Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip


Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

axdsadassdw on death and value

1 day ago

Change Flame Slash to Lightning Bolt. sure it deals 1 less damage but it can target player instead giving this deck some reach. Swap 1 Tragic Slip for Altar's Reap for more cards. Smallpox is a nice tech card since your creature can just return to the battlefield due to undying

now i don't really sure bout this but have you considered Ion Storm and Demonlord of Ashmouth

Ion Storm doesn't impact the board directly when you cast it, but it have great synergy with the undying mechanic. While Demonlord of Ashmouth is a 4 mana flying beater which will end game fast if not handled (twice unless exiled)

sylvannos on Help making my stupid looking ...

1 day ago

@icehit6: You're using a very specific term in the wrong way. Read this article on MtG Salvation. If you had said "I think Surgical Extraction is better for your deck than Slaughter Games," instead of "strictly better," you would be fine with your opinion.

"Strictly better" has a very specific meaning. I.e. Ancestral Recall is strictly better than Concentrate, which is strictly better than Rhystic Scrying. In the sense you're using the term, you're comparing Concentrate to Divination, saying Divination is better because it costs less. They don't do the same thing.

Not only do you have to either 1) Wait for them to cast the spell and for it to go to the graveyard or 2) Get rid of it yourself via removal or disruption, you can't blindly name it and exile it before they draw it. This is something you need to do against decks like Mono-Blue Tron, where you name Mindslaver before they have 13 mana available.

Lastly, cost is largely irrelevant. You're comparing the price of two cards that are printed over a year apart from sets that were opened in different quantities. RtR was drafted a lot more than New Phyrexia, hence more copies of Slaughter Games were opened. Cost is dependent on supply and demand...not how good a card is. Otherwise, Vampiric Tutor would be worth far more than Imperial Seal, but that is absolutely not the case.

I can be condescending all I want when someone blatantly spreads misinformation before even looking at the person's deck that's in question. Maybe if you took the time to realize what the person who asked for help was asking and avoided using terms you don't understand the full meaning behind, you could avoid these types of conversations.


Have you considered adding Terminates? On top of Tragic Slip, you can get past things with more than 3 toughness or with regeneration.

With Blade of the Bloodchief and Retribution of the Ancients, you say it yourself: if you can keep creatures alive. If you have a guy with lots of +1/+1 counters from Blade of the Bloodchief, you should already be winning. Neither of these cards helps you when you're behind. Neither one helps you if your opponent is just wiping your side with Lightning Bolts, Path to Exiles, etc.

Null Profusion would be better if it cost less. If your hand is empty, control players will just let it resolve and you lock yourself out. Otherwise, it comes so late in the game they have the resources to deal with it. Even worse is when you're under pressure from Liliana of the Veil or Deceiver Exarch clocks.

I would avoid Castigate because of how many two-drops you have already. You need something to do turn one to get yourself going. Castigate is an awesome card, but you don't have a lot going on turn one. This is a problem against decks like Infect or Affinity, which are looking to kill you on turn three. Hitting a Glistener Elf or Cranial Plating turn one is where you want to be. These decks are otherwise going to give you problems.

Six fetches is probably right, but those Nomad Outposts have got to go. A basic Plains might be in order so you can cast everything in your deck under Blood Moon (more importantly Oblivion Ring to get rid of it). Maybe cut one or two swamps for Mutavault?

The issue with Oblivion Ring is Abrupt Decay, Inquisition of Kozilek, and Destructive Revelry. It's a good catch-all answer, but there are so many answers to it already. Burn is likely boarding in Destructive Revelry in order to deal with Leyline of Sanctity already. I think at the very least you need Olivia Voldaren because of how well she answers so many different decks.

No burn deck plays Wheel of Fate, nevermind four copies. They optimally want to spend their turn two casting Boros Charm or Eidolon of the Great Revel or Monastery Swiftspear and Lava Spike or something that takes out a huge chunk of their opponent's life total, not play a spell that may or may not resolve until turn 6, after the game should be over.


1 day ago

I agree Maringam. Tragic Slip was great in standard for an out of hand Predator Ooze, but it is quite situational. Dismember hits Modern better. Thanks for confirmation.


1 day ago

I disagree on the Tragic Slip, they only really work if you've already killed something of theres, in which case you probably either dont need or want to kill anything else for the turn, or if they killed something of yours, in which case you should be laying out new board position, not getting removal vengeance. - And you don't need for Dismember.

Storm525 on The Desecrator

2 days ago

@draeken: I'll consider Buried Alive, to hell with fetchlands though, too expensive. As for creature removal, should I mainboard some Tragic Slips? (which I would recommend for your deck as well, instead of Go for the Throat).

