Ancient Grudge


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Innistrad Common
Time Spiral Common
Promo Set Common

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Ancient Grudge


Destroy target artifact.

Flashback (You may cast this card from your graveyard for its flashback cost. Then exile it.)

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Ancient Grudge Discussion

Vlasiax on Rakdos Aggro R/B

1 day ago

You also need to tweak that manabase of yours - for some budget options you can add Smoldering Marshes and Foreboding Ruins like 1-2 of each instead of basic lands

For creatures you can probably take 1-2 Rakdos, Lord of Riots and 1-2 Rakdos Shred-Freak to make room for either Goblin Deathraiders, Jund Hackblade or Hellspark Elemental

Also how about 1-2 delve cards like Gurmag Angler or Murderous Cut? During almost every game you'll have more than enough cards to cast it for 1-2 mana just don't exile your Demigods and you're good to go :)

Sideboard... remove the following:

  • Ancient Grudge - Rakdos Charm has other modes to use and you don't have green mana for flashback anyway
  • Rakdos Keyrune looks good on paper but actually will make you turn behind opponents and when becomes a creature is even more vulnerable for removal
  • Consecrated by Blood - same thing as with Keyrune, you just have better options for 4 mana

Hope, this helps and keep causing mayhem for the Cult of Rakdos! :D

clayperce on Serious Ponza

5 days ago

Lol, I was just reading that as well (because of the recent update on the deck)!

Part of my challenge is there's barely any Fish in my meta ... I've seen the deck exactly twice, and neither time was with this deck. Interestingly though, one of the matches was just yesterday ... I was testing a Tireless Tracker brew and my opponent was testing with a Red splash for Lightning Bolt. I went 2-0, with Land Destruction and Primal Command (returning a Land and fetching a Titan) as the Game 1 MVPs, and Choke as the Game 2 MVP. I boarded IN: 1x Bonfire, 1x Beast, 2x Choke, 1x Finks / OUT 2x Dragon, 3x Moon.

That's super-cool that you've played a bunch against rothgar13, and I 100% should defer to your judgement! But 2x Choke to shut off 60% of their mana and 1x Blood Moon to shut off the rest (especially the Mutavaults) still seems worthwhile. And even though they can still get Creatures with Aether Vial, I LOVE the idea of not having to worry as much about Negates from their board in Game 2. Speaking of Vial, I agree it's always worth considering Ancient Grudge, especially if they saw a ton of LD in Game 1 (because they'll probably mul' much more aggressively for a Vial in Game 2). But in general, I don't think it's worth bringing in for only 4x targets. Along those lines though, if I had a ton of Fish in my meta, I'd think VERY seriously about Natural State in the sideboard ... Grudge is great vs. more decks of course, but with both Spreading Seas and Vial available as targets, it seems like State would be amazing vs. Fish.

Like I said though, I'm pretty much just theory-crafting and goldfishing at this point. I could easily come around after a few IRL matches!

Thanks tons, as always!

GlistenerAgent on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

5 days ago

Yeah, why did they print Timely Reinforcements man. And Ancient Grudge? What the hell, why are there cards that are good against my deck. :/ Sucks that they print these cards specifically to screw with my Modern experience.

Cavern of Souls was widely considered egregious when it came out, since it was so polarizing for Standard decks at the time. Tribal decks are cool for a lot of people, and Innistrad in particular had interesting tribes worth exploring in Block Constructed or Standard.

Also, the concept is just interesting. That card sees play in so many decks where you wouldn't expect it, like Miracles and Twin and Standard Jund decks, where people stretch the function of the card to suit a metagame. Just printing another werewolf is less interesting.

Spazik008 on Best way to beat white ...

6 days ago

Don't know if anyone mentioned this yet, but hit their Aether Vial. Most D&T players I see will keep a "loose" hand with only 1 land because they have the vial, which means they can still power out their creatures and draw gas, flooding the board with more threats than you can answer. If you can hit the vial with a Thoughtseize, Stony Silence, or Ancient Grudge, there's a good chance they're going to lose that game and snagging those free wins is ultimately the key to winning the match, because sometimes they'll have a god hand and there's just nothing you can do to stop them.

The Aether Vial is what frees up their land for Wasteland and Rishadan Port, which is a key aspect of the deck. Take away the vial and they're spending their lands to cast creatures, and they're just a creature deck at that point. And you can beat a creature deck in Legacy any day. Just throw down a Toxic Deluge and wave goodbye to a board of white weenies.

clayperce on Land Investment is a Ponza Scheme [Primer]

6 days ago

Oh that's super-interesting. I've never even thought about Tireless Tracker before tbh. Maybe because it's "just" in Standard, lol.

I really like having 2x "card advantage" cards in the main (and I'd love to find room for more) ... I ran 1x Courser of Kruphix and 1x Chandra, Torch of Defiance for a while, but moved to 2x Chandras because the card is so much more versatile (and can actually win games). Still, Tracker can win games too, so maybe. Of course, Clues do not play well with Shatterstorm, so it may come down to how much Affinity is in the meta. I'll do some testing and let you know what I think.

Speaking of Affinity, I haven't ever tried By Force, but I think I'd stick with 2x Ancient Grudge instead. They're both 2 mana to kill 1x Artifact/3 mana to kill 2x Artifacts, but Grudge is Instant speed and still works from the 'yard if Milled or Discarded. And if you need to kill 3x Artifacts of more, maybe just another Shatterstorm? Though I guess the sideboard Artifacts (and possibly Clue tokens) may chance that calculus. Hmmm ...

LOVE chatting with you about Ponza ... you always give me so much to think about!

Draw well!

clayperce on Serious Ponza

2 weeks ago

Yeah, I've only played Affinity twice now and they were both very tough 2-1 matches. The Game 1s were pretty much auto-losses, and Games 2 and 3 were all about mulliganing for Ancient Grudge and Shatterstorm.

For me, Grixis Shadow has probably been the highest-variance matches of any deck I've ever faced. I've gone 2-0 (with an earlier version of the deck), 2-1, and 0-2. Almost all the wins were due to an early game Chameleon Colossus plus a mid-game Beast Within to nerf or Primal Command to kill their Death's Shadow. Though I pulled off a Game 2 win where my opponent let his or her (online game) Shadow get too big and I top-decked a Bonfire of the Damned for lethal. They had never played Ponza before and was not expecting a Miracle card at all. It was absolutely SUPERB though, because they totally played around it in Game 3, allowing me that win as well. One more thought: I don't mind keeping a bad hand against them at all, since their hand disruption and early removal takes such a toll on a good one, and since our deck tends to top-deck very well.

By the way, I say all that with the total realization you've been on the deck WAY longer than me, and that I only have a few matches against these decks. So please take my thoughts with more than a little skepticism! :-)

Raging_Squiggle on Strip mine combos help

2 weeks ago

I built a deck revolving around Liquimetal Coating, and using Voltaic Key to untap it, and every 1 or 2 cmc spell like Smelt, Artifact Mutation, or Ancient Grudge. It's a very fun deck to pilot and makes people very upset. Doesn't do as well in multiplayer games, but it's fun (for me) to Splinter out all of someone's basic lands. This type of deck might be more for you than just Wasteland + Crucible of Worlds, as that won't really get you going on to victory.

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