Razorverge Thicket


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin (SOM) Rare

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Razorverge Thicket


Razorverge Thicket enters the battlefield tapped unless you control two or fewer lands.

: Add or to your mana pool.

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Razorverge Thicket Discussion

xaerusblade on Selesnya Company (budgetish)

1 week ago

1st of all you need good dual lands. good thing gw fetch is the most cheapest of the bunch Windswept Heath and Razorverge Thicket is also affordable

Dauntless Escort is really good in this deck good with wilt leaf

you cant go wrong with a Dryad Militant help you shut down some modern decks.

in the sideboard you really need Rest in Peace

you need enchantment/artifact destruction in Disenchant and or Nature's Claim

Beast Within and or Display of Dominance deals with those pesky planeswalker

aegis of the gods is kinda bad as it dies easily

KingofGuam on Swarm of Cats

1 week ago

lukas96 Currently just running test matches with arbiter and haven't run into the fetch issue but I know I will once I keep playing. I will most likely replace the lands with 2 more Unclaimed Territory and possibly 2 Razorverge Thickets. Still trying to decide the lands to switch out with.

lukas96 on Swarm of Cats

2 weeks ago

Sounds like a plan!!

You should of course cut all the fetchlands if you go for arbiter. Unclaimed Territory, Razorverge Thicket and a few Stirring Wildwood

yugo0075 on Selesnya Aggro

2 weeks ago

You could use some Windswept Heath, Razorverge Thicket or Sunpetal Grove for your mana base. Or even Horizon Canopy.

JoosetheMuice on Trostani Gets a Life

3 weeks ago

Scattered Groves and Canopy Vista are two good dual lands that are fairly cheap and are forest/plains. Sunpetal Grove is good too. I love the fast lands a lot, but Razorverge Thicket probably isn't worth the $13 in EDH. Grove of the Guardian and Khalni Garden could be a fun too. Selesnya Signet is also just better than moss diamond. It ramps and fixes color

jhunter on CampbellStev

1 month ago

Hey, thanks for the reply! I think if we add in your Blood Moon, Razorverge Thicket, with Molten Rains as filler if needed, we will be about even. I haven't done the math to the penny yet, and it will probably be late this evening after work when I can check messages again. I'm happy if Lili finds a home since I don't run her in a deck...she was the last card in a whole MM3 box my son and I opened together!

Where are you getting prices? They seem (reasonable but) different than what is listed in our binders. I don't have a strong preference as long as we both use the same reputable site for pricing.

Enitofu on Naya Burn Made to Beat my Friends & Handle Randoms

1 month ago

Alylio I'm glad you like it! And you too Sagarys, also I've added Volcanic Fallout to the maybeboard. If I find it necessary to keep up with the people at the local shop I'll pick it up, though I might just get it anyway for that AoE clear and remove the Searing Blood. BodhiQL the reason I'm running Arctic Flats is to keep my snow count high but you're right about tap-lands being meh in a burn deck. Thinking about dropping 2 Snow-Covered Mountain for 2 Razorverge Thicket to unlock a lot of turn two plays.

lukas96 on green white good stuff

1 month ago

I think you should cut Dromoka's Command its really not that great at all.

Im also not sure about Birds of Paradise. It can help you put your three drops out on t2 but after that there is nothing you could ramp into. I think cutting Birds and playing a few less 3 drops would be better.

Id cut Courser of Kruphix its nice to have but simply not necessary. A one or two of in the SB might be worth it. Same with Scavenging Ooze its a good sideboard card but you should not play it in the Maindeck.

Maybe you should also cut a few Kitchen Finks, Ramunap Excavator and Tireless Tracker.

Of course I have also a few suggestions of cards that you should put in here ;)

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is awesome for this deck easy 4 of. The other Thalia could also be a 1 or two of if you like her.

Id play Thraben Inspector its a pretty decent one drop.

You should also play Leonin Arbiter makes Path and Ghostquater so much better. Of course you shouldnt play fetchlands yourself if you have those. Additional Razorverge Thicket and two Stirring Wildwood could replace them.

I hope i could be helpfull.

Have fun in Modern.

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