Meloku the Clouded Mirror


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Champions of Kamigawa (CHK) Rare

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Meloku the Clouded Mirror

Legendary Creature — Moonfolk Wizard


(1), Return a land you control to its owner's hand: Put a 1/1 blue Illusion creature token with flying into play.

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Meloku the Clouded Mirror Discussion

Toby-Wan-Kenobi on $20 U Post Emerge

4 months ago

I don't know how to help with emerge, but I have a bunch of ideas for an 8-post control deck.

Most of them revolve around Meloku the Clouded Mirror. Cloudpost in play lets you keep playing spells once Meloku drops, and dropping a Glimmerpost every turn is pretty nice. Meloku also pairs well with Compulsive Research to drop excess Island and to dig for more locus.

If you go this route, then consider running protection that cantrips, like Repeal or Condescend. Or, if you keep running into too much unspent mana test out Jushi Apprentice.

Actually, now that I've typed this out it doesn't have much to do with your deck at all. Sorry.

lullelukas on Bombs on a Budget [2DH]

6 months ago

Great deck! +1

I really like your increased focus on keeping Braids around, and I have a few suggestions that could make the deck more consistent at phasing Braids out. Dizzy Spell can transmute into Vanishing and Drift of Phantasms into Vodalian Illusionist. Both Long-Term Plans and Noble Benefactor can get anything you want, but are not really efficient enough for combo and therefore fits your budget restraints. These are tutors and that might not be the direction you want to take the deck in, however. Recall also lets you get important stuff back from your graveyard,

Dreamscape Artist may be worth looking into for earlier ramping. Both he and Recall also work well with Body Double, but that's just a bonus since your deck isn't really graveyard focused.

I've also found, since I just started building my own take on Braids, that there are many ways to generate large token numbers in a deck with her as general. Some of the more powerful (such as Master of Waves and Chasm Skulker) don't meet the 2DH restrictions, but others - like Meloku the Clouded Mirror bouncing your lands on the opponent's end step to re-play them with Braids ability and Homarid Spawning Bed sacrificing your big creatures to make a ton of 1/1s. Even Monkey Cage can do some heavy lifting if you can get one of your bombs down afterwards, though that might require Paradox Haze which doesn't make the cut. The cards really shine when in a token shell, but specifically Homarid Spawning Bed may be worth considering since another sac outlet rarely is a bad thing.

Hope some of this jolts your imagination, your deck surely gave me som ideas!

Firebones675 on Cheap Illusions

8 months ago

LeaPlath, that's a little harsh. While the deck is legacy legal, i don't think he's necessarily planning on bringing it to a high stakes legacy tournament. Also he mentioned that the deck was cheap, which i think explains why there is not mutavault. same holds true for Umezawa's Jitte. While illusions might not be a strong a tribe as something like elves, it doesnt have to be. Part of why I like magic is that I can mess around with uncommonly used cards. Sure I wanted to shell out hundreds of dollars every time I wanted to build a new deck, but sometimes it's more practical to work with the cheaper cards. Legacy is an expensive format and even the just lands can cost hundreds of dollars.

r4ilgun, he is right about some of what he said. When looking at casual or legacy, you have a much broader range of cards to work with. Of the counter spells played in legacy, the cheap ones that are commonly player are Counterspell and Daze. The latter is a bit worse in more casual games or longer games. Since legacy can be over in a few turns, daze gets to be more powerful. Still not a bad card to include but Counterspell is your best bet.

As for the sideboard, generally the way they work is in between rounds you can swap around some of your cards. For instance against a deck with no creatures one might take out some of their removal spells. More importantly though it gives you a chance to bring in cards that are hard for your opponent to win through. If your opponents deck involves bringing creatures from their graveyard directly into play Grafdigger's Cage can significantly slow them down. Sideboards are a little less important in more casual games but if you want I can explain what sort of cards you might want in yours.

I also think Clout of the Dominus should proabbly come out, I don't think it does enough for you here and you'd rather have a different card instead.

I run my own illusion deck (edh though) with Meloku the Clouded Mirror at the helm. I find things like Bident of Thassa are pretty good to draw cards. Unlike with curiosity, it applies to all the creatures.

