Ancient Grudge

Ancient Grudge

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Destroy target artifact.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Ancient Grudge Discussion

Boza on The Pack - [R/G Werewolf Aggro/Rush]

1 day ago

Yeah, but Huntmaster is a 4 power dude. even when not transformed. With immerwolf out, he brings at least 6 power between him and the wolf.

To make this better, cut all the 4 drops and the mediocre daybreak ranger. 7 cards gone. + 4 AEther Vial + 3 Gatstaf Shepherd  Flip to lower the curve and enable 2 werewolfs per turn.

  • 2 basics and -1 full moon's rise for 3 more cards - either more burn or some more versatility via something like Atarka's Command or even a couple of Huntmasters.

Replace all the sorceries with the aforementioned Lightning Bolt.

For the sideboard:

2 Ancient Grudge and 3 Destructive Revelry are a must.2-3 Pyreheart Wolf vs tokens.4 Blood Moon and/or Magus of the Moon if want to make this really competitive.

ducttapedeckbox on mono g tron help please

1 day ago

If your meta is overly aggressive, have you thought about splashing red for Pyroclasm? It also gives you access to strong sideboard cards like Roast/Combust, Ancient Grudge, and land destruction.

primalhunted on THE FASTEST MODERN BELCHER (Turn 3 Kill)

2 days ago

Glad to hear it! The sideboard was working fine for me when I played this deck. You just have to think far ahead when FETCHing lands. I will keep this deck as is But feel free to switch up the lands and possibly swap some of the Safewright Quest to Lay of the Land in your version to make it work for you.

Chrome Mox is banned banned banned.

Empty the Warrens could also work but the whole point the "Oops All Spells" aspect is in the deck is because your opponent should sideboard to beat the "Belcher" deck they saw. For example they bring in Ancient Grudges but they do absolutely nothing against what you have converted into. As I explained in the description, If you see your opponent go back to the board after seeing your graveyard deck you sideboard back into "Belcher" and their Scavenging Ooze will do nothing.

Additionally, the idea of this deck was to be funny and flashy. It cannot beat counterspells or discard game 1 so trying to beat additional hate out of the board is unnecessary, you just pray.

I did try using Empty the Warrens but the "Oops All Spells" aspect was winning more consistently so I will keep it for now.

Thanks a lot for giving the deck a try and for the suggestions!

Krinn on Modern Mono-green Sideboard Options

5 days ago

Well cards weren't designed for specific decks the Ancient Grudge I thought was something else and I've run this deck before exept a little different and this was my sideboard, and it helped me.

ChiefBell on Modern Mono-green Sideboard Options

5 days ago

Ancient Grudge can't be cast in mono green.....

Why run Boseiju, Who Shelters All in a deck with like 6 instants.....

What you should actually run

sirbar on Predictions For Tomorrow's Banlist Announcement?

5 days ago

GlistenerAgent The whole counterspell argument is exactly the same as the "dies to removal" argument. Also I'm talking about main deck, Ancient Grudge is not something you want to be main decking when it only really effects what would be three decks. Cryptic Command is only a temp solution plus the fact that you have now burned a counterspell. The other two cards will only see play in green decks. What about burn? We just going to except the fact that they auto loss on turn 3? And speaking of the fact, its a turn three win, one turn faster than twin and people are already complaining about twin. Wizards doesn't like combos in modern being turn three or faster, that is one turn faster than is acceptable legacy.

Color(s) Red
Cost 1R
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 12.85
Avg. cube pick 13.83


Format Legality
Heirloom Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common
Promo Set Common

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