Cryptic Gateway


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Onslaught (ONS) Rare

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Cryptic Gateway


Tap two untapped creatures you control: You may put a creature card from your hand into play that shares a creature type with each creature tapped this way.

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Cryptic Gateway Discussion

Bxbx on Ixalan Park (#2 Gishath Commander)

4 days ago

Hi, deck looks pretty solid so far.

here are a few suggestions:

Maybe you should add even more dinosaurs to get more out of the Gishath trigger. You did not add any of the old 'beasts' and 'lizards' that got errata'd. Check them out here:

You could also consider some of the shapeshifters like Mirror Entity.

Duelist's Heritage is a nice card for multiplayer and it lets Gishath trigger twice. Take out True Conviction, Berserkers' Onslaught or Rage Reflection because I think you only need the extra trigger for Gishath and everything else is 'win more'. And their mana cost is too high.

Cryptic Gateway might be cool to get dinosaurs into play that would otherwise be stuck in your hand. Take out Genesis Wave. Yes, it's a commander allstar, but Gishath does already cheat your permanents directly into play and I'm not a big fan of having cards in your deck that have more or less the same effect as your Commander. The same is true for Lurking Predators.

Scroll Rack is great in this deck as a good 'draw' engine for naya and to manipulate the top of your library for Gishath. It's also a nice way to make use of needless dinsoraurs in your hand. You could take out one of the cards mentioned above.

Warstorm Surge and Where Ancients Tread let you finish the game in combination with the Gishath trigger but they let you control the board as well. That's why I prefer them over True Conviction, Berserkers' Onslaught, Rage Reflection, Aggravated Assault or Overwhelming Stampede.

For Ramp I would consider some of the land fetching sorceries like Kodama's Reach and Cultivate because they thin out the library for the Gishath trigger. They also help colourfixing considering that you're in naya. Maybe take out Drover of the Mighty, Keeper of Progenitus or Exploration (yes, it's a good card but you do not generate that much card advantage to make it really really good)

You should also consider Sylvan Library as a green allstar that is perfectly suited for this deck. Another option would be Mirri's Guile. You can leave the big dinosaurs on top of your library for Gishath and only draw the useful stuff. Take out Vanquisher's Banner because it costs too much and the hymn-effect isn't needed when you're already playing the big guys.

That's all for now. I hope that you find some of my comments helpful

DrukenReaps on Upgraded Ur Dragon

1 week ago

with such a high average CMC and since you are short of 100 cards I'd fill this out with a few more lands. 36 or 37 land should be good.

Some of these should help too Cryptic Gateway, Urza's Incubator, Call to the Kindred, Descendants' Path, Mirari's Wake

DrukenReaps on Pre-op Nightmare

1 week ago

Hey it would be great to get a decent description of the deck. Just answer some basic questions like how you plan to win with the deck and if there are any specific things you really want to be doing. any combos or great synergies? etc.

Sphinx tribal is an interesting choice. You will definitely have a little trouble with mana but you have made some good choices to help with mana costs. I always question the inclusion of creatures outside of the tribe in a tribal deck but if the 3 non-sphinx creatures have good reasons for being here then they should stay. Outside of having a bunch of cool flyers was there anything you wanted the deck to do? I see a few pillow fort cards which isn't a bad choice. You may want to take a look through this EDH Tribal Staples some that I think will be useful to you are Call to the Kindred, Mirror Entity, Cryptic Gateway.

I've always been a fan of having Conjurer's Closet when my commander has an etb I want to use over and over. Other good options like Deadeye Navigator exist too. The edhrec page is always a good option when you know what you want to do with your commander too.

How do you feel about infinite? Your commander goes into a loop with Sculpting Steel.

play Sculpting Steel as a copy of your commander. your commander goes to graveyard.

sculpting steel trigger brings your commander back. loop continues endlessly.

clearly you need stuff to take advantage of a creature entering the field and leaving the field. You can end the loop any time by getting rid of sculpting steel and having it come back as not your commander. I may have mis-explained the loop but I know it loops.

TheNamelessG8T0R on The Ur-Dragon EDH

3 weeks ago

The deck looks pretty good! Here are the cuts I would make to bring it down to 100 cards:

Monastery Siege: This card provides less card advantage than we'd like. The tax on targeting is redundant with the Asceticism and the Scalelord Reckoner in the deck.

Nihil Spellbomb: This can be brought back in if you are facing a lot of graveyard-based decks, but it can be cut for a first draft. You already have 5 other single-target removal spells, which should be sufficient anyway. If you want to bring it back in, cut another single-target removal spell.

I would also replace Armillary Sphere with another land. The sphere does not provide true mana ramp, and another land would help greatly in ensuring that you hit your land drops on time.

Other cards/upgrades I would consider include:

Swan Song, Heroic Intervention, Teferi's Protection: These can protect you against board clears, which can be devastating.

Patriarch's Bidding: Insanely strong in a deck where everything is expensive.

Dromoka, the Eternal: Bolster can get out of hand very quickly.

Hellkite Tyrant: Almost everyone uses artifacts in EDH, so this will almost always have something good to steal.

Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund,Dragonlord Kolaghan: More haste.

Lifecrafter's Bestiary: Very powerful and underrated card draw enabler. The scry alone is decent.

Maelstrom Wanderer: Not a dragon, but INCREDIBLY powerful in this deck, the haste is amazing, and cascading into 2 dragons is a real possibility. If you have Ur-dragon out, you'll be in a very strong position to win.

Skyshroud Claim,Nature's Lore: If you upgrade the mana base to include some lands with basic land types (shocks, BFZ lands, Amonkhet cyclers), then these become very powerful and efficient ramp cards.

Merciless Eviction,Decree of Pain,Toxic Deluge: Good board wipes.

Dragon Arch,Cryptic Gateway,Belbe's Portal: more ways to cheat dragons onto the battlefield.

Sarkhan the Mad: His -2 ability can usually take out a player.

Balefire Dragon: Acts as a mini board wipe.

City of Brass, Reflecting Pool: Good lands that can tap for any color.

stewa238 on Vampiric Bloodlust (C17)

3 weeks ago

rkjunior I really like those two cards, I feel like Cover of Darkness would work very well in this deck, but what would you take out? I also like Cryptic Gateway, but I think it would work better in my The Ur-Dragon deck I am building. Great suggestions though, thanks.

Elboron on Edgar's Dega Vampires

4 weeks ago

Really liking the deck, and look to use much of it in my own build. One card I've been looking at is Cryptic Gateway which seems to work great with Markov's ability. Play a cheap vamp, get a token, tap both to drop a pricey vamp onto the board.

Rabid_Wombat on The Ur Dragon's Raging Rainbow Friends

1 month ago

Ojutai, Soul of Winter is most definitely worth it- I lost a game yesterday due to the dragonbird tapping out all of my draconic defenders...hella annoying.

I'd choose Quicksilver Amulet over Cryptic you said already- tapping down dragons is not the best way to play aggro.

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