I think the biggest weakness of the deck right now is that other than your counterspells, you don't really have to many ways to deal with your opponents threats. Yes you can bounce them with vaporsnags but by having no hard removal, you might strugge if your opponent sticks a creature. Being in monoblue your options are a bit limited. You would have more options if you moved into a different color but if you stayed mono blue Rapid Hybridization/Pongify/Reality Shift are efficient but leave behind a body. Might be worth throwing some number of ways to take care of it permenantly in addition to the snags.

Firebones675 on Kefnet: Knowledgeable Knight

8 months ago

There's a bit of overlap with my Meloku the Clouded Mirror deck. Some cards i run that you might also consider are Walking Atlas, Storm Cauldron, Mind Unbound, and Patron of the Moon.

MachoGau on Not Your Average Bears: A Story Lost to the Ages

8 months ago

Hey TheRedGoat! I really like your idea of Meloku the Clouded Mirror. I haven't tried her or Cloudstone Curio yet. I think they'd fit into a slightly different landfall deck archetype than what I have here. My only worry is not having enough effects that allow me to throw the lands back out onto the battlefield from my hand but otherwise both seem like solid inclusions. For me personally, I find that the inclusion of Rith's Grove, Treva's Ruins, and especially Mina and Denn, Wildborn since they bounce and allow for extra land drops are enough bounce have been enough. I could definitely see a neat build taking advantage of replaying the scrylands to manipulate the top of your library that would be interesting.

In regards to your brewing questions, I personally do not utilize full table ramp because a lot of the time, in my playgroups and local game store it'll enable someone to combo off several turns earlier. Typically, everyone else will get the ramp effect before it loops back around to your turn. I personally, would lean towards Regal Behemoth, Mana Reflection, and Zendikar Resurgent to get you towards the Helix Pinnacle. If you do go the Mana Flare route, I'd go with no more than 3 of the effect while running Enlightened Tutor, Idyllic Tutor, and Sterling Grove to ensure you're never drawing dead mana doublers and also allowing you to go down an enchantress sub-theme if you chose to. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference with how much hug you want to give. Proxying the deck and playtesting it with some friends is always a great way to test out which hug effects are working best for you and which are underperforming. Hope that helps!

TheRedGoat on Not Your Average Bears: A Story Lost to the Ages

9 months ago

So I've got a few questions for your build and few for brewing ideas.

Firstly with your build, how do you feel about Meloku the Clouded Mirror and similar cards used in tandem with the landfall synergies? I can't place the deck name, but I've seen a version of "K and T" that could use those types of cards and Cloudstone Curio for infinite landfall triggers. Or if you're against infinite combo, what about maybe Pearl Lake Ancient? Again this is more a curiosity on your view of the "bounce lands" type effect for a landfall deck over suggesting them for your build.

As for my other questions about deck brewing, I'm for sure wanting to actually use the full group ramp cards like Mana Flare and its twin Heartbeat of Spring (among many others), but it is meant to be combined with combo wins such as making multiple copies of Biovisionary in a single turn, or playing Helix Pinnacle early and using the ramp to accelerate the clock. What I'm getting sorta stalled on is the filler space between my win conditions like that and the cards I'm using to get them.

I'm fairly certain the deck would have to be group hug in nature, but I'm sketchy about how much or little hug I should run given how I'm intending to win with it.

zorsmobile on Kynaios and Tiro, Lovers of Landfall

9 months ago

Meloku the Clouded Mirror and Azusa, Lost but Seeking both feel like they'd be great in here. And Scapeshift is a must! Another random thought, Faith's Reward could be a cool trick. Gives you some wrath protection, or could combo for a giant landfall with Scapeshift, Zuran Orb, etc. A bit situational, but I've found a lot of fun from that in EDH. I feel like Yavimaya Elder would be great too. And of course you could add as many fetch lands as you want for the double landfall trigger, but obviously that drives the price up substantially so I understand if you don't want to do that.

I could see cutting Tunneling Geopede, it doesn't seem like it does enough. But looks like a really fun deck, makes me want to give this commander a try!

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