bit redundant to me. I feel like I'd like this a lot more with 2-3 Zulaport Cutthroats, instead of 4.

In any case, most of these are just consequential things, card that I'd personally like to have in there. The most important point I raised is that of the land.

Love the deck dude, +1

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