Ancient Grudge


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common
Promo Set Common

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Ancient Grudge


Destroy target artifact.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Ancient Grudge Discussion

lagotripha on What the Deus...where'd my land go?

1 week ago

If you can play it, sylvan is super good for that reliablility. Mwonvuli Acid-Moss and some Cinder Glade would seriously help with the mana fixing and with the extra forests Arbor Elf/Utopia Sprawl is a flat fantastic combo- core to a lot of ramp decks. I'd consider running Primal Command in place of a pair of the deus, as it can search them and tuck away a land at the same time, providing some additional versatility fetching ruinblaster or perhaps Acidic Slime.

Swiftspear will be great if you can play it turn 1 as it will look like burn/delver turn 1, which needs to be played against completely differently (with the banning of probe this becomes a lot simpler to bluff, and might buy you time to ramp), but there are a few other options. Narnam Renegade,Sakura-Tribe Elder or similar to discourage/chump large creature attacks for example.

Gruul Signet is interesting- if you were running symetrical land destruction I'd reccomend three in this list alongside Lifecraft Awakening, but I think that some manadorks and draw spells to soak up the removal that would otherwise be hitting deus is actually fairly important so long as you can survive those first few turns.

I think the big thing I'd do here though is brining some SB cards mainboard to free up slots- its sixty card decks but you can bring 75 to the table, and starting pre-sideboarded with a second option in the side is a powerful tool.I'd think about running Fog/Anger of the Gods maindeck, possibly as a six of with Moonmist instead of swiftspear/titan's, Ancient Grudge in the sideboard instead of Destructive Revelry/Vandalblast, and Roast sideboard in place of Mizzium Mortars. This'd let you stall into a boardclear then start killing their lands before they rebuild board presence. Does depend on the meta though.

Consider Ratchet Bomb for token denial and impromptu enchantment removal if appropriate. Beast Within is worth a look to remove lands when you can deal with creatures, or for removing big stuff, but I don't know how well it'll function in an aggro meta where a 3/3 can be buffed to finish you.

For budget decks its best to view the sideboard as mainboard options to improve matchups rather than 'golden bullets' to defeat decks like core meta decks- think of it like 'I can have this deck pre SB and this one after if I need it'- makes 15 budget cards a lot harder hitting.

All told, nothing teaches like playing the deck and seeing where it falls over- so test, and play, and have fun!

YamishiTheWickedOne on Banned and Restricted - Jan ...

1 week ago

Geeze, that card looks awful. One, 4 mana is on the slow side, ramp or not. Second, it's an aura meaning you're out 2 cards and 4 mana if your opponent plays any of the abundant artifact hate currently running around. If we're talking Modern there's, let's see, off the top of my head, Kolaghan's Command, Rakdos Charm, Ancient Grudge, Krosan Grip, Shatterstorm, Shattering Spree, Nature's Claim if you run infect, and the list goes on and on and on. Hurkyl's Recall if you're blue. Third, that takes 8 turns off of a card that costs 4 mana. What competitive magic game ever lasts 12 turns or even 11 if you have a mana dork? And that's assuming no removal. Even if you played it on an indestructible artifact like Darksteel Ingot or whatever, a lot of green decks now are siding cards that spin artifacts/enchants back to deck. For me, turn 7 is the longest a game EVER goes and that's if both sides are running control/midrange. There are decks that can kill you on turn 4 or even earlier in the case of infect currently being played. The card in question is too slow and does not give any immediate presence (has to stick around a turn to do anything). Even in standard I don't see this being relevant.

TheLoneDart on I love lamp.

1 week ago

zimek22 thanks for your comment. I can respect your point of view on this, however, from my experience playing this deck I can say that Reverse Engineer not only functions in the deck, but also feels right as well (not clunky). Thoughtcast is also a great card, and perhaps better in some decks such as affinity, but in this deck where so many of the artifacts enter the battlefield and are dormant (crucible, ensnaring bridge, pith), it's not a huge problem having to tap down some of the components for the extra card draw.... and from my personal experience I also find there to be a huge difference between drawing two cards and drawing three, which to me is worth paying the extra .

Touching on your comments on Pithing Needle: I have playtested the deck with more copies and I do find it to be effective. I will eventually reformat the deck to accommodate this.

Lastly, Spire of Industry may be a painland, and therefore in some ways not as good as glimmervoid which is pain-free, but I find it to be of equal value for the deck simply because it's less vulnerable to post-sideboarding games when opponent's may bring in something like Shatterstorm, Creeping Corrosion, or even an early-game Ancient Grudge, which will effectively take Glimmervoid with it/them when it/they go(es). For a deck that's running 18 lands it's imperative to be at least somewhat cognizant of your vulnerability. That being said, I am running 4x Glimmervoid to 2x Spire of Industry. For someone who may want to brew this on a budge (who is reading) I would suggest to go with 4x Spire of Industry and 2x Blooming Marsh instead.

Thanks again for your input. I hope you can appreciate the variation regardless of its conventionalism or potential pitfalls. Cheers!

DragonHaiku on Extreme Land Destruction

2 weeks ago

I personally would run a set of Mwonvuli Acid-Moss instead of Creeping Mold and a set of Ancient Grudge in your sideboard. You can draw Cinder Glade with the Mwonvuli Acid-Moss. I would also run a set of Farseek instead of one of your mana ramping creatures for more stability against removal since you're running both Cinder Glade and Stomping Ground those lands can come into the battlefield untapped under certain conditions.

