Tragic Slip

Tragic Slip

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Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn.

Morbid That creature gets -13/-13 until end of turn instead if a creature died this turn.

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Tragic Slip Discussion

JoshRigone on Nora - Red/Blue/Black

1 day ago

Hello Apathy-Dance! Typically, Grixis (Red-Blue-Black) plays a very controlling role. offers counterspells while and offer the best creature and artifact removal. You already seem to have a good start for removal with cards like Lightning Bolt, Doom Blade and Tragic Slip. I would consider adding Terminate as well. I would definitely try to add some counterspells in like Mana Leak - it can stop your opponent on the early turns and is quite cheap.

You may also want to look into including some wrath effects (those that clear the board). In your colors you can find Anger of the Gods, Infest or Slagstorm. This will help you survive against aggressive decks.

Another card worth looking at is Rakdos Charm. It is a highly versatile card that serves as either artifact removal, graveyard hate (in case your opponent is using their graveyard) and can kill your opponent if they have enough creatures on the board.

You then need some creatures to win the game with. In your colors there are some really cool vampires that work very well in a control deck such as Vampire Nighthawk and Olivia Voldaren. Plus, both of those creatures will survive an Infest if you play it.

Finally, you may want to include some discard spells like Duress, Despise or Appetite for Brains (if you're playing against decks that play higher costed cards). These sorts of effects can help you disrupt your opponents if they are attempting to assemble a combo.

+1 Good luck and let me know if I can answer any questions or give more advice :)

Lokotor on Breaking into Modern Faeries.

2 days ago

Probably cut at least one Mistbind Clique

I would add a Sower of Temptation even just in the board. one or two.

Look into weather or not cards like Quickling could be used well for you

Go for the Throat might be better than Tragic Slip

Snapcaster Mage

XTechNinjaX on Grand Prix Smallpox

5 days ago

I like this deck better than the dredge sibling. One thing I would say is since you run so many slow black costs you cut the 1x Forest for 1x Woodland Cemetery.

Another thing I recommend you put in the side is Mutilate, Dismember, or Tragic Slip. I don't know what kind of competition you will be dealing with but I have seen several competitive modern decks run indestructible especially with gods in the meta now. I know it is ideal to hit it in the hand with Thoughtsieze or make them sacrifice it but hard removal for indestructible is never a bad idea.

I would also go to 3x Abrupt Decay and 1x Golgari Charm in the main. Charm is situational but several times I have drawn my 1x in the main during a token beatdown and it really saved me!

If you are worried about tokens I would almost say take Golgari Charm out of the side and just run the 1x main then take 2x Illness in the Ranks in the side. It is cheaper and the effect persists forcing them to waste removal on it.

Spider Spawning is the last thing I would just recommend you consider as a 1x. I know a lot of people overlook it and it may work better in your dredge version but I love that card and if you end up in an awkward game where it is lasting longer than it should this is a great way to put up a solid defense and buy the time you need to find the win.

+1 Awesome deck! I hope something I said helps!

ICEMAN762004 on indestructible and negative counters

5 days ago

If a card has indestructible such as Mogis, God of Slaughter and I have a card that will give it enough negative counters (-1/-1) will it effectively kill the indestructible creature? If so, is this also true for cards like Tragic Slip that with its morbid ability would be enough negative "counters" to kill close to anything on the board.

anooshapalooza on I'm Here to Kill those Damn "Rhinos"...

1 week ago

Thank XTechNinjaX, Tragic Slip is a favorite of mine for many reasons. The only downside is something needs to die, otherwise it's nothing more than a bad Darkblast; basically it requires a specific situation. If it comes down to a single turn and I need removal in order to win the game this card wouldn't suffice. Slip is not a midrange favorite in the way of removal, it is for aggressive builds where things die constantly though. I use it in my BG Aggro deck and it is really valuable.

Clawed6 on Olivia's reign of tears and stone

1 week ago

Drown in Sorrow is a good one thanks. I am waiting for it to rotate out of standard then will pick it up cheap.

Got Inferno Titan as another beater which clears up small creatures, replacing Flames of the Firebrand.

Tragic Slip in for Devil's Play - will let my creatures do the finishing. Phyrexian Arena in for Underworld Connections, it's better. Skullclamp in for Sign in Blood - mop up small creatures or put on my own big creatures to provide card draw if they die and increase their damage dealing.

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