MR H3AT on Death and Taxes V2: Now With Added Hate Flavor

2 days ago

Currently this list is a lot less taxing and more Orzhov aggro. Things like Aven Mindcensor and Leonin Arbiter and things that generally interrupt multiple aspects of your opponent's game plan are more tax like effects. This list is super neat though. I really like the direction you took with it. It has a lot of b/w cards that I really enjoy seeing in general. If you really intend to make it a tax deck I would consider swapping out a few things and tweak the deck to be a bit closer the core that a lot of modern D&T/hatebear decks run while adding a hint of some of the fun cards from a deck type called dead guy ale. It is a taxing while still aggressive and removal heavy strategy. AEther Vials, the 2 creatures mentioned previously, Thoughtseize/Inquisition of Kozilek, Mirran Crusader, Phyrexian Revoker, Surgical Extraction, Lingering Souls, Liliana of the Veil, Bitterblossom, Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and Fulminator Mage would be the types of things to look into. But, if you intend to keep it as close to what you currently have, which seems like the goal, then there are a few potential improvements that I would suggest. No matter what you do with the deck those cards are always good to keep an eye on during your construction because of the insane value they have by themselves.

I am not entirely sure what Rally the Ancestors can do in your list that is super meaningful. You won't be able to attack with those creatures because it exiles them at the upkeep and they don't have haste. I mean you can block with them but that seems to be about it combat wise. There are potential interactions with Mentor of the Meek and maybe something cheeky with Cartel Aristocrat but I would honestly change it out. Zealous Persecution would be my suggestion. With all of the twin decks running around as usual one of my favorite blow out cards is Batwing Brume. It has been known to swing the game in so many crazy situations. If you see a lot of eldrazi due to tron, titans, or goyfs that just get too damn big I would suggest maybe adding some Tragic Slip because all of the easy access to morbid triggers. Orzhov Charm seems pretty lame with the best mode being a Go for the Throat that just hurts you. They might be better as just more 1/2 drop removal spells. Blade Splicer is always a fun one because it is an easy sac target while still producing a very relevant creature. It is also a human which just makes it all the better here.

1 mana disruption is really really good if you ever have access to black. Often it is better to Thoughtseize out an enemy's threat and take the damage than it is to let the thing hit the table first. If there is a chance that they can out race you with other types of damage then Duress is fantastic to ease some of the pain. Inquisition is a really good catch-all in modern due to the nature of the low average CMC of most cards in the format but the issue is the restriction sometimes. It can't hit Splinter Twin, the main threats in tron, or a few other really key cards. It really depends on your meta but I would highly recommend adding a suite of 1 drop discard that best fits your needs based on play-testing and meta analysis into your 75 cards.

When it comes to sideboard you have a huge arsenal to really hate out a lot of different decks. Rest in Peace to ruin goyf/snapcaster/reanimator strategies. Surgical Extraction/Extirpate will deal with a lot of pesky combo decks or anything that has a lot of scary 4-ofs. Like mentioned earlier, Batwing Brume is just amazing. Oblivion Ring can deal with pesky harder to hit permanents. Leyline of Sanctity for burn and or decks that get into your hand a little too much. Wilt-Leaf Liege is always fun against an early lili of the veil. Deathmark is super efficient against the right match ups. Mark of Asylum speaks for itself in value. Stony Silence can often be a blow out to robots and artifacts as well as Pithing Needle which is also a really good catch-all. I could go on for hours for what you could include in here but I will simply say the same thing that I mentioned about discard spells.

Sorry about the short novel but I really like this deck and think there are a lot of cool things to do with it so I wanted to share my thoughts.

rothgar13 on Null profused turbo Vampires

2 days ago

I don't know how you came to the conclusion that Lightning Bolt is a bad removal spell, but I can tell you it is very far from the truth. There's a reason successful (read: Tier 1) midrange/control decks like Jund, Twin, and Grixis Control employ it, and it's rarely to hit players, although that's a nice perk. It zaps most relevant creatures in the format, is dirt cheap, and has no drawback. There's almost no reason to not run it, and it's certainly better than something like Tragic Slip, which (as Programmer_112 noted), doesn't interact with Persist creatures the way you seem to think it does.

I would toss Tragic Slip for Bolt, Feast of Blood for Terminate, and both Oblivion Ring and Retribution of the Ancients (which is jank, honestly) for Kolaghan's Command. Blade of the Bloodchief and maybe even Null Profusion should probably be Dismember - with that, you'll have a removal package that can handle pretty much anything, and let you take over the game at your leisure.

Programmer_112 on Null profused turbo Vampires

2 days ago

Lightning Bolt is not a bad removal spell, actually. I have absolutely NO idea how you came to that conclusion, but it is 100% false. Lightning Bolt is probably the best removal spell in Modern, because of its versatility. Not playing Bolt in any Red deck not named Living End or Restore Balance is one of the biggest mistakes you can make in Modern. You'll find yourself going to the face much more often than you expect, and it normally be pretty decent in those scenarios, where it is stellar when it takes out a creature. 1 mana instant-speed removal is good, 1 mana damage to close out the game is good, cards that do multiple things are great, Lightning Bolt is the best spell in Modern. It's not that difficult.

Terminate is better than Tragic Slip. I don't think you understand how persist works, because Tragic Slip does the exact same thing as Terminate against Persist creatures. As for indestructability, there aren't really any playable indestructible creatures in Modern, so that's a moot point. Terminate is better because Tragic Slip is very conditional

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