Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip


Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

Troy242621 on Modern Vampire?

14 hours ago

Hey all. Decided to try my hand at building a Vampire deck for Modern, and I'm really new to MTG, only played like 3 weeks so far.

My questions are in the description for the deck but will be copied here:

Black Bites Back

The main idea of the deck was to poke them down with Blood Artist and Viscera Seer then control the board through Dash Hopes, various kill spells and Gatekeeper of Malakir to then build up a synergizing army with Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Captivating Vampire to either go for the win swinging or to stall them until I can use the infinite combo as a win condition.

Keep in mind, I'm incredibly new and have only played casually. I plan to EVENTUALLY play Modern, and this is the deck I'm building for that. I have no idea how realistic this is. I'd like insight on this!




New MTG player and this is my first deck that I've actually built on my own without editing off of someone else's deck.

Could really use help. Questions below.

  1. Are vampire decks viable in Modern tournaments (Not this one just in general)?

  2. Could THIS deck be used at FNM without being ROFLstomped (Not expecting to top place but hopefully not be consistently and soul-crushingly destroyed)? Is it at least decent?

  3. I do NOT intend to keep this many kill spells but I can't decide which I like best: Go for the Throat, Urge to Feed, Blood Feast or Tragic Slip?

  4. How many kill spells should I run?

  5. Any card you would replace? How could this deck be made more Modern-viable?

  6. Is the infinite combo in this deck too slow for Modern/How long is an average Modern game?

  7. How does the mana situation look? Only 22 lands, but most of my cards are relatively cheap with decent scaling.

I'd appreciate ANY of these be answered, thanks a ton in advance!


3 days ago

SplinterAlfanumerico, firstly, sorry for my extremely late response. Haven't been on tappedout much recently. As for all your suggestions, i'm honestly already aware of and have considered most of them. As I said in the description, i'm limited by what cards I actually have, and I will be for awhile. Whenever I next pick up cards this deck will likely change a lot.

Vampire Lacerator is in there cause I wanted some kind of one drop presence in the deck, same thing for the Guul Draz Vampire's. I agree that Pulse Tracker is good and I would consider using him, but like I said, I don't have him. I'd truthfully consider a lot of other one drops before the Guul Draz.

I also agree that my turn 2 presence is kind of sh*t. That's why I tried to throw in some one drops to make up for this at least a little bit.

Captivating Vampire is in there because he's just another lord ability, and I only have one of him so why not use him. The few times I have actually had him out since he's been in the deck, I've come closer then even i'd expect to using his ability. The fourth Nighthawk came out because I thought three would be good enough and I needed to make room for my most recent changes. I agree that I want the fourth back in somehow.

I love my Bloodline Keeper  Flips. They're pretty much how I win 90% of the games that I win.

Bloodlords are good. Them in combination with my Keepers has also made me win games, but I think the Nocturnus and his more widespread buffing would be more useful. Especially with the one and two drops that don't have flying. I'm not a huge fan of Drana in this deck, only because her ability is great, but I feel like tapping 5 mana to give something 0/-3 and her +3/0 is... rough in anything that's not EDH. Maybe i'm wrong.

I like Tragic Slip, if I could figure out a way to put it in I would, but it's a problem of looking at the deck and not wanting to take anything out that's already there.

If I had Dragonskull Summits they would be in this deck in a heartbeat. I may pick some up in the future and throw them in here. I'm also in debate with myself about turning this deck from B/R to R/W/B because I love things like Crackling Doom.

Comicaz on Drawing is death (help)

5 days ago

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions guys !

Gnat Miser seems very nice ! I was looking for a great one drop besides Bloodchief Ascension and you found it =) i feel like playing at least 3 of these rats. Should i cut the Vampire Nighthawks ? I love this card but it doesnt really fit the theme of the deck, it's just plain strong...

And i don't really want to play less Howling Mines, i'm not sure i can really get my opponent to draw enough cards to make him suffer if i do that. I would reduce to 3 copys if i knew what to replace it for, another drawing engine yes but which ?

Black Vise is awesome and i WANT to play it x4 ! But... i think it's either i play black vise, or gnat miser. I don't really know for now but the synergy between the two isnt so great imo :/

Cursed Rack is indeed powerful and fits the deck well, but since i'm not yet decided wether i take the Black Vise path or the discard path...

What do you guys think ?

And as for the mass removal spells, Killing Wave might hurt me badly because i don't want to sacrifice any creatures this deck contains. I'd play Damnation if i had the funds ! That's why i first thought about Tragic Slip or Geth's Verdict but single removal spells aint so great...

Damn these choices !

BenBass97 on Orzhov Bleed Deck

5 days ago

Drana's Emissary more bleed. Debt to the Deathless great finisher, especially in multiplayer. Sanguine Blood for combo/value Lingering Souls for sac/ stall Tragic Slip bound to kill something with all the sac.

Hextall on Fangor Mono Black Combo

5 days ago

Nice deck idea, you might not have quite enough lands for this deck to run properly and your Doom Blades and Duresses might be too plentiful, against the wrong deck you could be in deep trouble, Despise will work better against many decks than duress, I would reccomend a split, and against another black deck 4 Doom Blades is not where you want to be at. Geth's Verdict and Tragic Slip would possibly be preferable. You could also try and fit Geralf's Messenger in here, though it may not be as budget as you like.I like what youve done here, maybe with more control elements it could become even better.

ItchiUchiha117 on Rhys vs Trostani, who's Best?

5 days ago

Hi there, do you like combos? How about aggro? Tribal? Winning? All of the above? Then Rhys the Redeemed might be right for you.

In all seriousness, though, Rhys is simply better. Yes, he is much smaller, but most people aren't using removal that is toughness based (or if they are, it's mass removal like Mutilate or something really big anyways like Tragic Slip) and you probably aren't going to involve him in combat until such a point that he won't be dying anyways, like with (insert large number here) tokens and a Craterhoof Behemoth trigger.

test101 on CT Jund Dragons

6 days ago

Thinking about adding some cheap B spot removal

Victim of the night, Tragic Slip, Devour Flesh, Go for the Throat, Geth's Verdict, and Tribute to Hunger

Maybe Lightning Bolt and Draconic Roar are enough..Any thoughts?

formayor on The Poor Planeswalker's Guide To Modern B/W Tokens

1 week ago

Pretty solid budget tokens. But...

Mortify is crazy. Especially with 3X Sundering Growth on the sideboard. Bone Splinters, Tragic Slip, Go for the Throat, Doom Blade, Vendetta, and Ultimate Price might all be somewhat better depending on what decks you play against often. Think about what you can get out of a card like Mortify, now think about what you get out of Utter End for one more. There's just better things out there no matter what you're trying to accomplish with your removal - especially when you want to be casting some of your key stuff on turn 3.

Less important suggestions:You might want a bit more lifegain in some matchups. I think some number of sideboard Timely Reinforcements could be huge. Also, given the huge number of Pyroclasm out there these days - plus the huge number of Elves and Merfolk, I really like Brave the Elements more than Forge Tender, because it can effectively make your guys unblockable against 3 of the best aggro decks around, and occasionally against others.

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