Ancient Grudge

Ancient Grudge


Destroy target artifact.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Ancient Grudge Discussion

pryoplasm on Krenko's Army of Grunts

1 week ago

if you aren't running green for the flashback costs of Ancient Grudge, Smelt is strictly better.

incaseanyonecared on Modern Spellburst

1 week ago

Also, what about a green splash for sideboard Feed the Clan, Ancient Grudge, and Vines of Vastwood to beat aggro decks?

The_Flying_Hydras on Zoo Twin

1 week ago

Hammer of Purphoros seems lackluster, as well as Farseek feels too slow. Amulet of Vigor doesn't do much aside from saving a small amount of life off your shocks and Farseek; not worth it imo. Kird Ape or Lightning Bolt allows you to have a better Zoo plan, so that might be with considering. Atarka's Command also seems very nice for it's ability to pump your creatures and burn, or just ramp from a flooded hand.

-2 Hammer of Purphoros, -2 Amulet of Vigor, -4 Farseek; +4 Lightning Bolt, +3 Atarka's Command, +1 Wild Nacatl

This gives us more of a plan against decks where Twin is bad; we can shift between combo and beatdown a lot more easily.

Next, your land base can be significantly improved; shocks aren't that much better than just running check lands (Rootbound Crag and it's brethren) if you don't also abuse fetches: +4 Wooded Foothills, +4 Arid Mesa, +4 Windswept Heath; this allows us to run less shocks as well as basics, since we can fetch either off the fetches. You could even consider throwing in off color fetches, such as Breeding Pool to fetch only Temple Garden, Stomping grounds, and Forests. Make sure to keep at least one of each basic, as Nacatl will draw Path to Exiles, especially if they thing you're on the Zoo plan match 1, allowing you to more easily ramp into Splinter Twin.

Finally, your sideboard. First off, it needs GY hate: +3 Rest in Peace; you could also use a better plan against burn than Worship: +1/2 Leyline of Sanctity. We don't particularly hate Leyline of Sanctity against us, so Ancient Grudge > Wear and Tear. Vexing Shusher can also drop to a 2 or 3 of: matches against control will let us draw into him anyway.


4x Path to Exile (I can definitely see moving some mainboard too)

2x Vexing Shusher

3x Ancient Grudge

1x Worship

3x Rest in Peace

2x Leyline of Sanctity

Good luck with the deck!

addaff on UR Twin

1 week ago

I was debating about dropping a Hibernation for 2 Ancient Grudge and got distracted. It also appears that I have 0 Tectonic Edges. Thinking about that 3rd Pestermite replacing the Remove Soul.

Telepathy has been fun for me. Having your opponents lay their hands down, seeing their draws, and line of play is a huge plus. Late game you wish it was a Peek though.

Abzan - Hoping to go off before the have the right mix of removal. Bolt/snap/bolt and bring the snappy beats early.

Just haven't felt the need for the 2nd Cryptic Command.

TheAnnihilator on UR Twin

1 week ago

No Spellskite in the 75? You run Telepathy, Twin creatures, AND Blood Moon, which all seem to be worth protecting from Abrupt Decay. Skite also screws up boggles, infect, and opposing Twin players. I'd put 2 in the sideboard, and heavily consider maining them.

Two words: Ancient Grudge. Play a one-of Breeding Pool in the maindeck (all of your fetches can get it), and slot 2-3 Grudges in to make affinity players cry. It's a very good magic card. Keep your Shatterstorm in there too, but I'm not a fan of Shattering Spree in here, since you really need a lot of blue mana. You'd probably only have 1-2 red sources in the early game, and Spree gets blown out by Affinity's Spellskite.

I feel like you could cut a Mountain for a Sulfur Falls, because mountains are just really annoying to have in play, even when you don't have Blood Moon. Especially when you run 2 of them, you don't need the 2nd. Sulfur Falls enters untapped, and can tap for blue mana. I actually just cut the ONLY Mountain from my list, and boy does it feel liberating! xD

Also, -1x Island for +1x Tectonic Edge because mana denial is fun. But really, because you have to deal with Tron and manlands (and yes, I know you're playing Moon in your deck).

I still don't like Remove Soul. Negate seems OK, but Spell Pierce might work out better for the maindeck (since game-ones should usually be quick).

Some thoughts:

lynko on Earthquake Beatdown

1 week ago

Swans of Bryn Argoll sounds promising. It makes Volcanic Fallout better and gives me a backup plan against Delver. I mean, besides drawing insane amounts of cards.

I hadn't noticed that Silver Knight isn't legal in Modern. I was lookup up all the pro-red cards and saw Silver Knight in the 8th edition frame, forgetting that a duel deck printing does not a modern legality make. Oops.

I really feel that the deck is multiple turns behind midrange decks. Unless Heartbeat of Spring is in the opening hand, there's no feasible way to kill a Tarmogoyf or Siege Rhino in game 1 until turn 7 or 8. Ensnaring Bridge might be a contender but it can't coexist with Swans of Bryn Argoll in an earthquake deck; reliably attacking under my own Bridge seems pretty plausible otherwise in a deck that stops at 2/2. Except that Ensnaring Bridge is not long for a world full of Wear / Tear, Abrupt Decay and Ancient Grudge

formayor on Volcanic Loam

1 week ago

+1. Most aggressive Molten Vortex build I've seen so far. I like it. A couple notes - though your sideboard looks like it will do a good job of dealing with some difficult matchups (Affinity, Tron), it seems a little too redundant on artifact hate, especially for a deck with a lot of draw power. I think you could bring in some more flexibility with an extra Abrupt Decay and/or Maelstrom Pulse, and maybe a lifegain gag. I've playtested a similar build quite a bit, and one problem I've run into is that Liliana of the Veil can nearly match this type of deck's attrition abilities on her own, while Jund/Junk is far more likely to find a game-breaking Tarmogoyf or something off the top - hence I recommend the extra removal for her/other planeswalkers. I've also found that this type of deck often needs a little lifegain against Burn, and occasionally in long games against Control, etc.. I realize lifegain isn't something you want to necessarily be doing with a deck this aggressive, but it's something to chew on as you test. Syphon Life might do. You could also replace a couple Destructive Revelry or Ancient Grudge with Nature's Claim. It serves about the same purpose when you really need it, but you can also kill your own enchantments for the lifegain in a pinch, which I don't think is that nuts as you have 6 Vortex/Assault, plus the Countryside Crusher as another finisher. Good luck.

Color(s) Red
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common
Promo Set Common

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