Molten Rain instead of Stone Rain

And I would also sideboard a set of Cryoclasm for specific matchups.

TheWallinator74 on R/G Dragon Comment plz

2 weeks ago

I get the feeling you're trying to keep this deck somewhat cheap, but if you're not, there's no other reason that I can see to not run your respective Shockland. Thus, I have to recommend Stomping Ground. As far as nonland cards go, maybe try Xenagos, God of Revels. He curves into your Dragons, grants them haste and doubles their power. Considering that both of your Dragons also have pump effects of their own, you can use those to power up before you move to combat, then have their already amplified power boosted even further! Besides that, I think the deck is solid. The cards mentioned above my post are all viable options as well, definitely worth considering. I haven't the slightest idea what you'd want on the sideboard for something like this, but from what you said about the decks that gave you trouble, cards like Ratchet Bomb and Skullcrack may be of some value to you. If you need some artifact/enchantment hate, Ancient Grudge and Destructive Revelry are both pretty good options.

As an aside from all the strategy talk, I love the idea behind this deck. It seems like a fairly effective Hoard-Smelter build around, given how the Wellsprings and Sad Robot work. Plus, you can totally sac Steel Hellkite to Hoard-Smelter in a pinch! I might have to try building something like this myself... anyway, good luck in the future with this awesome deck!

iamyoona on Paradox Engine Storm: cEDH Primer

2 weeks ago

Also Ancient Grudge for things like Null Rod?

TheGodofNight on

3 weeks ago


Memnite is an overrated card for Affinity/Robots. I get that it is used to enable "metalcraft" but more often not, after dropping it, it is rarely used for anything than chump blocking or being sacced to Arcbound Ravager. Yes, with a Steel Overseer it can potentialy get huge, but it doesn't have fly or other evasion, so it can be chump blocked all day long. Most Affinity/Robot decks have migrated away from Memnite in favor of flyers, such as Vault Skirge and Ornithopter. It is for the same reason, most folks will run 4 Etched Champion over Master of Etherium as he can be chump blocked all day long.


Bogles - Wear / Tear, Spellskite, an early Whipflare, Thoughtseize, and Ethersworn Canonist will shut this deck down.

Infect - Spellskite is your number one answer, Whipflare, Thoughtseize, and Ethersworn Canonist.

Bant Eldrazi/Tron - Blood Moon kills their land base, Ancient Grudge shuts down their ramp rocks, Thoughtseize, Ethersworn Canonist slows them down, and Torpor Orb stops some of their ETB triggers which buys you time.

W/R Prison - Pithing Needle for Planeswalker heavy versions, Thoughtseize to kill their win cons.

Abzan CoCo - Blood Moon kills 3 color decks in the face, Spellskite to redirect removal, Ethersworn Canonist to slow down their creature base.

Affinity - Ancient Grudge, Wear / Tear, and Spellskite.

Grixis Delver - Whipflare, Ethersworn Canonist, Blood Moon, Spellskite, and Thoughtseize, although this isn't usually a bad match up for me.

TheGodofNight on

3 weeks ago


Well to be candid, this build looks fine. You've opted for a few different design choices, but nothing too far out of the realm of a good Affinity/Robot build. My only real critiques are this, cut the land down by 1, I'd drop one of the basics. The only reason to run any basics is to benefit from your opponent using a Path to Exile. Since by turn 4 or so, you should be winning, a second Path to Exile shouldn't really affect your board state as your opponent is playing very defensively and is probably behind or trying to control the board. Ideally, you should have an Arcbound Ravager online by this time to take full advantage of his activated ability. So the one basic is more of an Path to Exile benefit to you. I recommend keeping the Island over the Mountain as it fits in with my next critique.

Thoughtcast. Thoughtcast is the gasoline and the match. I've had games where I have dumped my 6 out 7 cards, used my mox opal to generate a blue mana, played Thoughtcast and draw a Cranial Plating and another Thoughtcast, used a Springleaf Drum and Ornithopter to make another blue, and drew two more cards, which happened to be an Inkmoth Nexus and the second Cranial Plating. Now, this won't always happen like this, sure, I know that this was the nut draw, into another nut draw, into a 3rd nut draw. Here's the reality of it all though, you will get a lot more out and refill your hand, which is amazing with a deck that is so synergistic and so fast. I strongly recommend running 3 - 4 copies of Thoughtcast. I have never in all of my time playing magic, never ever bitched about drawing more cards. I may not have liked the cards, but I have never complained about drawing more of them.

Lastly, as for the whole Dispatch vs Galvanic Blast. one is strictly better than the other and that is Galvanic Blast. It can do direct damage to the player, which is 4 damage to their face, or at the very least, 2 damage to their face. Dispatch is really more of a reactionary card. It means that you are are dealing with creatures rather than with your opponent. Sure, you can kill/exile/tap/etc his creatures, but if you don't kill your opponent, you don't win. Besides, if you are having trouble with your opponent's creatures, you aren't playing this deck properly.

To be fair, there are a lot of combat tricks in this deck that people don't know about. So do yourself a favor, watch some videos of people piloting Affinity/Robot decks, and get some ideas about how you play this deck vs how other people play this deck.

A quick note on sideboard, if you want to give me a feel for your meta, I can better advise about any sideboard recommendations, otherwise, it looks good, maybe just swap a Wear / Tear with an Ancient Grudge as it is better in the mirror and it has flashback.

TL; DR: Cut a basic land, preferrably the Mountain. Cut the Dispatches in favor of 2 Galvanic Blasts and 1 Thoughtcast.

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