Llanowar Elves

Creature — Elf Druid

Tap: Add G to your mana pool.

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Llanowar Elves Discussion

cinderdrive on Disciples of Darkness

10 hours ago

The mana curve is too high, especially because you don't have any early game ramp. Perhaps Sylvan Caryatid , Overgrown Battlement , Birds of Paradise , or Noble Hierarch or even a Llanowar Elves . Ramp is part of the power of green. The Doubling Season should be a one of, and you should cut back on your planes walkers. Also the lotleth works extra well with Bloodghast .

keyno on Morph & Mana abilities vs ...

2 days ago

Okay, so i've heard that morph abilities such as Abzan Guide don't enter the stack. I also know that mana abilities & land effects also don't enter the stack.

So, I got into a little argument over when these things can be done. A friend used Lure on one of his creatures, so before the battle phase, I tapped all of my Llanowar Elves to ensure they couldn't block. He argued that because they don't enter the stack, you can only tap land or mana abilities when casting spells or effects, but I thought that would ruin the point of the old Mana Burn, or Omnath, Locus of Mana , since you'd have NO mana left over at any time.

When I raised the argument of Morph he argued that this could only be done at "relevant times" such a when being targeted or when attacking or blocking and otherwise during your main phase as a sorcery. I don't think "relevant times" sounds like a roper ruling at all.

But it got me thinking, say someone activates Lightning Bolt on my face down Abzan Guide , can I react by Morphing it, or must I wait until we are outside of a stack?

It's just that this is about to get very relevant with Kharns

GlistenerAgent on Blue and Green deck

4 days ago

A lot of cards in your deck aren't doing anything. Play more of your best cards, like Llanowar Elves and Heroes' Bane . You can easily cut a lot of the one-ofs, like Force Spike and Remove Soul , and simply replace them with more powerful cards.

stofiska on Garruk and Tokens to Populate

4 days ago

You spelled populate wrong :D

Generally, you might want to remove some of the stuff you have 2x or 1x, and get more 4x cards instead. Gameplay should be a lot more consistent then.

Since you have quite a lot of high-cost stuff (like the planeswalkers), i think you would benefit a lot from guys that tap for mana (like Llanowar Elves , Birds of Paradise , etc.). If you're running Crypt Ghast you should really consider getting a set of Overgrown Tomb (lol or Bayou ), since that counts as a swamp.

Underworld Connections clashes with Crypt Ghast - i would not put both in the same deck. Maybe try Phyrexian Arena instead.

I think 4x Druid's Deliverance would be good here.

Consume Strength looks not so good, so does Stab Wound . Treasured Find looks out of place. I would take them out, maybe replace with removals (Doom Blade )

You don't need 1x Dark Ritual here. My opinion ritual is 4x or none, and only belongs in mono-black. Plus, this is not a super-aggro deck, so it will just screw you in terms of card advantage.

I would take out Ob Nixilis, Unshackled also; seems like he's not super-relevant to the theme here and he is expensive. I could maybe see him being useful in a sideboard for when you play against someone with a lot of shuffle effects (control decks or guys running fetches).

luisserpa on Blue and Green deck

4 days ago

Hello Tapped out community.

Recently I bought the green and blue deck from Journey into Nix, and right now, I'm building a new dek around that one, Back to Nature (Need help). It's a going process and the idea is to use the blue control, like Rune Snag and Snap , with the powerfull creatures of green and it's mana ramp, Llanowar Elves , Heroes' Bane and Rancor . Also, I like to combine Kiora's Follower and Gaea's Skyfolk .

It's not bad, but it seems to be missing the "glue" and I would like to know your insights about it. I would really apreciatte your help and your time, so in advance I thank you very much.

asaxgod on REQUESTING help with Lotus Cobra Build

4 days ago

Hey, I came here from fb just FYI. I think this deck is a great idea in the sence of fun synergies, but I think in the modern format it needs to be simply faster. I would drop a few Sylvan Caryatid s for Llanowar Elves or similar simply cuz they can come down t1and give u access to 3 mana on t2. I would move Spellskite to sb because it's pretty much a dead card unless your playing against pump infect or something with heavy removal. I don't like Chandra, Pyromaster here. Maybe you could play around with some garruks or the new Nissa, maybe even xenagos would fit better there. Keep in mind when choosing walkers, they're seldomly on board long enough to ultimate so you want to pick the bones who's utility other than the ultimate will help the goal of the deck the best.

I feel like thrun and metamorph may both be mediocre at best. Think about maybe some hydras as mana dumps or maybe even go as far as Kamahl, Fist of Krosa . For a few Overrun each turn.

Epochalyptik on Lord of the Undead interactions ...

1 week ago


An activated ability is any ability that is of the form "[cost]: [effect]." Activation costs don't necessarily need to require mana. For example, Llanowar Elves 's ability's activation cost is . (Note that mana abilities are either triggered abilities or activated abilities.)

Also, note that the word "trigger" is used in Magic only to denote a very specific set of things. Triggered abilities trigger when a certain event or game state is reached. Nothing else can be triggered. Activated abilities are activated. They do not trigger anything.

GlissasTraitor on Lord of the Undead interactions ...

1 week ago

Ok, so I can make sure of this... so a mana ability is only a ability that produces mana such as Llanowar Elves ect. Activated abilities are ones that use mana to trigger a said response, such as AEtherling .

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Low Avg High Foil
$0.04 $0.16 $0.8 $1.53
Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) Green
Cost G
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 5.23
Avg. cube pick 8.06


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
2012 Core Set Common
2011 Core Set Common
2010 Core Set Common
Tenth Edition Common
Ninth Edition Common
Seventh Edition Common
Starter 2000 Common
Battle Royale Box Set Common
Classic Sixth Edition Common
Fifth Edition Common
Fourth Edition Common
Revised Edition Common
Unlimited Edition Common
Limited Edition Beta Common
Limited Edition Alpha Common
Promo set for Gatherer Rare

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