Ancient Grudge

Ancient Grudge


Destroy target artifact.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Ancient Grudge Discussion

Slycne on Critiques and help on my ...

2 hours ago

@Ashy Any time. I've played a fair amount of Twin, though not a ton of the Tarmo version.

  • I feel like Crumble to Dust is a little slow, but you're right, having something is good. I wish I had 2 Blood Moon to shove in it!

I would try and borrow Blood Moons if you can. It's very good right now, even if folks expect it. Crumble to Dust is ok when combined with on a bunch of counterspells postbord for Tron/Bloom since like you mentioned it can be too slow. You can actually lock GR Tron out of the game very quickly though with Crumble to Dust since there's only 20 actual lands in the deck.

  • Which would you suggest? I do own both. I'd imagine Shatterstorm is better, as it is a turn faster. But Vandalblast has its own benefit of having the targeted removal.

Shatterstorm is fine if you have Ancient Grudges already.

  • I'll definitely think about that, I can't imagine graveyard decks are huge. I know my buddy is playing storm, but I think that's not too impactful of a card anyways, or easily enough to get around. Are you sure? from what I've seen the reason you play Pyroclasm is because it does still halt pressure, but opens your turn 3 to making them fear the combo. Or do you think that's not as beneficial as stopping Zoo and such? Which I know 1 zoo player will be at.

My approach to sideboarding, especially in Modern, is that I want to target problematic match-up with silver bullets. Drawing a sideboard card should all but win you the game. Pyroclasm is nice for little zoo or fish, but even then they can be on the right draw and they still don't tend to fight the combo as hard as other decks - so it's not as important to have it. Those decks can also still fold to bolt snap bolt easily enough, further making them less a priority. So if you're on sideboard gameplan for a sweeper, I would go bigger to hit more cards in a wider number of match-up.

Rhadamanthus on Mizzium Meddler and changing a ...

1 day ago

No, Mizzium Meddler won't help here. "Unchanged" means what it says. In your example the target of Ancient Grudge will still be Vedalken Orrery. The Orrery will get destroyed as Grudge resolves.

Pheardemons on Mizzium Meddler and changing a ...

1 day ago

My question is if my opponent casts an Ancient Grudge to destroy my Vedalken Orrery can I flash in Mizzium Meddler to save it?

Gatherer's rules text says "Mizzium Meddlers triggered ability can target a spell or ability even if Mizzium Meddler wouldnt be a legal target for that spell or ability. However, the target of that spell or ability will remain unchanged."

If the target of the spell remains unchanged does Mizzium Meddler even save Vedalken Orrery?

Slycne on Critiques and help on my ...

1 day ago

Your biggest sideboard hole is the lack of land hate for the Bloom and Tron decks, usually Blood Moon - which usually splashes in against BGx decks - or Crumble to Dust. All those decks are quite popular right now.

Speaking of, while Tarmogoyf helps you be a bit more threat dense, I would still want one other big top deck card for the BGx decks - either the second Keranos, God of Storms or Jace, Architect of Thought

I'd also consider an artifact sweeper, Vandalblast or Shatterstorm, given the good showings of affinity and lantern control lately to supplement the Ancient Grudge.

Getting up to at least 3 Dispel in the 75 would be worth it as that card is very well positioned right now.

The stuff I would cut is the situational or low impact cards. Graveyard strategies are pretty low right now, and many are fine match-up for Twin any ways so cut the Relic of Progenitus. Rending Volley is a nice trump, but it's not necessarily winning the game either nor is it a huge upgrade to other cards already in the 75. If you want a sweeper Anger of the Gods would be better than Pyroclasm, but there's just not a ton of decks that it's good against right now nor decks that are bad match-ups either. It's nice to have a good catch-all with Engineered Explosives, but it's usually not game breaking.

Mifflaff on Modern CoCo Allies

4 days ago

Thanks for the feedback JLenzen

Yeah the affinity matchup can be tricky, but theres only 2 (as far as i know) affinity players in my meta, so i havn't played against them to much. I'll admit I've wanted to add 2 Kataki, War's Wage to the sideboard, but I'm gonna wait untill there is more affinity players.

When i have played against affinity though I've managed to get ahold of Ancient Grudge and Wear / Tear so i may feel the matchup is better than it actully is.

Programmer_112 on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 week ago

@kengiczar: most people are on 1 Spellskite 3 Memnite mainboard, instead of the 2|2 split, and it's about 50/50 on the 4th Etched Champion. Grafdigger's Cage out of the board is a bit questionable, as is the 2nd Blood Moon, although I think that the Blood Moon is right. Besides that, it's pretty much Standard, and I don't see any glaring errors, although I'm partial to 16 lands and 3 Ancient Grudge

Dumeeperninja on Hydraponics V2

1 week ago

May I recommend Ancient Grudge instead of Destructive Revelry in your sideboard? Since you can use it twice, you'll get more utility out of it.

GlistenerAgent on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 week ago

Well, Ancient Grudge isn't good by itself. Also, without Coating a lot of your cards will likely do nothing at all. Unfortunately, the payoff doesn't feel powerful enough to match the inconsistency and fragility.

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Color(s) Red
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common
Promo Set Common

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