Phage the Untouchable

Phage the Untouchable

Legendary Creature — Avatar Minion

When Phage the Untouchable enters the battlefield, if you didn't play it from your hand, you lose the game.

Whenever Phage deals combat damage to a creature, destroy that creature. It can't be regenerated.

Whenever Phage deals combat damage to a player, that player loses the game.

Phage the Untouchable Discussion

VorelNailo on Blim's Comedy Hour

4 days ago

I'm not sure that Phage the Untouchable works with Blim's ability - she doesn't come into play when you give her to your opponent, so she won't trigger. If you have her in the deck just as a bomb, I would recommend swapping her out for one of the cards below:

I really like this deck! I used to play a Standard Rakdos Control with Captive Audience, so I was really excited for this commander, and your deck is the most optimized one I have seen yet!

RiotRunner789 on Wanna buy a sundial?

2 weeks ago

Let's see,

Glorious End, Ilharg, the Raze-Boar, Feldon of the Third Path.

There are a bunch of lich effects in black that might be worth looking into. I mean, you could cheat in Phage the Untouchable.

plakjekaas on Is Competitive Phage Possible?

1 month ago

This is a horrible deck for Lich's Mirror btw, making you shuffle Phage back into your deck every time you cast her from the command zone seems like a big waste of valuable resources.

Best way to make Phage the Untouchable work is not to have her as commander, but to pair her up with Fractured Identity and kill every one of your opponents at the same time

EleshNornsFs on Is Competitive Phage Possible?

1 month ago

Those are Phage the Untouchable's types. She underwent several errata during Lorwyn, and again for her printing in Conspiracy.

griffstick on Is Competitive Phage Possible?

1 month ago

Phage the Untouchable is so dangerous. In cmdr, the other players will know exactly how to deal with it. She is too flawed for cedh. Even in casual edh if an opponent catches on to what you're doing than it's easy to take you out. They could simply Flicker phage and you'll lose the game.

EleshNornsFs on Is Competitive Phage Possible?

1 month ago

I want to build a Phage the Untouchable deck, and I have a version that sort of works, but I want to know what approach you would take if you wanted to build a Phage deck that was even semi-competitive. The best I could brainstorm was to build it like a stax deck, that just happens to have Phage and everything you need to make her work, but mono black stax doesn't seem particularly potent or quick, and from every list I have seen, it seems like all the stax pieces would just get in Phage's way. Anyway, how would you do it?

DemonDragonJ on Commander Legends Spoilers

1 month ago

There have been some leaks, today, but I shall not provide links to them, since that is not allowed, but I can still mention them, here.

The new version of Jeska is nice, but why is she mono-red? She shifted to black as Phage the Untouchable, and then was all fives colors when she merged with Akroma to form Karona, False God, so I feel that she should have had an additional color. Also, given her prominent status in the story and fame among the fans, I find her card to be slightly underwhelming especially considering that she is useless outside of EDH format.

It is nice to finally have a card of Tevesh Szat, and he does not disappoint, given how important he is to the story, expect that I feel that his final ability is extremely overpowered, but at least I can take comfort from the idea that he will instantly be a target for all opponents, and is also useless outside of EDH format.

RNR_Gaming on Tetzimoc as a commander?

4 months ago

Not every card is meant to be for commander. There are a lot of hoops to jump through to make make his ability moderately relevant but in black there are much better options if you just care about colors. It would probably play out very similar to Haakon, Stromgald Scourge or a Phage the Untouchable deck. Command Beacon and Netherborn Altar become your bread and butter and everything else is generic black value.

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