Goblin King


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Ninth Edition (9ED) Rare
Ninth Edition Foreign Black Border (9EDFBB) Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Anthologies (ATH) Rare
Fifth Edition (5ED) Rare
Fourth Edition (4ED) Rare
4th Edition Foreign Black Border (4EDFBB) Rare
Revised Edition (3ED) Rare
Unlimited Edition (2ED) Rare
Collector's Edition (CED) Rare
International Collector's Edition (CEI) Rare
Unlimited Foreign Black Border (2EDFBB) Rare
Limited Edition Beta (LEB) Rare
Limited Edition Alpha (LEA) Rare
Revised Foreign Black Border (3EDFBB) Rare

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Goblin King

Creature — Goblin

Other Goblin creatures get +1/+1 and have mountainwalk. (They can't be blocked as long as defending player controls a Mountain.)

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Goblin King Discussion

hman4398 on In The Hall of The Goblin King!!!

1 week ago

If you are main boarding Blood Moon you might as well play Goblin King for the combo.

buckeyetron on Goblins Post-Dominaria

4 weeks ago

there arent really any good goblins in modern that benefit from the cost reduction and Goblin Warchief competes with Goblin Chieftain and Goblin Rabblemaster for the 3-mana slot. almost every other modern goblin costs 2 or less mana making Skirk Prospector unnecessary. goblins certainly don't want to be playing anything that costs 4 or more mana so Collected Company and Earwig Squad are out. Thalia is not a goblin, and the only lords for Phantasmal Image to copy are Goblin Chieftain and Goblin King, and the king doesn't even see play.

Bulldawg1310 on Goblin Blaster

1 month ago

Krenko's Command and Goblin Guide if you can afford it. Goblin Rabblemaster is also excellent. Goblin Piledriver is good as well. Youre also gonna need some lords Goblin King and Goblin Chieftain

Thegru3some2some on Liquidbeaver

1 month ago

The IB deck is a lot of fun to play. I added Kusari-Gama thinking that it could work but I then found out through play testing that as soon as I sacrifice the creature, the equipment falls off and then damage is delt but I can still trigger it as long as Shared Animosity is pumping my creatures enough to board wipe.

But in my meta there are a lot of Derevi, Empyrial Tactician, Rafiq of the Many, Captain Sisay. Just heavy counter/bounce magic, board wipes, and wheels. IB does kill at least one person in a 4 man pod but I die almost immediately afterwards. My board state (when I kill that one person) usually has Goblin Chirurgeon, Goblin King/Goblin Warchief, Krenko, Mob Boss, Blood Moon, Mana Web, Price of Glory, and Shared Animosity. I am very much still pleased with the deck. Just giving feed back as to what types of meta it has a hard time with (if you don't already know).

I did have a huge favor to ask of you. I love death and taxes style decks. If you swing at me we both lose stuff but you will lose more. I run Shattergang Brothers and it can be mean. I just want a new deck that mimics death and taxes. I have my eyes set on Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker, and Darien, King of Kjeldor. But a Daretti, Scrap Savant deck would be awesome! I know those decks are mono colored but I am not only wanting mono colors, it just happened like that.

I was also thinking that I want to do a artifact heavy, deals damage based off cards target player has in hand over or under a certain amount like...The Rack, Ankh of Mishra, Ebony Owl Netsuke, Jinxed Idol, Jinxed Ring, Mask of Intolerance, Thumbscrews, Scalding Tongs, Iron Maiden, Misers' Cage just to name a few hahaha, massive card draw. No real intent to win through combat damage but maybe taking an extra turn or mass artifact over run. I would like my commander to be someone who can consistantly put out artifacts and so I have picked Muzzio, Visionary Architect or Padeem, Consul of Innovation (unless you know of one better). I am sorry this comment is this long. Thank you for all the help...

Shliken on How can I hold all these goblins!?!

1 month ago

Looks great! Gotta love goblins. Some considerations; Goblin King, and some finishers like Relentless Assault, Cleaver Riot, Krenko, Mob Boss, and my personal fave, but a bit expensive, Descent of the Dragons. Overall it looks great!

RaberSaber on Krenko's Infinigoblin army

2 months ago

Empty the Warrens is a good goblin spell and can put a ton of goblin tokens in late game Goblin King gives all your goblins +1+1 and mountainwalk, I like to run him in goblin builds. It's always good to see someone krenkin' out goblins, he's probably my favorite commander. Lots of room for fun chaos with him.

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