Stromkirk Noble


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Rare

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Stromkirk Noble

Creature — Vampire

Stromkirk Noble can't be blocked by Humans.

Whenever Stromkirk Noble deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.

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Stromkirk Noble Discussion

Americansinner77 on Slightly Dirty Burn (WIP)

1 day ago

I have to disagree with snap here, you absolutely want Goblin Guide over Stromkirk Noble. The damage is incomparable, especially in a world with fatal pushes and such. Think of it this way: by the time noble has done 1 damage, the guide has already done 4. It's the best creature for burn, bar none.

Darth_Savage on The Night Is Dark

1 week ago

Some thoughts -

  1. You don't want Cinder Barrens or really any land that comes in tapped (for reference Bloodfell Caves is better, marginally) and would probably be better off with basic lands. Also you might not have enough land, maybe add one to take you up to 20.

  2. You don't want Macabre Waltz when you can have Call to the Netherworld for free.

  3. You don't want Tormenting Voice when you can have Faithless Looting for 1 less and get a second use in a pitch. Also with Tormenting Voice you have to discard even if the spell is countered.

  4. You don't want Distemper of the Blood, it targets one creature when you have a swarm of vampires, taking Vampiric Fury to 3 would work better with that tactic.

  5. Terminate might be better as Dreadbore, having a way to kill a Planeswalker outright is useful, even at sorcery speed.

Your creatures need a tighter focus:

  1. Ideally you want to have 4 Stromkirk Captain, to give you space for this cut the 2 Incorrigible Youths, it just won't do enough.

  2. You also want to have 4 Heir of Falkenrath, remove Stensia Masquerade and 1 Stromkirk Condemned, personally I'd cut all the Stromkirk Condemned so you could run 4 Asylum Visitor, and you have the extra 2 Stromkirk Captain.

  3. Stromkirk Noble has surprisingly good evasion against most decks and gives you a better mana curve, afraid it makes sense to cut Furyblade Vampire, I'd also suggest Indulgent Aristocrat as you don't want to be sacrificing vampires when they are being pumped, thus letting you go wide.

  4. I'm not sure where you'd put it but I've rarely seen a vampire list without Gatekeeper of Malakir, you might want to make a space for it.

That's all from me, hope it is of help.

BPWyndon on Modern vamps

3 weeks ago

This looks like fun, you are short on discard outlets though, might I suggest replacing Stromkirk Noble with Insolent Neonate. Also, like you said Bloodlord of Vaasgoth is mana intensive maybe switch him out for more removal like Terminate or even more discard like Stromkirk Condemned

migas11 on Slightly Dirty Burn (WIP)

3 weeks ago

Would you say i'd be better off with a playset of Stromkirk Nobles instead of Goblin Guides, at least for now?

Thanks for the advice.

Snap157 on Slightly Dirty Burn (WIP)

3 weeks ago

goblin guides are not all they are hyped to be, I would consider Stromkirk Noble instead. Include the Tarn to search for things like Blood Crypt. I would also replace Magma Jet with Rift Bolt. Looks solid, +1

Happymaster19 on Liliana's Madness

4 weeks ago

No Bolt? Smuggler's Copter is also a fantastic enabler for the deck. Also you may want to consider a lower curve, replacing expensive vamps like Aristocrat and Kalitas with Copter and maybe Stromkirk Noble. Madness works better with a lower curve.

Logics on Boros Aggro Deck

1 month ago

Hey. I like where you're trying to get to with the deck, but as far as the modern format goes, this deck will not line up well. Let's get into why for a little bit.

For starters, aggro decks want to be off the ground much faster than your deck is capable of. I would suggest you play around 12+ 1 mana creatures, to guarantee that you start off quick. Cards like Monastery Swiftspear, Champion of the Perish, Goblin Guide, Figure of Destiny, Judge's Familiar, Legion Loyalist, Rakdos Cackler, Stromkirk Noble, or Thraben Inspector could all be reasonable, depending how much you want to spend.

Secondly you need lands that enter untapped. Battlefield Forge is a reasonable option, with Sacred Foundry and Arid Mesa being the best, but ultimately most expensive options.

I would also take any cards that cost more than 3 mana out of the deck. You want to hit the ground fast, and kill them before they can react. I would also cut Renegade Map because doing that turn 1 in modern can make it impossible for you to ever applyu pressure for the rest of the game. I would find a way to put 4 Lightning Bolts and some number of Lightning Helixs in your deck, as well as going up to 4 Boros Charm. Path to Exile is also an excellent card, but runs a bit more money.

Here's an average of how many cards you may expect of each kind in the deck:

25-29 Creatures, 19-21 Lands, 9-11 Spells, 1-2 Enchantments

Hopefully this helped a little bit. I have been playing modern a while now, and like yourself, love deckbuilding.

The link above is a wonderful tool for deckbuilding. You can narrow down a search and look up any card ever printed for magic. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, I'll try to help any way I can. To tag me in the post just put 2 square brackets around my name on either side (ex. [ [ Logics ] ] but with no spaces).

greatdevourer on

1 month ago

If the combo is your primary kill, then you needs to run more than one copy of each.

I would look at some artifact based mana ramp like Springleaf Drum, Leaden Myr, Rakdos Signet, Talisman of Indulgence, Mind Stone, or similar cards to help get to the 5 mana for enchantments faster. Depending on budget or collection, you could even look at Lotus Bloom.

You'll notice that I suggested the cards that tap for red as well as black. This opens you up to Insolent Neonate, Stromkirk Noble, and Rakish Heir for more creatures. Splashing red man also get you Faithless Looting or Cathartic Reunion. Card draw is always better than tutoring.

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